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RAF Station Commanders - Greater London Area

[Biggin Hill | Bovingdon | Brampton/Wyton/Henlow | Hendon | High Wycombe | Hornchurch | Hunsdon | Kenley | Northolt | North Weald | Stanbridge | Stanmore (Park) | Uxbridge | West Drayton | West Malling]

RAF Biggin Hill

xx Dec 1916            Maj ? Orme (OC, Wireless Testing Park)

xx Aug 1917            Maj H B T Childs (OC, Wireless Testing Park/Wireless Experimental Establishment)

xx Apr 1918            Col L F Blandy (OC, Wireless Experimental Establishment)

xx Dec 1918            Wg Cdr G P Grenfell  (OC, Wireless Experimental Establishment)

 1 Nov 1922            Sqn Ldr I T Lloyd (OC, No 56 Sqn)

24 Sept 1923           Sqn Ldr Sir Quintin Brand (OC, No 56 Sqn)

11 Aug 1925            Sqn Ldr F J Vincent (OC, No 56 Sqn)

27 Sept 1926           Sqn Ldr C H Elliott-Smith (OC, No 56 Sqn)

The station closed in January 1928 for rebuilding.

 1 Oct 1932            Wg Cdr G B Dacre

xx Jan 1933            Wg Cdr E O Grenfell

xx Jan 1937            Wg Cdr H G W Lock

15 Nov 1938          Wg Cdr R Grice

xx Dec 1940           Gp Capt F O Soden

xx June 1941           Gp Capt P R Barwell

xx Jul 1942              Gp Capt J R Hallings-Pott

xx Jan 1943             Gp Capt A G Malan

xx Nov 1943           Gp Capt H L Maxwell

xx Feb 1945            Wg Cdr L Raphael

xx Apr 1945            Gp Capt M W S Robinson

xx Jun 1945             Wg Cdr E D Crundall

xx Oct 1945            Wg Cdr C M H Outram

xx May 1946           Wg Cdr G J Spence

xx Jun 1947             Sqn Ldr G J Gray

xx Dec 1947            Sqn Ldr G D Slee

xx May 1948           Wg Cdr D C Smythe

xx Sep 1950            Wg Cdr A H Donaldson

xx Jan 1952             Wg Cdr W Pitt-Brown

xx Feb 1953            Wg Cdr D G Smallwood

xx Oct 1955            Gp Capt J Barraclough

xx Feb 1957            Wg Cdr P D Thompson

xx Jan 1958             Sqn Ldr R S Salmon

xx Mar 1958           Wg Cdr H W G Andrews

xx Jan 1958             Sqn Ldr R S Salmon

xx Feb 1959            Sqn Ldr E F Lapham

xx May 1959           Gp Capt G P Seymour-Price

xx Jul 1959              Gp Capt G N Amison

xx Feb 1962            Gp Capt R B Morison

xx Apr 1962            Sqn Ldr G N Bray

xx Nov 1962           Wg Cdr R C Everson

xx Nov 1964           Wg Cdr L F Wolsey

xx Oct 1967            Wg Cdr I L McCombe

xx Mar 1970           Wg Cdr P E Prior

xx Jun 1970            Wg Cdr M Scholes

xx Jun 1973            Wg Cdr R Gebbels

xx Feb 1976           Wg Cdr K J O Balsillie

xx Sep 1977           Wg Cdr A L Wright

xx Apr 1979           Wg Cdr J R Myers

xx Jun 1981            Wg Cdr F J Smith

xx Aug 1984           Wg Cdr D C Boak

xx Nov 1986           Wg Cdr C I B Skellern

xx Dec 1988            Wg Cdr A D G Jones


RAF Bovingdon

xx Oct 1958                             Wg Cdr G H Wherry

21 Aug 1961                            Wg Cdr P A C MacDermott

 3 Jan 1964                              Wg Cdr D B Delany

12 Sep 1966                            Wg Cdr V Rees


RAF Brampton/Wyton/Henlow

xx xxx xxxx                        Gp Capt N Beet

xx xxx 2007                        Gp Capt G Bruce

xx xxx xxxx                        Gp Capt B Walcot (2010)


