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RAF Station Commanders - Wales and North West England

[Aberporth | Brawdy | Bridgnorth | Burtonwood | Carlisle | Cosford | Cranage | Defford | Fairwood Common | Fauld | Hack Green | Harpur Hill | Harwarden | Hednesford | Hereford | Jurby | Lichfield | Llanbedr | Pembrey | Pembroke Dock | Penrhos | Pershore | Sealand | Shawbury | Silloth | Spadeadam | Stafford | St Athan | Talbenny | Ternhill | Tilstock | Towyn | Valley | Warton | Wilmslow | RAF Hospital Wilmslow | Woodford | Woodvale]

RAF Aberporth

21 Oct 1960                            Gp Capt D R Griffiths (OC, GWRU)

27 Apr 1964                            Wg Cdr R S Sanders

 3 Oct 1966                             Wg Cdr A C Richards

21 Mar 1969                            Wg Cdr M Kaye

31 Aug 1971                            Wg Cdr H D Carver

xx xxx xxxx

20 Jun 1975                             Wg Cdr A C Richards

29 Mar 1976                            Wg Cdr J R Davies

17 Nov 1978                           Wg Cdr B L Wood


RAF Brawdy

xx xxx 1974                             Gp Capt P Champniss

15 Oct 1976                            Gp Capt B J Lemon

22 Sep 1978                            Gp Capt N D MacEwen

26 Sep 1980                            Gp Capt A Neale

22 Oct 1982                            Gp Capt M J Gibson

19 Oct 1984                            Gp Capt D R H MacGregor


RAF Bridgnorth

xx xxx 1947                             Gp Capt R Coats

xx xxx xxxx

xx Dec 1955                            Gp Capt A J Trumble

xx Jun 1958                              Gp Capt C B E Burt-Andrews

30 Jan 1961                             Gp Capt L F Bryant-Fenn


RAF Burtonwood

RAF Burtonwood was for much of its life commanded by USAAF/USAF Officers but the RAF maintained an officer holding the appointment of nominal RAF Officer Commanding/Commander

 1 Apr 1940                  Sqn Ldr Stibbs

xx xxx 1940                  Wg Cdr Burt

5 Jan 1942                    Wg Cdr W G Wolliams

18 Jan 1946                  Wg Cdr W F M McDonagh (also OC, No 276 MU)

27 Sep 1946                 Wg Cdr G P Mote (also OC, No 276 MU)

11 Apr 1947                 Gp Capt M S Shapcott (also OC, No 276 MU)

15 Dec 1948                 Wg Cdr S E Hearnden (also OC, No 276 MU)

xx Mar 1949                 Wg Cdr L F Oldridge (also OC, No 276 MU)

30 Jan 1950                  Gp Capt R Bayne-Brown (also OC, No 276 MU)

xx Aug 1950                 Wg Cdr A E Harbot

xx xxx xxxx

xx May 1955                Wg Cdr G L Lister

xx Aug 1959                 Wg Cdr A W G Stuart

xx Mar 1960                 Sqn Ldr H G Bruce

xx Sep 1961                 Flt Lt J McLaughlan

xx Apr 1963                 Flt Lt J Wilson

xx Nov 1963                Flt Lt W J Burnett-Smith

xx Jan 1966                  Fg Off B W Southwold

xx Jan 1967                  Sqn Ldr G C Taylor

xx Feb 1967                 Sqn Ldr R P du Pleiss

xx Jun 1969                  Sqn Ldr A A Francis

xx Jul 1972                   Sqn Ldr R A Stubings

xx Feb 1976                 Sqn Ldr B Lamb

xx Oct 1977                 Sqn Ldr P J E Tyson-Woodcock

xx Mar 1980                Sqn Ldr C F Hopper

xx Jul 1982                   Sqn Ldr A H Howard

xx May 1985                Sqn Ldr J M Young


RAF Carlisle (No 14 MU)

