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RAF Station Commanders - East Anglia

[Alconbury | Bassingbourn | Bawdsey | Bentwaters | Bircham Newton | Bourn | Bradwell Bay | Coltishall | Debden | Downham Market | Duxford | Felixstowe | Feltwell | Foulsham | Gransden Lodge | Graveley | Honington | Horsham St Faith | Langham | Marham | Martlesham Heath | Mepal | Methwold | Mildenhall | Neatishead | North Creake | Oakington | Oulton | Rattlesden | Sculthorpe | Stradishall | Swanton Morley | Trimingham | Upwood | Warboys | Waterbeach | Wattisham | Watton | West Raynham | Wethersfield | Woodbridge | Wyton ]

RAF Alconbury

18 Mar 1959                            Wg Cdr R E Dyson


RAF Bassingbourn

28 Mar 1938                       Wg Cdr F Wright

 8 Aug 1939                        Gp Capt L H Slatter

 2 Sep 1939                        Wg Cdr J W R Smyth-Pigott

22 Sep 1939                        Wg Cdr S L Quine

16 Oct 1940                        Gp Capt M L Taylor

25 May 1941                       Gp Capt C E Horrax

10 Oct 1941                        Gp Capt R W P Collins

15 May 1942                       Transferred to USAAF

25 Jun 1945                         Sqn Ldr H R Evans

25 Jul 1945                          Gp Capt K L B Hodson

 5 Sep 1945                         Gp Capt J R Bell

17 Sep 1945                        Gp Capt W W G Scott

 1 Jan 1946                          Gp Capt R B Lees

16 Sep 1947                        Gp Capt H R Edwards

 5 Sep 1949                         Gp Capt G Francis

18 Sep 1951                        Gp Capt R C Mead

25 Nov 1952                       Gp Capt G K Buckingham

21 Jun 1954                         Gp Capt F M Milligan

16 Mar 1956                        Gp Capt R C Ayling

10 Oct 1958                        Gp Capt C M Clementi

24 May 1961                       Gp Capt D F Dennis

 6 Jun 1963                          Gp Capt T P Seymour

 3 Feb 1965                         Gp Capt F B Sutton

22 Apr 1966                        Gp Capt E P Landon

 4 Nov 1968                        Wg Cdr H A Chater

 7 Jul 1969                           Sqn Ldr A M McGeggor

29 Aug 1969                        Transferred to Army


RAF Bawdsey

25 Oct 1939                            Sqn Ldr J A Tester

 6 Apr 1940                             Sqn Ldr W Kidd

12 Jun 1940                             Flt Lt J R Turnbull

 3 Feb 1941                             Flt Lt E Swinney

31 Oct 1941                            Flt Lt H W Northover

 1 May 1942                            Sqn Ldr A M Hardie

 1 Jul 1943                               Sqn Ldr J  Wardrop

  6 Nov 1944                           Sqn Ldr E R Bullimore

13 Jun 1945                             Sqn Ldr C L Monk

xx Feb 1947                            Sqn Ldr S Colquhoun

 1 Dec 1947                            Sqn Ldr A D Jackson

18 Aug 1948                           Sqn Ldr K A Mummery

19 Oct 1950                            Sqn Ldr A R Gilding (No 144 Signals Unit)

15 Sep 1952                           Sqn Ldr J A Theophilus (No 144 Signals Unit)

14 Apr 1954                           Wg Cdr E P Wells (No 144 Signals Unit)

 7 Aug 1956                            Wg Cdr D L Norris-Smith (No 144 Signals Unit)

 1 May 1958                            Gp Capt J Wallace (No 144 Signals Unit)

18 Apr 1960                            Gp Capt L H Bartlett

 6 May 1963                            Gp Capt J A Brignall

29 Jun 1964                             Wg Cdr H R Barrand

19 Oct 1964                            Wg Cdr J C Inkson   

 6 Jun 1966                              Wg Cdr A Y Mason

11 Jul 1966                              Gp Capt R E Gardiner

14 Mar 1969                            Gp Capt F W Sledmere

28 Jan 1972                             Gp Capt D J Rhodes

13 Jun 1974                             Wg Cdr E R Lacey

30 Jul 1979                              Sqn Ldr A German

19 Oct 1981                            Sqn Ldr C I Dorman-Jackson

18 Jan 1985                             Sqn Ldr D R Rothery


RAF Bentwaters

15 Jun 1959                             Wg Cdr V W Hinkley


RAF Bircham Newton

 1 Feb 1920                             Sqn Ldr A W Tedder (OC No 207 Sqn)

xx xxx 1922                             ?

