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Department of the Chief of the Air Staff - Personnel April 1946


MRAF The Lord Tedder Chief of the Air Staff, GCB  1 Jan 1946
Mr B Humpreys-Davies Private Secretary  
  Vacant Assistant Private Secretary  
Sqn Ldr M P Fellowes Personal Assistant  
Sqn Ldr G H Wiles    1 May 1940
AM Douglas C S Evill Vice Chief of the Air Staff, KCB, DSC, AFC; later ACM 21 Mar 1943
Mr M McF Davis Private Secretary  
Miss E C Perry Assistant Private Secretary  
Mr S T Gunnis Personal Assistant  
AM Albert Durston Deputy Chief of the Air Staff, CB, AFC  
Gp Capt W F Dry Staff Officer 22 Jul 1940

Thomas M Williams

Assistant Chief of the Air Staff (Operations), CB, OBE, MC, DFC; later AM  1 Aug 1944
Mr S E Little Acting Staff Officer  

John N Boothman

Assistant Chief of the Air Staff (Technical Requirements), CB, DFC, AFC; later ACM  
AVM Thomas W Elmhirst Assistant Chief of the Air Staff (Intelligence), CB, CBE, AFC; later AM   6 Jan 1937
Sqn Ldr F A Jones Staff Officer 23 Mar 1945
AVM William F Dickson Assistant Chief of the Air Staff (Policy), CB, CBE, DSO, AFC; later MRAF  
Sqn Ldr J A McCorquodale Staff Officer  7 Jun 1944
Scientific Adviser to the Air Ministry
Dr H R Hulme MA, PhD
Scientific Adviser on Telecommunications
Sir Robert Watson-Watt Scientific Adviser on Telecommunications, CB, FRS
Miss E Stanley-Clarke Private Secretary  
Directorate-General of Signals

