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Help Wanted!     Requests 400-599

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If you would like to post a request for information please submit it to me using the link below and I will publish it on this page, please do not change the subject title.   If you can answer any of the queries posted, please submit your reply below, please indicate which request you are replying to: -

Send your request here

Request 599.    Posted 21 Sep 2008

I'm looking for a WAAF Peggy Kitching or Kitchin who worked "on the plot" at RAF Newmarket in 1942. She was engaged to my uncle Sgt Jim Kendal RNZAF who failed to return from a raid on 17/12/1942. Does anyone know what happened to her?

Request 598.    Posted 13 Sep 2008

I'm looking for information about RAF activities at Dollarbeg House in Clackmannanshire during WW2. I'm particularly interested in what was going on there during 1941. I understand that No.72 (Signals) Wing was located there and they were controlling radar stations in the north of England and Scotland. Does anyone have any more details? Was there anything else happening there in addition to radar?

Request 597.    Posted 13 Sep 2008

I am looking for a photo of the main entrance to RAF Padgate circa 1947/48.

Bill Waterworth

Request 596.    Posted 6 Sep 2008

I am looking for airman who was station at RAF Bruntingthorpe England back to 1956-1959.

Request 595.    Posted 26 Aug 2008

I am an ex RAF Police dog handler (Served in Ceylon) seeking any ex-RAF/FAA who served in Ceylon, (Sri Lanka) re research.

Jeff Robinson

Request 594.    Posted 24 Aug 2008

F/Lt  G. (Geoffrey ) Campbell –Brown   (wife’s uncle) 183 Squadron . Died 17th August 1944  flying Typhoon 1b  JP681 M by ME 109 whilst on recce mission over Falaise .  Buried at Caen.   Any information of interest would be appreciated.  Thank you.

Request 593.    Posted 23 Aug 2008

Does anyone remember or have information about; P/O Jack Dempsey Peel, RAFVR,115123.He and his crew flew  Stirling W7567 BU-S from No.214 Squadron, to target Duisberg on 24th July 1942.The aircraft was shot down by a night fighter P/OPeel was KIA and was buried at Werkendam in Holland.

Thank you for your help,

Request 592.    Posted 23 Aug 2008

My father was killed in a Canberra jet 29 Jan 1963 on reconnaissance.  There have been some family stories regarding a known problem with the altimeter usage and the then G.P.O. the R.A.F. put the crash down to pilot losing the horizon due to snowy conditions.  I wondered if there is any info on problems with this craft also if anyone out there knew my dad or anything about the crash .  I can find nothing on the web although I have been led to believe it was reported in the media of the time.  hopefully yours Caroline Lynn [nee broughton

Request 591.    Posted 17 Aug 2008

I have a copy of a Squadron Magazine...."TIGER RAG", dated Christmas 1944.

There are no clues as to which Squadron published this.........all I know is that it was somewhere in India.

I hope someone can fill in the missing detail.....Squadron number, and RAF Station.

Brian Knight>

Request 590.    Posted 17 Aug 2008

Mr Earle James Gordon Linklater  also known as 'Link' he was at RAF Silloth.  He was flying the Hudson bombers with No 608 squadron while serving in England, Gibraltar, Malta, Sicily, Southern  France and North Africa.  I  ask for some information if any off the men that were in squadron No 608 to reply

Request 589.    Posted 9 Aug 2008

My father James Smith born 1-1-28 was in the RAF. Wunstorf in 1946- 1948, in Germany. he met a Maria Kesseler who was born about the same year.  When my father left the RAF. he went to live with my grandmother in hackney, London.  Maria came looking for him and she was expecting his child.  I'm not sure what happened, but Maria left and my father had been searching for her for years until he died in November, 2005.
I want to carry on his search for her and their child- my half brother or sister. please could you help me in my search for Maria. i think she came from Lindlar, near Wunstorf and worked at the RAF base.  I'm sure that's where they met.
Please help me
Lesley Dean.  