xx Nov 1953                            Gp Capt A Selby

xx xxx xxxx

10 Jul 1961                              Gp Capt J A D Sturges

20 Apr 1964                            Gp Capt H C D Blasbery

22 Aug 1966                            Gp Capt E G F Hill

25 Nov 1969                           Gp Capt S Baillie

28 Feb 1972                            Gp Capt G W Bennington

 8 Jan 1973                              Gp Capt L C Price

xx Jul 1975                               Gp Capt I D Wilkinson

 5 Sep 1977                             Gp Capt G R Pengelly

 8 Feb 1982                             Gp Capt G W Cargill

16 Jan 1984                             Gp Capt V B Howells

16 Dec 1985                            Gp Capt E T I King


RAF Cosford

21 Jul 1938                              Gp Capt W J Y Guilfoyle*

xx xxx xxxx

16 Mar 1959                            Gp Capt A W Caswell*

 30 Oct 1961                           Gp Capt L H Moulton*

20 May 1963                           Gp Capt C S Thomas*

22 Nov 1965                           Gp Capt H Durkin*

xx xxx xxxx

 6 Apr 1970                             Gp Capt W M Smedley*

xx xxx xxxx

xx Jan 1975                              Gp Capt A Thirkettle*

23 Aug 1976                            Gp Capt R L Smith*

 7 Aug 1978                             Gp Capt D G Campbell*

13 Oct 1980                            Gp Capt W F Mullen*

27 Sep 1982                            Gp Capt T J Morgan*

xx xxx xxxx

xx xxx 2000                             Gp Capt L J Burrell**


xx xxx xxxx                              Gp Capt J Johnston

xx Apr 2013                             Gp Capt A Sansom

*OC, No 2 SoTT

**OC, No 1 SoTT


RAF Cranage

 5 Apr 1941                              Gp Capt O A Morris

 6 Jul 1942


RAF Defford

xx May 1942                           Gp Capt P J R King

xx xxx xxxx                              Gp Capt A M Rodgers (1946+)


RAF Fairwood Common

25 May 1941                           Wg Cdr J S L Adams

29 Sep 1941                            Wg Cdr/Gp Capt R L R Atcherley

 5 Apr 1942                             Gp Capt  D F W Atcherley

 3 Oct 1942                             Gp Capt A B Woodhall

24 Mar 1943                           Gp Capt J Herby-Percy                

13 Nov 1943                           Wg Cdr A V R Johnstone

19 Jun 1944                             Wg Cdr C D L Griffiths

18 Aug 1945                            Wg Cdr A Eyre (killed in flying accident 16 Feb 1946)

28 Mar 1946                           Wg Cdr H J L Hallowes


RAF Fauld (No 21 MU)

xx May 1954                            Wg Cdr R V B Franklyn

xx Dec 1957                            Wg Cdr T R F Handcock

 9 Nov 1959                            Wg Cdr T J da C Andrade

26 Sep 1962                            Wg Cdr R B Thomas

21 Jun 1965                             Wg Cdr J H Cook


RAF Hack Green

13 Nov 1961                           Wg Cdr G A L Elliott

24 Aug 1964                            Wg Cdr D P J Smith


RAF Harpur Hill

xx Dec 1958                            Wg Cdr A L Cornford


RAF Harwarden

 1 Jun 1940                              Wg Cdr J R Hallings-Pott*

*OC, No 7 OTU


RAF Hednesford (OC, No 6 SoTT)

14 Mar 1939                              Gp Capt C B Cooke


RAF Hereford  (OC, No 3 SoTT)

 3 Jan 1962                              Gp Capt A Gollan

18 Jun 1962                             Gp Capt G G Robinson

 4 May 1964                            Gp Capt J T Shaw

14 Mar 1966                            Gp Capt D S Cartwright-Terry

28 Oct 1968                            Gp Capt D B Ross

 1 Jun 1971                              Gp Capt K J Hitchcock

11 Feb 1974                            Gp Capt D G Gregory

 2 Feb 1976                             Gp Capt J L Clayson

25 Jan 1978                             Gp Capt E Kinder

14 Feb 1980                            Gp Capt R S Beecham

21 Dec 1981                            Gp Capt M J C W Dicken

12 Dec 1983                            Gp Capt T B Sherington


RAF Jurby

xx xxx 1946                             Wg Cdr D M Strong

xx xxx xxxx

xx xxx 1952                             Gp Capt F R Worthington (killed on 23 Sep 1953 in flying accident)

xx Sep 1953                            ?

