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RAF Station Commanders - 2 TAF, BAFO & RAF Germany

[Ahlhorn | Bruggen | Buckeburg | Butzweilerhof | Celle | Detmold | Eindhoven | Fassburg | Fuhlsbuttel | Gatow | Geilenkirchen | Goch | Gutersloh | Hambuhren | Jever | Laarbruch | Lubeck | Oldenburg | Rheindalen | Scharfoldenorf | Schleswigland | Sundern | Sylt | Uetersen | Wahn | Wildenrath | Wunstorf]

RAF Ahlhorn

xx xxx xxxx                              Gp Capt P H Cribb (1957-59)


RAF Bruggen

xx May 1953                          Gp Capt W V Crawford-Compton

xx Dec 1955                           Gp Capt A G Dudgeon

xx Oct 1957                            Gp Capt C D Tomalin

7 Dec 1959                             Gp Capt E D Crew

 5 Nov 1962                           Gp Capt I G Broom

xx xxx 1964                            Gp Capt E B Sismore

xx xxx xxxx                             Gp Capt C D A Browne

xx xxx 1968                            Gp Capt D C A Lloyd

17 Apr 1970                           Gp Capt J B Curtiss

11 Aug 1972                           Gp Capt D Harcourt-Smith

26 Jul 1974                             Gp Capt P R Harding

27 Feb 1976                           Gp Capt J R Walker

 6 Jan 1978                             Gp Capt G C Williams

12 Dec 1978                           Gp Capt P P W Taylor

11 Dec 1981                           Gp Capt C J Thomson

xx xxx xxxx                              Gp Capt J K Sim

 6 Dec 1985                            Gp Capt J E Houghton

xx xxx 1987                             Gp Capt R H Goodall

xx xxx 1989                             Gp Capt A J Harrison

xx xxx xxxx                              Gp Capt R A Wright

xx xxx 1995                             Gp Capt G L Torpy

xx xxx xxxx                              A/Cdre N D A Maddox

11 Dec 1998                           A/Cdre I W McNicoll


xx xxx 2000                             Gp Capt T M Anderson


RAF Buckeburg

xx May 1945                            Gp Capt A E Clouston


RAF Butzweilerhof

 7 Jun 1960                              Wg Cdr C V Beadon

21 Nov 1962                           Wg Cdr T P McGarry


RAF Celle

xx Mar 1954                            Gp Capt K J Mellor


RAF Detmold

xx xxx 1945                              ? A Denison


RAF Eindhoven

xx xxx xxxx                              Gp Capt A Ingle


RAF Fassburg

xx May 1951                           Gp Capt J E Johnson


xx xxx xxxx                              Gp Capt E M Donaldson (1951+)