 8 Sep 1924                             Wg Cdr Hon J E Twistleton-Wykeham-Fiennes

 2 Apr 1927                             Wg Cdr T O’B Hubbard

 5 Sep 1929                             Wg Cdr R Leckie

 9 Apr 1931                             Wg Cdr C W H Pulford

 1 Oct 1932                             Wg Cdr R Collishaw

xx Aug 1935                            Wg Cdr R G Gardner

 3 Jun 1936                              Wg Cdr H M K Brown

 6 Sep 1937                             Gp Capt J W Woodhouse

25 Nov 1938                           Gp Capt C L Scott

26 Aug 1939                            Gp Capt W H Primrose

xx xxx xxxx

25 Jan 1960                             Gp Capt M Wyatt

 6 Nov 1961                            Gp Capt A D Panton

19 Dec 1962


RAF Bourn

 1 Jul 1943                               Gp Capt N H Fresson

24 Nov 1943                           Gp Capt J L Airey

10 Feb 1944                            Gp Capt R W P Collings

 6 Mar 1944                             Gp Capt H E Bufton


RAF Bradwell Bay

xx xxx 1944                               Wg Cdr P W Arbon


RAF Coltishall

27 May 1940                           Gp Capt H Broadhurst

xx xxx 1940                             Wg Cdr S H Hardy

xx xxx 1942                             Gp Capt R B Lees

xx xxx 1943                             Gp Capt A V Harvey

xx xxx xxxx

30 Jan 1948                             Gp Capt D F Spotswood

xx xxx 1950                             Gp Capt E L Colbeck-Welch

xx xxx 1959                             Gp Capt H A C Bird-Wilson

13 Nov 1961                           Gp Capt L A Mallins

 1 Dec 1963                             Gp Capt R L Topp

 5 Jun 1966                              Gp Capt M E Hobson

 3 Jan 1969                              Gp Capt W J Stacey

21 Nov 1969                           Gp Capt J T Jennings

19 Nov 1971                           Gp Capt J A Gilbert

28 Dec 1973                            Gp Capt L Swart

 6 Aug 1976                             Gp Capt R J Honey

 8 Sep 1978                             Gp Capt T H Stonor

17 Oct 1980                            Gp Capt T J Nash

 3 Dec 1982                             Gp Capt G R Profit

 8 Feb 1985                             Gp Capt M R French

xx xxx xxxx

xx xxx xxxx                               Gp Capt S G G Dalton

xx Sep 1999                             Gp Capt C N Harper

xx xxx 2001                             Gp Capt R D Cobelli

19 Dec 2003                            Gp Capt G A Wright


RAF Debden

 21 Apr 1937                            Wg Cdr S L G Pope

13 Feb 1939                             Gp Capt E A Fawcus

xx xxx xxxx 

 2 Jan 1962                              Gp Capt W G Parry*

 2 Sep 1963                             Gp Capt H M Shephard*

27 Apr 1964                            Gp Capt J R Coulson*

xx xxx xxxx

 1 Apr 1969                             Gp Capt A A Witherington*

14 Feb 1972                            Wg Cdr R D England*

*OC, RAFP Depot


RAF Downham Market

 7 Mar 1944                             Gp Capt W H Kyle

 9 Oct 1944                             Gp Capt R W Cox


RAF Duxford

 5 Jun 1920                              Wg Cdr W R Freeman*

 1 Nov 1921                            Wg Cdr S Smith*

 8 Aug 1924                             Wg Cdr C R S Bradley

22 Sep 1925                            Wg Cdr F G D Small

 1 Feb 1927                             Wg Cdr R J F Barton

11 Feb 1929                            Wg Cdr F L Robinson

29 Sep 1930                            Wg Cdr N C Spratt

 1 Jun 1933                              Wg Cdr W H de W Waller

30 Dec 1935                            Wg Cdr E B Rice

 3 Aug 1938                             Wg Cdr H L P Lester

 xx xxx xxxx

xx xxx 1941                             Gp Capt G H Vasse

