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HQ No 88 Group Personnel, locations and units

This Group was formed on 10 April 1945 at Kinnellan House, Murrayfield Road, Edinburgh to control units during Operations Apostle and Doomsday in Norway.  The Group began work on 6 May 1945 and an element began moving to Norway on 12 May, arriving at Gardermoen on 1 June 1945, leaving a rear element at Turnhouse.

June 1945

Location Command Controlled
Kinnellan House, Murrayfield Road, Edinburgh Fighter Command
  • No 128 Wing - Turnhouse

  • No 129 Wing - Turnhouse

  • No 130 Wing - Turnhouse

  • No 132 (Norge) Wing - North Weald

  • No 1318 RAF Regiment Wing - Dyce

  • No 120 Squadron - Bentwaters

  • No 130 Squadron - North Weald

  • No 165 Squadron - Bentwaters

  • No 276 Squadron - Portreath

  • No 331 Squadron - Dyce

  • No 332 Squadron - Dyce

  • No 33 ASR Marine Craft Unit - Felixstowe

  • No 88 Group Communication Flight - Turnhouse


Rank Name Date Notes
AVM John A Boret  7 May 1945 Air Officer Commanding, CBE, MC, AFC
Air Staff
Gp Capt R W G Lywood    
Gp Capt E H Stevens    
Wg Cdr M E Blackstone    
Wg Cdr P H Gibbings    
Sqn Ldr H D W Flowers    
Sqn Ldr R S Day    
Sqn Ldr K Schadtler-Law    
Administrative Staff
Sqn Ldr W H Forbes-Mitchell    
Sqn Ldr S E A Brown    
Sqn Ldr P Hancock    
Sqn Ldr N W F Codd    
Staffs of the Services
Sqn Ldr E J Praill   MBE
Wg Cdr P F Overton    
Sqn Ldr L H Mansell    
Sqn Ldr C E Fookes    
Wg Cdr N J Fagan    
Sqn Ldr A B Rivlin    
Sqn Ldr P Goldsmith    

Source - June 1945 Confidential Air Force List

The rear element moved to Oslo on 8 June 1945 with the Norwegian element disbanding on 20 November followed by the UK elements  at Dunsfold between 30 November and 31 December 1945.

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