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Air Vice-Marshal P Furniss (47829)

Peter                b: 16 Jul 1919              r: 1 Apr 1982             d:  11 Dec 2005

CBE 10 Jun 1966, DFC 29 Dec 1944, TD - 17 Jul 1964.

(Army): Pte: xx xxx 1938, 2 Lt: 3 May 1939, Lt: xx xxx xxxx.

(RAF (GD)): (T) Plt Off: 31 Jan 1942, Fg Off (WS): 1 Oct 1942, Flt Lt (WS): 31 Jan 1944, Act Sqn Ldr: xx xxx 1945.

(RAF (Legal)):  Flt Lt: 1 Sep 1951, Sqn Ldr: 11 Sep 1957, Wg Cdr: 11 Sep 1965, Gp Capt: 5 Jan 1971, A/Cdre: 1 Jan 1975, AVM: 1 Jan 19798.

xx xxx 1938:               Soldier, Liverpool Scottish (TA) Regiment.

3 May 1939:                Officer, Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders (87333)

xx xxx 1942:                 U/T Pilot.

xx Mar 1943:               Pilot, No 241 Sqn. (Hurricanes)

xx xxx 1943:                 Pilot, No 154 Sqn. (Spitfires)

xx Oct 1944:                Liaison Officer, Sofia, Bulgaria.

xx xxx 1945:                 Flight Commander, No 253 Sqn.

xx xxx 1945:                 Officer Commanding, No 73 Sqn.

1946 1950:               Practising Law.

11 Sep 1950:                Relinquished his Commission in the Cameron Highlanders

11 Sep 1950:                Relinquished his Temporary Commission in the RAF.

11 Sep 1950:                Appointed to a Permanent Commission in the Legal Branch in the rank of Flt Lt.

11 Sep 1950:                Staff Officer, Directorate of Legal Services

xx Feb 1951:                Legal Officer, HQ Middle East.

xx xxx xxxx:                 

28 Dec 1953:                Legal Officer, Directorate of Legal Services

xx xxx xxxx:                  

18 Mar 1957:               Legal Officer, Directorate of Legal Services

12 May 1958:              Legal Officer, HQ 2nd Tactical Air Force/RAF Germany

13 Jul 1961:                 Command Legal Officer, HQ Air Forces Middle East

19 Jul 1963:                 Staff Officer, Directorate of RAF Legal Services

18 Jan 1965:                Legal Officer, RAF Germany.

xx Mar 1969:               Head Legal Officer, Singapore

xx xxx xxxx:                  Deputy Director of RAF Legal Services.

xx Dec 1978:                Director, RAF Legal Services.

After leaving school at Sedburgh, he joined a firm of solicitors in Liverpool and resumed his studies at the end of the war.

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