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HQ No 211 Group Personnel, locations and units

This Group was formed on 5 November 1941 as Nucleus Group Western Desert until redesignated no 211 (Medium Bomber) Group on 10 December under the control of AHQ Western Desert at Maaten Bagush.  It moved to El Adem on 15 January 1942 and then back to Maaten Bagush on 25 January before disbanding on 3 February.

It reformed on 12 March 1942 at El Adem under the control of Middle East Command as No 211 (Offensive Fighter) Group.  It was now highly mobile and moved as required to maintain its position alongside Army HQ.  It disbanded on 17 September 1943 but was still listed in the December edition of the CAFL

December 1943

Location Command Controlled
Benina North-West African Air Forces
  • Unable to list units at present


Rank Name Date Notes
AVM Richard L R Atcherley 11 Apr 1943 Air Officer Commanding, OBE, AFC; later AM
Air Staff
Wg Cdr George D Garvin 21 Jul 1942 later A/Cdre
Sqn Ldr G C O'Dea 29 Mar 1942  
Sqn Ldr M C Badcock 29 Mar 1942  
Sqn Ldr G H Westlake 15 Mar 1943  
Administrative Staff
Wg Cdr F R McAllister 23 Nov 1942  
Staffs of the Services
Sqn Ldr E CG Badcock  7 Apr 1942 Chief Signals Officer, OBE

Source - December 1943 Confidential Air Force List


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