RAF Hendon

15 Nov 1927                           Wg Cdr D S K Crosbie*

 1 Jan 1929                              Wg Cdr W J Y Guilfoyle*

30 Jan 1933                             Wg Cdr R Leckie*

26 Jun 1935                             Wg Cdr C C Miles

24 May 1937                           Wg Cdr E I Bussell

22 Nov 1937                           Wg Cdr V Buxton

xx xx xxxx

xx xxx xxxx                              Gp Capt A M Rodgers (1946+)

xx xx xxxx

xx Aug 1954                            Gp Capt W S Reed

xx xx xxxx

 1 Oct 1984                             Wg Cdr P J Kesseler**

xx xxx xxxx                             Wg Cdr W G W Simpson

 1 Apr 1987                            Station closed

*Supt of RAF Res



RAF High Wycombe

18 Apr 1977                            Wg Cdr D Milne

xx xxx xxxx                              Wg Cdr/Gp Capt C Smith (2005)

xx xxx xxxx                              Gp Capt J Good (2008)

xx xxx xxxx                              Gp Capt A J Radcliffe

xx Mar 2011                            Gp Capt M D Heffron


RAF Hornchurch

 1 Apr 1928            Wg Cdr K R Park

 8 Mar 1929            Sqn Ldr F O Soden

25 Oct 1929           Sqn Ldr L H Slatter

 1 Apr 1930            Wg Cdr E R Manning

22 Jul 1933             Wg Cdr C H Nicholas

22 Dec 1935           Wg Cdr A S G Lee

 2 Apr 1937            Wg Cdr M B Frew

27 Jul 1938             Wg Cdr C T Walkington

 4 Oct 1939            Gp Capt C H Nicholas

21 Dec 1939           Gp Capt C A Bouchier

23 Dec 1940           Gp Capt H Broadhurst

14 May 1942          Gp Capt C G Lott

5 Jan 1943              Gp Capt A G Adnams

20 Jul 1943             Gp Capt H L Maxwell

28 Oct 1943           Wg Cdr F D S Scott-Malden

 6 Feb 1944            Sqn Ldr R Watt-Jones

20 Apr 1944           Sqn Ldr R S Davies

 1 Dec 1944            Sqn Ldr R J Clare-Hunt

14 Jul 1946             Wg Cdr G W Day

 3 Dec 1946            Wg Cdr S H Page

28 Jul 1947             A/Cdre D Macfadyen

17 Dec 1947           A/Cdre A McKee

12 Oct 1948            Gp Capt F C Sturgis

 2 Apr 1951             Gp Capt H L Parker

 2 Jul 1951               Gp Capt J N Jefferson

21 Jul 1953              A/Cdre E J Corbally

18 Jan 1954             Wg Cdr A J Hicks

 8 Mar 1954             Wg Cdr W G Devas

 4 Dec 1954             Wg Cdr C A R Crews

 9 May 1955            Wg Cdr A N Jones

30 Oct 1957            Wg Cdr H D U Denison


RAF Hunsdon

xx xxx 1940/1                      Wg Cdr G D Harvey

xx xxx xxxx                          Wg Cdr Peter Townsend

xx xxx xxxx                          Wg Cdr G D Harvey

xx xxx xxxx                          Wg Cdr J R A Peel

xx xxx xxxx                          Wg Cdr J S Maclean

xx xxx xxxx                          Wg Cdr J Hamblin

xx xxx xxxx                          Wg Cdr John Cunningham

xx xxx xxxx                          Wg Cdr H M Kerr

xx xxx xxxx                          Sqn Ldr J G Saunders

xx xxx xxxx                          Wg Cdr A L Mortimer


RAF Kenley

14 Feb 1925                            Flt Lt H J Collins

11 Jan 1926                             Wg Cdr W L Welsh

21 Sep 1926                            Wg Cdr H le M Brock

25 Jan 1928                             Wg Cdr R P Willock

 1 Jan 1930                              Wg Cdr R Graham

22 Sep 1930                            Wg Cdr F L Robinson

15 May 1934                           Wg Cdr G S M Insall

 9 Aug 1935                             Wg Cdr H W G J Pendrel

 6 Dec 1937                             Wg Cdr W K Mercer

 6 Feb 1939:                            Wg Cdr A M Wray

20 Apr 1940                            Wg Cdr T B Prickman

xx xxx 1941                             Gp Capt C A Bouchier

xx xxx xxxx                              Gp Capt F V Beamish (shot down 28 Mar 1942)