12 Feb 1942                            Gp Capt J Grandy

 1 Feb 1943

xx Oct 1945                             Wg Cdr A C Deere

 xx xxx xxxx

 1 May 1951                            Gp Capt R N Bateson

xx xxx 1954                             Gp Capt J Rankin

xx xxx xxxx                              

xx xxx xxxx                              Gp Capt N Ryder

13 Sep 1960                            Gp Capt A L Winskill

*Cmdt, No 2 FTS


RAF Felixstowe

 8 Aug 1925                             Wg Cdr R B Maycock*

16 Apr 1928                            Wg Cdr/Gp Capt G R Bromet*

31 Jan 1931                             Gp Capt A J Milley*

13 Aug 1936                            Gp Capt E J P Burling*

 xx xxx xxxx

xx xxx 1951                             Wg Cdr C V Winn

xx Apr 1954                             Wg Cdr W O Jones

xx Nov 1957                            Wg Cdr J T O’Sullivan

*Cmdt, MAEE


RAF Feltwell

13 Apr 1937                            Wg Cdr L H Slatter

xx xxx xxxx 

10 Aug 1941                            Gp Capt A J Powell

21 Aug 1942                            ?

14 Dec 1960                            Gp Capt W M Dixon

 xx xxx xxxx

 6 Jul 1964                               Gp Capt R F Harman*

*Cmdt, OCTU


RAF Foulsham

xx xxx 1944                             Gp Capt C V D Willis


RAF Gransden Lodge

 5 Jun 1943                              Gp Capt S W B Menaul

 4 Oct 1943                             Vacant

xx Oct 1943                             Gp Capt Dunlop

xx Feb 1945                             Gp Capt Womersley


RAF Graveley

 1 May 1943                            Gp Capt B V Robinson

23 Aug 1943                            Gp Capt S W B Menaul

 6 Dec 1944                             Gp Capt G F Grant


RAF Honington

 3 May 1937                            Wg Cdr W Sowrey

xx xxx xxxx 

xx xxx xxxx                              Gp Capt M D Ommanney

xx xxx xxxx                              Gp Capt J A Gray

19 Jan 1953                            Gp Capt T S Kennedy

 xx Oct 1955                            Gp Capt G T B Clayton

xx Aug 1956                            Gp Capt E J Smith

xx xxx 1958                             Gp Capt A D Frank

19 Apr 1960                            Gp Capt D A Green

11 Feb 1963                            Gp Capt A H W Ball

12 Oct 1964                            Gp Capt C G Maughan

 1 Jan 1968                              Wg Cdr A E G Woods (Temp)

28 Oct 1968                            Gp Capt D B Ross

 1 Jan 1969                              Wg Cdr A E G Woods (Temp)

 1 Jul 1969                               Gp Capt W J Herrington

 9 Jul 1971                               Gp Capt P E Bairsto

19 Oct 1973                            Gp Capt E S Chandler

xx xxx 1976                             Gp Capt J E Nevill

xx xxx 1978                             Gp Capt R Dick

 9 May 1980                            Gp Capt M J F Shaw

30 Jul 1982                              Gp Capt P J Harding

 7 Dec 1984                             Gp Capt T Nattrass

xx xxx xxxx

xx xxx xxxx                              Gp Capt R V Morris

xx xxx 1994                             Gp Capt I W P McNeil

xx xxx 1995                             Gp Capt D A G Bremner

xx xxx xxxx

 3 Aug 2001                             Gp Capt G E Stacey

 6 Jun 2003                              Gp Capt S Abbott

 5 May 2005                            Gp Capt P Burt

xx xxx 2007                              Gp Capt R La Forte

xx xxx 2009                              Gp Capt N Bray

xx Dec 2010                             Gp Capt A J Hall

30 Nov 2012                            Gp Capt S M Miller

xx Jan 2015                              Gp Capt M J Smeath


RAF Horsham St Faith

xx xxx xxxx                              Gp Capt The Earl of Bandon (1942+)

