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Air Commodore C J Mount

Christopher John ('Mickey')                   b: 14 Dec 1913                       r: 26 Dec 1966                 d: 23 Jul 2002

CBE – 2 Jan 1956, DSO – 1 Oct 1943, DFC – 26 Nov 1940, BA.

(AuxAF):- Plt Off: 23 Nov 1935, Fg Off: 23 May 1937.

(RAF):- Plt Off: 26 Sep 1938 [26 Dec 1936], Fg Off: 26 Mar 1939 [26 Jun 1938], Flt Lt (WS): 3 Sep 1940 [26 Jun 1940], Act Sqn Ldr: xx Mar 1941, (T) Sqn Ldr: 1 Sep 1941, Act Wg Cdr: xx xxx xxxx, (T) Wg Cdr: 1 Jul 1943, Wg Cdr: 1 Oct 1946, Gp Capt: 1 Jul 1951, A/Cdre: 1 Jan 1958

xx xxx xxxx:            Member, Oxford University Air Squadron.

23 Nov 1935:         Pilot, No 600 (City of London) Sqn AuxAF.

26 Sep 1938:          Relinquishes his Commission in the AuxAF

26 Sep 1938:          Granted a Permanent Commission in the rank of Pilot Officer.

25 Jul 1939:            PA to AOC, HQ No 13 (Fighter) Group.

21 Jul 1940             Attended Operational Training Course, No 6 OTU

 8 Aug 1940:           Flight Commander, No 602 (City of Glasgow) Sqn AuxAF.

xx Mar 1941:          Officer Commanding, No 317 (Polish) Sqn. (Hurricane I)

xx Apr 1941:          Officer Commanding, No 260 Sqn. (Hurricane I).

23 Jun 1941:           Officer Commanding No 260/450 Sqn

xx xxx 1941:           Hospitalisation

xx Mar 1942:          Officer Commanding, No 238 Sqn. (Hurricane I/IIb)

xx Jul 1942:            Attended No ? OTU (Wellingtons)

xx Apr 1943:          Officer Commanding, No 104 Sqn.

 4 Jan 1944:            Air Staff, HQ Middle East Command.

18 Nov 1944:         Attended Course No 13, RAF Staff College (Overseas), Haifa.

xx xxx 1945:           Air Staff, ASP 7, Directorate of Policy (General).

xx Dec 1945:          Air Staff, ASP 6, Directorate of Policy (Air Staff).

 1 Jan 1952:            SASO, HQ No 81 (Fighter) Group.

xx Mar 1954:          Group Captain - Plans, HQ 2nd Tactical Air Force.

15 Nov 1955:         Group Captain - Operations, HQ 2nd Tactical Air Force.

17 Feb 1958:          Director of Policy (A).

xx xxx 1959:           Director of Air Staff Briefing.

15 Aug 1960:          SASO, HQ No 11 (Fighter) Group.

 2 Mar 1964:           Director of Operations - Air Defence and Overseas.

Known as 'Micky', his father had been killed at the Battle of Loos in World War One and his elder brother was Sir William Mount, an MP.  Educated at Eton and then Trinity College, Oxford, where he read Law. Whilst at University he joined the University Air Squadron and after graduating joined the Auxiliary Air Force, but three years later he decided to join the regular RAF.   

During the Battle of Britain he was a flight commander in another, former, Auxiliary squadron, No 602 with whom he was awarded the DFC.   With the Battle over, he was promoted to Squadron Leader and posted to Acklington, where he was tasked with forming a new Polish squadron, No 317, but a month later he moved to Drem to take command of No 260 Squadron.  260 was immediately embarked aboard HMS Victorious and taken to Gibraltar, where they transferred to HMS Ark Royal.  Once within range of Malta, he led his squadron from the carrier to the island, however, this was not their intended destination and following a rest, the squadron proceeded to Egypt.  The squadron was then sent to Palestine to take part in the operations against the Vichy French in Syria.  Here he was taken ill and initially misdiagnosed by a vet, he was taken into hospital suffering from a burst appendix.

Returning to operations, he assumed command of No 238 Squadron, equipped with Hurricanes and brought his score up to four, including one in the Battle of Britain.  Handing over command of No 238, he then began converting to twin-engined bombers and in April 1943, he was given command of No 104 Squadron, equipped with Wellingtons.  He led 104 in attacks against targets in Italy and supported the Alliedlandings at Salerno.

After attending the Staff College at Haifa, he undertook a number of staff appointments and commanded a number of stations until he retired in 1966.  He then took a refresher course in Law and joined the solicitors firm, Wrights in Maidenhead, Berkshire, becoming a partner in 1970 until 1979.  In 1984, he was appointed Deputy Lieutenant for Berkshire.

Citation for the award of the Distinguished Service Order

"MOUNT, Christopher John, W/C, DFC (36162, Royal Air Force) - No.104 Squadron

An outstanding leader of a bomber squadron, Wing Commander Mount has completed three tours of operational duty, and has commanded his squadron since March 1943. He has taken part in many sorties, and in May 1943 participated in an attack on Messina. Despite intense and accurate opposition he pressed home his attack, and although his aircraft suffered damage from the enemy defences, very good results were obtained. Always prepared to undertake any task, whatever the conditions, this officer sets an example which has been reflected by the crews of the squadron and his flying ability and personal tuition have done much to maintain the high standard of airmanship prevailing in the unit."

(Source: Air Ministry Bulletin 11627)

Citation for the award of the Distinguished Flying Cross.

“Flight Lieutenant Christopher John MOUNT (36162) - No.602 Squadron.

This officer has shown outstanding ability as a leader.  One day in October, 1940, he led his squadron against the enemy with out- standing success when eight of their aircraft were destroyed without loss.  Flight Lieutenant Mount has himself destroyed two and damaged a further three  enemy aircraft.”

 (London Gazette – 26 November 1940)

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