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RAF Station Commanders - Central England

[Abingdon | Benson | Bicester | Brize Norton | Broadwell | Cardington | Church Lawford | Cranfield | Edgehill | Fairford | Gaydon | Halton | Harwell | Henlow | Kidlington | Little Rissington | Little Staughton | Lyneham | Moreton-in-the-Marsh | Peterborough | Polebrook | South Cerney | Tempsford | Upper Heyford | Wellesbourne Mountford | Wittering]

RAF Abingdon

 1 Sep 1932                             Wg Cdr G W Roberts

12 Aug 1935                            Wg Cdr T W Elmhirst

16 Oct 1936                            Wg Cdr E R Pretyman

28 Jun 1937                             Wg Cdr H S P Walmsley

xx Sep 1939                            Gp Capt T W Elmhirst

xx Dec 1939                            Gp Capt Hon R A Cochrane

xx Feb 1940                            Gp Capt H M Massey

xx Jun 1942                             Gp Capt K E Ward

xx Sep 1942                            Gp Capt C D Adams (WW2)

xx Sep 1944                            Gp Capt A King-Lewis

xx Oct 1946                            Gp Capt G A G Johnson

xx Dec 1946                            Gp Capt C E S Lockett

xx May 1947                           Gp Capt P W M Wright

xx Feb 1948                            Gp Capt L M E Jarman

xx Mar 1949                            Gp Capt J H Chaplin

xx Jul 1949                              Gp Capt R W P Collings

xx Oct 1951                            Gp Capt C A Watt

xx Sep 1953                            Gp Capt S P Hagger

xx Apr 1956                            Gp Capt F C Griffiths

xx Jul 1958                              Gp Capt P C Fletcher

24 Oct 1960                            Gp Capt N Cameron

 3 Dec 1962                            Gp Capt F B Sowrey

18 Dec 1964                           Gp Capt L G P Martin

xx Apr 1967                            Gp Capt R E R Adams

12 Jan 1968                             Gp Capt N E Hoad

 3 Jan 1969                              Gp Capt R C P Thompson

15 Oct 1970                            Gp Capt W L Green

20 Oct 1972                            Gp Capt R M Jenkins

 1 Nov 1974                            Gp Capt G M Maloney

xx Feb 1976                            Wg Cdr H Baxter 

6 May 1976                            Gp Capt P J Goulthorpe

14 Nov 1977                           Gp Capt J Marshall

xx Jul 1979                               Gp Capt J M P Calnan

15 Jun 1981                             Gp Capt R L Reid

10 Jan 1983                             Gp Capt M G Coggins

28 Jan 1985                             Gp Capt R H Elwig

xx Nov 1986                            Gp Capt C G Terry 

xx Dec 1988                            Gp Capt S B Burdess

xx Oct 1990                             Gp Capt P W  Henderson

31 Jul 1992                              Closed

31 Jul 1992                              Sqn Ldr M J B Lawrence (C & M 6 months)


RAF Benson

xx Mar 1939                            Gp Capt R T Leather

xx Sep 1939                            Gp Capt C W Mackay

xx May 1940                           Gp Capt W H Dunn

xx Sep 1940                            Gp Capt G F Smylie

xx Aug 1941                            Gp Capt J Bussey

 6 Jun 1943                             A/Cdre J N Boothman

xx Jul 1943                              Gp Capt W B Murray

xx Apr 1944                            Gp Capt C E St J Beamish

xx May 1945                           Gp Capt B J R Roberts

xx Mar 1946                           Gp Capt M C Collins

xx Mar 1948                           Gp Capt J W Colqhoun

xx Nov 1949                           Gp Capt J E G H Thomas

xx Jul 1951                              Gp Capt E D McK Nelson

xx Jun 1952                             Gp Capt L J Stickley

xx xxx 1953                             Gp Capt A G Dudgeon

xx Jun 1955                            Gp Capt H J Dodds

xx Jul 1957                              Gp Capt D H Lee

2 Nov 1959                             Gp Capt I J Spencer

xx Feb 1961                            Wg Cdr M R Attwater

xx Jul 1961                              Gp Capt H F O'Neill

 2 Sep 1963                             Gp Capt P W Jamieson

 1 Feb 1965                             Gp Capt W E F Gray

30 Oct 1967                            Gp Capt C L Godwin

25 Sep 1970                            Gp Capt U L Burberry

23 Jun 1972                             Gp Capt J D Payling

14 Jun 1974                             Gp Capt W K Knapper

30 Jan 1976                             Gp Capt J D Spottiswoode

12 Nov 1976                           Gp Capt R A Miller

18 Sep 1978                            Gp Capt D St J Homer

27 Feb 1980                            Gp Capt A Mumford

14 Jan 1983                             Gp Capt R B Duckett

xx Feb 1985                             Gp Capt A M Wills

