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RAF Station Commanders - South East England

[Andover | Dunsfold | Eastchurch | Eastleigh | Farnborough | Gosport | Greenham Common | Hawkinge | Isle of Grain | Lasham | Lee on Solent | Lympne | Manston | Odiham | Southampton | Tangmere | Thorney Island | Wartling | Welford | Worthy Down]

RAF Andover

23 Dec 1919                            Sqn Ldr W A McClaughry (OC, Air Pilotage Sch)

 1 Apr 1925                             Flt Lt J E J Drabble

12 Feb 1926                            Wg Cdr L A Pattinson

 4 Oct 1926                             Wg Cdr J H A Landon

26 Jan 1928                             Wg Cdr E A B Rice

21 Oct 1929                            Wg Cdr W B Hargrave

 1 Apr 1932                             Wg Cdr E L Tomkinson

18 Feb 1933                            Wg Cdr S R Watkins

13 May 1935                           Wg Cdr A T Whitelock

11 Mar 1938                            Wg Cdr T M Williams

xx xxx xxxx

xx xxx 1941                             Gp Capt C E V Porter

xx xxx xxxx                              Gp Capt J A Gray

xx xxx 1951                              Wg Cdr M P C Corkery

xx xxx 1953                              Wg Cdr G M Wyatt (Photo below shows Wg Cdr Wyatt at opening of the 1953 Andover Open Day.  Photo courtesy Gerald Rickwood)

xx xxx 1956                              Wg. Cdr M M Kane

xx xxx 1958                              Wg. Cdr. F F Addington

18 Aug 1960                            Wg Cdr W Stapleton

xx xxx xxxx

 5 Sep 1966                             Wg Cdr J R Shephard

27 Jan 1969                             Wg Cdr G M Smith

13 Apr 1971                            Wg Cdr T E M Dunne

xx xxx xxxx

21 Jun 1976                             Wg Cdr A L Wright


RAF Detling

xx xxx xxxx                            Gp Capt E P M Davis (killed 13 Aug 1940)


RAF Dunsfold

 5 Dec 1942        Wg Cdr R F Begg RCAF

 1 Jan 1943         Wg Cdr E H G Moncrieff RCAF

19 Jan 1943        Wg Cdr H J Burden RCAF

11 Nov 1943      Gp Capt L W Cannon

22 Nov 1943      Gp Capt L Dunlap RCAF

 1 Jul 1944          Sqn Ldr J J Sector

 2 Sep 1944        Sqn Ldr A G Sudworth

 6 Feb 1945        Sqn Ldr G Hampson

 7 Jun 1945        Wg Cdr H J L Hallowes


RAF Eastchurch

 1 Jul 1920                               Wg Cdr A W Bigsworth*

23 Feb 1923                            Wg Cdr J R W Smyth-Pigott*

 4 May 1925                            Wg Cdr C H K Edmonds*

 6 May 1927                            Wg Cdr S Grant-Dalton*

30 Mar 1929                            Wg Cdr G W Murlis-Green*

16 Jan 1932                             Gp Capt A W Tedder**

xx xxx 1934                             Wg Cdr W Sowrey/E H Spurling? (Temp)

1 Oct 1934                              Gp Capt C W H Pulford**

 7 Sep 1936                             Gp Capt R H Kershaw

31 Aug 1937                            Gp Capt L G S Payne***

22 Jul 1938                              Gp Capt C B Dallson

xx Nov 1939                            Gp Capt A P Davidson

*Cmdt, A&GS

**Cmdt, AAS

***Cmdt, No 1 AAS


RAF Farnborough

  1 Feb 1933                            Wg Cdr F C V Laws

16 Oct 1933                            Wg Cdr G H Bowman

28 Jul 1934                              Wg Cdr M L Taylor

26 Mar 1936                            Wg Cdr C Porri

xx xxx xxxx

xx xxx 1962                             Gp Capt J C T Downey


RAF Gosport (RAF Base Gosport up to 1934/5)

 1 Oct 1921                             Wg Cdr N J Gill

14 Nov 1921                           Wg Cdr H R Busteed

 4 Apr 1925                             Wg Cdr R E C Peirse

22 Aug 1925                            Wg Cdr B L Huskisson

27 Mar 1927                            Wg Cdr J T Babington

 3 Sep 1928                             Gp Capt C D Breese

 7 Apr 1930                             Wg Cdr J H S Tyssen

 4 Mar 1935                             Gp Capt W C Hicks

xx xxx 1936/7                          ?

