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RAF Station Commanders - South West England

[Aston Down | Boscombe Down | Calshot | Chivenor | Colerne | Dunkeswell | Exeter | Holmsley South | Hullavington | Ibsley | Innsworth | Kemble | Locking | Melksham | Merryfield | Middle Wallop | Mount Batten | Netheravon | Old SarumPembrey | Pucklechurch | St Eval | St Mawgan | Tarrant Rushton | Trerew | Upavon | Warmwell | Weston Zoyland | Winkleigh | Yatesbury]

RAF Aston Down

xx Mar 1943                           Gp Capt F E Rosier

11 Jun 1944                             Gp Capt A D Selway

xx xxx xxxx

xx May 1955                            Wg Cdr L T Bryant-Fenn

xx Jan 1958                              Wg Cdr H D Clark (OC, 20 MU)


RAF Boscombe Down

18 Feb 1931                            Gp Capt A Corbett-Wilson

26 Jan 1933                             Gp Capt S Smith

19 Jan 1935                             Gp Capt A Corbett-Wilson

29 May 1936                           Gp Capt R M Field

15 Apr 1938                            Wg Cdr G S Oddie

11 Nov 1938                           Wg Cdr S E Toomer

xx xxx xxxx                              

28 Nov 2006                           Gp Capt G A Borland


xx xxx xxxx                               Gp Capt R W Humpries

xx Dec 2014                             Gp Capt T P Lyons

RAF Calshot (RAF Base Calshot up to 1934/5)

xx xxx xxxx                              Wg Cdr E D M Robertson*

27 Jul 1921                              Wg Cdr G R Bromet

 6 Apr 1923                             Wg Cdr R J Bone

 7 Sep 1925                             Wg Cdr F E T Hewlett

 1 Sep 1928                             Gp Capt E R C Nanson

26 Apr 1932                            Gp Capt H R Nicholl

 1 Sep 1933                             Gp Capt W B Callaway

xx xxx 1935                             Wg Cdr E A B Rice (Temp)

31 Jul 1936                              Gp Capt R E Saul

11 Jun 1937                             Gp Capt A Coningham

*Cmdt, School of Naval Co-op & Aerial Navigation


RAF Chivenor

xx xxx 1941                             Gp Capt P D Cracroft

xx xxx xxxx                              Gp Capt B V Reynolds

xx xxx xxxx 

 1 Jan 1951                              Gp Capt P L Donkin

xx xxx 1953                             Gp Capt A A Case

xx xxx xxxx

28 Dec 1959                            Gp Capt P O V Green

27 Jun 1962                             Gp Capt B Drake

 1 Apr 1963                             Gp Capt D W B Farrar

27 Aug 1965                            Gp Capt H L Calder-Jones

24 Nov 1967                           Gp Capt G A Mason

22 May 1970                           Gp Capt G M Hermitage

20 Mar 1972                            Gp Capt I M Pedder

 1 Apr 1974                             Gp Capt P H Champniss

xx xxx xxxx

 1 Jul 1980                               Gp Capt R M Austin

xx xxx xxxx

23 Jul 1984                              Gp Capt A J Chaplin


RAF Cleave

xx xxx 1944                             Wg Cdr A Gawith RNZAF


RAF Colerne

xx May 1942                            Gp Capt H M Pearson

xx xxx xxxx                              Gp Capt E M Donaldson (1944+)


xx xxx 1952                             Gp Capt C M Wight-Boycott

xx Mar 1954                            Gp Capt L Fox


13 Jul 1964                              Gp Capt A C L Mackie

16 May 1966                           Gp Capt F O Barratt

 8 Jan 1968                              Gp Capt C J Turner

10 Feb 1969                            Gp Capt G Young

 6 Sep 1971                             Gp Capt D W Richardson


RAF Exeter

xx xxx xxxx                             Wg Cdr J S Dewar (killed 12 Sep 1940)


