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Members' Area

The following are topics and subjects covered by this area: -

Orders of Battles - details of units controlled by Home and Overseas Commands 1920-1945

RAF Abbreviations - Common abbreviations used in RAF Service Records

RAF Casualties - Listings of RAF Personnel killed whilst in service giving circumstances were known, covering the period 1918 to the present day.  There are now over 131,000 personnel listed in this section, the majority of which will include details of the circumstances of death.

Cranwell Graduation Lists - This currently gives details of those officers who graduated from the RAF College Cranwell. from 1920 to 1940 and 1948 to 1962.

Unit Personnel/Equipment/Locations - Listings of Officers allocated to RAF units from April 1920 to May 1939 (Air Ministry - 1970) (Currently covering almost all units between 1920 and 1939 and Commands and Groups from 1918 to 1970)  This section includes organisational charts from Ministry down to Wing level up to 1945

Monthly Air Force Lists - This section will contain scans of complete editions of the Monthly Air Force List (Currently December 1926 is available)

Airfield Maps and unit listings - This section contains location maps of airfields used by the RAF at Squadron strength and details of the units operating from them.

Maps - This section shows the disposition of stations within certain Home Commands and Groups

RAF Expansion Schemes - This section currently gives details of the various expansion schemes planned between 1934 and 1939

Aircraft Serial Allocations - This section lists the aircraft allocated to each squadron and major training unit, currently covering the range J1-BZ999 and many from the previous ranges.

King's Regulations - brief details of various regulations

Unit histories - This section covers units below Squadron level and support units.  Units currently covered includes Independent (numbered) Flights, Maintenance Units, other logistic units, Radar/Signals units, flying training units, ground training units and a variety of miscellaneous units.

The expansion of this section will include:

Orders of Battles - These will be extended to cover the post 1945 period as well as the pre 1920 period, hopefully.

Cranwell Graduation Lists - This section will be expanded to give details of those officers who graduated from the RAF College Cranwell. from 1963 to 1973.

Airfield Maps and unit listings - This section will be expanded to include non airfield locations which never held independent Station status.

Maps - This section will be expanded to include other Commands, both Home and Overseas.                                                                        

RAF Expansion Schemes - This section will be increased by the addition of post 1945 expansion schemes.

Aircraft Serial Allocations - This section will be expanded to cover the whole serial ranges up to WZ999 used from 1918 to the present day.

Unit histories - This section will be expanded to include further support units including Servicing Echelons.

If any members have any suggestions for other topics, I would be please to receive them and see what can be done

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