25 Apr 1937                            Gp Capt B E Baker

28 Aug 1938                            Gp Capt E O Grenfell


RAF Greenham Common

xx Aug 1954                            Wg Cdr G D Jones


RAF Harrowbeer

15 Sep 1941                            Wg Cdr E F Ward

 3 Sep 1943                             Wg Cdr J Butterworth


RAF Hawkinge

xx xxx 1917                            Maj MacRae

1 May 1920                             Sqn Ldr Sir Norman R A D Leslie*

 6 Feb 1923                             Sqn Ldr A H Peck*

12 Sep 1927                            Sqn Ldr E D Atkinson*

25 Mar 1927                            Sqn Ldr W H Park*

 1 Jan 1929                              Sqn Ldr L G S Payne*

19 Feb 1930                            Sqn Ldr R S Aitken

 3 Oct 1930                             Sqn Ldr H M Probyn*

11 Feb 1932                            Sqn Ldr W E G Bryant*

16 Feb 1933                            Sqn Ldr A L Paxton*

14 Jan 1935                             Sqn Ldr W F Dickson*

xx Jul 1935                             SHQ formed

4 Nov 1935                             Sqn Ldr W F Dickson

26 Jan 1936                             Sqn Ldr/Wg Cdr A C Bayley

 3 Sep 1937                             Wg Cdr R A George

 7 Mar 1939                            Wg Cdr L Darvall

27 Oct 1939                            Sqn Ldr L S Weedon

30 Nov 1939                           Sqn Ldr A Ferris

 1 May 1940                            Wg Cdr W L Payne

 10 Jul 1940                             Sqn Ldr H B Hurley

16 Aug 1940                            Wg Cdr E E Arnold

 2 Apr 1941                             Wg Cdr W M Fry

19 Jan 1942                             Wg Cdr W L Bateman

30 Apr 1942                            Wg Cdr R W Bundey

25 Sep 1942                            Wg Cdr E G Jones

2 Nov 1942                             Wg Cdr W A Richardson

20 Dec 1942                            Wg Cdr L L A Strange

11 Feb 1943                            Wg Cdr F F Barrett

 9 Jan 1944                               Wg Cdr D J Scott

 1 Mar 1944                             Wg Cdr R F Watts

 1 Jan 1945                              Wg Cdr M N Crossley

 3 Sep 1945                             Wg Cdr H C Kennard

 1 Jun 1947                              Gp Off N Dinnie WAAF

15 Feb 1950                            Gp Off A Stephens WAAF

 3 Nov 1952                            Gp Off M H Barnett WRAF

29 May 1956                           Gp Off J L A Conan-Doyle WRAF

20 Apr 1959                            Gp Off F B Hill WRAF

 2 May 1960                            Wg Off E M Benson WRAF

 *OC No 25 Sqn


RAF Isle of Grain

23 Dec 1919                            Wg Cdr T R Cave-Browne-Cave


RAF Lasham

xx xxx 1943                             Gp Capt L W C Bower


RAF Lee-on-Solent

14 Oct 1924                            Wg Cdr C E Maude*