RAF Dunkeswell

 1 Aug 1945                             Gp Capt J C A Johnson


RAF Holmsley South

xx Sep 1943                             Gp Capt R C Mead


RAF Hullavington

 1 Jun 1937                              Gp Capt C H Elliott-Smith*

xx xxx xxxx

 8 Jun 1959                              Gp Capt G B Blacklock

xx xxx 1961                             Gp Capt R D Max

10 Jan 1964                             Gp Capt T Knight

xx xxx xxxx

29 Mar 1971                            Wg Cdr P T Hall

29 Jan 1974                             Wg Cdr E J Strangeway

30 Aug 1975                            Wg Cdr R W Watson

12 Sep 1977                            Wg Cdr E W Helsley

21 Jul 1980                              Wg Cdr J A B Mutsaars

26 Nov 1982                           Gp Capt W A Mears

30 Nov 1984                           Gp Capt P S E Tootal

*Cmdt, No 9 FTS


RAF Ibsley

xx Feb 1941                          Wg Cdr A N Benge

xx Jun 1942                           Wg Cdr C F Durrant

xx Aug 1942                          Sqn Ldr S C Willis

xx Jan 1943                           Wg Cdr A Donaldson

xx Sep 1943                          Wg Cdr D Blackwood

xx Mar 1944                          Wg Cdr Folkard

xx xxx xxxx                            Sqn Ldr Lovell

xx xxx xxxx                            Sqn Ldr Selsdon

xx xxx xxxx                            Wg Cdr Ford


RAF Innsworth

xx Nov 1957                            Gp Capt S E D Mills

xx Sep 1958                             Wg Cdr H Bamforth

17 Oct 1960                            Gp Capt J W Taylor

 8 Jan 1964                              Gp Capt E J Brice

 1 Jan 1968                              Gp Capt H J Hillyard

 1 Feb 1971                             Wg Cdr A A Cartwright

26 Mar 1973                            Wg Cdr C G H Pierce

13 Oct 1975                            Wg Cdr J F Edgington

15 Aug 1977                            Wg Cdr T F Dole

xx xxx xxxx

26 Oct 1981                            Wg Cdr D J Malpass

23 Aug 1982                            Wg Cdr J Rennie

 4 Feb 1985                             Wg Cdr P C Squire

xx xxx xxxx

xx xxx 1997                             Wg Cdr A Spearpoint?

xx xxx xxxx                             Wg Cdr C Hopkirk (until 31 Mar 2008)


RAF Kemble

xx xxx 1940                             Gp Capt C D Adams


RAF Locking

 8 Jan 1939                               Gp Capt J McCrae

xx xxx 1955                              Gp Capt D N Blair-Oliphant

xx Apr 1958                             Gp Capt A P Chamberlain

23 May 1959                           A/Cdre H G Leonard Williams

xx xxx 1962                              A/Cdre W D Disbrey

13 Dec 1971                            Gp Capt W Ormrod*

 1 Apr 1974                             Gp Capt F M Holroyd*

25 Feb 1976                            Gp Capt J M Walker*

21 Nov 1977                           Gp Capt P J Hector

 7 Jan 1979                              Gp Capt D J Harrington

11 Jan 1982                             Gp Capt K G Lewis

xx xxx xxxx

xx xxx 1994                             Gp Capt I Sloss

*Cmdt, No 1 Radio School


RAF Melksham

xx Aug 1954                            Gp Capt D W Williams

xx Aug 1956

20 Apr 1959                            Gp Capt J L Davey

22 Sep 1960                            Gp Capt T L Davies


RAF Merryfield

xx xxx xxxx                              Gp Capt L M E Jarman

xx Mar 1954                            Gp Capt J C Larking


RAF Middle Wallop

xx Jul 1940                              Wg Cdr D N Roberts

xx xxx 1941                             Gp Capt W Elliott

xx xxx 1943                             Gp Capt S H Hardy

xx xxx xxxx

xx xxx 1949                             Gp Capt Macpherson

xx Jun 1954                              Gp Capt A D Messenger



RAF Mount Batten (Cattewater until 1930)