xx Oct 1987                             Gp Capt P G Penney

xx Nov 1989                            Gp Capt D H A Greenway

xx Nov 1991                           Gp Capt A N Wise

xx xxx 1993                             Gp Capt J A King

xx xxx 1998                             Gp Capt R H Lacey

xx xxx 1999                             Gp Capt J K Wheeler

xx xxx 2000                             Gp Capt N Brewerton

23 Feb 2001                            Gp Capt M G Lloyd

20 Dec 2002                            Gp Capt C W Dixon

18 Dec 2004                            Gp Capt A R D Welham

xx xxx xxxx (2007)                    Gp Capt P Lyall

xx xxx 2008                               Gp Capt J Burr

xx Dec 2010:                             Gp Capt R D Mason

xx Oct 2012                              Gp Capt N J Colman

xx Oct 2014                               Gp Capt S A Paterson


RAF Bicester

30 Nov 1927                           Flt Lt H S Scroggs

No SHQ listed in 1930

21 Dec 1936                            Wg Cdr A D Pryor

xx Apr 1938                             Sqn Ldr E Burton

12 May 1938                           Wg Cdr C J S Dearlove

xx xxx xxxx 

 9 Mar 1959                             Wg Cdr A S Mann

xx xxx 1961                             Wg Cdr Russell

 8 Sep 1967                             Gp Capt W Beringer

29 Aug 1969                            Gp Capt V S H Duclos

 3 Dec 1971                             Gp Capt W J Laidler

19 Oct 1973                            Gp Capt J S Goodwin


RAF Brize Norton

 9 Aug 1937                             Gp Capt F L Robinson*

xx May 1939                            Gp Capt C R Carr

xx Aug 1939                             Gp Capt S Smith

xx Jan 1940                              Gp Capt E B Rice

xx May 1941                            Gp Capt R H Kershaw

xx Mar 1943                             Gp Capt J E M MacCullum

xx Oct 1943                              Gp Capt C A Horn

xx Apr 1944                              Gp Capt T M Abraham

xx Sep 1944                              Gp Capt C A Horn

xx Jun 1945                               Gp Capt F G Argyle-Robinson

xx Dec 1945                              Gp Capt D J Alvey

xx Oct 1947                               Gp Capt J M Cohu

xx Jul 1949                                 Gp Capt D W F Bonham-Carter

xx xxx 1950                                Lt Col H O Hamilton USAF

xx xxx 1951                                Col C B Steely USAF

xx xxx 1952                                Col T G Corbin USAF

xx xxx 1953                                Col W M Van Sickle USAF

xx xxx 1955                                Col F M Hardison USAF

xx xxx 1956                                Col E A Loberg USAF

xx xxx 1958                                Col O O Schurter USAF

xx xxx 1959                                Col E D Edwards USAF

xx xxx 1961                                Col E F Arnold USAF

xx xxx 1962                                Col E A Van Dyke USAF

xx xxx 1964                                Col H C Bayne USAF

xx Mar 1965                               Gp Capt R G Wilson

19 Jan 1968                                Gp Capt D L Attlee

xx Jan 1970                                 Gp Capt T L Kennedy

 2 Apr 1971                                Gp Capt J Richardson

14 Jan 1974                                Gp Capt P A Ward

28 Nov 1975                              Gp Capt R D Bates

23 Jun 1978                                Gp Capt W H Croydon

 7 Nov 1980                               Gp Capt P Walker

 7 Dec 1984                               Gp Capt P G Beer

 9 Dec 1988                               Gp Capt D A Hurrell

xx Dec 1990                               Gp Capt K D Filbey

xx xxx 1992?                              Gp Capt B J Poulton

xx xxx 1995                                Gp Capt A J Kearney

xx xxx 1996                                Gp Capt D C Vass

xx xxx 1999                                Gp Capt P R Ollis

xx xxx 2000                                Gp Capt N R Jagger

xx xxx 2002                                Gp Capt J Lamonte

 5 Nov 2004                               Gp Capt - A/Cdre I Elliott (A/Cdre from Jan/Feb 2006)

25 Aug 2006                              Gp Capt M A B Brecht

xx xxx xxxx (2009)                     Gp Capt J Ager

xx xxx xxxx (2011)                     Gp Capt D Stamp

29 Jun 2012                                Gp Capt S F Lushington

xx Jul 2014                                 Gp Capt S S Edwards

*OC, No 2 FTS


RAF Broadwell

xx xxx 1946                             Gp Capt P D Holder


RAF Cardington

 1 Jul 1924                               Gp Capt P F M Fellowes (Sup, Royal Airship Works)

25 Nov 1936                           Gp Capt A A B Thomson

 7 Feb 1938                             Gp Capt G W Murlis-Green

xx xxx xxxx                              Wg Cdr D L Amlot (1942?)