xx xxx 1942                             Gp Capt R L R Atcherley

xx xxx 1943                             Gp Capt T B Prickman

xx Jun 1943                              Gp Capt P G Wykeham

xx xx xxxx

xx May 1957                            Wg Cdr H N Phillips

27 Dec 1961                            Gp Capt O Gradon


RAF Northolt

xx Mar 1915         Major G I Carmichael

xx Aug 1915         Major C F Murphy (OC, No 2 Sqn)

xx Feb 1916         Major C Wigram

xx Jan 1917          Major R Loraine

xx Jul 1917           Colonel H I F Yates

xx Oct 1917         Major H Mc D O'Malley

xx Apr 1923         Sqn Ldr B E Smythies

 1 Oct 1923         Sqn Ldr R Collishaw (OC, No 41 Sqn)

10 Jun 1924          Sqn Ldr W Murlis-Green (O, No 41 Sqn)

 1 Dec 1924         Wg Cdr G C St P De Dombasle

15 Feb 1927        Wg Cdr E R Manning

 6 Jan 1928          Sqn Ldr F Sowery (OC, No 41 Sqn)

15 May 1928       Wg Cdr T E B Howe

25 Feb 1929         Sqn Ldr F H Coleman

 2 Apr 1929         Sqn Ldr R S Aitken (OC, No 41 Sqn)

22 May 1929       Wg Cdr J Sowery

 17 Mar 1930         Wg Cdr J S T Bradley

12 Jan 1931          Wg Cdr K R Park

xx Oct 1932          Wg Cdr A H Peck

 1 Jan 1936           Wg Cdr S F Vincent

xx Apr 1936          Gp Capt L L Luckland Maclane

 4 Sep 1936          Gp Capt R M Drummond

xx Nov 1937         Wg Cdr S F Vincent

20 Dec 1937         Gp Capt A H Orlebar

 1 Jan 1940           Gp Capt S F Vincent

xx Mar 1941         Gp Capt T N McEvoy

xx Dec 1941         Gp Capt J R Hallings-Pott

xx Jul 1942           Gp Capt A G Adnams

xx Jan 1943          Gp Capt M W S Robinson

xx Sep 1943         Gp Capt F E Rosier

xx Mar 1944         Wg Cdr S P Richards

xx May 1944        Gp Capt R J Legg

xx Jun 1945          Gp Capt J R A Ford (until 20 Jul 1946)

1 Feb 1946 - 30 Oct 1954 Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation

xx May 1955        Wg Cdr L Coulson

xx Jun 1956          Gp Capt W G Clouston

xx Dec 1956        Gp Capt R J Clare-Hunt

xx Dec 1958        Gp Capt G P Harger

xx Feb 1962        Gp Capt A A N Nicholson

xx Aug 1963        Gp Capt D L Pitt

xx Jun1966          Gp Capt P G Hill

xx Jan1969          Gp Capt JA Steff-Langston

xx May 1971       Gp Capt S G Nunn

xx May 1977       Gp Capt A C Curry

xx May 1979       Gp Capt J E Bore

xx Jun 1981         Gp Capt R T Dixon

xx Apr 1983        Gp Capt T G R Osborn

xx May 1985       Gp Capt M Barnes

xx Aug 1987        Gp Capt B E Nunn

xx Nov 1989       Gp Capt O G Bunn

xx Nov 1991       Gp Capt M J Gardiner

xx Nov 1993       Gp Capt J R D Morley

xx Dec 1995        Gp Capt P J Hoskins

xx Dec 1997        Gp Capt J J Witts

xx Dec 1999        Gp Capt I Capewell

14 Dec 2001        Gp Capt P Rycroft

15 Dec 2003         Gp Capt S Newton

29 Apr 2005         Gp Capt J D Maas 

xx xxx xxxx (2008)    Gp Capt G G S Van Den Berg

xx Sep 2009         Gp Capt T A Barrett (killed in a motor accident)

xx May 2011        Gp Capt T J O'Brien

xx May 2013        Gp Capt A D Bacon


RAF North Weald

 4 Jan 1928                              Wg Cdr W S Douglas

xx xxx xxxx                              ?

