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Other Senior RAF Appointments

This section gives details of some senior appointments, held by General Duties Air Officers, which do not readily fit into one of the other definable categories.

Commandant-Generals of the RAF Regiment

 Post was established xx Jan 1942 Post was not on the Air Board but is shown here for reference.

xx Jan 1942                             Maj-Gen Sir Claude Liardet

xx xxx 1945                             Maj-Gen A E Robinson

30 Jun 1948                             AVM H T Lydford (Also Inspector of Ground Combat Training)

 1 Oct 1952                             AVM Sir Francis Mellersh (Also Inspector of Ground Combat Training)

23 Sep 1954                            AVM B C Yarde (Also Inspector of Ground Defence)

12 Feb 1957                            AVM J L F Fuller-Good (Also Inspector of Ground Defence)

 1 Mar 1959                            AVM J H Harris (Also Inspector of Ground Defence)

5 Aug 1961                             AVM E M F Grundy (Also Inspector of Ground Defence)

 7 Jan 1963                             AVM Sir Bernard Chacksfield (Also Inspector of Ground Defence)

 3 May 1968                            AVM B P Young (Also Inspector of Ground Defence)

 6 Jan 1973                              AVM D A Pocock (Also Inspector of Ground Defence)

 3 May 1975                            AVM A Griffiths (Also Inspector of Ground Defence up to 1976 and then Director-General of Security (RAF)

28 May 1977                           AVM B G Lock (Also Director-General of Security (RAF)

28 Apr 1979                            AVM H Reed-Purvis (Also Director-General of Security (RAF)

 4 Aug 1983                             AVM J F G Howe (Also Director-General of Security (RAF)

30 Aug 1985                            AVM D B Leech (Also Director-General of Security (RAF)

1 Dec 1987                              AVM J H Harris (Also Director-General of Security (RAF)

11 Jan 1990                             AVM G C Williams (Also Director-General of Security (RAF)

25 Jan 1991                             AVM D R Hawkins (later Hawkins-Leth)

8 Mar 1993                             A/Cdre T G Thorn (Also Director of Defence Fire Services)

xx xxx xxxx                              A/Cdre P J Drissell

 2 Jan 2007                              A/Cdre S Abbott (Also Air Officer RAF Police)

 5 Feb 2010                             A/Cdre R W La Forte (Also ACoS Force Protection)

xx Jan 2012:                            A/Cdre N Bray (Also ACoS Force Protection)

Commandant, RAF Depot

 xx xxx 1945                             A/Cdre H A Haines

xx xxx 1948

22 Jul 1968                                Gp Capt D A Pocock

This page was last updated on 31/08/19

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