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Radar locations in North-West Europe 1944-1945

This section shows the movement of radar and signals units through North-West Europe from June 1944 to February 1945.

Ground Radar Sites, Assault and Build up stages - Operation 'Neptune' (Plan for British Sector)

Item Unit Expected Date/Notes
1 No 13 Fighter Direction Tender D-Day
2 No 216 Fighter Direction Tender D-Day
3 No 217 Fighter Direction Tender D-Day
4 No 15082 GCI D-Day in American Sector
5 No 85 Group GCI/COL D+3
6 No 483 Group Control Centre D+1
7 No 15083 GCI D-Day
8 No 6091 LWS D-Day
9 No 307 Mobile Signals Servicing Unit D+9
10 No 15053 FDP D+1
11 Advanced Main HQ - No 83 Group D+1
12 No 15054 FDP D+4
13 No 6093 LWS D+4
14 No 6092 LWS D+1
15 No 6113 LWS D+9
16 No 8024 GCI D+9

Radar Locations - 22 August 1944

The map above shows the relative distances of radar units from the front-line despite attempts to keep up with the Armies' advances.  Unfortunately the original document from which this map was prepared does not include a key so it is difficult to determine the purpose of some of the units (particularly the ones shown by single letters).  However, it is assumed that the units shown in red are working with the IXth Air Force USAAF, whilst those in blue are working under the control of 2nd Tactical Air Force.

Radar Locations - 20 September 1944

The map above shows how the radar units had overcome some of their mobility issues by September 1944 and were now able to keep up with the advance of the Allied ground forces.  Again the original document from which this map is produced does provide a key and whilst some units are identified by the AMES number, other are not.  The meaning of the numbers and letters in brackets is unclear and may indicate units working together as a net.

Radar Locations - February 1945

Units in Blue - No 85 Group

'Nelly' was a AI Mk X unit adapted for ground use.

Units in Red - No 83 Group

Units in Green - No 84 Group

'Nelly was a Mark X (SCR 720) set operating from the tower in the casino at Blankenberghe to provide surface cover for the Royal Navy and began operating on 27 September 1944 until it moved to top of the lighthouse at West Kapelle in December.

In February 1945 an American AN/ATP-3 set was placed at Fort Flenxbueg on Walcheren to provide additional coverage to the Scheldt Estuary.

Radar locations in February 1945         

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