 1 Aug 1930                             Wg Cdr R G D Small

10 Dec 1932                            Wg Cdr R H G Neville

 5 Dec 1933                             Wg Cdr G B A Baker

26 Nov 1934                           Wg Cdr T Q Studd

 6 Sep 1937                             Wg Cdr J H Dand

xx xx xxxx

xx Mar 1941                            Gp Capt S F Vincent

 2 Feb 1942                             Gp Capt T G Pike

 5 Aug 1942                             Gp Capt D G Morris

xx xx xxxx

 8 May 1945                            Gp Capt J M Thompson

xx xxx 1951                             Gp Capt P G Wykeham

xx xxx 1952                             Gp Capt A C Deere

xx xx xxxx

xx xx 1956                               Wg Cdr B Sutton

xx xxx xxxx                              Wg Cdr T F Neil

xx Jan 1959                              ?


RAF Stanbridge

xx xxx 1954                            Gp Capt ? Cherrill

xx xxx 1956

18 Jul 1960                              Gp Capt H R Crowley

14 Feb 1966                            Gp Capt P M S Hedgeland

xx xxx xxxx     

 5 Oct 1970                             Gp Capt G N Rushden

26 Feb 1973                            Gp Capt P L T Owen

xx Jan 1975                              Gp Capt G I Ferenczy

xx xxx xxxx

 8 Sep 1980                             Gp Capt B E Lamming

xx xxx xxxx

 1 Apr 1987                            Wg Cdr W G W Simpson

xx Sep 1988


RAF Stanmore/Stanmore Park

13 Sep 1939                            Gp Capt E A Bald

16 Aug 1941                            Gp Capt R F S Morton

10 Mar 1942                           Gp Capt E L Gower

22 May 1942                           Gp Capt  C E Benson

10 May 1943                           Gp Capt F V Drake

 8 Jul 1944                               Gp Capt E J Davis

 1 Sep 1944                             Gp Capt F V Drake

 1 Dec 1944                             Wg Cdr R L Richmond

16 Mar 1945                            Gp Capt R B Dowling

 9 Aug 1945                             Vacant

14 Dec 1945                            Wg Cdr E Drudge

10 Jan 1947                             Sqn Ldr S A Bennett

 9 Jan 1948                              Sqn Ldr F Barry-Taylor

 6 Jan 1948                              Wg Cdr J D N Beeston-Sidebottom

20 Aug 1951                            Wg Cdr W M Collins

 2 Nov 1953                            Gp Capt R A C Barclay

 1 Sep 1954                             Wg Cdr D W Triptree

27 May 1957                           Wg Cdr J M Southwell

29 Jun 1959                             Wg Cdr A D Forster

 5 Feb 1962                             Wg Cdr A J Payn

 8 Jun 1964                              Wg Cdr N A J Mackie

13 Oct 1967                            Wg Cdr J Rennie

 1 May 1970                            Wg Cdr J C Douglas

10 Jan 1973                             Wg Cdr R W Mathers

 2 Jun 1975                              Wg Cdr D H Wood

30 Aug 1977                            Wg Cdr J F Jefferies

28 Jan 1979                             Wg Cdr P L Quin

14 Dec 1981                            Wg Cdr M J Middlemist

10 Sep 1985                            Wg Cdr W L McKee

 8 Apr 1988                             Wg Cdr D M Casey

11 Apr 1990                            Wg Cdr S G Appleton

 3 Jul 1992                               Wg Cdr T P Buckley

13 Feb 1995                            Sqn Ldr P C Owen

3 Apr 1995                              Wg Cdr J Pearce

 1 Apr 1997


RAF Uxbridge

 1 Apr 1920                             Gp Capt J G Hearson*

19 Jul 1920                              Wg Cdr P K Wise*