xx xxx 1949                             Gp Capt  J L F Fuller-Good

xx xxx 1951                           

10 Jul 1959                              Gp Capt J N Kentish

22 Feb 1960                            Gp Capt G M Robinson

 6 Mar 1961                             Wg Cdr P H Waterkeyn

28 Oct 1963                            Wg Cdr A R Scott

21 Feb 1966                            Wg Cdr A J Douch

xx xxx xxxx

23 Feb 1980                            Wg Cdr D C Deeble


RAF Church Lawford

xx Jan 1954                              Gp Capt N C Walker

xx Jun 1954                              Wg Cdr H Simmons

xx Feb 1959


RAF Cranfield

 1 Jun 1937                              Sqn Ldr/Wg Cdr F R Wynne

13 Mar 1939                           Gp Capt W H Dunn


RAF Edgehill

xx xxx 1942                            Wg Cdr D W Lane

xx xxx 1943                            Gp Capt C H Howes

 xx xxx 1945                            Gp Capt W S Gardner


RAF Fairford

xx xxx 1943                             Gp Capt A H Wheeler

xx xxx xxxxx

25 Mar 1968                           Gp Capt R E R Adams

17 Sep 1969                            Gp Capt J E Cockfield

xx xxx xxxx 

xx xxx 2004                             Gp Capt W K D Morrow


RAF Gaydon

xx May 1954                           Gp Capt B K Burnett

xx xxx 1955                             Gp Capt B P Young

xx xxx 1957                             Gp Capt F R Bird

22 Feb 1960                            Gp Capt G H Everitt

 3 Aug 1962                             Gp Capt R L Wade

27 Nov 1964                           Gp Capt A H Chamberlain

19 Sep 1966                            Gp Capt H King

14 Mar 1969                            Gp Capt E H Dawson


RAF Halton

1920 - 1939 - See AOC, No 1 SoTT 

31 Oct 1977                            Gp Capt J P Downes

19 Nov 1979                           Gp Capt O J Truelove

xx xxx xxxx

24 Sep 1984                            Gp Capt R H Kyle

xx xxx xxxx

xx xxx 1995                             Gp Capt O D L Delany

xx xxx 1998                             Gp Capt A Harris

xx xxx 1999                             Gp Capt S J L Lilley

11 Dec 2001                            Gp Capt F F Amroliwala

 8 Jul 2003                               Gp Capt D P Murray

18 May 2005                           Gp Capt J Harrison

xx Feb 2007                            Gp Capt R Gammage

xx Jan 2009                             Gp Capt G Tunnicliffe

 6 Sep 2010                             Gp Capt C R Elliott

xx Dec 2012                            Gp Capt S A Harper

xx Aug 2014                            Gp Capt A S Burns


RAF Harwell

14 Apr 1937                            Wg Cdr I G Maxton

xx xxx xxxx

xx xxx 1945                             Gp Capt G J C Paul


RAF Henlow

xx Aug 1918                           Lt Col R F Stapleton-Green

xx xxx 1918                            Lt Col Kennedy

xx xxx 1919                             Lt Col Measures

xx xxx xxxx                              Wg Cdr A V Bettington*

 2 Dec 1920                             Gp Capt A B Burdett*

10 Apr 1922                            Gp Capt U J D Bourke*

21 Jul 1925                              Gp Capt C R S Bradley*

22 Feb 1928                            Gp Capt A V Bettington*

9 Nov 1931                             Gp Capt W C Hicks

15 Mar 1932                           Gp Capt V O Rees*

15 Mar 1935                           Gp Capt J McCrae*

xx xxx 1939                             Gp Capt T C Thomson

xx xxx 1940                             Gp Capt  A Corbett-Wilson

xx xxx 1940                             Gp Capt C E H Allen

xx xxx 1943                             Gp Capt J H Powle

xx xxx 1943                             Air Cdre E J D Townsend

xx xxx 1946                             Air Cdre H E Forrow

xx xxx 1947                             Gp Capt W H Husbands

xx xxx 1948                             Gp Capt R F Fletcher

xx xxx 1950                             Gp Capt W R Worstall

xx xxx 1952                             Gp Capt A A F Hickman

xx xxx 1954                             Gp Capt W S Reed

xx Apr 1957                            Gp Capt D W Smythe

xx xxx 1959                             Gp Capt W K Le May

18 Sep 1961                            Gp Capt C A Ball

 7 Nov 1962                            Gp Capt J A R M Reid

10 Jun 1963                             Gp Capt W A Griffiths

25 Nov 1963                           Gp Capt E Cook

xx xxx 1965                             Wg Cdr J B Lewis

xx xxx 1966                             Gp Capt R F Harman **

 7 Sep 1966                             Gp Capt N F Curtis

xx xxx 1969                             Gp Capt R F Hitchcock **

12 Feb 1971                            Gp Capt A W Ringer**

23 Mar 1973                           Gp Capt R G Churcher**

 6 Dec 1974                            Gp Capt A G L Hutchison**

21 Jul 1977                             Gp Capt R J Hutchings**

xx xxx 1979                            Gp Capt M J Rayson ** [OCTU left Henlow on 24 Apr 1980]

xx xxx 1980                            Gp Capt A S Goodwin

xx xxx 1983                            Gp Capt B J Hunter

xx xxx 1985                            Gp Capt R A Gill

xx xxx 1987                            Gp Capt B C McCandless

xx xxx 1989                            Gp Capt P C Ayee

xx xxx 1991                            Air Cdre P J Miller

xx xxx 1994                            Air Cdre P C Ayee

xx xxx 1996                            Air Cdre G Jones

xx xxx 1999                            Air Cdre G E P Pattenden

xx xxx 2000                            Gp Capt M T Doel

xx xxx 2003                            Gp Capt R Patterson

xx xxx 2012:                            Wg Cdr R Cook

*Cmdt, Inland Area/Home A/C Depot

**Cmdt, OCTU

Amalgamated with Brampton and Wyton to form Brampton Wyton Henlow

RAF Brampton/Wyton/Henlow

xx xxx xxxx                        Gp Capt N Beet

xx xxx 2007                        Gp Capt G Bruce

xx xxx xxxx                        Gp Capt B Walcot (2010)