26 Mar 1927                            Wg Cdr G F Pretyman*

30 Nov 1929                           Wg Cdr D G Donald*

 2 May 1931                            Wg Cdr J C Quinnell*

 4 Dec 1933                             Gp Capt L T N Gould*

 2 Mar 1936                             Gp Capt J B Graham*

 1 Dec 1937                             Gp Capt J B Graham (separate SHQ)

25 Feb 1938                            Wg Cdr W J Seward

 1 Apr 1939                             Gp Capt J B Graham

*Cmdt, Sch of Naval Co-op


RAF Lympne

14 Dec 1936                            Wg Cdr W A C Morgan


RAF Manston

xx May 1916        Sqn Cdr R L G Marix RNAS

xx Jun 1916          Wg Cdr W L Elder RNAS

xx Dec 1916         Sqn Cdr G L Thompson RNAS

xx Jan 1917          Wg Cdr R Bell-Davies RNAS

xx May 1917        Sqn Cdr J T Babington RNAS

xx Sep 1918         Lt Col A C Bishop

 5 Nov 1919         Wg Cdr W H Primrose

 6 Oct 1921          Wg Cdr J H A Landon

 2 Jul 1924            Gp Capt A L Godman

19 Jan 1925          Gp Capt S A Hebden

13 May 1929        Gp Capt R C M Pink

 2 Oct 1931          Gp Capt S W Smith

18 Aug 1933        Gp Capt E R Manning

xx Jan 1935          Gp Capt A Corbett-Wilson

xx Jul 1935           Gp Capt W V Strugnell

xx Jul 1939           Gp Capt A Gray

xx Oct 1939         Wg Cdr R H Hanmer

xx May 1940        Wg Cdr R B Jordan

xx Aug 1940        Sqn Ldr G A L Manton

xx Mar 1941        Wg Cdr R L Bennet

xx Oct 1941         Wg Cdr T P Gleave

xx Apr 1942        Gp Capt A G Adnams

xx Sep 1942         Wg Cdr C R Hancock

xx Nov 1942        Wg Cdr D F B Sheen

xx Apr 1943         Wg Cdr G L Raphael

 9 Oct 1944          Gp Capt A D Murray

xx Sep 1945         Wg Cdr R F H Clerke

xx Oct 1946         Gp Capt R Grice

xx Jan 1948          Gp Capt M D Crichton-Biggie

xx Feb 1950         Gp Capt T W G Eady

xx Jul 1950           Gp Capt J Rankin

xx May 1952        Gp Capt E S Finch

xx Apr 1955         Gp Capt W G Oldbury

xx Oct 1956         Wg Cdr J A A Read

xx May 1958        Sqn Ldr P A Alt

xx Sep 1958         Flt Lt D E G Marlow

xx Apr 1959         Sqn Ldr W E Evans

xx Jul 1961           Wg Cdr W J Swift

xx Mar 1964        Wg Cdr W Hoy

xx Nov 1965        Wg Cdr D B Wills

xx Jan 1969          Wg Cdr E N Scott

xx Jul 1971           Wg Cdr R A Jell

xx Apr 1974        Wg Cdr C J Duncombe

xx Feb 1976        Wg Cdr N T R Bulpitt

xx Mar 1978        Wg Cdr C Campbell

xx Aug 1980        Wg Cdr H H Skinner

xx Sep 1983        Wg Cdr J D Ward

xx Sep 1985        Wg Cdr T J Hindmarsh

xx Mar 1988        Wg Cdr J R Whitson

xx Nov 1990        Wg Cdr A C Montgomery

xx Nov 1993        Wg Cdr D H White

xx Feb 1996        Wg Cdr M G Richardson


RAF Odiham

11 Jan 1937                             Wg Cdr L O Brown

15 Nov 1938                           Wg Cdr F M F West

xx xxx xxxx

xx xxx xxxx                              Wg Cdr C D North-Lewis (1947)