 8 Jun 1942                              Gp Capt  J C MacDonald

xx xxx xxxx

xx xxx 1945                             Gp Capt P T Philpott

xx xxx 1947                             Gp Capt F E Rosier

19 Dec 1947                            Gp Capt D F Spotswood

xx xxx 1948                            

xx xxx xxxx

xx xxx 1952?                            Gp Capt E L Colbeck-Welch

xx Nov 1953                            Gp Capt A F Aitken

xx May 1958                            Gp Capt G P Harger

 8 Jun 1959                              Wg Cdr R A Schofield

17 Apr 1961                            Wg Cdr B E Peck


RAF Langham

xx Feb 1944                             Gp Capt A E Clouston


RAF Little Staughton

xx Nov 1944                           Gp Capt P H Cribb


RAF Marham

xx xxx 1937                            Gp Capt A P V Daly

xx xxx 1939                            Gp Capt H P Lloyd

xx xxx 1940                            Gp Capt C Hilton-Keith

xx xxx 1940                            Gp Capt V E Groom

xx xxx 1941                            Gp Capt A C Evans-Evans

xx xxx 1941                            Gp Capt A McKee

xx xxx 1942                            Gp Capt W H Kyle

xx xxx 1945                            A/Cdre G R C  Spencer

xx xxx 1947                            A/Cdre W E Staton

xx xxx 1949                            Gp Capt P W Stansfield

xx xxx 1951                            Gp Capt B A Casey

xx xxx 1952                            Gp Capt O R Donaldson

xx xxx 1955                            Gp Capt R C Ayling

xx xxx 1956                            Gp Capt L M Hodges

xx xxx 1957                            Gp Capt P M Brothers

xx xxx 1959                            Gp Capt W J Burnett

xx xxx 1961                            Gp Capt I R Campbell

xx xxx 1964                            Gp Capt P A Kennedy

xx xxx 1967                            Gp Capt D Roberts

xx Jan 1970                            Gp Capt J E Smith

xx xxx 1972                            Gp Capt V McNabney

18 Jan 1974                            Gp Capt H A Caillard

25 Jul 1975                            Gp Capt D Parry-Evans

24 Jun 1977                            Gp Capt B J Jackson

xx xxx 1979                            Gp Capt M A Sutherland

xx xxx 1980                            Gp Capt J S B Price

xx xxx 1983                            Gp Capt R P O'Brien

16 Dec 1985                           Gp Capt P C Norriss

xx xxx 1987                            Gp Capt D F A Henderson

xx xxx 1990                            Gp Capt G E Stirrup

xx xxx 1992                            Gp Capt N R Irving

xx xxx 1994                            Gp Capt J A Broadbent

xx xxx 1996                            Gp Capt M Prissick

xx xx 1999                              Gp Capt I L Dugmore

xx Jan 2001                            Gp Capt R F Garwood

12 Dec 2002                          Gp Capt R I McAlpine

15 Nov 2004                          Gp Capt G J Bagwell

 6 Nov 2006                           Gp Capt P C Osborn

xx xxx 2008                             Gp Capt C Basnett

xx xxx 2010                             Gp Capt S P Rochelle

xx Dec 2011                            Gp Capt D J E Cooper

xx Nov 2013                            Gp Capt H Smyth


RAF Martlesham Heath

 6 Jul 1918                            Maj T B O'Hubbard

31 May 1919                        Maj/Sqn Ldr A Sheckleton

 7 Jan 1921                           Sqn Ldr A C Maund

 1 Mar 1922                          Wg Cdr N J Gill

xx Sep 1924                          Wg Cdr H Blackburn

25 Nov 1924                         Gp Capt V O Rees

17 Sep 1931                          Wg Cdr R M Field

 1 Jan 1932                            Gp Capt H L Reilly

26 Sep 1933                          Gp Capt A C Maund

28 Jan 1937                           Gp Capt H G Smart

20 Oct 1939                          Wg Cdr W E Smann

 8 Nov 1939                          Wg Cdr L Martin

14 Apr 1940                          Wg Cdr A D Farquhar

16 Jun 1941                           Wg Cdr A M Wilkinson

 1 Nov 1942                          Sqn Ldr Ogier

 9 Feb 1943                           Transferred to USAAF

 9 Feb 1943                            Lt Col H J Rau

28 Nov 1943                          Lt Col E A Malmstrom

24 Apr 1944                           Lt Col P E Turkey

xx Apr 1944                            Wg Cdr Hawkins (RAF Representative)