 1 Aug 1922                             Gp Capt I M Bonham Carter*

17 Oct 1925                            Gp Capt I T Courtney*

 9 Apr 1929                             Gp Capt L W B Lees*

 1 Dec 1929                             Gp Capt I G V Fowler*

 1 Aug 1931                             Gp Capt F L Robinson*

10 Nov 1933                           Gp Capt A H Jackson*

 5 Jul 1937                               Gp Capt W D Budgen*

xx xx xxxx

xx Mar 1954                            Gp Capt J A H Loudon

xx xx xxxx

25 Nov 1960                           Gp Capt R E Baxter

xx xxx 1963                             Gp Capt J F Roberts


23 Mar 1964                            Gp Capt R Stevenson

24 Oct 1966                            Gp Capt E L Frith

xx xxx xxxx

17 Jan 1972                             Gp Capt P E Raymond

14 Jan 1974                             Gp Capt D F Bates

27 Oct 1975                            Gp Capt J M Lewendon

21 Nov 1977                           Gp Capt D A Atherton

21 Jan 1979                             Gp Capt J Barney

18 Jan 1982                             Gp Capt D Goucher

19 Sep 1983                            Gp Capt J B Thorne


xx xxx xxxx                                Sqn Ldr G Rossiter (until 30 Mar 2010)

*Cmdt, RAF Depot


RAF West Drayton

xx Jul 1958                               Wg Cdr C F Babbage

20 Nov 1961                           Wg Cdr B L Duckenfield

xx xxx xxxx

23 Jan 1968                             Wg Cdr G E Morris

22 May 1970                           Wg Cdr F C Summer

26 Apr 1974                            Gp Capt P G Peacock

25 Jul 1975                              Gp Capt J A V Short

 6 Feb 1976                             Gp Capt W F Page

28 Apr 1978                            Gp Capt J Broughton

15 Feb 1980                            Gp Capt  J D Drysdale

24 Sep 1982                            Gp Capt J D Heron

16 Mar 1984                            Gp Capt A E Knox


RAF West Malling

 1 Jul 1940            Wg Cdr R W K Stevens

28 Jul 1940           Wg Cdr T B Prickman

18 Aug 1940          Fg Off F A Lewis

25 Aug 1940          Flt Lt V Mercer-Smith

14 Mar 1941          Wg Cdr A M Wilkinson

14 Jun 1941            Wg Cdr S C Widdows

25 Jun 1942            Wg Cdr V J Wheeler

30 Dec 1942           Wg Cdr P W Townsend

18 Jun 1943            Wg Cdr T N Hayes

 1 Feb 1944            Wg Cdr J A O'Neil

24 Nov 1944          Sqn Ldr G T Block

 9 Mar 1945           Sqn Ldr H Baxter

 3 Oct 1945            Wg Cdr A Ingle

 1 Nov 1946           Wg Cdr M G F Pedley

26 Jan 1948            Wg Cdr D S Wilson-Macdonald

 2 Feb 1948            Wg Cdr H S Darley

19 Apr 1948           Gp Capt J Worrall

 9 Jul 1949              Gp Capt H N G Ramsbottom Isherwood

12 Jun 1950            Gp Capt  H S Darley

18 Jul 1952             Gp Capt E W Whitley

 8 Sep 1952            Gp Capt P R Walker

 7 Aug 1953            Gp Capt P H Hamley

28 Nov 1955           Gp Capt G V Fryer

 1 Nov 1956            Gp Capt E G L Millington

24 Feb 1958            Sqn Ldr J Davis

 2 Mar 1959             Wg Cdr F N Brinsden

 4 Aug 1959             Gp Capt C Foxley-Norris

 1 Jul 1960               Wg Cdr F N Brinsden

Officers shown in Italics either never reached Air Rank or were not in the General Duties Branch when they did so

[Biggin Hill | Bovingdon | Brampton/Wyton/Henlow | Hendon | High Wycombe | Hornchurch | Hunsdon | Kenley | Northolt | North Weald | Stanbridge | Stanmore (Park) | Uxbridge | West Drayton | West Malling]

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