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Air Commodore R C M Pink

Richard Charles Montagu      b: 30 Nov 1888                                                      d: 7 Mar 1932

CBE - 10 Oct 1919, MiD - 20 Nov 1925.

(RN): - Midín: 28 Feb 1905, Act Sub Lt: 26 Apr 1908, Sub Lt: 30 Apr 1908, Lt: 31 Dec 1910, (T) Flt Cdr: 28 Nov 1915, Sqn Cdr: 30 Jun 1917, Lt Cdr: 30 Dec 1918.

(RAF): - (T) Maj [Capt]: 1 Apr 1918, (T) Lt Col [Capt]: 1 Apr 1918, Lt Col: 1 Jan 1919, Wg Cdr: 4 Aug 1919 [1 Jan 1919], Gp Capt: 1 Jan 1926, A/Cdre: 1 Jul 1931.

15 Sep 1903:          Attended HMS Britannia

15 Jan 1905:          Naval Cadet, HMS Bulwark (Mediterranean Fleet)

28 Feb 1905:          Midshipman, HMS Bulwark (Mediterranean Fleet)

10 Dec 1905:          Midshipman, HMS Queen

12 Jan 1906:          Midshipman, HMS Bulwark (Mediterranean Fleet)

 5 May 1907:          Midshipman, HMS Bulwark (Home Fleet)

26 Apr 1908:          Attended RN College

30 Jun - 29 Jul 1908:           Lent to HMS Sirius for manoeuvres

12 Jan 1909:           HMS Orion for HMS Dragon

15 Sep 1909:           HMS Mercury for instruction in submarines

12 Jan 1911:           HMS Vulcan for service in Submarines

20 Aug 1913:          HMS Victory for service at Royal Naval Barracks, Portsmouth.

xx Aug 1914:          HMS Dolphin for service with HM Submarine A5

12 Oct 1914:            HMS President for service with Air Department (Anti-Aircraft Section), Admiralty.

19 Nov 1915:           U/T Airship Pilot, RNAS.

28 Nov 1915:          Officer i/c, Operations Section, Admiralty Air Department.

 7 Feb 1917:            Executive Officer, Longside Airship Station.

 1 Sep 1917:            Officer Commanding, Pembroke Airship Station.

29 Nov 1917:          Officer Commanding Milford Haven Anti-Submarine Group.

16 Jan 1918:            HMS President for service with the Air Department, Hotel Cecil.

 1 Apr 1918:            Staff Officer 1st Class Ė Marine Operations, Directorate of Flying Operations.

xx Nov 1918:           Staff Officer, Air Section, British Delegation to the Geneva Peace Conference.

25 Jul 1919:              Staff Officer, 1st Class (Personnel)

 1 Aug 1919:             Awarded Permanent Commission as a Lieutenant Colonel

xx xxx xxxx:              Director of Flying Operations/Airship Advisor to CAS.

 1 Nov 1919:            Transferred from Staff Officer Branch to Flying Branch.

 3 Nov 1919:            Inspector of Recruiting, Coastal Aircraft Depot.

22 Jan 1920:             Removed from the Navy Lists on being awarded Permanent Commission in RAF

16 Mar 1920:           Officer Commanding?, Coastal Aircraft Depot.

 1 Nov 1921:             Supernumerary (Temporary Duty), HQ Coastal Area.

29 Nov 1921:           Officer Commanding, Aircraft Depot, Egypt.

23 Nov 1923:           Officer Commanding (designate), No 1 (Indian) Wing.

xx xxx xxxx:              Officer Commanding, No 1 (Indian) Wing.

xx xxx xxxx:              Officer Commanding, No 2 (Indian) Wing.

 6 Mar 1926:            Group Captain - Admin, HQ ADGB.

13 May 1929:           Commandant, School of Technical Training (Men)

1 Jul 1929:                Officer Commanding, RAF Manston.

 1 Jul 1931:               SASO, HQ ADGB.

 9 Jul 1931:               Supernumerary - non effective (sick), RAF Depot.

The only RAF officer to have an actual campaign named after him, he commanded No 2 (Indian) Wing in Wiziristan involved in operations against dissident tribesmen.  The success of the campaign led to it being christened 'Pink's War' for which he received accelerated promotion to Group Captain.  In 1913 he had been involved in a submarine accident and was placed on half-pay for seven months owing to defective eyesight.  Shortly after taking up his appointment as SASO of Air Defence of Great Britain, he was taken ill and admitted to the RAF Hospital at Halton, where he died of cancer.  

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