 3 Nov 1944                           Lt Col D A Baccus

11 Jan 1945                            Lt Col P E Turkey

 3 Jan 1945                             Wg Cdr W H Costello (RAF Representative)


RAF Mepal

xx xxx xxxx                             Gp Capt A P Campbell


RAF Methwold

xx xxx xxxx                            Gp Capt W V L Spendlove (killed 22 Jun 1943)

xx xxx xxxx                             Gp Capt P G Chichester


RAF Mildenhall

23 Jan 1936                             Gp Capt R S Maxwell

19 May 1937                           Wg Cdr H K Thorold

 5 May 1938                            Gp Capt F H Coleman

 9 Sep 1941                             Gp Capt A C Evans-Evans

xx Apr 1942                            Gp Capt D Macfadyen

22 Aug 1942                            Gp Capt J A Powell

27 Mar 1943                            ?

xx xxx xxxx                              Gp Capt F J Fogarty

xx xxx xxxx

 1 Mar 1946                             Gp Capt W H Merton


RAF Neatishead

xx Sep 1941                             Flt Lt H G Donald

xx Aug 1942                             Flt Lt D Everett

xx May 1943                            Flt Lt E Watkins

xx Aug 1943                             Sqn Ldr H G Donald

xx May 1944                            Flt Lt J D Ford

xx May 1945                            Sqn Ldr M Tuttle

xx Sep 1945                             Sqn Ldr F E Lissimore

xx Oct 1945                             Flt Lt/Sqn Ldr W D Wiseman

xx Apr 1946                             Sqn Ldr G E Cruwys

xx Feb 1947                             Flt Lt E Webb

xx Jul 1947                              Sqn Ldr J H T Pickering

xx Mar 1948                           Wg Cdr J Berry

xx Nov 1948                           Wg Cdr S P LeRougetel

xx Apr 1950                            Sqn Ldr J Seldon

xx Jun 1950                             Wg Cdr A Richardson

xx Oct 1952                             Sqn Ldr G M Shinnie

xx Mar 1953                            Sqn Ldr G Julian

xx Mar 1955                            Sqn Ldr G C W Monk

xx Aug 1955                            Sqn Ldr E L Horsefall

xx Nov 1955                            Wg Cdr J Seldon

xx Oct 1956                             Wg Cdr J R Ramshaw

xx Jul 1958                              Gp Cap M W B Knight

 7 Aug 1959                            Gp Capt A K Furse

xx May 1960                           Wg Cdr G Tate

xx Mar 1961                            Sqn Ldr Walto

xx May 1961                           Fg Off R Wakefield

xx Jul 1961                              Sqn Ldr G Hickmott

xx Dec 1963                            Gp Capt M J A Shaw

xx Jun 1966                             Wg Cdr A L Fussell

 5 Jun 1968                              Gp Capt A D S Phillips

20 Feb 1970                            Wg Cdr G H Hopperton

 2 Apr 1973                             Gp Capt K E Richardson

18 Jun 1976                             Gp Capt R J E Dickinson

28 Jul 1978                              Gp Capt D J Seward

25 Jul 1980                              Gp Capt G J Carter

12 Nov 1982                           Gp Capt J Hopkins

xx Oct 1980                            Gp Capt P Hobley

xx xxx 1983                             Gp Capt J Hopkins WRAF

9 Mar 1985                             Gp Capt D C Read

xx Mar 1987                            Gp Capt P J P Hutchings

xx Mar 1989                            Gp Capt G Kieth

xx Mar 1991                            Gp Capt J H Haines

xx Apr 1993                            Gp Capt G Cullington

27 Apr 1995                            Gp Capt B J Titchen

26 Sep 1997                            Gp Capt P A Blackford

xx xxx 1999                             Gp Capt J R Jones

xx xxx xxxx                               

xx xxx xxxx                              Wg Cdr P Atkinson

xx xxx xxxx                              

xx xxx xxxx                              Flt Lt N Oliver


RAF North Creake

xx xxx xxxx                             Flt Lt J L Harris (Care and Maintenance)