RAF Kidlington

xx xxx 1943                             Gp Capt L M E Jarman


RAF Little Rissington

xx xxx 1939                            Gp Capt A ap Ellis*

xx xxx 1940                            Gp Capt C E Barraclough

xx xxx 1943                            Gp Capt M H Kelly

xx xxx 1945                            Gp Capt E P McKay

xx xxx 1946                            Gp Capt E A C Britton

xx xxx 1946                            Gp Capt W M L MacDonald

xx xxx 1948                            Gp Capt G D Stephenson

xx xxx 1950                            Gp Capt G T Jarman

xx xxx 1951                            Wg Cdr A J Ttumble

xx xxx 1953                            Gp Capt P W D Heal

xx xxx 1954                            Wg Cdr D D Rogers

xx xxx 1955                            Gp Capt C Scragg

xx xxx 1955                            Gp Capt R K Cassels

xx xxx 1956                            Wg Cdr R O Buskell

xx xxx 1957                            Wg Cdr J B A Fleming

xx xxx 1960                            Wg Cdr C K Gray

xx xxx 1962                            Gp Capt R U P Burgh

xx xxx 1963                            Gp Capt H M Chinnery

 4 Dec 1964                            Gp Capt J F J Dewhurst

18 Mar 1967                           Gp Capt D A Trotman

 8 Dec 1967                            Gp Capt B P Mugford

27 Feb 1970                           Gp Capt M Adams

14 Apr 1972                           Gp Capt R J Barnden

21 Dec 1973                           Gp Capt M R Williams

xx xxx 1976                             Wg Cdr M C D Felton

 *Cmdt, No 6 FTS


RAF Little Staughton

 6 Mar 1944                             Gp Capt R W P Collings

xx Nov 1944                            Gp Capt P H Cribb


RAF Lyneham

xx xxx 1946                             Gp Capt J R Hallings-Pott

xx xxx xxxx 

xx xxx xxxx                              Gp Capt B R Macnamara

xx xxx 1957                             Gp Capt I D N Lawson

xx xxx 1959                             Gp Capt R E Craven

 3 Apr 1961                             Gp Capt I D N Lawson

29 Oct 1962                            Gp Capt A McK S Steedman

 1 Jan 1965                              Gp Capt F S Hazlewood

 2 Jun 1967                              Gp Capt N E Hoad

12 Jan 1968                             Gp Capt D E Hawkins

xx xxx 1969                             Gp Capt G C Lamb

20 Jul 1973                              Gp Capt D G Slade

 1 Aug 1975                             Gp Capt A K Amos

 7 Oct 1977                             Gp Capt I D Brimson

xx xxx 1979                            

20 Nov 1981                           Gp Capt C E Evans

18 Nov 1983                           Gp Capt J A Cheshire

15 Nov 1985                           Gp Capt D F L Edwards

xx xxx xxxx

xx xxx 1993                             Gp Capt D B Symes

xx xxx xxxx                              Gp Capt C Morris

xx xxx 1998                             Gp Capt J D Bullen

xx Apr 2000                             Gp Capt S Duffill

28 Mar 2002                            Gp Capt R Lock

xx xxx xxxx                               Gp Capt P Atherton (2006)

xx xxx xxxx                               Gp Capt M Neville (2009)

xx xxx xxxx                               Gp Capt J Gladstone (2010)

RAF Moreton-in-the-Marsh

xx xxx 1946                             Gp Capt H E Nowell


RAF Peterborough (Westwood)

