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Overseas Groups - Iraq, India and the Far East

Mesopotamian Wing

This was formed at Baghdad in January 1920 from No 31 Wing being raised to Group status as Mesopotamia Group on 31 January 1921.

4 Apr 1920             Wg Cdr C S Burnett


Mesopotamian Group

This was formed at Baghdad on 31 January 1921 by raising Mesopotamian Wing to Group status and was redesignated RAF Iraq on 29 September 1921.

6 Jan 1921             Gp Capt A E Borton


Basrah Group

This was formed at Basrah on 1 October 1922 and was disbanded on 31 July 1925, becoming SHQ Basrah.

1 Oct 1922             Gp Capt E F Briggs

23 Nov 1923          Gp Capt ?


No 1 (Indian) Group

This was formed 1 November 1928 at Peshawar to administer Nos 1 and 2 (Indian) Wings stations and disbanded by being redesignated No 223 Group on 1 May 1942. 

It reformed at Lahore 1 May 1942 as No.1 (Indian) Training Group but there no record of disbandment. 

However, it was reformed at Peshawar by amalgamating No 223 Group and North West Frontier Wing on 15 August 1945 under AHQ India.  Its ORB ended on 1 June 1947 and it was probably absorbed into the Royal Indian Air Force.

12 Jan 1929           Gp Capt H le M Brock

2 Apr 1931            Gp Capt A S Barratt

2 Sep 1932            Gp Capt B E Sutton

4 Oct 1934            Gp Capt N H Bottomley

8 Jan 1938             Gp Capt-A/Cdre C C Darley

18 Mar 1940          A/Cdre J C Russell

 7 Aug 1945           A/Cdre F W Long

Listings of units and personnel controlled by this Group available in the Member Area


No 2 (Indian) Group

It possibly formed by 1 January 1940 at Lahore but its fate is unknown.

It eventually formed at Begumpet on 1 October 1945  to control Nos 1, 2 and 14 SoAFTT as well as Nos 1 and 2 Recruit Training Centres, disbanding on 1 June 1946. 

However, it reformed on 1 May 1946 by redesignating No 225 Group at Hindustan near Bangalore.  In July it took over units from Nos 226 and No 4 (Indian) Groups when they disbanded.  It took over all RIAF training in May 1947 and was probably absorbed into Royal Indian Air Force.

 1 Jul 1940              Gp Capt H G W Lock?

 1 May 1946            A/Cdre E F Waring

xx xxx 1946             A/Cdre A L A Perry-Keene?

  Listings of units and personnel controlled by this Group available in the Member Area


No 3 (Indian) Group

This was formed at Barrackpore on 1 May 1946 by redesignating No 228 Group and disbanded on 1 June 1947, with its units being transferred to Nos.1 and 2 (Indian) Groups.

 1 May 1946            A/Cdre H F V Battle


No 4 (Indian) Group

This was formed at Agra on 1 May 1946 by redesignating No 227 Group and was disbanded by being downgraded to No 4 (Indian) Wing, within No 2 (Indian) Group on 15 July 1946.

 1 May 1946            A/Cdre A L A Perry-Keene

This page was last updated on 02/11/17

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