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Air Commodore G T Jarman (29211)

Air Commodore G T JarmanGeoffrey Twyford                 

b: 20 Feb 1906               r: 26 May 1953                   d: 20 Apr 1983

DSO - 2 Sep 1941, DFC - 18 Apr 1941, MiD - 11 Jun 1942, MiD - 1 Jan 1943, MiD - 2 Jun 1943.

Plt Off (P): 29 Dec 1930, Plt Off: 29 Dec 1931, Fg Off: 29 Jun 1932, Flt Lt: 1 Apr 1936, Sqn Ldr: 1 Nov 1938, Act Wg Cdr: 14 Aug 1940, (T) Wg Cdr: 1 Mar 1941, Act Gp Capt: xx xxx xxxx, Act A/Cdre: 23 Jun 1943-xx xxx 1946, Gp Capt (WS): 23 Dec 1943, (T) Gp Capt: 3 Dec 1946 [1 Jul 1944], Gp Capt: 1 Jul 1947.

Photograph © Crown Copyright


29 Dec 1930:           Appointed to a Short Service Commission.

29 Dec 1930:           U/T Pilot, No 3 FTS

29 Dec 1931:          Pilot, No 19 Sqn (Bulldogs - Duxford)

 1 Oct 1932:            Pilot, No 47 Sqn (Gordons - Khartoum)

16 Sep 1935:           Attended Instructors' Course, CFS (graded B)

16 Dec 1935:          QFI, No 3 FTS (Grantham)

 1 Jun 1936:            Granted a Permanent Commission in the rank of Flight Lieutenant.

21 Mar 1938:          QFI, No 2 FTS (Brize Norton)

5 Dec 1938:            Station Administration Officer, RAF Bassingbourn

 2 Jul 1940:              Flight Commander, 'B' Flight, No 77 Sqn

14 Aug 1940:          Officer Commanding, No 77 Sqn (Whitley - Driffield)

28 May 1941:         Officer Commanding, No 76 Sqn

 4 Sep 1941:            Staff, HQ No 4 Group

22 Sep 1941:          Chief Instructor, No 19 OTU

17 Oct 1941:          Officer Commanding, No 19 OTU/RAF Kinloss

 4-16  Jan 1942      Admitted to RAF Officers Hospital, Torquay

19 Apr 1943:          Officer Commanding, RAF Wyton

23 Jun 1943:           

23 Apr 1945:          Deputy AOC, No 229 Group.

xx xxx 1946:           AOC, No 229 Group.

 9 Oct 1946:            Air Staff, HQ Transport Command

 1 Apr 1949:           Inspector of Recruiting, HQ Reserve Command

xx xxx 1950:           Commandant, Central Flying School.

xx xxx xxxx:            Officer Commanding, RAF Middleton St George

12 Aug 1952:          AOC, No 63 (Western and Welsh) Group

Retired as a Group Captain, but not retaining Air Commodore.

Excerpt from London Gazette - 2 September 1941: -

“In July, 1941, large-scale attacks were made on German warships at Brest and La Pallice (including the "Gneisenau," "Scharnhorst "and "Prinz Eugen ").A smaller attack was made on Cherbourg.  The operations were carried out in daylight and extremely heavy and accurate anti-aircraft fire and fighter opposition were encountered by all aircraft when approaching the targets, which at Brest was protected by a balloon barrage.  The air crews engaged succeeded, nevertheless, in securing direct hits on their objectives and in inflicting very severe damage in the target area.  During the combats with enemy fighters 21 hostile aircraft were destroyed and others were severely damaged.  The precise timing of attack by the various formations of aircraft and their correct approach to and accurate bombing of the objectives in the face of such powerful opposition; demanded great skill and high courage.  The great success of these operations was largely due to the bravery, determination and resource displayed by the following officers and airmen, who participated in various capacities as leaders and members of the aircraft crews:—

Wing Commander Robert Alfred Copsey CARTER (26257), No.150 Squadron.

Wing Commander Geoffrey Twyford JARMAN, D.F.C. (29211), No.76 Squadron.”

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