15 Jan 1929                             Wg Cdr S W Smith

 1 Oct 1931                             Wg Cdr E J P Burling

31 Dec 1932                            Wg Cdr J O Andrews

 7 Feb 1934                             Wg Cdr I T Lloyd

25 Jan 1937                             Wg Cdr K B Lloyd

12 Oct 1937                            Gp Capt E D Johnson

xx xxx xxxx

23 Mar 1964                            Wg Cdr D T Beamish

xx xxx xxxx

31 Mar 1969                            Wg Cdr P Wevill

28 Sep 1970                            Wg Cdr K P Lucas

27 Aug 1974                            Wg Cdr A Redfern

18 Oct 1976                            Wg Cdr J E F Williams

xx xxx xxxx

23 Aug 1982                            Wg Cdr B J Main


RAF Netheravon

23 Dec 1919                            Wg Cdr P H L Playfair*

15 Nov 1922                           Wg Cdr J N Fletcher*

 1 Jan 1925                              Wg Cdr R F S Morton*

19 Dec 1927                            Wg Cdr R G D Small*

31 Aug 1929                            Wg Cdr R J F Barton*

                                                No 1 FTS closed 1930-31

 1 Jun 1931                              Wg Cdr H P Lale

10 Jul 1933                              Wg Cdr L F Forbes

 1 Apr 1935                             Gp Capt A ap Ellis**

 2 Mar 1936                             Gp Capt L F Forbes*

16 Nov 1938                           Gp Capt W B Farrington*


xx xxx 1949                               Gp Capt H Day

xx xxx 1951                              

*Cmdt, No 1 FTS

**Cmdt, No 6 FTS


RAF Old Sarum

xx xxx xxxx                              ?

24 Jan 1921                             Wg Cdr E L Gossage*

15 Feb 1923                            Wg Cdr O T Boyd*

14 Jan 1926                             Wg Cdr A S Barratt*

10 Apr 1927                            Wg Cdr T L Leigh-Mallory*

 1 Jan 1930                              Wg Cdr R E Saul*

 3 Apr 1933                             Gp Capt C H B Blount*

29 Jul 1936                              Gp Capt A J Capel*

xx xxx 1937                             Gp Capt A J Capel**

xx xxx 1939                             Gp Capt J B Cole-Hamilton**

xx xxx xxxx

xx xxx 1949                             Wg Cdr E J Morris

xx xxx xxxx                              Sqn Ldr Gill

xx xxx 1956                             Wg Cdr J N Kentish

23 Mar 1959                            Wg Cdr C F Bradley

16 Jul 1959                              Wg Cdr N Briggs

xx Dec 1961                            Wg Cdr D Shepherd

xx Nov 1964

16 Mar 196?                            Wg Cdr C J Samouell

 2 Jul 1969                               Wg Cdr A T Powell

 5 Jan 1970                              Wg Cdr D C G Brook

*Cmdt, Sch of Army Co-op

**OC, Old Sarum & Cmdt, Sch of Army Co-op


RAF Pembrey

3 Sep 1939                                Wg Cdr A W Franklyn

6 Mar 1940                               Gp Capt R Smyth-Pigott

15 Jun 1940                               Gp Capt E W Trott

17 Jun 1940                               Wg Cdr A W Franklyn

27 Jun 1940                               Wg Cdr J H Hutchinson

8 Oct 1940                                Sqn Ldr B W Knox

31 Oct 1940                              Wg Cdr J S L Adams

15 Jun 1941                               Gp Capt C S Richardson

 21 Nov 1941                            Wg Cdr A H Fear

23 Sep 1943                             Gp Capt G P Macdonald

13 Nov 1945                            Wg Cdr J A Karran

13 Mar 1946                             Wg Cdr R A Colliville RNZAF

1 Nov 1946                               Wg Cdr D F Laslett

1 Jul 1948                                  Sqn Ldr D H L Farmer

Oct 1949 Jan 1952                 Care and Maintenance                                                             

15 Jan 1952                               Wg Cdr M H C France

 1 Sep 1952                               Wg Cdr/Gp Capt T B Beresford**

11 Aug 1954                              Gp Capt W T F Wrightman**

26 Nov 1956                              Gp Capt W A Toyne**

 xx Apr 1964                              Sqn Ldr J R Spiers

Apr 1971                                   Flt Lt J Joyce

Aug 1973                                   Flt Lt D J Cox

Feb 1975                                   Sqn Ldr W R Shrubsole 

Dec 1976                                   Flt Lt E Barton (Retd)

Apr 1979                                   Flt Lt A H Donaldson (Retd)

Apr 1989                                   Flt Lt J S Tayler (Retd)

Jun 2002                                    Sqn Ldr G J Jeffs (Retd)                                              -