xx Jun 1954                              Gp Capt P Burnett

xx xxx xxxx

xx xxx 1960                             Gp Capt W T Brooks

26 Apr 1961                            Gp Capt A P Dart

xx xxx xxxx                               Flt Lt J Conning (1965)


RAF Lichfield

16 May 1941                           Gp Capt O R Gayford

12 Sep 1941                            Gp Capt L M E Jarman

24 Jun 1942                             Gp Capt C E Horrex

17 Jun 1943                             Gp Capt P G Heffernan RAAF (injured in collision of X3924 and LN295 on 6 Nov 1943)

 9 Nov 1943                            Gp Capt E Burton (injured in a car accident 17 Dec 1944)

17 Dec 1944                            Wg Cdr A W Doubleday RAAF (Temp OC- CFI)

 1 Jan 1945                               Gp Capt H I Dabinett 

xx Aug 1951                             Gp Capt F F Rainsford

Many thanks to Chris Pointon for providing the info to update this entry.


RAF Llanbedr

xx xxx xxxx                              Sqn Ldr ? Prior

29 Mar 1942                            Sqn Ldr C R Bullimore

18 Aug 1943                            Sqn Ldr


RAF Pembrey

xx Aug 1954                            Gp Capt W T F Wrightman

xx Nov 1956                            Gp Capt W A Toyne

xx Nov 1959


RAF Pembroke Dock/Pembroke

21 Mar 1933                            Wg Cdr A T Harris*

20 May 1934                           Wg Cdr R H Kershaw

 4 Nov 1936                            Gp Capt I T Lloyd

19 Oct 1938                            Gp Capt B J Silly

xx xxx xxxx

xx xxx 1946                             Sqn Ldr/Wg Cdr? D E Hawkins

*OC No 210 Sqn


RAF Penrhos

 1 Feb 1937                             Wg Cdr T V Lister*

*OC, No 5 Armament Training Camp

RAF Pershore

24 Feb 1941                                Sqn Ldr R F A Williams

26 Mar 1941                               Wg Cdr L E Jarman

1 Apr 1941                                  Gp Capt J R W Smyth-Piggot

 3 Jun 1942                                  Wg Cdr J A Roncaroni

 9 Jun 1942                                  Gp Capt A R Combe

xx Nov 43                                    Gp Capt G V Lane

xx May 1944                                Gp Capt M D Crichton-Biggie

28 Dec 1944                                Gp Capt R S Ryan

xx xxx 1946                                  Gp Capt A A Newbury

xx xxx 1948                                   Sqn Ldr Bond (OC, RAF Police Training School)

xx xxx 1952                                   Gp Capt G R Howie

1 Sep 1957                                    Gp Capt J E Innes-Crump

4 Jul 1960                                      Gp Capt H D Newman

10 Jun 1966                                   Gp Capt R Colbeck  

13 Jun 1969                                   Gp Capt E W F Hare

20 Jul 1973                                    Gp Capt R Hampton


RAF Sealand (RAF Shotwick until 17 Mar 1925)