William E Theak

Director-General, CBE  6 Oct 1945
Directorate of Signals


Gp Capt Henry G Blair Deputy Director; later A/Cdre 11 Sep 1944
Gp Capt N D Gilbart-Smith Deputy Director, CBE  
Gp Capt Thomas U C Shirley Deputy Director, CBE; later AVM  
Col G I Burgess-Winn Deputy Director  
Wg Cdr E C G Babcock OBE  1 May 1944
Wg Cdr Anthony G P Brightmore later A/Cdre 30 Jun 1945
Wg Cdr L T Card    
Wg Cdr L Maxwell-Miller    
Wg Cdr W TH Nicholls    
Wg Cdr B J Stevenson   22 Nov 1945
Sqn Ldr R Davidson    
Sqn Ldr A Fry    
Sqn Ldr R I Gray    1 Aug 1944
Sqn Ldr W D H Gregson    6 Oct 1944
Sqn Ldr G Haworth DFC, DFM  
Sqn Ldr J P Hitchin   25 Oct 1945
Sqn Ldr D N Locke    2 Oct 1944
Sqn Ldr N W Maskell    
Sqn Ldr G B Masters   13 Sep 1945
Sqn Ldr T C Morgan    
Sqn Ldr D A Oxby DSO, DFC, DFM  
Sqn Ldr C G Payne    
Sqn Ldr W C Proctor    
Sqn Ldr R B Ransome    
Sqn Ldr E Strachen   10 Nov 1945
Sqn Ldr E V Vincent   13 Aug 1945
Sqn Ldr J L Whitford    
Sqn Off J L Barber WAAF  
Flt Lt G E P Bouch    1 May 1944
Flt Lt A J Burnett    8 Nov 1945
Flt Lt J S B Coatman    
Flt Lt J A A Foot    
Flt Lt D L Hart    
Flt Lt J H P Paskell    1 May 1944
Flt Lt J G Wilson   27 Sep 1945
Flt Off A Sissons WAAF  
SO M B Duncan WAAF  
Mr J F Watson Acting Staff Officer, MBE  
Mr L Barnes Acting Higher Clerical Officer on loan from other Government Dept
Miss M J Heard Acting Higher Clerical Officer on loan from other Government Dept
Directorate of Radio
A/Cdre   Director  
Gp Capt Crichton C Morton Deputy Director; later A/Cdre  
Gp Capt George H Randle Deputy Director; later A/Cdre  25 Sep 1944
Mr W G N Chew Acting Assistant Director on loan from another government dept  
Wg Cdr R V Fiddick   28 Aug 1944
Wg Cdr C E Horne    
Wg Cdr John H Hunter-Tod later AM 20 Jan 1945
Wg Cdr W G Lawrence    
Wg Cdr T A Scarff OBE  2 Apr 1943
Wg Cdr Eric V Stokes later A/Cdre  
Wg Cdr E H Webb    1 Jun 1945
Sqn Ldr A E Basford    
Sqn Ldr W H A Bourne    1 Feb 1945
Sqn Ldr J F Brown    1 Oct 1945
Sqn Ldr C E Browning DSO 15 Dec 1945
Sqn Ldr I R Campbell-Bruce    6 Dec 1943
Sqn Ldr L G Coombs   12 Apr 1945
Sqn Ldr G F Cordon   19 Apr 1943
Sqn Ldr John Goodman later A/Cdre 16 Oct 1945
Sqn Ldr F E Ludgate   19 Jan 1943
Sqn Ldr J F Montgomerie    2 Aug 1944
Sqn Ldr J Simmons    
Sqn Ldr D M J Tyre   14 Sep 1942
Sqn Ldr D A Weale    
Sqn Ldr F W Wort   26 Jan 1942
Flt Lt J G Adams    9 Nov 1945
Flt Lt A R Aldridge   24 Aug 1944
Flt Lt N G V Anslow    2 Oct 1944
Flt Lt P H Bayley   24 Mar 1943
Flt Lt R G Golder   17 May 1943
Flt Lt D C Greenhalgh    
Flt Lt E F Jones    
Flt Lt J H Leckenby   22 Jun 1943
Flt Lt L J Lewis    4 Mar 1943
Flt Lt H B Lymna   22 Oct 1945
Flt Lt R J Modridge   11 Feb 1944
Flt Lt E H Sandall    1 Jan 1945
Flt Lt F A Short   10 Aug 1944
Flt Lt R J Smith   12 Apr 1943
Flt Lt T A Tansley   10 Jan 1944
Flt Lt T Taylor   25 Oct 1943
Mr G G Craig Acting Staff Officer  
Mr S H Hodges Acting Staff Officer  
Mr J D Swallow Acting Higher Clerical Officer  
Mr A W Haddock Acting Higher Clerical Officer  
Mr G A Ashton Acting Higher Clerical Officer  
Mr C Alfred Acting Higher Clerical Officer on loan from another Government Dept.
Mr W G Boyd Acting Higher Clerical Office on loan from another Government Dept.
Mr R J Muskett Acting Higher Clerical Office on loan from another Government Dept.
Mr J F Nockles Acting Higher Clerical Office on loan from another Government Dept.

Deputy-Directorate of Armament

AVM Gerard Combe Director-General  5 Feb 1945
Gp Capt Maurice L Heath, OBE; later AM  
Wg Cdr A E Lowe MBE, DFC  9 Jul 1945
Directorate-General of Ground Defence
Maj-Gen A E Robinson Director-General, DSO  4 May 1945
A/Cdre Harold J G E Proud Director, CBE 14 Jan 1946
Gp Capt M D Thunder Deputy Director 16 Jul 1945
Wg Cdr K W J Robinson Assistant Director 14 Aug 1945
Wg Cdr H Hawkins    8 Feb 1942
Wg Cdr M A V Russell   25 Sep 1944
Lt Col S G Dickson    1 Jun 1945
Lt Col H H Farthing    3 Sep 1945
Sqn Ldr M Tarbet   18 Sep 1945
Sqn Ldr M O Taylor   18 Apr 1945
Sqn Ldr R G B Vessey    1Oct 1945
Sqn Off P Vine WAAF 25 Nov 1945
Flt Off E M Caldwell WAAF 17 Dec 1945
Flt Off H E M Johnson WAAF  
Assistant Chief of the Air Staff (Operations)
Directorate of Operations

