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Bomber Command - March 1939

No 1 (Bomber) Group

Unit Location/Administered by
RAF Station Abingdon Abingdon, Berkshire
No 15 (Bomber) Sqn RAF Abingdon
No 40 (Bomber) Sqn RAF Abingdon
No 103 (Bomber) Sqn RAF Abingdon
Station Flt RAF Abingdon
Otmoor Bombing Range RAF Abingdon
RAF Station Andover Andover, Hampshire
Station Flt RAF Andover
No 12 (Bomber) Sqn RAF Andover
No 142 (Bomber) Sqn RAF Andover
RAF Staff College RAF Andover
Perton Bombing range RAF Andover
RAF Station Bicester Bicester, Oxfordshire
No 90 (Bomber) Sqn RAF Bicester
No 101 (Bomber) Sqn RAF Bicester
RAF Station Boscombe Down RAF Boscombe Down
No 88 (Bomber) Sqn RAF Boscombe Down
No 150 (Bomber) Sqn RAF Boscombe Down
No 218 (Bomber) Sqn RAF Boscombe Down
No 21 (Bomber) Sqn RAF Eastchurch
RAF Station Harwell Harwell, Oxfordshire
No 105 (Bomber) Sqn RAF Harwell
No 107 (Bomber) Sqn RAF Harwell
No 226 (Bomber) Sqn RAF Harwell
Oxford University Air Sqn (a) RAF Abingdon

(a) Directly under Air Ministry for technical and operational administration

No 2 (Bomber) Group

Unit Location/Administered by
RAF Station Bassingbourn Bassingbourn, Cambridgeshire
No 104 (Bomber) Sqn RAF Bassingbourn
No 108 (Bomber) Sqn RAF Bassingbourn
RAF Station Cottesmore Cottesmore, Rutland
No 35 (Bomber) Sqn RAF Cottesmore
No 207 (Bomber) Sqn RAF Cottesmore
RAF Station Cranfield Cranfield, Bedfordshire
No 62 (Bomber) Sqn RAF Cranfield
No 82 (Bomber) Sqn RAF Cranfield
RAF Station Hucknall Hucknall, Nottinghamshire
No 98 (Bomber) Sqn RAF Hucknall
RAF Station Upper Heyford Upper Heyford, Oxfordshire
No 18 (Bomber) Sqn RAF Upper Heyford
No 34 (Bomber) Sqn RAF Upper Heyford
No 57 (Bomber) Sqn RAF Upper Heyford
RAF Station Upwood Upwood, Huntingdonshire
No 52 (Bomber) Sqn RAF Upwood
No 63 (Bomber) Sqn RAF Upwood
RAF Station Wyton Wyton, Huntingdonshire
No 114 (Bomber) Sqn RAF Wyton
No 139 (Bomber) Sqn RAF Wyton
Station Flt RAF Wyton

No 3 (Bomber) Group

Unit Location/Administered by
RAF Station Feltwell Feltwell, Norfolk
No 37 (Bomber) Sqn RAF Feltwell
No 214 (Bomber) Sqn RAF Feltwell
RAF Station Honington Honington, Suffolk
No 75 (Bomber) Sqn RAF Honington
No 215 (Bomber) Sqn RAF Honington
RAF Station Marham Marham, Norfolk
No 38 (Bomber) Sqn RAF Marham
No 115 (Bomber) Sqn RAF Marham
RAF Station Mildenhall Mildenhall, Suffolk
No 99 (Bomber) Sqn RAF Mildenhall
No 149 (Bomber) Sqn RAF Mildenhall
Station Flt RAF Mildenhall
Berners Heath Bombing Range RAF Mildenhall
RAF Station Stradishall Stradishall, Suffolk
No 9 (Bomber) Sqn RAF Stradishall
No 148 (Bomber) Sqn RAF Stradishall

No 4 (Bomber) Group

Unit Location/Administered by
RAF Station Dishforth Dishforth, North Riding of Yorkshire
No 10 (Bomber) Sqn RAF Dishforth
No 78 (Bomber) Sqn RAF Dishforth
RAF Station Driffield Driffield, East Riding of Yorkshire
No 77 (Bomber) Sqn RAF Driffield
No 102 (Bomber) Sqn RAF Driffield
RAF Station Finningley Finningley, West Riding of Yorkshire
No 7  (Bomber) Sqn RAF Finningley
No 76 (Bomber) Sqn RAF Finningley
RAF Station Leconfield (a) Leconfield, East Riding of Yorkshire
No 97 (Bomber) Sqn RAF Leconfield
No 166 (Bomber) Sqn RAF Leconfield
RAF Station Linton-on-Ouse Linton-on-Ouse, North Riding of Yorkshire
No 51 (Bomber) Sqn RAF Linton-on-Ouse
No 58 (Bomber) Sqn RAF Linton-on-Ouse

(a) Administered by No 25 (Armament) Group for training purposes

No 5 (Bomber) Group

Unit Location/Administered by
RAF Station Hemswell Hemswell, Lincolnshire
No 61 (Bomber) Sqn RAF Hemswell
No 144 (Bomber) Sqn RAF Hemswell
Misson Bombing Range RAF Hemswell
RAF Station Scampton Scampton, Lincolnshire
No 49 (Bomber) Sqn RAF Scampton
No 83 (Bomber) Sqn RAF Scampton
RAF Station Thornaby Thornaby, North Riding of Yorkshire
No 106 (Bomber) Sqn RAF Thornaby
No 185 (Bomber) Sqn RAF Thornaby
RAF Station Waddington Waddington, Lincolnshire
No 44 (Bomber) Sqn RAF Waddington
No 50 (Bomber) Sqn RAF Waddington
No 110 (Bomber) Sqn RAF Waddington

No 6 (Auxiliary) Group

Unit Location/Administered by
No units listed  

(a) Directly under the Director of Signals for technical administration

Source - March 1939 Air Force List

County names used are those in use at the time

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