1 Apr 1920                              Sqn Ldr L F Forbes*

19 Jul 1920                              Sqn Ldr F K Haskins*

17 Mar 1923                            Wg Cdr C T Maclean*

25 Sep 1925                            Wg Cdr P Babington*

25 Sep 1928                            Gp Capt A D Cunningham*

22 Jan 1931                             Gp Capt A ap Ellis*

23 Jul 1932                              Gp Capt E W Norton*

 1 Feb 1937                             Gp Capt A N Gallehawk*

xx xxx xxxx                              Gp Capt F K Haskins?*

12 Jun 1961                             Gp Capt F W Morgan**

19 Feb 1962                            Gp Capt T C Imrie**

10 Jun 1963                             Gp Capt E Burchmore**

24 Oct 1966                            Gp Capt P Cadman**

28 Apr 1969                            Gp Capt G E Thirlwell**

26 Mar 1973                            Gp Capt J J Burke**

xx Apr 1975                             Gp Capt H R Simpson**

22 Aug 1977                            Gp Capt D G J Breadner**

19 Oct 1979                            Gp Capt D F Lawrence**

18 Sep 1981                            Gp Capt P D Clark**

9 Dec 1983                              Gp Capt D J Saunders**

11 Jul 1986                              Gp Capt A J Bentley**

16 Dec 1988                            Gp Capt K J Procter**

xx Dec 1990                             Gp Capt P Liddell**

xx Dec 92                                 Gp Capt B C Dickens

xx xxx 1995                              Gp Capt J E Chandler**

xx xxx xxxx                               Gp Capt D R G Rennison**

xx xxx xxxx                               Gp Capt N A Bairsto**

 *Cmdt, No 5 FTS/S SFTS

**OC, No 30 MU


RAF Shawbury

xx May 1938                    Gp Capt H P Lale

xx Mar 1941                     Gp Capt C H Flinn

xx Mar 1942                     Gp Capt R J Divers

xx Jun 1944                       Gp Capt G I L Saye

xx Sep 1944                       A/Cdre P H Mackworth

xx Jun 1945                        A/Cdre N H D’Aeth

xx Jan 1948                        A/Cdre L K Barnes

xx Apr 1949                       Gp Capt B J R Roberts

xx Feb 1952                       Gp Capt D Mitchell

xx Jul 1954                         Gp Capt A H Garland

xx Oct 1956                       Gp Capt R K Cassels

xx Sep 1958                       Gp Capt R D Williams

xx Jun 1961                        Gp Capt W T H Howell

xx Oct 1963                       Gp Capt A F Wallace

xx Apr 1966                       Gp Capt M C Bunting

xx Dec 1968                       Gp Capt T H Blackham

xx Jul 1971                         Gp Capt R B Sillars

xx Jul 1973                         Gp Capt D L Hughes

xx Oct 1975                       Gp Capt A B Stinchcombe

xx Dec 1976                       Gp Capt P G C Wilson

15 Dec 1978                        Gp Capt I Horrocks

xx Dec 1980                        Gp Capt R R Bond

 4 Jan 1983                         Gp Capt D O Crwys-Williams

xx Dec 1984                        Gp Capt R P Skelley

xx Jan 1987                         Gp Capt T I Jenner

xx Dec 1998                        Gp Capt A A Nicholson

xx Dec 1990                        Gp Capt M D Pledger

xx Dec 1992                        Gp Capt A G Hopper

xx Dec 1994                         Gp Capt A P Waldron

xx Jul 1997                           Gp Capt R Utley

xx Jul 1999                           Gp Capt R J Allen

xx Mar 2002                        Gp Capt M R Wordley

xx Dec 2003                         Gp Capt M S  McGeown

 9 Dec 2005                          Gp Capt P A Cunningham

xx Dec 2007                          Gp Capt D Prowse

xx xxx xxxx                            Gp Capt W A W James

18 Nov 2011                         Gp Capt C J Luck

 9 Sep 2013                            Gp Capt A P T Smith


RAF Silloth

xx Jun 1940                              Gp Capt C G Wigglesworth

xx xxx xxxx

xx xxx 1944                             Gp Capt J G Elton


RAF Spadeadam

xx xxx 1996                             Wg Cdr B R Collins

xx xxx xxxx

xx xxx xxxx                              Wg Cdr G Robertson

xx xxx 2004                             Wg Cdr R Goodall


RAF Stafford (No 16 MU)