Denis H F Barnett

Director, CBE, DFC; later ACM 11 Jun 1945
Gp Capt Edward L Colbeck-Welch Deputy Director, DFC; later AVM  
Gp Capt V C Darling Deputy Director 5 Feb 1944
Gp Capt Walter C Sheen Deputy Director, OBE, DSO; later AVM  5 Dec 1945
Gp Capt R F Shenton    
Wg Cdr Edward D Crew DSO, DFC; later A/Cdre  6 Aug 1945
Wg Cdr D A Davies DFC 28 Jun 1940
Wg Cdr W J Marshall MBE 30 Nov 1945
Wg Cdr Edward G L Millington OBE, DFC; later A/Cdre  
Wg Cdr W W T Ritchie AFC 10 May 1945
Wg Cdr J H Sindall DSO 24 Jul 1945
Lt Col E G Hollist   11 Sep 1945
Sqn Ldr V W Armitage   26 Apr 1944
Sqn Ldr L A Malins    6 Oct 1945
Sqn Ldr Angus A N Nicholson later A/Cdre 19 May 1945
Sqn Ldr K H Osborne-Young DFC  6 Oct 1945
Sqn Ldr C M Owen DFC  3 Sep 1945
Sqn Ldr L G Press AFC 13 Nov 1945
Sqn Ldr A C Shirreff    1 Oct 1945
Sqn Ldr D W A Stones DFC  
Sqn Ldr J R Urwin-Mann DSO, DFC  1 Aug 1945
Sqn Ldr D A Watson DFC  
Maj J G Boyd   16 Apr 1943
Flt Off B David WAAF  
Flt Off A V Goddard WAAF 29 Oct 1943
Directorate of Navigation
A/Cdre Geoffrey I L Saye Director, OBE, AFC; later AVM  
Gp Capt C E Morse Deputy Director  
Gp Capt John G Davis Deputy Director, OBE; later ACM  
Gp Capt Henry R Graham Deputy Director, DSO, DFC; later AVM  
Wg Cdr J P Selby Assistant Director  
Wg Cdr M Wyatt Assistant Director, DFC  8 Feb 1945
Wg Cdr J Barrett DFC  
Wg Cdr D W Burnet-Rae    
Wg Cdr

Kenneth V Garside

DFC; later AVM 16 Aug 1945
Wg Cdr C R Hattersley DFC  
Wg Cdr T Q Horner    
Wg Cdr A T H Willis    
Cdr (RN) J D Chappell    
Sqn Ldr I L B Aitkens    
Sqn Ldr I M Brodie    
Sqn Ldr D C Clark    1 Aug 1945
Sqn Ldr M P Davies    
Sqn Ldr J P Davis    
Sqn Ldr A J Dowling   26 Nov 1945
Sqn Ldr P S Huggett    
Sqn Ldr J A King    
Sqn Ldr G W A Parker   12 Oct 1945
Sqn Ldr D F Wilson    1 Feb 1945
Flt Lt K W Hall    6 Jul 1945
Flt Lt P E L Halls   22 Aug 1945
Flt Lt G H Hughes   12 Nov 1945
Flt Lt R E Skitch    3 Sep 1945
Flt Lt K Tebbutt   10 Sep 1945
Flt Off E Smorthwaite WAAF  
Operations - Planned Flying and Maintenance
Gp Capt P F Canning CBE 13 Nov 1945
Sqn  Ldr T S Kitching DFC  
Deputy Directorate of Photography
Gp Capt M B Edwrds Deputy Director  
Wg Cdr R J Abrahams    
Wg Cdr H C Westwood    
Sqn Ldr K J Dunkinson    
Flt Lt E A Grover   10 Dec 1945
Flt Lt N W Larman    
Deputy Directorate of Science
Dr B G Dickens Superintendent, OBE, BSc, ARCS, DIC, PhD  
Dr G A Roberts Principal Scientific Officer, BA  
Mr I G de Teissier Principal Scientific Officer, BA  
Mr T E Easterfield Scientific Officer, BA, MSc  
Mr F Morgan Scientific Officer, BA  
Dr G W Robertson Scientific Officer, BSc, PhD  
Wg Cdr S D McDonald MBE  
Wg Cdr H G Mossford    
Sqn Ldr E J Cowan    
Sqn Ldr L Farrington    
Sqn Ldr R W H Stevenson    
Sqn Off J M Perry    
Assistant Chief of the Air Staff (Technical Requirements)
Directorate of Operational Requirements (I)