Request 588.    Posted 9 Aug 2008

I am looking for any information  about my uncle Louis Gordon Oliphant Hutchison - known as Gordon. He served in the RAF during the second world war but I do not know in which squadron. He was a  great character! Please tell me if you knew him, plus any anecdotes.

Request 587.    Posted 9 Aug 2008

255 N/F Squadron was the first to be stationed at Hibalstow, a satellite, when it became (partially) operational in 1941.  We had been at nearby Kirton-in-Lindsey prior to that with the Eagle Squadron, among a couple of others, if I remember correctly.

Our C O then had made, from a single propeller blade and silver, model, ‘jerries’ (chamber pots) which hung from it by a silver chain.  All this was attached to a wooden base.  Each silver ‘jerry’ had the squadron pilot’s name, a/c, and date on which a German aircraft was destroyed thereon.  Unsurprisingly, I have never found anyone who knew what happened to this unique memorial and wonder if anyone can supply the answer.  One of my interests in it is because, in August of 1941, S/L (then) Johnny Bartlett gave me the job, when I was squadron gunnery officer, of having his idea created with the help of a well-known London jewellers!   After I had been posted to another unit, 255 squadron went, in a year or more, to the Middle East, so it may have ended up there.

Some squadron may have, even today, a very special artefact!  It’d be great to know if it is still in existence.

Michael F. Wynne-Willson.

RAFVR. 89625.

Request 586.    Posted 9 Aug 2008

228 Squadron Coastal Command - Pembroke Dock.

We are trying to trace the families of the crew of the Sunderland DW110 which crashed in January 1944 in the Blue Stack Mountains in Ireland.  We are particularly interested in the following:

F/Lt Howard Charles Sheffield Armstrong DFC service number 42383 (killed 1944), Sgt C S Hobbs 1644857 (survived), Sgt Cyril Robinson Greenwood 1129218 (killed 1944, Sgt John Ernest Parsons 1315937 (killed 1944), F/Sgt A "Jim" Gowans 1055929 (survived)

We have a memorial website and would like to contact as many family members as possible for a 65th Anniversary get together. the website is

Request 585.    Posted 1 Aug 2008

My grandfather died recently, he was in the RAF (ac/1 113 MU MEF). We know he was posted to Greece in 1944 and a prisoner of Greek rebels late in that year. If anyone can tell me what happened as I seem to go around in circles trying to find out. He refused to talk about it when we were younger. Also we have no idea what he actually did in the RAF but he could tell one plane from another by silhouette Many thanks Allison

Request 584.    Posted 1 Aug 2008

Removed by request of the enquirer

Request 583.    Posted 1 Aug 2008

My name is John Gemmell, living in Chilliwack. B.C. Canada.  I am trying to locate information about my uncle, Pilot Officer John Phipps DONCASTER after whom I was named.  John was with the RCAF, attached to the RAF, flying a Bristol Beaufighter at Malta when he was killed in July 1942, in company with his observer/gunner, a Sgt. Webster   It is my understanding they were engaged in anti-shipping sorties from Malta.   I have undertaken a project to build a large scale model aircraft which I wish to duplicate as much as possible that flown by my uncle.  I understand he was engaged in anti-shipping sorties out of Malta at the time of his death.  I will greatly appreciate the assistance of anyone to identify the actual "Mark"/Type of his aircraft, including its markings, colour scheme, armament, external equipment, etc.  Please forward any/all info to : John Gemmell using the link above or via mail to myself at #105-45769 Stevenson Road, Chilliwack, B.C.  Canada V 2 R   5 Z 2

Request 582.    Posted 12 Jul 2008

My name is Andrew Carlisle and wonder if anyone knew a Peter Carlisle. He was in the RAFVR as a Flying Officer and was awarded the DFC. He was killed on 28th September 1944, aged 24. His name appears on Panel 205 at the Runnymead Memorial. Unfortunately this is all I know about him, so I hope someone out there recognises the name.