xx xxx 1958                             Gp Capt W M King

 5 Aug 1959                             Gp Capt J S McLean

15 Aug 1960                            Gp Capt E J C Smither

xx xxx 1965                              Gp Capt D I O'Hara

xx Apr 1965                               Gp Capt E D Hills

18 Dec 1967                            Gp Capt C H Clarke

23 Feb 1970                            Gp Capt D I Ohata

17 Apr 1972                            Gp Capt P J Probyn

 4 Mar 1974                             Gp Capt R D Brittain

15 Mar 1976                            Gp Capt B H Plaskett

 3 Jul 1978                               Gp Capt J G De’Ath

28 Jul 1980                              Gp Capt R C Allerton

 6 Dec 1982                             Gp Capt D M Waller

21 May 1984                           Gp Capt J P Crotty

xx Dec 1986                            Gp Capt N T Carter

xx Jan 1989                             Gp Capt N Griffiths

xx Jan 1991                             Gp Capt R Dixon

xx Jan 1992                             Gp Capt J Pye

xx xxx xxxx                              Gp Capt R Dixon

xx xxx 1995                             Gp Capt C J Blencowe

xx xxx xxxx                              Gp Capt P Whalley

xx Dec 1998                            Gp Capt N Morris

xx Jan 2000                             Gp Capt N W Cromarty

13 Dec 2002                            Gp Capt G H Harris

 3 Aug 2004                             Gp Capt G J Howard

xx xxx xxxx

xx xxx xxxx                               Gp Capt C Luck 


RAF St Athan

 1 Sep 1938                            Gp Capt E B Rice*

xx Sep 1939                           A/Cdre Hon J D Boyle*

xx Oct 1940                           A/Cdre E A B Rice*

xx Sep 1941                           A/Cdre J C Quinnell*

xx Dec 1942                           A/Cdre C B Cooke*        

xx May 1944                          A/Cdre D W Clappen*

xx Dec 1946                           A/Cdre H J Roach*

xx Oct 1947                           A/Cdre W A Opie*

xx Oct 1948                           A/Cdre H E Forrow*

xx Feb 1951                           A/Cdre J Mutch*

xx Mar 1953                          A/Cdre J D Baker-Carr*

xx Oct 1956                           A/Cdre M E M Perkins*

xx Oct 1958                           A/Cdre V D Morshead*

xx Jun 1960                            A/Cdre M K D Porter*

xx Oct 1961                           Gp Capt E T McCabe

xx Jan 1962                            A/Cdre J W Bayley

xx xxx 1964:                           A/Cdre C N S Pringle*

xx Jul 1966                             A/Cdre J E McKelvey*

xx Jul 1969                             A/Cdre I J de la Plain**

xx Jan 1972                            A/Cdre S M Davidson**

19 Oct 1974                           A/Cdre J B Wellingham**

16 Dec 1976                           A/Cdre E C Dunn**

12 Nov 1977                           A/Cdre K A Campbell**

 5 Jan 1980                             A/Cdre G B Tyler**

xx Apr 1982:                           A/Cdre P J Goulthorpe**

14 Jan 1984                            A/Cdre J Marshall**

xx Jan 1986                            A/Cdre P L Read**

xx Jan 1988                            A/Cdre D R French**

xx Apr 1990                            A/Cdre R H Kyle**

xx Jan 1992                            A/Cdre P R O'Reilly**

xx Mar1994                            A/Cdre M van der Veen**

xx Dec 1995                            A/Cdre P J Scott**

xx Oct 1997                            A/Cdre A C Lang**

xx Mar 1999                           Gp Capt D Pollington***

xx Sep 2001                            Wg Cdr Z Ulhaq***

xx Aug 2003                            Wg Cdr R C Read***

xx Jun 2006                             Wg Cdr A J Taylor****

xx Aug 2007                            Wg Cdr R A Woods****

20 Apr 2009                            Cdre A King RN (OC, MoD St Athan)

20 Sep 2011                           Wg Cdr P Regan (OC, MoD St Athan/No 4 SoTT)

*Cmdt/OC, No 4 SoTT

**also OC, RAF St Athan/Air Officer Wales

***OC, RAF St Athan

****OC, MoD St Athan (RAF)


RAF Talbenny

 7 Oct 1944                             Gp Capt J C A Johnson


RAF Ternhill

 1 Jan 1936                              Gp Capt C C Darley*

16 Nov 1937                           Gp Capt G E Livock*

xx xxx xxxx

xx Dec 1955                            Gp Capt W Carter

xx May 1958                            Gp Capt P R Beare

28 Nov 1960                           Gp Capt F W M Jensen

12 Jan 1962                             Wg Cdr W Kent

19 Dec 1962                            Gp Capt A D Panton

 9 Nov 1964                            Gp Capt E W Deacon

20 Oct 1967                            Gp Capt H G Davies

xx xxx xxxx

 2 Jun 1972                              Gp Capt P J Murch

 2 Aug 1974                             Gp Capt D A Toon

*Cmdt, No 10 FTS


RAF Tilstock

6 Nov 1945                             Gp Capt J C A Johnson


RAF Towyn

 xx xxx xxxx                              Sqn Ldr Tideman (1942)