RAF Fuhlsbuttel

xx xxx 1946                             Gp Capt J Cox


RAF Gatow

xx Aug 1945                            Gp Capt D M Somerville

xx Jul 1947                              Gp Capt B C Yarde

xx Nov 1949                           Wg Cdr A D Grace

xx Dec 1951                            Sqn Ldr P D J Wood

xx Jan 1953                             Sqn Ldr F A Drury

xx Aug 1956                            Sqn Ldr W D Caldwell

xx Jun 1958                             Sqn Ldr F E Smith

xx Jan 1961                             Wg Cdr L A Ferguson

xx Feb 1963                            Wg Cdr W E Pettifer

xx Jun 1965                             Gp Capt R W Oxspring

xx Aug 1967                            Gp Capt H L Lewis

xx May 1970                           Gp Capt B E de Iongh

xx Oct 1971                            Gp Capt J Wilson

xx Aug 1974                            Gp Capt R L Tavanyar

xx Sep 1976                            Gp Capt T E Benson

 8 Sep 1978                            Gp Capt R M Robson

17 Oct 1980                            Gp Capt D E Leppard

10 Dec 1982                           Gp Capt D J Loveridge

xx Jan 1985                             Gp Capt  M Arnold

xx Mar 1987                            Gp Capt P H Eustace

xx Apr 1989                            Gp Capt P J Wilkinson

xx Jul 1991                              Gp Capt M L Feenan


RAF Geilenkirchen

xx xxx 1957                             Gp Capt J A Holmes

xx xxx 1959                             Gp Capt F D Hughes

 2 Aug 1961                             Gp Capt P de L Le Cheminant

 7 Dec 1963                             Gp Capt D F Rixson

11 Jun 1965                             Gp Capt W E Hedley


RAF Goch

 9 Feb 1961                             Gp Capt D B Bretherton


RAF Gutersloh

xx Nov 1945                    Gp Capt R N Bateson

xx Mar 1946                    Gp Capt R Faville

15 Dec 1947                    Gp Capt L F Sinclair

23 Aug 1948                    Gp Capt G N Amison

 1 May 1949                    Gp Capt W B Murray

21 Nov 1949                   Gp Capt R J Clare-Hunt

19 Apr 1951                    Gp Capt J H Chaplin

 8 Jul 1952                      Gp Capt D G Lewis

19 Jan 1955                     Gp Capt D Peveler

24 Sep 1956                    Gp Capt G A Brown

30 Jul 1957                      Gp Capt  R MacFarlane

 1 Sep 1958                     Gp Capt P H Cribb

17 Sep 1959                    Gp Capt R G Knott

28 Jul 1961                      Gp Capt C W Coulthard

15 Apr 1964                    Gp Capt D G Evans

12 Oct 1966                    Gp Capt D F C Ross

15 Jul 1968                      Gp Capt K A Williamson

 4 Jan 1971                       Gp Capt M H Miller

20 Jan 1973                      Gp Capt  J F G Howe

 5 Dec 1974                      Gp Capt P S Collins

 8 Dec 1976                      Gp Capt D B Leech

25 Nov 1977                     Gp Capt G E Ord

 8 Mar 1980                      Gp Capt M J D Stear

17 Mar 1982                     Gp Capt R E Johns

24 Nov 1984                     Gp Capt F W Mitchell

12 Dec 1986                      Gp Capt A J M McKeon


RAF Hambuhren

xx Feb 1953                         Wg Cdr A H Dormer

xx Feb 1955                         Wg Cdr C G Kimbrey

xx Jul 1955                           Sqn Ldr W Edwards

The station closed in November 1957


RAF Jever

15 Sep 1951                            Sqn Ldr J W Henderson

 2 Jan 1952                              Gp Capt A C Brown

 1 Dec 1952                             Gp Capt G Powell-Shedden

 1 Aug 1954                             Gp Capt T O Prickett

 1 Dec 1955                             Gp Capt S W R Hughes

 1 Oct 1958                             Gp Capt I S Smith

21 Sep 1961                            Wg Cdr P H Cleaver

29 Dec 1961                            Handed over to German Air Force


RAF Laarbruch

xx Aug 1954                            Gp Capt G W Petre

xx xxx 1957                            Gp Capt C V Winn

xx xxx 1959                             Gp Capt H N G Wheeler

26 Nov 1960                           Gp Capt C S G Stanbury

15 Sep 1963                            Gp Capt J N Stacey

21 Feb 1966                            Gp Capt K Stevens

 4 Oct 1968                             Gp Capt R B Roche

28 Nov 1969                           Gp Capt J G G Beddoes

10 Dec 1971                            Gp Capt J G Matthews

14 Dec 1973                            Gp Capt M W P Knight

xx xxx 1974                             Gp Capt A G Skingsley

10 Dec 1976                            Gp Capt J W Price