Request 581.    Posted 5 Jul 2008

I am researching a project and the name of Flt Sgt B Mitchell who may have been stationed at Mount Batten in 1967 has turned up – but I no other information than that.  Can anyone help me?

Lesley Dewar

East Victoria Park  6101

Western Australia

Request 580.    Posted 5 Jul 2008

I am trying to trace an old acquaintance.  Squadron Leader Sidney Virgo was Senior Mt. Officer at Piarco airfield, Trinidad, between 1945 and 1947.  The only information I have is that he was either a Maths or Science Master at a Harrogate school before WWll. 

Request 579.    Posted 28 Jun 2008

Looking for relatives of Simon Cole (Fleet Air Arm?) or any leads to this man

Apparently kicked out for flying under one of the Thames bridges in protest to the cancellation of Another Brit Plane by the Government of the Day (TSR2?) Our harold! 

I know people here (South Africa) who have read a newspaper cutting that Simon showed them, about this incident, but I don't know which paper or what date. 

Simon (like monty pythons parrot) is no-more, but I figure there must be some-one out there who gives a damn!

Any assist gratefully recieved

Request 578.    Posted 22 Jun 2008

I am searching for information about a cousin of my dad, Sgt Devinder Sidhu who had  joined the RAF and was shot down on night 28/29 April 1943,on a mission off the coast off Denmark ,laying mines in the Fahmarn Belt. The bomber crew [Stirling W7513] was declared missing. I have an old photograph of the crew lined up in front of the aircraft. He had initially joined the De Havilland Company as an apprentice prior to the war. He was also a very good Hockey player. He was the Flight Engineer of the Bomber. Sgt Halliburton was the pilot of the bomber which belonged to 75 Squadron based at Newmarket, England. The crew was all New Zealanders except for Sgt Sidhu who was an Indian. I am from India. My address- D. S. SARAO 1553, Sector 18D, Chandigarh, INDIA.   I would like to contact any family members of the crew.

Mr. D. S. Sarao

Request 577.    Posted 22 Jun 2008

I'm researching Blyton airfield's operational records, its hard to piece  all the parts together, but I will get there!  Lots of crashes in the airfield are, some from Blyton some not.  If anyone out there served there in any capacity I would welcome their comments.  Thanks Steve W

Request 576.    Posted 22 Jun 2008

I was wondering if you could possibly help me, by placing a note on your forum page. I am trying to find people who may of served with Jacques Lloyd who was based at RAF Hammerwood, East Sussex in 1945. He was French Canadian and originally from Newfoundland.
I would be most grateful for your help, or any other ideas you may have.

Very many thanks,

Kerrie Calladine

Request 575.    Posted 25 May 2008

I am trying to find anyone or their friends or elatives who may have known my father, Corporal Terry Fleet, he was an aircraft engineer in the RAF. Unfortunately I do not have much more to go on, he is now dead ( July 1993, Lung cancer). My Mum is Ann , then Mrs Ann Fleet, I was born at RAF Sealand in October 1959, and baptised at Hawarden.

I have a brother Terry and two sisters Susan and Colleen.

In 1961 Dad was posted to RAF Butzweilerhof, Köln, Germany. Our family is from Liverpool, England. dad's dad was in the RSF  I believe and understand that he deserted, and my dad was put under pressure from my gran to find grandad.

It would be great if someone out there could help an often felt displaced daughter. Mum and dad had a very acrimonious split ( long story).

