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Air Chief Marshal Sir Guy Garrod

Alfred Guy Roland           b: 13 Apr 1891              r:  9 Oct 1948                        d: 3 Jan 1965

GBE - 1 Jan 1948 (OBE - 6 May 1932), KCB - 2 Jun 1943 (CB - 1 Jan 1941), MC - 18 Feb 1915, DFC - 3 Jun 1919, MiD - 17 Feb 1915, MiD - 15 Jun 1916, MiD - 20 May 1918, LoM (Cdr) - 9 Oct 1945,  CBD (SN) - 14 Jun 1946, GI-GO - 6 Sep 1946, MA (University College, Oxford) 1913, Hon LL.D (Aberdeen)

For a list of foreign decoration abbreviations, click here

(Army): - 2 Lt (P):  15 Aug 1914, Lt: 8 Mar 1915, Capt: 12 Mar 1916, (T) Maj: 5 Aug 1917.

(RAF): - (T) Maj [Capt]: 1 Apr 1918, Act Lt Col: xx Nov 1918, Sqn Ldr: 1 Aug 1919 [1 Apr 1918], Wg Cdr: 1 Jul 1925, Gp Capt: 1 Jul 1932, A/Cdre:  1 Jul 1936, AVM: 1 Apr 1939, Act AM: 8 Jul 1940, (T) AM: 1 Dec 1942, AM:  6 Jun 1945, ACM: 1 Jan 1946.

xx xxx xxxx:           Member, Officer Training Corps

15 Aug 1914:          Officer, 3rd Battalion Leicester Regiment (Wounded at Ypres, Nov 1914)

xx Sep 1915:            Seconded to the RFC as an Observer.

21 Oct 1915:           Flying Officer (Observer), No ? Sqn RFC.

xx xxx 1916:            Staff Captain, HQ RFC

xx Nov 1916:           U/T Pilot, RFC.  

xx xxx 1917:            Qualified as a Flying Instructor (Graded A1)

xx Feb 1917:            Flight Commander, No ? Sqn RFC.

 5 Aug 1917:            Officer Commanding, No 13 Sqn RFC.

xx Nov 1918:           Officer Commanding, 81st Wing.

xx May 1919:           Staff Officer, Army of the Rhine.  

 1 Aug 1919:             Awarded Permanent Commission as a Major  

 6 Sep 1919:             Transferred from Staff Officer Branch to Flying Branch.

 6 Oct 1919:             Staff Officer 2nd Class (Personnel), HQ No 29 Group.

27 Sep 1921:            Attended RN Staff College.

21 Jul 1922:             Squadron Commander, School of Army Co-operation.

 3 Apr 1923:             Directing Staff, RAF Staff College.

xx xxx 1927:              Officer Commanding, RAF North Weald.

xx xxx 1928:             CFI, Oxford University Air Sqn.

17 Jan 1931:             Air Staff - Operations, HQ Iraq Command.

 2 Jan 1933:              Supernumerary, RAF Depot.

17 Jan 1933:             Attended Imperial Defence College.

 3 Apr 1934:             Deputy Director of Organisation.

xx xxx 1936:             SASO, HQ No 23 (Training) Group.

xx xxx xxxx:           Temporary AOC, No 23 (Training) Group.

18 Feb 1937:           AOC, Armament Group.

31 Mar 1938:           Director of Equipment

 8 Jul 1940:               Air Member for Training

27 Apr 1943:            Deputy AOC in C, RAF India.

16 Nov 1943:           Deputy Allied Air C in C, Air Command - South-East Asia Command

26 Nov 1944:           Allied Air C in C (Temporary), Air Command - South-East Asia Command

16 Mar 1945:            Deputy Air C in C, Mediterranean Allied Air Forces /C-in-C, RAF Mediterranean and Middle East.

xx Dec 1945:            Permanent RAF Representative, Military Staff Committee, United Nations

xx Mar 1946 - 12 May 1948:                 Head of RAF Delegation, Washington.

Having studied at Bradfield College and University College, Oxford, he was considering a career in industry after WW1, Trenchard, convinced him that he should make the RAF his career and so he accepted a permanent commission in August 1919.  He married Sister Evelyn Bray at the Garrison Church, Rouen on 23 August 1918.

During his time as Director of Equipment he chaired talked in 1939 with delegates from Poland about the supply of Battles Hurricanes and Spitfires, but supplies failed to reach the country before the German victory.  

He was appointed to the new post on the Air Council, Air Member for Training, in 1940, in order to improve the recruitment and training of personnel for the rapidly expanding RAF.

Following the loss of Sir Trafford Leigh-Mallory,  when his aircraft flew into a mountain in the Alps in November 1944, he temporarily took over as Air Commander in SEAC, pending the arrival of Keith Park.  Retiring from the RAF, he took an active role in business, holding Directorships with Regis Property Co and Humphreys Ltd as well as being Chairman of Malkay Investments Ltd. He was also made a Honorary Fellow of University College, Oxford.

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