Alfred R Wardle

Director, AFC  4 Oct 1937
Gp Capt T B Cooper Deputy Director, OBE, DFC 10 Feb 1945
Gp Capt Howard Ford Deputy Director, AFC; later AVM  1 Nov 1944
Wg Cdr Denis Crowley-Milling DSO, DFC; later AM  1 Oct 1944
Wg Cdr A H Hewitt    7 May 1945
Wg Cdr K A Merritt    5 Sep 1945
Wg Cdr A W Millson    
Wg Cdr F V Morello    1 Mar 1945
Lt Col G P P Pollitt    5 Mar 1945
Sqn Ldr T W Evans DFC 23 Nov 1940
Sqn Ldr W M M Gilmour    1 Nov 1945
Sqn Ldr R E Glover    
Sqn Ldr S E Harrison   13 Aug 1945
Sqn Ldr G W Johnson   20 Aug 1945
Sqn Ldr David C H Simmonds later A/Cdre  6 Dec 1945
Sqn Ldr A I Sladen DSO 16 Apr 1945
Flt Lt D M Lambert   13 Aug 1943
Mr W F Jaggs Acting Staff Officer  
Mr E W Bates Acting Higher Clerical Officer  
Directorate of Operational Requirements (II)

Colin P Brown

Director, CBE, DFC; later AVM 19 Aug 1942
Gp Capt Frederick S Stapleton Deputy Director, DSO, DFC; later AVM 15 May 1945
Wg Cdr W J Harper   23 Nov 1944
Wg Cdr M A Snowball   24 Nov 1945
Wg Cdr Frank E Tyndall BSc; later A/Cdre  
Sqn Ldr Charles S Betts later AVM 27 Jan 1945
Sqn Ldr W S Bourne    9 Sep 1944
Sqn Ldr L A Jackson   24 Nov 1940
Sqn Ldr T C MacNamara    7 Jan 1946
Sqn Ldr G P Marsden   11 Jun 1944
Deputy Directorate of Air Tactics
Gp Capt L C Slee Deputy Director, DSO, DFC 16 Dec 1945
Wg Cdr R B Dashper   26 Oct 1945
Wg Cdr B E Dobb   31 Jan 1944
Wg Cdr E H McHardy    
Wg Cdr E A Morrison    
Wg Cdr J F Newman DSO, DFC 17 Jan 1946
Wg Cdr Philip J Sanders DFC; later A/Cdre  
Assistant Chief of Air Staff (Intelligence)
Directorate of Intelligence (Operations)
A/Cdre Roland E de T Vintras Director; later A/Cdre  1 Oct 1945
Wg Cdr Alan H C Boxer DSO, DFC; later AVM 31 Mar 1946
Sqn Ldr K H Bayley    
Sqn Ldr C H March    1May 1942
Sqn Ldr G W Spenceley    1 May 1942
Flt Lt D Culver   11 Apr 1945
Flt Lt B B Gregory   14 Sep 1945
Flt Lt L A Jacketts    2 Jul 1945
Flt Lt R G Jebb    
Flt Lt N E Leigh   27 Oct 1945
Flt Lt P K Lickfold    
Flt Lt E E Medland    
