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Guest Book 2014-2015

E-mail:  ZZ91530<AT>
Date:  5 Jan 2014
Time:  02:03


My brother TJB ZADWORNY was a pilot in RAF Sqns 289 in Scotland and  No 114 in Italy where he was KIA. I would love to hear from anyone who knew him. Thanks. 

E-mail:  Andy.Thomas<AT>
Date:  7 Jan 2014
Time:  19:59


Hello my grandfather was in 459 squadron in North Africa in 1943 to 1944 and died in an accident in February 1944.  Would love to hear from anyone with connections. 

Andy Thomas

Mobile - 07968725075

E-mail:  alan.shepherd12<AT>
Date:  24 Jan 2014
Time:  15:44


Very interesting. I joined 541 somewhere about July/August 1956 as a electrical/mech air and remained there as an SAC until it was disbanded Sept 1957. After that I joined No 2 at Geilenkirchen until I was demobilised Feb 58. Still have a photo of the disbandment day in my possession. Air Marshall Sir Humphrey Edwards Jones, AVM Ubee sitting in the front row. Certainly brings back memories.


E-mail:  hollythompson555<AT>
Date:  27 Feb 12014
Time:  17:12


hello my grandfather was in 2713 squadron at predannack and I would love to hear from anyone who knew him thank you

E-mail:  kirsty.gossage<AT>
Date:  25 Feb 2014
Time:  20:41


My Grandfather Leonard William Cooper was one of the tragic crew that died on 11th Jan 1955 in the Shackleton crash

We know an engine was found - but no one seems to know where is it and if it is displayed to go to see etc

Every year we go to his plaque and lay flowers in Cornwall

We would love to speak to people who have more information - although over the years we have collected stuff from Journalists and some info at Kew Gardens

Please contact me if you have any further information

Kind regards


E-mail:  rxforester<AT>
Date:  3 Mar 2014
Time:  13:15


Fantastic web site.  For other interested folk, my research centres around RAF Watnall where my father S/L M F Perrins was CO from 09/1945 - 01?/1946. Also my father's service in India 1942 - 45, where he spent most of it in Filter Rooms, is also of interest.

Interestingly, the complex which still exists at Watnall is in the process of being turned into a family home & eventually a B&B by Jamie Brown & his wife! (Featured recently on TV)

Many thanks

David P

E-mail:  bruce<AT>
Date:  4 Mar 2014
Time:  09:14


My late father flew Wellington bombers on anti submarine and Atlantic convoy escort duties (26 Squadron SAAF seconded to RAF 298 Wing ), based at Takoradi during WW2. Being fascinated by all things Air Force & flying, particularly WW2, I found this site absorbing and have spent quite a bit of time browsing it.

If anyone has any info/pics pertaining to 26 Squadron SAAF, or the RAF activities at Takoradi, I would love to hear from you.

26 Squadron SAAF has a website at and is constantly looking for more information & material to add.

Best regards


E-mail:  alipaly2<AT>
Date:  8 Mar 2014
Time:  15:19


Did anyone know my deceased father : Glasgow. William Taylor, RAF 949498.

Career :-- 2/4/40 RAF Cardington, 6RTP, AC2. 609 Sqdn, 26/4/40. IW9 Melksham 9/9/40 Instrument Repairer 21/11/40. 1941 AC1 to LAC. Then 46 MU 27/11/40 - 1/10/42, then to 44MU 20/11/42 and NWAAF 12/3/43. To 156 MU Blida, Algeria, 10/4/44, and to 9(P)AFU, RAF Errol 27/4/44, then 5(P)AFU RAF Ternhill 21/6/45.

Ending at RAF East Fortune 1945 when he was married, to a Mearnskirk, Glasgow nurse, Mary Green Halloran, also deceased, prior to demob.

I would be interested in any knowledge of my father or mother prior to, and

during the war, as I have recently started my family history. Son,

Alistair Taylor.

My thanks to the originator of this very useful facility.

E-mail:  janeyj7<AT>
Date:  16 Mar 2014
Time:  12:48


What a wonderful website this is! I was able to look up my Dad's old squadron (180) and see the emblem they used and a picture of a Mitchell bomber too. Dad was a navigator in World War 2.