Kind regards  Julie Gregory ( nee Fleet)

Request 574.    Posted 25 May 2008

During my continuing trawl through the internet for anything historical connected with the RAF Police, I recently came across a snippet of information regarding the RAF Police at RAF Akrotiri being placed on standby sometime in 1959 to deal with a mutiny and riot involving members of No 194 (Field) RAF Regiment Squadron at their tented barracks within the French Camp area. Strangely, it seems that all trace of this incident has been erased from the records and the squadron, which formed in 1952, was disbanded in 1960. To assist with my ongoing history of the RAF Police during its first 100 years, I would like to hear from anyone who can tell me more about this incident. I have e-mailed the web master on the RAF Regiment website and await any response although I doubt it will be positive because I understand that the incident may well have caused extreme embarrassment at the time to the RAF and the RAF Regiment.

Once again, if anyone can help then please contact me via the link above

Many thanks in anticipation.

Request 573.    Posted 25 May 2008

I am seeking information about 16 Sqn RAF, during the period in 1944 immediately after the D Day landings.

My Uncle, James Wallace, was a pilot with 16 Sqn at this time and was shot down and killed on 9 Sept 1944.

Any information about the Sqn, its aircraft at that time, or any survivors, most gratefully received.

Iain Ross Wallace

Request 572.    Posted 25 May 2008

I'm a television producer currently working on an exciting television documentary which will tell the WWII airborne story of the B-25 Mitchell. I'm therefore very keen to find any former RAF/RNAF crew to talk about their experiences in all the theatres of war in which the B-25 saw active service. I believe I'm looking for members of 98, 180 226, 305, 313 320 (Dutch), 342, 681 684 Squadrons.
I can be contacted directly on 0208 241 2104 or by email on the link above

Request 571.    Posted 10 May 2008

Would like to contact anyone from Class SE42-C - trained in USA. Phone # 509-465-4768

Tony Johnstone

Request 570.    Posted 3 May 2008

Some questions about a crew photograph probably made at 9th January 1944. 

Photo of RAF crew in Request 530

Standing (left to right): navigator F/O Alfred McKay) - wireless o/p Sgt Bill Davis - bomb aimer Sgt Tom Chidwick - tail gunner Sgt Harold Dyerson.

Sitting front row (left to right): mid upper gunner Sgt Alexander Shiels - pilot Sgt Gordon Pearce - flight engineer Sgt Roy Laybourne. McKay, Dyerson, Shiels, Laybourne were killed at April 27th as their Lancaster ND 873 (P/O George Nicholls) crashed near Asten in the south of the Netherlands after been shot down by a Messerschmitt. The Lancaster took off from Wickenby for an operation on Essen.

To the photo I have following questions:
-  Does anyone know where this photo was made? For sure not at Wickenby, probably at Lindholme?
-  Are Sgt. William Davis and Sgt. Gordon Pearce still alive? Or are some relatives or friends still alive, who possibly can tell more to this photograph?

Request 569.    Posted 3 May 2008

A very good friend of mine from boarding school days (so 30 years and counting!) is trying to trace anyone who may know his Dad who passed away whilst he was at school with me.  We both went to a military boarding school "Gordon Boys" in West End, Woking, Surrey.  Some pictures of him are shown below.

His father is: Anthony Earnest Windale

Died: 24th august 1974,aged forty years

Was in Episkopi 1968 to 1971, as a Medic, then at Leeming till his death in '74,

He was a member of the "buffalos" for a long time.

Request 568.    Posted 3 May 2008

I am trying to find some information on my late father who was based in Moenchen Gladbach in Germany, he was there from about 1954 to 1957.

His name was Corporal Patrick Fintan O'Connell 4009498, and was married to Eileen (nee sushams), they had four children, he was in the Royal Airforce, my brother and I were born in RAF Wegberg hospital, he went on to be posted in RAF Standbridge, Leighton Buzzard, Beds, any information would be of  assistance, with thanks, Christine.

Request 567.    Posted 26 Apr 2008


Request 566.    Posted 20 Apr 2008

I would like very much to know more about my late father's wartime RAF service. He was from Glasgow and his name was John Prentice. After training and service in England, he was posted to India and was with 2962 Squadron, RAF Regiment from its formation in 1944 until its disbandment in 1946, serving in Cocos (Keeling) Islands and on Java. His rank was LAC.