16 Dec 1935                            Gp Capt A Shekleton*

xx xxx xxxx

xx Mar 1944                            Wg Cdr C N Foxley-Norris

*OC, No 7 FTS


RAF Polebrook

xx xxx xxxx                            Gp Capt C E Horrox

24 Jun 1942


RAF South Cerney

15 Jul 1937                              Gp Capt D Iron*

 5 Nov 1941                            Gp Capt N Carter

12 Mar 1943                           Gp Capt F H Woolliams

17 Jan 1946                             Gp Capt R C Jonas

30 Apr 1946                            Wg Cdr H C Parker

 6 Apr 1948                             Gp Capt R C Mead

23 Jun 1949                             Gp Capt A P Bett

23 Jul 1951                              Gp Capt A H S Lucas

 1 Sep 1953                             Gp Capt O I Gilson

 7 May 1956                            Gp Capt M H Rhys                          

31 Aug 1957                            Gp Capt G F Lerwell

 8 Dec 1958                             Gp Capt A R D MacDonell

 1 Feb 1960                             Gp Capt T C Musgrave

 6 Jul 1962                               Gp Capt P G Ottewill

29 Oct 1965                            Gp Capt J V Marshall

*OC, No 3 FTS


RAF Tempsford

xx Oct 1942                             Gp Capt E B Fielden


RAF Upper Heyford

25 Oct 1927                            Wg Cdr C E H Rathborne

15 Sep 1930                            Gp Capt G I Carmichael

 1 Apr 1932                             Gp Capt W C Hicks

25 Feb 1935                            Gp Capt R B Maycock

 1 Jul 1935                               Gp Capt R Collishaw

 3 Oct 1935                             Gp Capt G R M Reid

 4 Sep 1936                             Wg Cdr J S T Fall

26 Sep 1938                            Wg Cdr W A C Morgan

xx xxx xxxx 

 2 Mar 1964                             Wg Cdr W A Harrison


RAF Wellesbourne Mountford

xx xxx 1952                            Gp Capt N de Boult

xx xxx 1954

xx Mar 1957                            Gp Capt E Earnshaw



RAF Wittering

 7 Oct 1926:                           Gp Capt W R Freeman*

 24 Jan 1927                          Gp Capt C S Burnett*

17 Dec 1928                          Wg Cdr J E A Baldwin*

19 Jan 1932                           Gp Capt P C Maltby*

21 Feb 1935                          Wg Cdr H G Smart*

                                              CFS departed August/September 1935

 1 Oct 1935                           Gp Capt H P Lale**

21 Apr 1938                          Wg Cdr/Gp Capt D V Carnegie

19 Aug 1939                         Gp Capt V S Parker

29 May 1940                         Gp Capt H Broadhurst

21 Dec 1940                          Gp Capt B E Embry

17 Oct 1941                          Wg Cdr P G Jameson (Acting)

26 Jan 1942                           Gp Capt B E Embry

15 Nov 1942                          Wg Cdr P G Jameson

 8 Dec 1942                           Wg Cdr I S Smith

 8 Jan 1943                            Gp Capt R J Legg

29 Aug 1943                          Gp Capt R Y Eccles

16 Jan 1944                            Gp Capt G K Gilroy

 8 Sep 1944                            Wg Cdr W F Blackadder

 2 Oct 1944                            Wg Cdr I R Campbell-Orde

