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Air Council Appointments 2

This section lists all the posts that have, at some time, been established on the Air Council/Air Force Board.  However, for continuity all holders of the post have been shown whether they sat on the Air Council/Air Force Board or not.

Details of the duties and responsibilities of the holders of these appointments and those of the subordinate Directorates, etc can be found in the Members' Area under 'AM Distribution of Duties'

Assistant Chief of the Air Staff: 

 Post established 17 Feb 1938, but not holding a seat on the Air Council. Post re-established -  2 Jan 1985?.  Post appointed to Air Staff -  2 Jan 1985?.

17 Feb 1938                            AVM W S Douglas

  2 Jan 1985                             AVM A G Skingsley

13 Feb 1986                            AVM L A Jones

 2 Mar 1987                             AVM M G Simmons

14 Mar 1989                            AVM C J Thomson

15 Mar 1991                            AVM T Garden

14 Aug 1992                            AVM A J C Bagnall

 1 Aug 1994                             AVM P T Squire

30 Sep 1995                            AVM T I Jenner

 3 Aug 1998                             AVM G E Stirrup

 1 Sep 2000                             AVM P O Sturley

 6 Oct 2003                             AVM D Walker

22 Apr 2005                            AVM C H Moran

15 Mar 2007                            AVM T M Anderson

 1 Mar 2010                             AVM B M North

 5 Apr 2013                             AVM E J Stringer


Air Member for Development and Production: 

 Post established by renaming Air Member for Research and Development xx xxx xxxx.  Post appointed to Air Staff -  xx xxx xxxx. 

 xx xxx xxxx                              AVM W R Freeman                          


Vice Chief of the Air Staff:

Post established - 22 Apr 1940. Post appointed to Air Staff - 22 Apr 1940.

Post abolished - xx xxx 1959?. Post re-established - 1 Mar 1961?. Post abolished - 1984-85

22 Apr 1940                           AM Sir Richard Peirse

4 Oct 1940 - 1942                  ACM Sir Wilfred Freeman

21 Mar 1943                           AM Sir Douglas Evill

xx xxx 1946                             AM Sir William Dickson

xx xxx 1947                             AM Sir James Robb

 1 Nov 1948                            AM Sir Arthur Sanders

 1 Mar 1950                            ACM The Hon Sir Ralph Cochrane

 1 Mar 1952                            AM Sir Ronald Ivelaw-Chapman

 1 Nov 1952                            AM Sir John  Baker

16 Sep 1957                            AM Sir Edmund Hudleston


 1 Mar 1961                            ACM Sir Edmund Hudleston

 2 Mar 1962                            AM Sir Wallace Kyle

 9 Nov 1964                            AM Sir Brian Burnett

 6 Nov 1967                            AM Sir Peter Fletcher

 1 Aug 1970                            AM Sir Denis Smallwood

 1 Nov 1973                            AM Sir Ruthven Wade

14 Feb 1976                           AM Sir David Evans

25 Mar 1977                           AM Sir Peter Terry

30 Jan 1979                             AM Sir John Nicholls

 3 May 1980                            AM Sir David Craig

28 Aug 1982                           AM Sir Peter Harding  


Air Member for Training:

Post established - 8 Jul 1940. Post appointed to Air Staff - 8 Jul 1940. Post abolished - 1 Jan 1947

Duties transferred to Assistant Chief of the Air Staff (Training).

8 Jul 1940                                AM Sir Guy Garrod

27 Apr 1943                            AM Sir Peter Drummond      

14 May 1945                           AM Sir Roderic Hill     


Air Member for Technical Services: 

Post established - 1 Jan 1947.  Post appointed to Air Staff - 1 Jan 1947.  Post abolished - xx xxx 1951.  Duties transferred to Air Member for Supply and Organisation.

 1 Jan 1947                              ACM Sir Roderic Hill

xx xxx xxxx                                          vacant

xx xxx xxxx                              ACM Sir James Robb

16 Aug 1948                            AM Sir Victor Goddard


AOC in C/C in C Strike Command:

Post was established - 30 Apr 1968.  Post appointed to Air Force Board - 1 Apr 1996?.  Only those appointees holding a seat on the Air Force Board shown, see Command Section for full list.

 1 Jan 1994                            ACM Sir William Wratten

25 Jul 1997                            ACM Sir John Allison

29 Mar 1999                         ACM Sir Peter Squire

 6 Apr 2000                           ACM Sir Anthony Bagnall

 5 Apr 2001                           ACM Sir John Day.

31 Jul 2003                            ACM Sir Brian Burridge

13 Jan 2006                           ACM Sir Joe French

30 Mar 2007                         ACM Sir Clive Loader


C in C Air Command:

Post was established - 1 Apr 2007.  Post appointed to Air Force Board - 1 Apr 2007 but was abolished in March 2012 with the role being taken over by the Chief of the Air Staff.