*OC, RAF Regiment Depot 21 Wing

**OC, No 233 OCU

  OC, RAF Pembrey Sands

The information on Pembrey was supplied by Sqn Ldr G J Jeffs


RAF Pucklechurch

xx xxx 1955                              Wg Cdr D Davies

xx Jan 1958                              Wg Cdr C D Connerton


RAF St Eval

xx xxx 1940                             Gp Capt A P Revington

xx xxx 1942                             Gp Capt R N Waite

xx Aug 1942?                           Gp Capt W L Dawson

xx xxx 1944                             Gp Capt R C Mead

xx xxx xxxx

xx xxx 1951                             Gp Capt D M Somerville 

xx xxx 1954                             Gp Capt R Faville

xx xxx 1955                             Gp Capt W I C Inness

xx xxx 1957                             Gp Capt J R Whelan


RAF St Mawgan

20 Aug 1944                            Gp Capt J C A Johnson

xx xxx xxxx

xx xxx 1946                             Gp Capt A M Rodgers

xx xxx xxxx

xx xxx 1951:                            Gp Capt G G Barrett

xx xxx 1953:                            Gp Capt Parnaby

xx xxx 1955                             Gp Capt J M N Pike

xx xxx 1958                             Gp Capt W D Hodgkinson

15 Feb 1961                            Gp Capt E F J Odaire

29 Apr 1963                            Gp Capt D S Lindsay

11 Jun 1965                             Gp Capt J R Saunders

 6 Dec 1967                             Gp Capt K J Barratt

26 May 1970                           Gp Capt P M Harvey

 9 Jun 1972                              Gp Capt D A Arnott

14 Jun 1974                             Gp Capt H M Archer

 4 Jun 1976                              Gp Capt J B Duxbury

16 Dec 1977                            Gp Capt D W Hann

14 Dec 1979                            Gp Capt C J Phillips

13 Mar 1982                            Gp Capt A A G Woodford

16 Dec 1983                            Gp Capt R G Peters

 6 Dec 1985                             Gp Capt P M Stean

xx xxx xxxx

xx xxx 1995                             Gp Capt M R Trace

xx xxx xxxx

xx xxx 1999                             Gp Capt M W Leaming

11 Jan 2002                             Gp Capt S O Falla

xx xxx 2004                             Gp Capt J A Goodboum

 9 Dec 2005                            Gp Capt S N Garden

xx xxx 2008                            Wg Cdr J Lawson

xx xxx xxxx                            Wg Cdr P Loader

xx xxx 2010                            Wg Cdr G House

xx xxx 2012                            Wg Cdr P Lamb


RAF Tarrant Rushton

24 Jul 1943                             Gp Capt T B Cooper

25 Nov 1945

xx Nov 1953                            Gp Capt J C Larking

xx Mar 1954                            ?


RAF Trerew

xx xxxx 1958                            Plt Off/Fg Off I P Morgan


RAF Upavon

xx xxx xxxx                              Wg Cdr P K Wise (OC, FIS)

 3 May 1920                            Gp Capt N D K MacEwen*

 1 Jan 1923                              Gp Capt F V Holt*

22 Apr 1925                            Gp Capt W R Freeman*

 6 Sep 1926                             Wg Cdr V S Brown

19 Jan 1928                             Wg Cdr W R Reid

18 Aug 1930                            Wg Cdr E W Norton

14 Jul 1932                              Wg Cdr G S M Insall

 8 May 1934                            Wg Cdr A D Pryor

14 Dec 1936                            Wg Cdr J M Robb*

*Cmdt, CFS


RAF Warmwell

24 May 1937                           Sqn Ldr M Thomas*

22 Apr 1938                            Sqn Ldr W H Poole?*

*OC, No 6 Armament Training Camp


RAF Weston Zoyland

xx Apr 1954                             Gp Capt H E Hopkins

xx May 1958


RAF Winkleigh

29 Mar 1944                             Wg Cdr Lord M Douglas-Hamilton


RAF Yatesbury (No 2 Radio School)

xx May 1954                            Gp Capt N F Simpson

30 Sep 1959                            Gp Capt C H Press

 2 Jan 1961                              Gp Capt D W Densham

12 Aug 1963                            Gp Capt K W T Pugh

Officers shown in Italics either never reached Air Rank or were not in the General Duties Branch when they did so

[Aston Down | Boscombe Down | Calshot | Chivenor | Colerne | Dunkeswell | Exeter | Holmsley South | Hullavington | Ibsley | Innsworth | Kemble | Locking | Melksham | Merryfield | Middle Wallop | Mount Batten | Netheravon | Old SarumPembrey | Pucklechurch | St Eval | St Mawgan | Tarrant Rushton | Trerew | Upavon | Warmwell | Weston Zoyland | Winkleigh | Yatesbury]

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