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RAF Station Commanders - India and Far East

[Butterworth | Changi | Gan | Jodhpur | Kai Tak | Kallang | Kandahar | Kluang | Kota Bharu | Kuala Lumper | Kuantan | Mingaladon | P2 (Palembang) | Peshawar | Pegu | Salbani | Seletar | Sembawang | Tengah]

RAF Butterworth

xx xxx xxxx                           Wg Cdr ? Forbes


RAF Changi

xx xxx 1956                           Gp Capt K J McDonald

 8 Jan 1964                           Gp Capt B C Bennett

19 Jan 1967                           Gp Capt E W Merriman



xx xxx xxxx (1965)                Gp Capt M Scannell

xx xxx xxxx (1965)                Gp Capt Moss


RAF Jodhpur

xx xxx xxxx (1945)                Gp Capt J D Rutherford


RAF Kai Tak

22 Sep 1933                            Sqn Ldr C R Keary

29 Feb 1936                            Sqn Ldr/Wg Cdr W A K Dalzell

21 Mar 1938                           Gp Capt A H Peck

23 Dec 1938                           Gp Capt H M K Brown

xx xxx xxxx                              Gp Capt A S Mann (post 1959)


RAF Kallang

xx xxx 1941                           Wg Cdr R A Chignell

xx xxx 1942                           Wg Cdr G Bell


Kandahar Air Base

xx Jul 2007                            A/Cdre A D Stevenson

xx Feb 2008                           A/Cdre R W Judson

22 Sep 2008                         A/Cdre A D Fryer

16 Jul 2009                           A/Cdre M A B Brecht

xx May 2010                         A/Cdre G Moulds


RAF Kluang

xx xxx xxxx                           Wg Cdr ? Toogood


RAF Kota Bharu

xx xxx xxxx                           Wg Cdr ? Noble


RAF Kuala Lumper

xx xxx 1941                           Wg Cdr H S Darley

xx xxx 1948                           Wg Cdr H N G Wheeler

xx xxx xxxx                            Gp Capt K R C Slater


RAF Kuantan

xx xxx xxxx                           Wg Cdr ? Councell


RAF Mingaladon

xx xxx xxxx                          Gp Capt S Broughall

xx xxx xxxx                           Wg Cdr N C S Rutter


RAF Negombo

xx Aug 1956                           Gp Capt P O V Green



xx xxx 1941                           Gp Capt J P J McCauley


RAF Peshawar

xx xxx xxxx                            Gp Capt P H Cribb



xx xxx 1945                           Wg Cdr P G D Farr


RAF Salbani

xx xxx xxxx                            Gp Capt P H Cribb


RAF Seletar

This section covers all incarnations of the station, including RAF Base - Singapore, RAF Station - Singapore and RAF Maintenance Base - Seletar, but does not include its occupation by the Japanese

xx Jan 1930                  Gp Capt H M Cave-Browne-Cave

xx Oct 1930                 Gp Capt A H Jackson

xx Nov 1933                Gp Capt S W Smith

xx Dec 1933                 Gp Capt E J P Burling

xx Mar 1936                 Wg Cdr C L Scott

xx Nov 1936                 Gp Capt C R Cox

xx Oct 1939                  Gp Capt V Buxton

xx Apr 1940                  Gp Capt H M K Brown

Feb 1942 - Aug 1945    Station under Japanese occupation

xx Sep 1945                  Gp Capt G Francis

xx Jan 1946                   Gp Capt C E StJ Beamish

xx Apr 1946                  A/Cdre G H Vasse

xx Nov 1946                 A/Cdre G P H Carter

xx Mar 1949                 A/Cdre H J G E Proud

xx May 1951                A/Cdre W A Opie (AOC RAF Base Seletar, Jun 1951 - Mar 1952)

xx Jun 1951                  Gp Capt R F Shenton

xx Apr 1952                 Gp Capt H W Marlow

xx Nov 1952                Gp Capt R G Seymour

xx Nov 1954                Gp Capt T King

xx Feb 1956                 Gp Capt D D Rogers

xx Oct 1958                 Gp Capt F C Hopcroft

xx Oct 1959                 Gp Capt G McKenzie

xx Nov 1959                Gp Capt P A Hughes

xx Jan 1961                  Gp Capt R D Williams

xx Aug 1963                 Gp Capt R W G Freer

xx Apr 1966                 Gp Capt T W A Hutton

28 Mar 1969                Gp Capt A Maisner


RAF Sembawang

xx xxx 1940                   Gp Capt J P J McCauley

15 Jan 1948                   Wg Cdr R E G Van der Kiste

20 Aug 1948


RAF Tengah

5 Aug 1939                 Wg Cdr J McFarlane

10 Sep 1939               Gp Capt O C Bryson

16 Feb 1940                Wg Cdr W M C Kennedy

1 May 1940                Gp Capt F G Watts (shot himself on 4 Feb 1942)

26 Jan 1942                Gp Capt R A Ramsey-Rae

1942 - 1945                Japanese Occupation

22 Sep 1945                Gp Capt C P Marvin

10 June 1946               Wg Cdr R F Watts

3 Jan 1947                   Gp Capt R Sorel-Cameron

10 Jan 1948                 Wg Cdr R H McConnel

20 Feb 1948                Gp Capt B A Casey

24 Feb 1949                Gp Capt R Grice

15 Nov 1949               Wg Cdr D H Burnside

1 Apr 1950                  Gp Capt R C Dawkins

21 Aug 1951                Gp Capt F Headlam (RAAF)

14 Dec 1951                Gp Capt C M Champion de Crespigny

25 Apr 1954                Gp Capt D G Stokes

28 Jul 1955                  Gp Capt R T Frogley

24 Apr 1956                Gp Capt R J P Prichard

1 Dec 1958                  Gp Capt J E S Morton

1 Jun 1961                   Gp Capt T R B Pierce

12 May 1964               Gp Capt D E Hawkins  (Air Cdre wef 1 July 1966)

 3 Nov 1966                Gp Capt P J Lagesen

 4 Apr 1969                 Gp Capt P A Latham


Officers shown in Italics either never reached Air Rank or were not in the General Duties Branch when they did so

[Butterworth | Changi | Gan | Jodhpur | Kai Tak | Kallang | Kandahar | Kluang | Kota Bharu | Kuala Lumper | Kuantan | Mingaladon | P2 (Palembang) | Peshawar | Pegu | Salbani | Seletar | Sembawang | Tengah]

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