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Air Vice-Marshal H W Heslop (04054)

Herbert William            b: 29 Oct 1898                          r: 6 Feb 1955                              d: 27 Dec 1976

CB 1 Jan 1946, OBE 3 Jun 1931, AFRAeS.

(Army): - 3AM: 30 May 1917, (T) 2 Lt: 27 Sep 1917.

(RAF): - 2 Lt (P): 1 Apr 1918, Lt: 9 Apr 1918, Fg Off: 1 Aug 1919, Flt Lt: 1 Jul 1925, Sqn Ldr: 1 Dec 1933, Wg Cdr: 1 Oct 1937, Gp Capt: 1 Dec 1943, (T) A/Cdre: 1 Oct 1944, A/Cdre: 1 Jul 1947, Act AVM: 24 Mar 1952, AVM: 1 Jan 1953.

30 May 1917               Cadet, Recruit Depot, South Farnborough.

27 Sep 1917:               Appointed to a Commission on the General List (RFC)

 6 Jun 1918:                  Attached, No 1 ASD

13 Jun 1918:                 Pilot, No 20 Sqn

2-13 Dec 1918:            Admitted to No 3 Casualty Clearing Station (Influenza)

17-19 Jan 1919:           Attended Course at ERS

 3 Mar 1919:                Returned to Home Establishment

20 Jun 1919:                 Attached, IAR

28 Jun 1919:                Pilot, No 62 Sqn

28 Jul 1919:                 Pilot, No 22 Sqn

 1 Aug 1919:                Appointed to a Permanent Commission in the rank of Lieutenant (Aeroplane Branch)

 2 Sep 1919:                Returned to Home Establishment

28 Jan 1920:                Pilot, No 114 Sqn

 1 Apr 1920:                Pilot, No 28 Sqn.

xx xxx xxxx:                  Supernumerary?

15 Sep 1924:                Attended Aircraft Engineering Course, Inland Area Aircraft Depot.

31 Aug 1925:               Engineer Officer, Armament and Gunnery School.

29 Oct 1927:                Proceeding to Canada

 5 Nov 1927:                Attached to the Royal Canadian Air Force.

24 Mar 1929:               Flight Commander, No 24 Sqn.

22 May 1933:              Engineering Officer, RAF College, Cranwell.

22 Jul 1935:                 Engineering Officer, HMS Glorious.

 8 Nov 1937:                Assistant Director (Aircraft Installation), Joint Directorate of Scientific Research and Technical Development.

24 Apr 1940:               Transferred to the Technical Branch.

xx xxx xxxx:                 Group Captain - Technical Services (Current Programmes)/Head - Aircraft Installation Section, Technical Department, British Air Commission, Washington.

12 Aug 1943:               Engineer Officer, HQ Flying Training Command.

xx xxx xxxx:                  Command Engineer Officer, HQ Flying Training Command.


16 Aug 1947:               Director of Aeronautical Inspection Services.

 2 Apr 1951:                Senior Technical Staff Officer, HQ Bomber Command

24 Mar 1952:               Senior Technical Staff Officer, HQ Middle East Air Force.

Citation for the award of Officer, Order of the British Empire

HESLOP, Herbert William, F/L

"As a flight commander in No.24 (Communications) Squadron this officer has been charged with the preparation and carrying out of numerous long cross-country flights involving a responsibility that does not allow for failure.  Complete reliance can be placed on his judgement in all matters affecting his duties. An exceptionally navigator, he possesses the essential quality of taking all factors into consideration and keeping to his decisions when made.

Flight Lieutenant Heslop has for some time acted as the service pilot of the Prime Minister and other important personages."

(Source - Air 30/89)

Recommendation for the award of Officer, Order of the British Empire

This recommendation was raised on 26 September 1930 by the Commanding  Officer, No.24 (Communications) Squadron, as follows: -

"His foresight and sound judgement are borne out by the complete reliance that can be placed in all his work both in the preparation and carrying out of numerous long cross country flights involving a responsibility that does not allow for failure.

He is an exceptional navigator with that essential quality of taking all possibilities into consideration and sticking to his decisions.

I cannot amplify the good influence and confidence he gives to all who serve both under and with him, and know that in submitting his name for the award of the Air Force Cross his work would only receive just recognition."

On 30 October 1930 Air Vice-Marshal A E Borton, Air Officer Commanding, Fighting Area, Royal Air Force, minuted this as follows:

"I strongly recommend F/l Heslop for the award of Membership of the Order of the British Empire."

(Source - Air 2/1027)

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