Flt Lt R C D McKenzie    
Flt Lt F Menist    
Flt Lt G I A Moes    
Flt Lt A Parkin    
Flt Lt S Y Vitalis    9 May 1945
Flt Lt C H R Wade    
Flt Off M K Fearnehough WAAF  
Flt Off M S Manduell WAAF  
Deputy Directorate of Intelligence (3)
Gp Capt W D Blackwood Deputy Director, DFC 16 Jun 1945
Wg Cdr A Bruce    
Wg Cdr G S Hebron    
Wg Cdr K Smith    
Wg Cdr E A A Shackleton    
Sqn Ldr D G Barnes    
Sqn Ldr J E G Bown    
Sqn Ldr P J Coles   13 Jun 1945
Sqn Ldr K Dear    1 Oct 1945
Sqn Ldr J L G Glaister    8 Oct 1945
Sqn Ldr R A Kraty    
Sqn Ldr A T Leaming   18 Sep 1945
Sqn Ldr W W Loxton    
Sqn Ldr V E Mearles    
Sqn Ldr V G J Phillips    
Sqn Ldr D D E Rogers    
Sqn Ldr P E Vaughn-Fowler    
Flt Lt W C P Cory    1 Sep 1945
Flt Lt J C Cox    1 Sep 1945
Flt Lt N P M Elles    
Flt Lt J C Evans    8 Mar 1944
Flt Lt S B Evison    
Flt Lt R L Fraser    
Flt Lt V B Gutsell    
Flt Lt M B Hull    
Flt Lt T W Lightfoot   10 Sep 1945
Flt Lt J F L Long   29 Feb 1944
Flt Lt T J Pimbley   16 Oct 1045
Flt Lt D L Risdon   10 Apr 1944
Flt Lt E D S N Sparkes    
Flt Lt E P Stephan-Smith DFM 15 Sep 1944
Flt Lt G P Tinson    
Flt Lt D W Turner    
Flt Lt D L Walters    4 Nov 1943
Flt Lt C W E Yates    
Flt Off G Deans WAAF  
Flt Off M E Curtis WAAF 23 Dec 1941
Flt Off N W McKelvie WAAF 28 Jan 1945
Flt Off E M Sagar WAAF 10 Nov 1941
Fg Off G D Dulley    7 Nov 1944
Fg Off E C Eaton   25 Oct 1945
Fg Off J H Gingell    
Fg Off R A W Harrison    
Fg Off A V King    
Fg Off M E Marriott    
Fg Off P E Raymond   13 Aug 1945
Fg Off A Shirtliff    
Fg Off J Thorndike    
Fg Off E Vear    
Fg Off R J Yea    
SO P Burnside WAAF 13 Oct 1945
SO A R Chantler WAAF  
SO M B H Hughes WAAF  
SO S Morgan WAAF  
SO J A Parsons WAAF  9 Mar 1943
SO N M Prichard WAAF  
SO S M Scott WAAF 23 Feb 1944
SO E N Wicksteed WAAF 17 Nov 1943
Plt Off T Owen    
Mr N H Wallis Special Appointment, FRSI, MBE  
Mr H J Clark Higher Clerical Officer  
Miss E I Shanks Civilian Assistant  
Miss R Meynell Civilian Assistant  