23 Apr 1944                          Sqn Ldr N C G Newnham

xx xxx 1944                           Wg Cdr N A N Bray


RAF Oakington

xx xxx 1941?                            Gp Capt H M Massey

xx xxx xxxx                              Gp Capt C D Adams (WW2)

18 Mar 1943                            Gp Capt N H Fresson

 1 Jul 1943                               Gp Capt A H Willetts (PoW - 24 Aug 1943)

xx Aug 1943                             Gp Capt K J Rampling (killed 22-23 Mar 1944)?

xx Oct 1944                             Gp Capt T L Bingham-Hall

xx xxx xxxx 

xx xxx 1947                             Gp Capt L M E Jarman

xx xxx xxxx

xx xxx xxxx                              Gp Capt R A R Rae

xx Nov 1953                            Gp Capt C R J Hawkins

xx xxx 1955                             Gp Capt J E Kirk

30 Dec 1960                            Gp Capt C L W Stewart

29 Jul 1963                              Gp Capt C F Ambrose

18 Feb 1966                            Gp Capt R S Perry

23 Aug 1968                            Gp Capt P W Gilpin

xx xxx xxxx

19 Jan 1973                             Gp Capt P B McCorkindale


RAF Oulton

16 May 1944                              Gp Capt T C Dickens


RAF Rattlesden

24 May 1965                           Wg Cdr L S Marlow


RAF Sculthorpe

 1 Jan 1944                              Gp Capt T C Dickens

xx May 1944                           

xx Aug 1958                            Wg Cdr J S Higgins


RAF Stradishall

 3 Feb 1938                            Gp Capt J H Herring

xx Oct 1939                            Gp Capt T B Prickman

xx Feb 1940                            Gp Capt R T Leather

xx Apr 1940                            Gp Capt S B Harris

xx Jan 1941                             Gp Capt S M Park

xx Jan 1942                             Gp Capt D A Boyle

xx Dec 1942                            Gp Capt A H Owen

xx Jul 1943                               Gp Capt D W Lane

xx Jun 1944                              Gp Capt E C Bates

xx Aug 1945                             Gp Capt C J J Barnes

xx Sep 1946                             Gp Capt R C M Collard

xx Jan 1948                              Gp Capt A F Britton

xx Jul 1949                               Gp Capt A Foord-Kelcey

xx Jan 1954                              Gp Capt W D Blackwood

xx Jun 1956                              Gp Capt D G Lyster

xx Nov 1958                             Gp Capt C Foxley-Norris

xx Jul 1959                                Gp Capt S B Grant

xx Nov 1961                             Gp Capt G T Thain

xx Feb 1962                              Gp Capt D L Pitt

xx May 1963                             Gp Capt D Clare

xx Aug 1965                              Gp Capt V H Hemming

 4 Jan 1967                                Gp Capt A C Davies

xx Jan 1969                                Gp Capt R G Price

xx Sep 1970                               Gp Capt G K Bushell


RAF Swanton Morley

xx Sep 1940                            Wg Cdr D L Duggan

xx Apr 1941                            Gp Capt H F V Battle

xx May 1942                           Gp Capt D H F Barnett

xx Jun 1943                             Gp Capt W V L Spendlove

xx Jun 1943                             Gp Capt R L Kippenberger

xx Mar 1944                            Gp Capt T M Horgan

xx Dec 1944                            Wg Cdr R F N Clerke

xx Aug 1945                            Gp Capt P Jones

xx Nov 1945                           Wg Cdr L M Hooper

xx Jan 1947                             Wg Cdr P D W Hackforth

xx Nov 1947                           Wg Cdr C S Maxwell-Muller

xx Oct 1949                            Wg Cdr D W Rowson

xx Jun 1950                             Wg Cdr/Gp Capt A G P Brightmore

xx Feb 1953                            Gp Capt M K D Porter

xx Jun 1954                             Gp Capt M G Goodman

xx Jul 1955                              Gp Capt M H Rhys

xx Nov 1957                           Gp Capt A Pike

xx Mar 1958                            Wg Cdr A S Knowles

xx Aug 1958                            Gp Capt A D Balmain

29 Jul 1960                              Gp Capt R E W Harland

xx Sep 1962                            Gp Capt P C Cleaver

xx Nov 1963                           Gp Capt R I Gray

xx Jul 1964                              Gp Capt C T Nance

xx May 1966                           Gp Capt L Kendrick

xx Jul 1967                              Gp Capt W D Hunter

xx Mar 1970                            Gp Capt A A Morris

xx Dec 1971                            Gp Capt S Clarke

xx Apr 1974                            Gp Capt E A Bear

xx Feb 1976                            Gp Capt F J Wild

xx Mar 1978                            Gp Capt J M Brant

xx Jul 1980                              Gp Capt P J Miller

xx Nov 1982                           Gp Capt M C Darby

xx Dec 1984                            Gp Capt B M Humphries

xx Dec 1986                            Gp Capt W A Richardson

xx Dec 1988                            Gp Capt S E Clark

xx Dec 1990                            Gp Capt D M Anderson

xx Dec 1992                            Gp Capt G J Oughton

xx Jul 1994                               Gp Capt D D Allan

xx Feb 1995                              Sqn Ldr W H Milroy


RAF Trimingham

 3 Jan 1961                              Wg Cdr A Y Mason


RAF Upwood

12 Apr 1937                            Wg Cdr R T B Houghton

24 Mar 1939                             Gp Capt R S Sorley

xx xxx xxxx 

 1 Apr 1941                             Gp Capt J K Kirby

1 May 1943                             Vacant

 17 Jun 1943                             Wg Cdr R P Elliott

20 Nov 1943                           Gp Capt J H Searby

10 Feb 1944                            Gp Capt J L Airey

 6 Dec 1944                             Gp Capt S W B Menaul

xx Jan 1946

11 Jul 1946                              Gp Capt W H Merton

xx xxx xxxx 

xx xxx 1953                             Gp Capt R A C Carter

xx xxx xxxx                              Gp Capt G Key (1956)