Thanks so much for the effort you have put in!

Jane Johnson

E-mail:  conifer3149<AT>
Date:  18 Mar 2014
Time:  23:45


Came across your site by chance, and although rather late in the day wondering if any of my former RAF colleagues are still around. Was at  RAF Chivenor 1949/1951. Interested in finding Norman Furzeman who was in Clerks office there, and David Smith who was at RAF St. Athens clerical side. Both "lads" were originally from Plymouth.


Tarry Farr.

E-mail:  pam.lyd<AT>
Date:  18 Mar 2014
Time:  10:16


I have found my ancestor and heaps of information about him, but am still in need of more.  An excellent website.  My ancestor, whom I never knew existed was Sir Harold Thomas Lydford, Air Marshall – b.1898, r.1956, d.1979.  The Air Force records do not mention marriage or children.

We share a 4/6 x gt. grandfather born in 1759.  I live in Western Australia, originally from New Zealand.  I am now trying to find if he and his wife, Isabel Smart, had any children but have found none in England, and am now looking in overseas births.  My father married one Verena Mary Smart so I tell people I know I am at least half smart.

I think you have an excellent website.

Pamela Gaye Lydford


Western Australia

E-mail:  thequailary<AT>
Date:  21 Mar 2014
Time:  23:24


Looking for the chaps that knew my dad John Spencer Geater (Taf) he's on your rock ape roll of honour was wonderful to read. Many thank you`s kind regards Lisa R Geater

E-mail:  ritchieisabel<AT>
Date:  10 Apr 2014
Time:  10:42


Just checking a few queries
Isabel Ritchie

E-mail:  morrison21<AT>
Date:  18 Apr 2014
Time:  07:54


Kai Tak 1956-1957. Station Armoury.  best posting I ever had.

Alex Morrison.

E-mail:  md.outram<AT>
Date:  25 Apr 2014
Time:  06:33


I have just moved and found information about my RAF service.
I was with 208 Squadron in Egypt, Abu Sueir.
I was LAC Michael Outram 2547224
I  worked on Gloucester Meteors.
Because I am now 80, probably most of us have mostly gone.
This is just a "Hello".

E-mail:  christine<AT>
Date:  14 May 2013
Time:  14:34


My Dad [Jim Johnstone] was a pilot with 299 squadron in 1944-45 and has clear memories of towing gliders and delivering stuff to Norway. He's 93 next month and still going strong.

E-mail:  jhnlancashire<AT>
Date:  2 Jun 2014
Time:  09:59


I think it is a very helpful looking site, I have just sent an email re My Uncle Albert Bishop Lancashire for info hopefully someone will reply


John Lancashire 

E-mail:  tony.deane<AT>
Date:   6 Jun 2014
Time:  12:16


I have finally come across a site which really means something.

Served in the RAF as an airframe mechanic  from 1963-1968. I served at Tengah on 64 Sqn and on 61 Sqn after 64 Sqn was disbanded. I would  be interested in contact with any ex 64 Sqn people reading this email / site. Dixie Deane

E-mail:  colinb<AT>
Date:  9 Aug 2014
Time:  12:56


I  am looking for any member of the RAF Regiment stationed at RAF Oldenburg  1956  to  1957, or any member of the station cross-country team,  ie  Don  Shelly, Graham Stark,  Roy  Vass  Cpl  Daly,

E-mail:  peter-andrews<AT>
Date:  22 Aug 2014
Time:  11:01


Thanks for a very interesting web site. I have used it on numerous occasions in my research and intend to join. Keep up the good work.

E-mail:  caspa111<AT>
Date:  18 Aug 2014
Time:  22:55


 A very interesting site.

I finally found reference to a badge I have in my possession.

The RAF Medical Branch Hat Badge 1918 – 1920, showing the Ankh.

Thank you for making the site available to the public.

Wendy T

Canberra, Australia.

Date:  19 Aug 2014
Time:  21:27


I was at RAF Biggin Hill in 1992 as it closed 

Ex sac Andrew bailey

E-mail:  museum.resistance.verzet<AT>
Date:  14 Sep 2014
Time:  21:26


We appreciates your very special pages about our  Belgians airmen who fighting the Germans enemies during the WW2.