I should be grateful for any information, particularly about 2962 Squadron.

Request 565.    Posted 20 Apr 2008

Does anyone who frequents the board have details on S/Ldr Royd Martin FENWICK-WILSON (34218) latter Wing Commander Fenwick-Wilson, AFC.

I have details via Hugh Hallidays excellent site, I am after a photograph if possible and possible contact with his family. Can anyone help or point me in the right direction please.

Request 564.    Posted 13 Apr 2008


Will it be possible to get in contact with crew members of the Liberator A72-133 who ditched in an Indonesian island on 27/04/1945.

Last month I was in this island and I found testimonies ,they where living at the site of the crash in the morning of 27/04/1945.

Thanks a lot for your help.

C. Bernard.

Request 563.    Posted 13 Apr 2008

My name is Miss Jane Stachow and I live in Dorum , Germany . I do hope you will not mind my writing to you but I am trying to trace former members of the RAF who were stationed in Berlin in the very early nineteen fifties, exactly 1950 .  I would be most grateful for your help . Any information you might have regarding ore any of your colleagues at that time , including how I might still get in touch with them , would be most useful to me .

I do hope to heare from you as soon as possible.

With best regards

Jane Stachow

Request 562.    Posted 11 Apr 2008

I am trying to find up to date information on Ken Fixter, M.T. Mechanic, R.A.F. Jurby, I.O.M, 1954, or where do I go to get this information?  Can anyone help?

Allan Wall

Request 561.    Posted 11 Apr 2008

Can any one provide info. re RAF Binbrook, my father Terry 'TED' Baker was stationed there between 1952 and 1954,we visited the camp 07/04/2008 and he would like to hear from any one who remembers him.Kevin Baker

Request 560.    Posted 11 Apr 2008

I am Linda Prentice trying to find any information about my parents Marjorie and Robert Prentice whi met in wick and married. I am particularly trying to find out there Airforce ID numbers.

Request 559.    Posted 6 Apr 2008

Does anyone remember my Dad, Sgt J W Wood from Manchester. He was in 8 Squadron, flying in Wellington 13. He was a rear gunner.

Request 558.    Posted 25 Mar 2008

I'm Heinz Johannsen from Rendsburg Germany, I'm looking for members of the 2856 Sqdn. RAF Regt. and 309 Supply and Transport Column RAF,  both where stationed in Rendsburg 1945/46.  I'm still in contact with a few ex members. I was 10 years old at that time. Also looking for personal of the RAF Station Schleswig Land after the war and Berlin Airlift.  My phone Nr. 0049 4331 448855  it would be nice to have a response.  Thank you  .  Heinz Johannsen

Request 557.    Posted 15 Mar 2008

Re Squadron Leadrer Bob (Robert)Baelz

I am researching my late father's RAF career. He was stationed at Horsham St Faith in early 40's. During the war spent time in N Africa. Post war he commanded 74 sqadron.

Can anyone help?


Request 556.    Has been answered and removed

Request 555.    Posted 29 Feb 2008

Trying to find any info or pics of Arthur bird who I met recently now 89 he was a pilot during the war an intruder pilot and served with 23 and 605 squadron I believe he went on to be a commanding officer but so far I am drawing a blank, trying to find things I can present to him he's a gent.


Steven Mclelland, 9 Avon Close, Morton West, Carlisle, Cumbria, CA2 6RZ

I believe he features in a few books mainly A20  Boston at war

Request 554.    Posted 23 Feb 2008

I am looking for info on my father (Peter) George Hutchinson, recipient of the George Cross, who flew Blenheims with AM Sir Ivor Broom. After the war he was with the RCAF & later flew for various airlines inc. CPAir & Lufthansa. If anyone happens to know his present whereabouts or any other info, I would greatly appreciate hearing. Thank you.