Directorate of Intelligence (Research)



Deputy Directorate of Intelligence (2)
Gp Capt F C de la P Beresford-Peirse Deputy Director  
Wg Cdr W R Acott    6 Mar1945
Sqn Ldr E J Girard    
Sqn Ldr G M Heath    
Sqn Ldr D Newton    
Sqn Ldr D C Nutting    
Sqn Ldr K C Rogers    2 Nov 1945
Sqn Ldr G Wilkinson   12 Oct 1943
Sqn Ldr K H Williman    1 Dec1944
Flt Lt S E Cowen    
Flt Lt O C Dinerman    
Flt Lt P J Farr    
Flt Lt D L Figgis    
Flt Lt C H Goldie    5 Sep 1945
Flt Lt V H Jarvis   30 Mar 1945
Flt Lt R A I King    
Flt Lt J L Newton    
Flt Lt J P E Peters    
Flt Lt J B Pow    
Flt Lt J A Purves    
Flt Lt E A Wren    7 Oct 1945
Fg Off W J Brett   18 May 1945
Fg Off A C Simmons   15 Oct 1945
SO P M Thomas WAAF  
Assistant Directorate of Intelligence (Science)
Dr R V Jones Assistant Director, CB, CBE, MA, DPhil  
Dr F C Frank Principal Senior Scientific Officer, OBE, BSc, DPhil  
Mr D J Garrard Senior Scientific Officer  
Mr J C E Jennings Senior Scientific Officer  
Mr E G Ackerman Scientific Officer, GM  
Flt Lt M C H Beavis Scientific Officer  
Flt Off M D Masterman Scientific Officer, WAAF  
  R Lampit Special Appointment  
Deputy Directorate of Intelligence (Organisation and Security)
Gp Capt Noel S Paynter Deputy Director, CB 28 Sep 1945
Wg Cdr C H Blyth   28 Nov 1940
Wg Cdr F H A Harrison   28 Dec 1942
Wg Cdr S B Reay   26 Sep 1945
Wg Cdr G M Thackrah    
Wg Cdr James R Whelan later A/Cdre  
Sqn Ldr W H Angus    
Sqn Ldr P Bracher   26 Sep 1945
Sqn Ldr J R Canham    
Sqn Ldr C B Flockhart    
Sqn Ldr D J A Griffiths    
Sqn Ldr W F Lowe    
Sqn Ldr R H Luck    
Sqn Ldr H H Oak-Rhind    3 Dec 1942
Sqn Ldr J A Simpson   17 Sep 1945
Sqn Ldr N A Wiliams    6 Aug 1940
Flt Lt A V Breen    
Flt Lt C A U F Chichester    
Flt Lt T O Davies    
Flt Lt A F Derry    
Flt Lt V F Driver    
Flt Lt E Forbes    8 Oct 1945
Flt Lt L P King   31 Oct 1941
Flt Lt K A C Leather   19 Nov 1945
Flt Lt C E Lloyd-Davies    
Flt Lt H B F Lymna    
Flt Lt E V G Mackenzie    
Flt Lt A Mawer    
Flt Lt B L Middleton    
Flt Lt N H Sagar    
Flt Lt G G Slack    6 Oct 1945
Flt Lt K S Stubbs   22 Oct 1944
Flt Lt S W Wilding    
Flt Off E A Hughes WAAF 28 Sep 1942
Flt Off M A M Wigzell WAAF  
Flt Off I L Humphreys WAAF  
Fg Off W E Davis    
Fg Off J Reilly    
Fg Off J Siddle    
SO P Craddock WAAF  
SO R Hull WAAF 23 Feb 1943
SO P A Lampard WAAF  
SO E M D Parsons WAAF  
Plt Off R H Elliott    
Gp Capt J O Archer CBE, RAFO Retired Officer  
Mr S L Pettit Special Appointment  
Mr C H Sargant Special Appointment  
Mr J C MacNair Acting Higher Clerical Officer  
Assistant Chief of the Air Staff (Policy)
Directorate of Plans

Walter L Dawson

Director, CBE; later ACM 19 Jun 1943
Gp Capt John H Edwardes Jones Deputy Director, CBE, DFC, AFC; later AM 13 Nov 1945
Gp Capt Douglas G Morris DSO, DFC; later AM  
Wg Cdr F E W Birchfield OBE, AFC 23 Mar 1945
Wg Cdr

Reginald H C Burwell

DFC; later A/Cdre  
Wg Cdr P W D Heal AFC  
Wg Cdr W A Toyne   5 Oct 1945
Directorate of Policy (Air Staff)

Douglas MacFadyen

Director of Policy (Air Staff), CBE; later AM 21 Jan 1944
Gp Capt Bernard A Casey Deputy Director of Policy (Air Staff) (2); later A/Cdre  
Gp Capt Alick Foord-Kelcey Deputy Director of Policy (Air Staff) (1), AFC; later AVM  6 Mar 1944
Gp Capt Donald M T Macdonald Deputy Director of Policy (Air Staff) (3), later  AVM 30 May 1945
Wg Cdr R D Yule DSO, DFC - ASP 2  9 Jul 1945
Wg Cdr

Stanley B Grant

later AVM - ASP 3  
Wg Cdr D L Pitt DSO, DFC, AFC - ASP 4  9 Jul 1945
Wg Cdr Leslie Fox DSO, DFC; later A/Cdre - ASP 4  6 Dec 1945
Wg Cdr R D Williams DFC - ASP 5 27 Oct 1943
Wg Cdr Christopher J Mount DSO, DFC; later A/Cdr - ASP 6  
Wg Cdr J O'Niell ASP 7 25 Aug 1944
Wg Cdr W Bradshaw OBE, DFC  
Wg Cdr John H Lapsley OBE, DFC; later AM  
Directorate of Staff Duties