RAF Valley

 3 Mar 1941                        Sqn Ldr F H Tyson

15 Mar 1941                       Wg Cdr H W Mermagen

 5 Jun 1941                          Wg Cdr J O W Oliver

30 Nov 1941                       Wg Cdr P S Gomez

 1 May 1942                        Wg Cdr  W M Churchill

29 Jul 1942                          Wg Cdr H N G Ramsbottom-Isherwood

13 Feb 1943                        Wg Cdr M H Dwyer

29 Mar 1943                        Wg Cdr/Gp Capt H N G Ramsbottom-Isherwood

10 Sep 1944                        Gp Capt H M Groves

15 Oct 1945                        Wg Cdr C R Stewart

12 Dec 1945                        Wg Cdr B J McGinn

30 Apr 1946                        Sqn Ldr G H F Sayers

15 Sep 1946                        Sqn Ldr F B Young

25 Oct 1946                        Sqn Ldr E V Asplin

11 Mar 1947                       Sqn Ldr B Coopman

12 Apr 1947                        Sqn Ldr W S Chubb

23 Jul 1947                          Wg Cdr G R Magill

10 Mar 1948                        Sqn Ldr W S Chubb

19 Jul 1949                          Wg Cdr J E T Haile

1 Apr 1951                          Gp Capt E G Jones

3 Oct 1953                          Gp Capt G D Garvin

28 Sep 1955                        Gp Capt T S Rivett-Carnac

26 Nov 1957                       Gp Capt J T Shaw

 4 May 1960                        Gp Capt E L McMillan

16 Jan 1963                         Gp Capt R K Orrock

23 Jul 1965                          Gp Capt R P Harding

 2 Feb 1968                         Gp Capt W E Colahan

16 Jan 1970                         Gp Capt J F Langer

3 Dec 1971                          Gp Capt B Huxley

30 Jul 1973                           Gp Capt D J Edwards

18 Jun 1976                          Gp Capt D L F Thornton

11 Aug 1978                         Gp Capt B L Robinson

7 Mar 1980                           Gp Capt A B Blackley


xx xxx 1994                           Gp Capt D A Ray

xx xxx xxxx:                           Gp Capt B W Newby

xx xxx xxxx                            Gp Capt L Garside-Beattie

26 Mar 2004                         Gp Capt M C Green

xx xxx 2006                           Gp Capt A Barmby

xx xxx xxxx                            Gp Capt N M Connell

xx xxx 2009                            Gp Capt B H Hedley

17 Dec 2011                          Gp Capt A P Hill

xx Dec 2013                           Gp Capt P N Cracroft


RAF Warton

xx Jan 1957                              Wg Cdr R Martin

xx Dec 1957                            Wg Cdr H A F Summers


RAF Wilmslow

xx xxx 1951                              Wg Cdr ? Crump

xx xxx 1953                             

xx Dec 1956                            Gp Capt F F Rainsford

xx xxx 1957                             Gp Capt ? Kentish


RAF Hospital Wilmslow

xx xxx 1957                              Wg Cdr ? Robertson


RAF Woodford

24 May 1937                           Wg Cdr M Thomas*

*OC, No 6 Armament Training Camp


RAF Woodvale

25 Oct 1942                            Gp Capt V S Bowling

16 Feb 1943                           

 6 Apr 1943                             Gp Capt V S Bowling

26 Aug 1943                            Gp Capt T B Prickman

xx xxx xxxx

29 Sep 1963                            Sqn Ldr F D G Clark


Officers shown in Italics either never reached Air Rank or were not in the General Duties Branch when they did so

[Aberporth | Brawdy | Bridgnorth | Burtonwood | Carlisle | Cosford | Cranage | Defford | Fairwood Common | Fauld | Hack Green | Harpur Hill | Harwarden | Hednesford | Hereford | Jurby | Lichfield | Llanbedr | Pembrey | Pembroke Dock | Penrhos | Pershore | Sealand | Shawbury | Silloth | Spadeadam | Stafford | St Athan | Talbenny | Ternhill | Tilstock | Towyn | Valley | Warton | Wilmslow | RAF Hospital Wilmslow | Woodford | Woodvale]

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