xx xxx 1949                             Gp Capt D C Stapleton

xx xxx 1950                             Gp Capt H J Maguire

xx Aug 1952                            Wg/Gp Capt J A Kent

xx Aug 1952                            

 1 Apr 1960                             Wg Cdr B J Jennings

19 Feb 1962                            Gp Capt D F B Sheen

 7 Aug 1964                             Gp Capt W S O Randle

16 Sep 1966                            Gp Capt W E Martin

21 Feb 1969                            Gp Capt A T Talbot-Williams

12 Feb 1971                            Gp Capt J A G Slessor

18 May 1973                           Gp Capt A L Bennett

30 May 1975                           Gp Capt J L Price

22 Apr 1977                            Gp Capt P D M Moore

xx xxx 1979                             Gp Capt C H Reineck

18 Dec 1981                            Gp Capt A F C Hunter

21 Oct 1983                            Gp Capt B A Wright

15 Nov 1985                           Gp Capt T Garden

xx xxx 1987                             Gp Capt J R Day

xx xxx 1989                             Gp Capt J C French

xx xxx xxxx

xx Dec 1993                            Gp Capt P A Crawford

xx xxx xxxx

xx xxx xxxx

xx xxx 2000                             Gp Capt M C Barter

14 Dec 2001                            Gp Capt A D Pulford

xx xxx 2004                             Gp Capt T S Milburn

xx xxx xxxx                              Gp Capt S K P Reynolds

xx xxx xxxx                              Gp Capt S J Shell

28 Oct 2011                            Gp Capt D J Toriati

28 Oct 2013                            Gp Capt R C Maddison


RAF Southampton/Eastleigh (renamed 1 Aug 1936)

 4 Jan 1936                              Wg Cdr D Iron

24 Feb 1937                            Wg Cdr F H Laurence


RAF Tangmere

23 Nov 1926                           Wg Cdr J H S Tyssen

 1 Dec 1928                             Wg Cdr J B Graham

22 Nov 1931                           Wg Cdr R M Drummond

 2 Jun 1933                              Wg Cdr G C Pirie

 1 Feb 1935                             Wg Cdr R B Mansell

 9 Aug 1935                             Wg Cdr L H Slatter

13 Apr 1937                            Wg Cdr C W Hill

28 Dec 1937                            Gp Capt K R Park

 9 Jun 1938                              Gp Capt F Sowrey

xx xxx xxxx

xx xxx 1949                             Wg Cdr T O Prickett

xx Aug 1952                            Gp Capt J A Kent

xx Oct 1955                             Gp Capt E W Whitley

xx Sep 1958                             Wg Cdr W D David

 8 May 1961                            Gp Capt P A Hughes

 1 Feb 1965                             Wg Cdr P D J Wood

 4 Aug 1967                             Gp Capt R D Roe

30 Apr 1968                            Wg Cdr D Gray


RAF Thorney Island

21 Mar 1938                            Gp Capt J C Russell

xx xxx xxxx

xx xxx xxxx                               Gp Capt H S Scroggs (killed 29 Sep 941)

xx Apr 1954                             Gp Capt S J Marchbank

xx xxx 1956                             Gp Capt H E C Boxer

xx Dec 1958                            Gp Capt W G Devas

24 Jan 1961                             Gp Capt D L Pitt

 4 Feb 1963                             Gp Capt H M H Tudor

16 Jul 1965                              Gp Capt R C E Scott

 7 Sep 1967                             Gp Capt S Slater

16 Feb 1970                            Gp Capt D Wood

 3 Mar 1972                             Gp Capt J D Spottiswood

21 Jun 1974                             Gp Capt G H Gilbert


RAF Wartling

xx Jun 1958                              Gp Capt I G Esplin

14 Jun 1960                             Gp Capt R F Watts

28 Aug 1961                            Gp Capt W J Gregory


RAF Welford

xx xxx 1949                             Gp Capt M Watson


RAF Worthy Down

 1 Dec 1926                             Gp Capt Hon J D Boyle

 4 Apr 1929                             Gp Capt F K Haskins

 6 Aug 1929                             Gp Capt C H K Edmonds

 7 Aug 1931                             Gp Capt J R W Smyth-Pigott

16 Jan 1934                             Wg Cdr/Gp Capt A A B Thomson

 6 Nov 1936                            Wg Cdr C H Keith

22 Aug 1937                            Wg Cdr W Underhill

 6 Mar 1939                            Wg Cdr G R C Spencer


Officers shown in Italics either never reached Air Rank or were not in the General Duties Branch when they did so

[Andover | Dunsfold | Eastchurch | Eastleigh | Farnborough | Gosport | Greenham Common | Hawkinge | Isle of Grain | Lasham | Lee on Solent | Lympne | Manston | Odiham | Southampton | Tangmere | Thorney Island | Wartling | Welford | Worthy Down]

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