23 Mar 1964                            Gp Capt J C Hunter

21Sep 1964                             Gp Capt H A F Summer

28 Dec 1966                            Gp Capt G Cubby

27 Jan 1969                             Gp Capt G J Kemp

12 Oct 1970                            Gp Capt J H Turner

 9 Oct 1970                             Gp Capt M W G Collins


RAF Warboys

xx Jul 1942                              Gp Capt R W P Collings

 3 Jun 1943                              Gp Capt J H Searby

xx xxx 1944                             Gp Capt G Lawrence

24 Jul 1944                              Gp Capt T G Mahaddie


RAF Waterbeach

xx Jul 1942                               Gp Capt G I L Saye

xx xxx xxxx                              Gp Capt B A Chacksfield

xx Dec 1955                            Gp Capt R G Dutton

xx xxx 1958                             Gp Capt J G Topham

10 Oct 1960                            Gp Capt R F H Clerke


RAF Wattisham

 5 Apr 1939                             Gp Capt O R Gayford

xx xxx 1941                             Gp Capt F J W Mellersh

xx xxx xxxx

xx xxx 1950                             Gp Capt H A V Hogan

xx xxx 1952                             Gp Capt P G Wykeham

xx xxx xxxx                              Gp Capt H I Edwards VC

xx xxx 1958                             Gp Capt E J Morris

 7 Dec 1959                             Gp Capt B P T Horsley

12 Mar 1962                           Gp Capt D C H Simmons

25 Sep 1963                            Gp Capt C M Gibbs

 5 Aug 1966                             Gp Capt H Neubroch

 6 Dec 1968                             Gp Capt R D Austen-Smith

30 Jan 1970                             Gp Capt J Mellers

 6 Mar 1972                             Gp Capt K J Goodwin

 3 May 1974                            Gp Capt H Davidson

28 May 1976                           Gp Capt R D Stone

23 Jun 1978                             Gp Capt B C Hopkins

27 Jun 1980                             Gp Capt P D L Gover

10 Dec 1982                            Gp Capt A J Park

14 Jun 1985                             Gp Capt G A Robertson

xx xxx 1987                             Gp Capt M P Donaldson


RAF Watton

 1 Jan 1939                              Gp Capt F J Vincent

xx xxx 1940                             Wg Cdr The Earl of Bandon

xx Jul 1940                               Gp Capt T M Williams

xx Jul 1941                               Gp Capt G H Mills

xx xxx 1942                             Gp Capt L W Cannon

xx xxx xxxx

 5 Jul 1963                               Gp Capt P C Webb

25 Jun 1965                             Gp Capt G J C Hogan

 4 Aug 1967                             Gp Capt J Hurry


RAF West Raynham

xx xxx 1941                             Gp Capt The Earl of Bandon

xx xxx xxxx

xx xxx xxxx:                             Gp Capt J Baldwin

xx Jan 1958                              Wg Cdr E J Brooks

xx Feb 1958

15 Oct 1962                            Gp Capt P J Simpson

23 Oct 1964                            Gp Capt F R L Mellersh

 6 Mar 1967                             Gp Capt B G Lock