Theodore N McEvoy

Director of Staff Duties, OBE; later ACM xx Dec 1944
Gp Capt Gareth G Barrett Deputy Director of Staff Duties, CBE; later A/Cdre  
Gp Capt A Wall Deputy Director of Staff Duties  8 May 1944
Wg Cdr D C Smith SD 1  9 Jul 1945
Sqn Ldr R A E Milton SD 1  
Sqn Ldr V G Owen-Jones SD 1 9 Jul 1945
Sqn Ldr J S Perry SD 1  
Sqn Ldr M B Whitbread SD 1 16 Jul 1945
Wg Cdr Thomas R Thomas DFC; later A/Cdre - SD 3  
Wg Cdr E B Beauman    
Wg Cdr G M Robinson DFC  
Sqn Ldr S A Carr    9 Aug 1944
Sqn Ldr N S C Chapman    
Directorate of Air Transport Policy and Operations
A/Cdre Richard B Jordan Director, DFC; later AM  
Gp Capt C Bird Deputy Director  
Wg Cdr D R Bagnall   29 Jun 1945
Wg Cdr D L R Halliday DFC 23 May 1945
Wg Cdr D King   12 Jun 1944
Sqn Ldr H S Burrows   28 Feb 1945
Sqn Ldr L F Middleton DFC 27 Feb 1945
Sqn Ldr J A Newington AFC  
Sqn Ldr L Podger    3 Sep 1945
Maj G Gallitzine    
Directorate of Allied Air Co-operation and Foreign Liaison
A/Cdre John W F Merer Director; later AVM  
Gp Capt Viscount Acheson Deputy Director, OBE  
Gp Capt H W Pearson Rogers Deputy Director, CBE  8 Feb 1945
Wg Cdr H C Biles   19 Apr 1943
Wg Cdr J B Coward    5 Dec 1945
Wg Cdr F H Denton    2 Sep 1945
Wg Cdr B S Jones DFC 17 Sep 1945
Wg Cdr M J B Stoker   18 Jul 1940
Hon Wg Cdr W E N Growden    
Sqn Ldr A D Andrew    3 Sep 1945
Sqn Ldr J R Cuthbertson   20 Sep 1945
Sqn Ldr F R Godsmark    1 Nov 1945
Sqn Ldr W T Jones    1 Nov 1943
Sqn Ldr F S Lovell    
Sqn Ldr C Marshall    
Sqn Ldr N K Porter   20 Nov 1945
Sqn Ldr E C L Richardson    9 Jan 1941
Sqn Ldr M S J Wilton    
Sqn Ldr Philip H G Wintle    
Sqn Off M F Gordon-Wilson WAAF  6 Dec 1943
Flt Lt R Bailey   26 Sep 1945
Flt Lt A R Dickinson    5 Apr 1941
Flt Lt R T Hughes    8 Oct 1945
Flt Lt S T Jakimowicz    7 Mar 1941
Flt Lt R P F Kirvan    1 Dec 1945
Flt Lt C W Lidbury   28 Aug 1945
Flt Lt R W Nicholson    3 Mar 1941
Flt Lt J W B Peel    5 Dec 1944
Flt Lt B F O Proddow    3 Sep 1945
Flt Lt R N Smith   21 Sep 1945
Flt Lt S Sroka    
Flt Lt E L Thompson    
Flt Lt K J Uffen   13 Sep 1945
Flt Off E M Haslam WAAF  5 Feb 1944
Flt Off E Spowart WAAF 28 Oct 1943
Flt Off A F Walters WAAF 21 Apr 1942
Fg Off E D H Renton    
SO M L Douglas WAAF 26 Jan 1945
SO R L Hammond WAAF 30 Nov 1945
SO S F Robertson WAAF 31 Jul 1945
  J B Hogan Acting Staff Officer  
  H C Slade Acting Higher Clerical Officer  
  H P Orviss Acting Higher Clerical Officer  
  A E T Facey Acting Higher Clerical Officer on loan from another Government Department  
Air Staff Policy 1
Gp Capt Francis D S Scott-Malden DSO, DFC; later AVM  
Wg Cdr Alan D Frank later AVM  
Wg Cdr D E Milson    
Sqn Ldr J F Ginnett    
  W D Rusbatch Acting Higher Clerical Officer  

Source - April 1946 Air Force List

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