 1 Feb 1945                            Sqn Ldr W E G Measures

15 Mar 1945                          Sqn Ldr W G Dreschfield

 7 Jan 1946                            Sqn Ldr D F Laslett

 1 Apr 1946                           Gp Capt A V Hammond

17 Oct 1946                          Gp Capt H S Darley

20 Feb 1948                          Wg Cdr D S Radford

 1 Jan 1949                            Wg Cdr H P Simpson

19 Nov 1949                         Gp Capt J N Jefferson

 5 Apr 1950                           Sqn Ldr G S Drake

 4 May 1950                          Wg Cdr A H F Murphy

26 May 1950                         Wg Cdr R L Bloodworth

23 Jan 1953                           Wg Cdr A W Oldroyd

 4 Aug 1953                            Gp Capt W P Sutcliffe

30 Sep 1955                           Gp Capt J Woodroffe

21 Oct 1957                           Gp Capt A H C Boxer

18 Sep 1959                           Gp Capt L H Trent VC

 4 May 1962                           Gp Capt C P N Newman

 7 Aug 1964                            Gp Capt J T Lawrence

 1 Nov 1966                            Gp Capt P R Mallorie

 1 Jan 1969                              Gp Capt P G K Williamson

30 Mar 1970                           Gp Capt H A Merriman

10 Dec 1972                           Gp Capt I H Keppie

28 Mar 1975                           Gp Capt L A Jones

 3 Dec 1976                            Gp Capt D C G Brook

15 Dec 1978                           Gp Capt A G Bridges

 6 Feb 1981                            Gp Capt P King

 1 Mar 1983                            Gp Capt P Dodworth

25 Feb 1985                           Gp Capt P Millar

18 Dec 1986                           Gp Capt J D L Feesey

13 Dec 1988                           Gp Capt J H Thompson

 9 Dec 1990                            Gp Capt B S Morris

 3 Dec 1992                            Gp Capt P W Day

12 Apr 1995                           Gp Capt J Connolly

 3 Jan 1997                             Gp Capt C H Moran

14 Dec 1998                           Gp Capt D A Haward (killed in a Harrier flying accident 18 Dec 1998)

18 Dec 1998                           Wg Cdr L Garside-Beattie (acting)

18 Jan 1999                            Gp Capt A F P Dezonie

27 Jul 2001                             Gp Capt A S Kirkpatrick

16 Jul 2003                             Gp Capt M J M Jenkins

28 Jan 2005                            Gp Capt A D Stevenson

20 Nov 2006                          Gp Capt R L A Atherton

18 Jun 2008                            Gp Capt P Higgins

16 Dec 2009                           Gp Capt R J Knighton

13 Jun 2011                            Gp Capt R Hill

 7 Jun 2013                            Gp Capt D R Alexander

*Cmdt, CFS

**OC, No 11 FTS

[Abingdon | Benson | Bicester | Brize Norton | Broadwell | Cardington | Church Lawford | Cranfield | Edgehill | Fairford | Gaydon | Halton | Harwell | Henlow | Kidlington | Little Rissington | Little Staughton | Lyneham | Moreton-in-the-Marsh | Peterborough | Polebrook | South Cerney | Tempsford | Upper Heyford | Wellesbourne Mountford | Wittering]

Officers shown in Italics either never reached Air Rank or were not in the General Duties Branch when they did so

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