 1 Apr 2007                            ACM Sir Clive Loader

xx Apr 2009                            ACM Sir Christopher Moran

18  Jun 2010                            ACM Sir Simon Bryant

xx Mar 2012                           Post abolished

Deputy C-in-C (Operations),  Air Command:

 1 Apr 2007                            AM I W McNicholl

14 Apr 2010                           AM R F Garwood

Deputy Commander (Operations),  Air Command:

Post appointed to the Air Force Board on the abolition of the post of C-in-C Air Command in March 2012.

xx xxx 2012                            AM R F Garwood

16 Apr 2013                           AM G J Bagwell

Deputy C-in-C (Personnel),  Air Command:

see Air Member for Personnel

Deputy Commander (Personnel),  Air Command:

see Air Member for Personnel

Deputy Commander (Capability),  Air Command:

see Air Member for Personnel

Controller Air: 

To be added

Air Member for Logistics/Director General Equipment Support (Air): 

Post created 1 Sep 1994 by renaming Air Member for Supply and Organisation.    Post appointed the Air Staff - 1 Sep 1994.  The post holder also held the position of AOC in C, Logistics Command and was the Chief Engineer of the RAF.  Post abolished 1 Apr 2000 when the role of Logistics Command was taken over by the Defence Logistics Organisation.  In 2005, the Director General Equipment Support (Air) was 'dual-hatted' as Air Member for Logistics

 1 Sep 1994                           ACM Sir Michael Alcock

 8 Mar 1996                           ACM Sir John Allison

11 Jul 1997                            AM Sir Colin Terry   

30 Apr 1999                          AM M D Pledger

xx xxx xxxx                            AVM P Liddell

xx xxx xxxx                            AVM B M Thornton

 4 Jan 2006                            AVM D R G Rennison


Inspector Generals of the RAF.

Post established 22 Aug 1918, Appointed to Air Council 22 Aug 1918. Removed from Air Council xx Feb/Mar 1919 and abolished xx xxx 1920.  Post re-established, - 1 Aug 1935, but with expansion of the RAF a second post was established on 1 July 1939 (abolished xx xxx 1967.  Post was not on the Air Board after 1919 but subsequent post holders are shown here for reference.

22 Aug 1918                                      Maj-Gen Sir Godfrey Paine

 1 Aug 1919                                        AVM Sir Godfrey Paine

xx xxx 1920                                         Post Abolished

 1 Aug 1935                                        ACM Sir Robert Brooke-Popham

 1 Sep 1937                                         ACM Sir Edward Ellington (1)

 1 Jul 1939 - 15 Jan 1940                    ACM Sir Charles Burnett (2)

15 Jan 1940 2 Apr 1940                   AM Sir Leslie Gossage

14 Apr 1940 29 Oct 1945                ACM Sir Edgar Ludlow-Hewitt

24 May 1940 - 1 Jun 1941                  AM Sir William Mitchell

 1 Jun 1941 xx xxx 1942                  ACM Sir Arthur Longmore

xx xxx 1943 6 Nov 1943                  ACM Sir Philip Joubert de la Ferte

29 Oct 1945                                        ACM Sir Arthur Barratt

17 Jan 1947                                         ACM Sir Norman Bottomley

 1 Jan 1948                                          ACM Sir George Pirie

 1 Sep 1948                                         ACM Sir Leslie Hollinghurst

31 Sep 1949                                        ACM Sir Hugh Saunders

 9 Feb 1951                                         ACM Sir James Robb

 1 Oct 1951                                         AM Sir Thomas Williams

 1 Oct 1952                                         AM Sir Stephen Strafford

19 Apr 1954                                        AM Sir Charles Guest

31 Jul 1956                                          ACM Sir Walter Dawson

 1 Jan 1958                                          AM Sir Gilbert Nicholetts

 3 Jun 1959                                          AM Sir John Whitley

 1 Jun 1962                                          AM Sir Paterson Fraser

15 Aug 1964                                        ACM Sir Augustus Walker

17 Feb 1967                                        AM Sir Reginald Emson


Controller of Research and Development,

This post, within the Ministry of Aircraft Production, was added to the Air Council - 15 Oct 1945.  

15 Oct 1945                        AM W A Coryton


Controller Aircraft

This post was added to the Air Force Board - xx xxx xxxx.  

 8 Nov 1975                          ACM Sir Douglas Lowe

xx xxx xxxx                           

 1 Jan 1983                           ACM Sir John Rogers

xx xxx xxxx                            AVM A A Nicholson

xx xxx xxxx                            AM Sir Peter Norriss

xx xxx xxxx                            AVM B M Thornton

xx xxx xxxx                            AVM D N Williams

xx xxx xxxx                            AVM S G G Dalton

20 Apr 2006                          AVM S D Butler


Director-General Equipment Support (Air)

This post was added to the Air Force Board - xx xxx 2000.  

xx xxx xxxx                            AVM P W Henderson


Air Member for Materiel.

This post was added to the Air Force Board - 1 Apr 2007.  This post is 'dual-hatted' with that of Chief of Materiel (Air) in the Defence Equipment & Support Organisation

 1 Apr 2007                            AM B M Thornton

 1 May 2009                           AM Sir Kevin Leeson

xx Oct 2012                            AM S J Bollom

29 Apr 2016                           AM J A Young

xx xxx xxxx

 4 Sep 2020                            V-Adm R C Thompson RN


Air Member for Equipment Capability.

This post was added to the Air Force Board - 1 Apr 2007.  This post is 'dual-hatted' with that of Capability Manager (Information Superiority) in the Ministry of Defence

 1 Apr 2007                            AVM S D Butler

31 Jul 2008                             AVM C W Dixon

xx Oct 2010                            AVM S J Hillier

28 Oct 2011                            AVM M C Green


Additional Members of the Air Council

From time to time officers have been appointed to the Air Council/Board for specific duties: -

xx xxx 1920 xx xxx 1921: Adm Sir Cecil Lambert (Director of Personnel)

This page was last updated on 16/10/21

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