24 Oct 1969                            Gp Capt P Smith

10 Dec 1971                            Gp Capt J Fraser

14 Dec 1973                            Gp Capt K A C Wirdnam

xx xxx xxxx

23 Sep 1983                            Gp Capt G P J Melaniphy

xx Aug 1986                            Gp Capt E Durham

xx Aug 1988


RAF Wethersfield

 5 Jan 1944:                             Sqn Ldr N C G  Newnham

15 Apr 1944                            Transferred to the command of the 416th Bomb Group, USAAF

xx Jan 1959                              Wg Cdr E J Brooks

 1 Sep 1960                             Gp Capt C C F Cooper


RAF Woodbridge

15 Nov 1943                              Wg Cdr D E Burnside

xx Oct 1944                                Wg Cdr P J McGlin


RAF Wyton

 5 Nov 1936                            Wg Cdr F J Vincent

xx xxx 1937                             ?

20 Jun 1938                             Wg Cdr C Findley

xx xxx xxxx

xx xxx 1940                             Gp Capt O R Gayford

xx xxx 1940                             Gp Capt R M Foster

16 Jun 1942                             Gp Capt H J Kirkpatrick

 5 Mar 1943                             Gp Capt D C L Wilson

19 Apr 1943                            Gp Capt G T Jarman

22 Jun 1943                             Gp Capt H R Graham

28 Oct 1943                            Gp Capt L M E Jarman

27 Jul 1944                              Gp Capt O R Donaldson

25 Feb 1945                            Gp Capt D F E C Dean

xx xxx xxxx 

xx Jun 1954                              Gp Capt S G Wise

xx Mar 1957                            Gp Capt E G Jones

17 Nov 1958                           Gp Capt C D North-Lewis

 8 May 1961                            Gp Capt P H G Wintle

xx xxx 1963                             Gp Capt G Young

27 Jun 1969                             Gp Capt A G Steele

xx xxx xxxx

27 Jul 1973                              Gp Capt W L M Scott

xx Jul 1975                               Gp Capt H S Carver

25 Feb 1977                            Gp Capt J F Woodward

xx xxx xxxx

27 Mar 1981                            Gp Capt K J Lovett

 8 Apr 1983                             Gp Capt N B Baldwin

 1 Mar 1985                             Gp Capt S A Baldwin

xx xxx 1986                              Gp Capt E Tyzack

xx xxx 1989                              Gp Capt R McKendrick (killed in a flying accident)

xx xxx 1991                              Gp Capt D J Hayward

xx xxx 1993?                            Gp Capt A G B Vallance

xx xxx xxxx

27 Aug 2003                             Gp Capt C H Hickman

xx xxx 2004                              Gp Capt N Parton?

Amalgamated with Brampton and Henlow to form Brampton Wyton Henlow

RAF Brampton/Wyton/Henlow

xx xxx xxxx                        Gp Capt N Beet

xx xxx 2007                        Gp Capt G Bruce

xx xxx xxxx                        Gp Capt B Walcot (2010)


Officers shown in Italics either never reached Air Rank or were not in the General Duties Branch when they did so

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