Much congratulations about your sites !!

Thank you very much for to keep the memories en always for we staying stand by  prepare a new battle for our democracy !!  Each day we support our friends of NATOS organization.

Long life to our British Friends. Live Our Queen ! en Respect for her.

Jean-Jacques Bouchez.


Musée de la Résistance de Belgique

(National Museum of the Belgium Résistance)

E-mail:  kingdon379<AT>
Date:  22 Sep 2014
Time:  16:15


Was looking at your very extensive site. My father flew Hudsons I believe over Burma. He was D F T Kingdon believe based at Palam. Anyway I do not have a pay pal account and I think my sons may have, lovely site so far,,,,M Kingdon

E-mail:  alanavenell<AT>
Date:  26 Sep 2014
Time:  12:32


 My Uncle, Mr Walter Frank Avenell (service no 650506) was a Sergeant Fitter (ground crew) with 38 Group (formerly 38 wing) 296 Squadron between 1942 and 1945.  He was stationed in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Gibraltar and the U.K.  He had been  corresponding with a few of his fellow servicemen until sadly they died and would now be very interested to discover whether or not there are any other surviving members of this group who might remember him and would like to get in touch.  Please reply to my E-Mail address with contact details, as my Uncle is not on the internet.  I will then pass them on to him so that he can write or telephone. 

Thank you.

Mr A Avenell

E-mail:  deemcs<AT>
Date:  17 Oct 2014
Time:  02:21


My grandfather, Kenneth James Potter was a Canadian Wellington pilot on loan to the RAF WW2, he flew with squadron 221 around North Africa and Tripoli for submarine patrol. My brother has most of his diaries, logbooks etc but I'm looking for anyone who has any info, memories, connections to Ken and his crew. One of his crew members was Bill Fulcher from Arkansas, USA.

Thank you so much,


E-mail:  robertdehartog<AT>
Date:  6 Nov 2014
Time:  23:11


I am conducting even more inquiries of my father's service in the RAF during World War Two.

I know he served in 320 Squadron in September 1944 and was active during Operation Market Garden. He also was a member of the Royal Netherlands Naval Airforce subsequent to 320, as a pilot with 860 Squadron in Northern Ireland. Also the #6 Auster Squadron after that. He trained in Canada under the Commonwealth Air Training program in 1943.

I have all log book entries and an album showing/indicating my father's initial status as a Dutch Army soldier in 1940, his escape to Porthcawl Wales in May 1940, and his attachment to the RAF subsequent. I have his original operations RAF wings.

My father: Robert H de Hartog ( 1916-1994).


Robert de Hartog (jr)

Ottawa Canada

E-mail:  jimhumphrey<AT>
Date:  28 Nov 2014
Time:  04:36


My name is Jim Humphrey and am/was related by marriage to A/M Sir Frances Fressanges

E-mail:  john.vigor<AT>
Date:  29 Dec 2014
Time:  17:49


I am the son of Wing Commander John A Vigor (RAF Retd.), who was stationed at Binbrook from about 1951-1953, during the period when Group Captain N.C. Hyde was Commanding Officer. We lived in OMQ on the Station and I attended Binbrook Primary School. I have many recollections of our time there.

John A.E. Vigor.

E-mail:  e-mail address supplied
Date:  18 Jan 2015
Time:  22:14


My great grandfather. (John Chapman) was a member of the Halifax 76 squadron, beginning his service at RAF Finningley. He never made it home from the end of WW2.  He was a front gunner, unfortunately his plane was shot at; he managed to eject himself but unfortunately his parachute caught fire meaning he never survived the decent. He fell through a factory roof in 1944. My great-grandmother was pregnant, she was so distraught when she received her telegram that she tore it up and threw it in the fire. my grandmother never got to meet her father. 

The final member of the crew passed away 11-13 years ago now. Luckily my grandmother managed to trace him and he was able to fill in blanks like only he would. We are very lucky to have the information we do. Not everyone has half of the information our family does.

E-mail:  njboulter <AT>
Date:  21 Mar 2015
Time:  17:58


My father Fred Boulter was trained by Air Commodore Critchley in the Second World War to fly over Berlin in a Lancaster bomber.  He is now 93.