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  Major-General F C Heath-Caldwell

Frederick Crofton           b: 21 Feb 1858                    r: 22 Feb 1919                d: 18 Sep 1945

CB - 24 Jun 1910, JP (Cheshire).

(Army): - (T) Lt: 25 Jan 1877, Lt: 14 May 1878 [25 Jan 1877], Capt: 25 Jan 1888, (B) Maj: 26 Jan 1888, Lt Col: 20 Nov 1900, (T) Col: 8 Jan 1906,  Col: 14 Jul 1906, (T) Brig-Gen: xx xxx xxxx, Maj-Gen: 11 Jul 1914.

(RAF): - Maj-Gen: 1 Apr 1918,

25 Jan 1877:               Officer, Royal Engineers.

xx xxx 1887:               Attended Army Staff College.

xx xxx 1894:               Brigade-Major/Secretary of the School of Military Engineering.

xx xxx 1899:               Staff Officer, Inspector-General of Communications.

xx Feb 1900:               Assistant Adjutant-General, South Africa.

13 Aug 1900:               OC Troops and Commandant, Hoopstad

30 Dec 1901:               Officer Commanding, Mobile Column.

12 May 1902:

xx xxx 1906:               Staff, Director of Personal Services.

xx xxx xxxx:               Staff, Director of Recruiting and Organisation.

xx xxx 1908:               Inspector of Royal Engineers

15 Aug 1913:               Officer Commanding , Scottish Coast Defences.

 1 Dec 1914:                 Director of Military Training.

26 Mar 1916:                GOC, Portsmouth Garrison.

 1 Apr 1918:                 GOC, No 1 Area

 8 May 1918:                GOC, South-Eastern Area RAF.

 1 Feb 1919:                 Relinquished command of South-Eastern Area.

22 Feb 1919:                Retired from the Army.

21 Feb 1925:                Ceased to belong to the Reserve of Officers on attaining the age limit for liability.

The son of Admiral Sir Leopald Heath, he assumed the extra name of Caldwell following the death of his great aunt 1n 1913, under the conditions of the will of his great uncle, James Stamford Caldwell.  He was never officially transferred to the general list of the RAF  but with it's formation and the need for officers of his rank to command the newly created Area HQ's, he was appointed GOC, South Eastern Area.  He took part in the Egypt Expedition of 1882 and the Sudan Expedition the following year.  During the South African War of 1899-1902 he fulfilled a number of appointments, both on the staff and at the front.

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