xx xxx 1979                             Gp Capt R J Kemball

15 May 1981                           Gp Capt G A Smart

 9 Sep 1983                             Gp Capt D Cousins

13 Dec 1985                            Gp Capt J B Hill

xx xxx 198x                              Gp Capt G L McRobbie

xx xxx 1992?                            Gp Capt P V Harris

xx xxx 1994                             Gp Capt M G F White

31 Oct 1996                            Gp Capt C R Loader


RAF Lubeck

xx Aug 1945                            Gp Capt J E Johnson

 1 May 1946                            Gp Capt M H Dwyer


RAF Luneburg

xx xxx 1946                            Gp Capt T N Coslett


RAF Oldenburg

xx xxx 195x                              Gp Capt D C Stapleton

xx Mar 1957                            Gp Capt P H Cribb


RAF Rheindalen

 8 Nov 1975                            Wg Cdr R Ford

 6 Nov 1978                            Wg Cdr R W Keppel-Compton

26 Oct 1981                            Wg Cdr P A Garth

20 May 1985                           Wg Cdr G M Goddard


RAF Scharfoldenorf

 5 Apr 1961                             Wg Cdr N W Maskell


RAF Schleswigland

xx Sep 1945                             Gp Capt P G Jameson

xx xxx 1947                              Gp Capt H Day

xx xxx 1953                              Flt Lt G Garrat


RAF Sundern

 xx Jan 1957                              Wg Cdr N Arden


RAF Sylt

xx Feb 1954                             Gp Capt D S Wilson-MacDonald

xx Dec 1956                            Gp Capt T W Kean

23 Nov 1959                           Gp Capt W A Toyne


RAF Uetersen

xx May 1945                        Gp Capt P H Hamley

xx Aug 1946                         Wg Cdr W N Ash

xx Feb. 1949                        Wg Cdr W H Kearney

xx Jun 1951                          Wg Cdr S G Pritchard

xx Feb 1952                         Wg. R A Milward

xx Jan 1953                          Sqn Ldr N R Stevens

xx Mar 1953                        Sqn Ldr W Edwards

xx xxx xxxx                          Flt Lt W E Langley

Station closed for operations in July 1955 and finally closed down on 28th November 1955


RAF Wahn

xx xxx 1945                            Gp Capt S C Widdows

xx xxx xxxx                             Gp Capt R C Porteous (killed in a flying accident 9 Jul 1953)

xx xxx 1953                             Gp Capt J H Chaplin

xx xxx xxxx                              Gp Capt N D Gilbart-Smith (killed in a flying accident - 21 Oct 1954)

xx xxx 1954                             Gp Capt J H Lapsley


RAF Wildenrath

xx Jan 1952                              Gp Capt J E Johnson


xx Apr 1954                             Gp Capt R J Gosnell


xx Dec 1955                            Gp Capt R J B Burns


xx May 1958                            Gp Capt M D Lyne


25 May 1960                           Gp Capt B Barthold


27 Jul 1962                              Gp Capt J D Thirlwell


xx xxx 1965                             Gp Capt W D Robertson


18 Aug 1967                            Gp Capt P P Walker


xx xxx 1968                             Gp Capt D G Bailey


 6 Jun 1970                              Gp Capt D McL Scrimgeour


14 Jan 1971                             Gp Capt G P Black


 1 Mar 1973                             Gp Capt J F H Tetley


30 Jan 1974                             Gp Capt P B Hine


xx Jul 1975                               Gp Capt D B Leech


 3 Dec 1976                             Gp Capt J B Mitchell


xx xxx 1979                              Gp Capt D Lavender


27 Mar 1981                            Gp Capt R H Palin


10 Dec 1982                            Gp Capt J S Allison


 8 Mar 1985                             Gp Capt I A D MacBride


RAF Wunstorf

xx xxx 1945/6                          Gp Capt P G Jameson


xx xxx 1948                             Gp Capt J H Chaplin

xx xxx xxxx                              Gp Capt E M Donaldson (1951+)


xx xxx 1951                             Gp Capt F S Stapleton


xx xxx 1952                             Gp Capt P G Jameson

xx Jun 1954                              Gp Capt R W Cox

Officers shown in Italics either never reached Air Rank or were not in the General Duties Branch when they did so

[Ahlhorn | Bruggen | Buckeburg | Butzweilerhof | Celle | Eindhoven | Fassburg | Fuhlsbuttel | Gatow | Geilenkirchen | Goch | Gutersloh | Hambuhren | Jever | Laarbruch | Lubeck | Oldenburg | Rheindalen | Scharfoldenorf | Schleswigland | Sundern | Sylt | Uetersen | Wahn | Wildenrath | Wunstorf]

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