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Air Vice Marshal F W Long (15139)

Francis William             b: 10 Oct 1899            r: 2 Nov 1953                    d: 25 Mar 1983

CB - 1 Jan 1946, DL - 1963.

(Army):- 3AM: 10 Oct 1917, 2 Lt (P): 23 Feb 1918

(RAF):- 2 Lt (P): 1 Apr 1918, 2 Lt: 17 Jun 1918, Fg Off: 2 Sep 1921, Flt Lt: 1 Jul 1927, Sqn Ldr: 1 Jan 1936, Wg Cdr: 1 Jan 1939, (T) Gp Capt: 1 Mar 1941, Act A/Cdre: 5 Dec 1942?, Gp Capt (WS): 5 Jun 1943, (T) A/Cdre: 1 Oct 1944, Gp Capt: 1 Dec 1944, A/Cdre:  1 Jul 1947, AVM: 1 Jan 1950,

10 Oct 1917:          Miscellaneous (Aviator), Reserve Depot, RFC (100089)

10 Oct 1917:          Cadet, RFC

23 Feb 1918:          Appointed Flying Officer, RFC

 3 Nov 1918:          Attached, No 1 ASD

 7 Nov 1918:          Pilot, No 65 Sqn

15 Dec 1918 - 5 Jan 1919:        Attended course at 5th Army RAF School

 4 Feb 1919:           Pilot No 10 Sqn

 8 Feb 1919:           Pilot, No 108 Sqn.

 2 Sep 1921:           Supernumerary, RAF Depot.

 3 Mar 1922:           Pilot, No 55 Sqn.

18 Oct 1924:           Pilot, No 47 Sqn.

16 Jan 1926:            Test pilot, Experimental Section, RAE.

18 Sep 1929:           Test Pilot, M.A.E.E.

11 May 1931:          Member, RAF High Speed Flight.

RAF high speed flight including orlebar1.JPG (149901 bytes)
Photograph of the RAF High Speed Flight.  F W Long is 3rd from the left.  Also on the photo are J N Boothman (2nd from the right) and A H Orlebar (4th from the right).


12 Feb 1932:           Flight Commander, No 8 Sqn.

14 Nov 1932:          Personnel Staff, Aden Command.

 8 Mar 1934:            Adjutant/Instructor, No 604 Sqn AuxAF.

21 Dec 1934:           Supernumerary, RAF Depot

21 Jan 1935:            Attended RAF Staff College.

 4 Jan 1936:             Staff, Directorate of Peace Organisation. (left by Dec 39)

xx xxx 1939:            Director of Air Organisation, RAF Mission to Canada

 5 Dec 1941:            Deputy Director of Policy (Overseas).

12 Apr 1943:           SASO, HQ Combined Operations.

xx xxx 1943:             Director of Combined Operations (Air).

11 Mar 1945:           SASO, AHQ India.

27 Aug 1945:            AOC, No 1 (Indian) Group.

11 Aug 1947:           Director of Ground Combat Training.

 1 Nov 1948 :          Director of Operations.

 8 Dec 1949:            SASO, HQ Middle East Air Force

 9 Apr 1952:            AOC, No 23 (Training) Group.

He was educated at Lancing School and in 1931 was selected to be a member of the RAF High Speed Flight, which provided Britain's entry in the Schneider Trophy competition.

Recommendations for the award of Commander of the Order of the British Empire

LONG, Francis William, G/C (Royal Air Force) -RAF Mission to Canada (December 1942)

"This officer has made a valuable contribution towards the success of the Air Training Plan from the days of its inception.  As Director of Air Organization at Ottawa for 21 months, his problems were many.  By his initiative, tact and devotion to duty he rendered conspicuous and highly important service.  He is now back in this country serving at the Air Ministry as Deputy Director of Plans (Overseas)."

(Source: Air 2/8925 )

Citation for the award of Companion, Order of the Bath

LONG, Francis William, A/C (Royal Air Force) - Combined Operations Headquarters  (intended for Birthday Honours List of June 1944 which may (or may not) have had a bearing on his award of Companion of the Order of the Bath)

"This officer has served as Senior Air Staff Officer from April 1943 to December 1943 and from the latter date as Director of Combined Operations (Air).  He has worked with great efficiency and untiring energy.  In addition to his own work he has been Chairman of the Amphibious Warfare Committee and his ability and knowledge have resulted in the Committee pressing forward with the development of technique and equipment for Combined Operations.  His personality, technical ability and cooperative spirit have greatly assisted in the smooth and efficient working of the Headquarters."

(Source: Air 2/9003) 

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