Request 553.    Posted 17 Feb 2008

I am researching the history of St. Davids airfield in Pembrokeshire, and would like to communicate with anyone with information about its history, stories, photos etc.

Mike Bennett.

Request 552.    Posted 10 Feb 2008

Searching information on my father Air Vice Marshal Constantine Kriemadis OBE, Royal Hellenic Air Force. Served under Marshal of the Royal Air Force the Lord Tedder, Marshal of the Royal Air Force Lord Douglas of Kirtleside, Marshal of the Royal Air Force Sir John Slessor during WWII in ME, Italy and Balkans. Any information would be much appreciated. George Kriemadis Tel: +44-800-9179305, Fax: +44-845-2803452, email:

My father escaped from occupied Greece and joined the free forces in the Middle East. His commandant at the training school in England back in 1928 was what to become later, as Marshal of the Royal Air Force the Lord Tedder. After his arrival in Egypt he found that all staff positions at RHAF HQ were occupied and he then joined the RAFVR (at the request of his ex commandant). His career followed an interesting twist which ended with him becoming the commander of all RHAF squadrons (three) and took them from Egypt, to Italy and returned them to a Liberated Greece. In 1948 he was awarded the OBE for his service with the RAFVR. I would have liked to learn more about his action and his work with the RAF and for that I would much appreciate if anybody can suggest anything to pursue my research to the right direction even if outside help need to be hired.

Request 551.    Posted 3 Feb 2008




Request 550.    Posted 2 Feb 2008

I am wondering if anyone remembers my great uncle Charlie Wilshaw who was stationed at Manston in WW11. He married Winifred M Simmonds in 1939 in Kent . Charlie (or Charles) came from Denton Manchester. His name had been Charlie Greenhalgh but had been adopted after his mother died in 1918. If anyone can remember him I would love to hear from them.

Best wishes

Sheila Bruntnell

Request 549.    Posted 2 Feb 2008

I'm looking for anyone who was stationed at RAF Wittering in August 1960 My dad was stationed there then, I'm looking for people who might remember the crash of a Valiant BK1 XD864, please help as I am trying to find out what happened.

Richard Howard

Request 548.    Posted 27 Jan 2008

In 1940 my father, Squadron Leader D M T Macdonald (known to his friends as Mac and to his family as Calum) served with the Bomber Command HQ as part of the Advanced Air Striking Force, based near Rheims in France. As it was the Phoney War he had time enough to paint the mural (pictured below) of fellow RAF officers on the wall of a chalk cave. My family are trying to find out if anyone knows the officers in the picture. Of course the Phonye War ended in May 1940 and, according to one history, the squadrons of Fairey Battles were "decimated" and everyone had to limp back home to England. My father’s full RAF career is outlined elsewhere on this website at, which is great but of course there are gaps in his details, so any further information would be gratefully received.

Picture by D M T Macdonald

Request 547.    Posted 20 Jan 2008

We are trying to track down information about Lt Col Santos Cassani (he was South African). We want to know about his military life well we know he was in ww1 but we don't know if he was in ww2 (so we want to know squadrons, where he was stationed etc..) He was my great, great, great uncle so I never knew him. He was a famous man but I can't find out much about him so if anyone can help, please could you e-mail me using the link above.  Thanks!

Request 546.    Posted 20 Jan 2008

I am trying to trace anyone who came across my father during the war, Sgt. Kenneth Fenton from Drax, Yorkshire. He started his training at No.3 Recuit Centre, RAF Padgate then moved onto No.1 Receiving wing, No 4 initial training wing, 51 Group pool and No.2 Service Flying training school, Brize Norton where he was part of No 56 intake. He served in 13 Operational Training Unit (No 32 course) before being sent to 139 Squadron at Horsham St. Faith in June 1941, part of 2 Bomber Group.

He was shot down in his Blenheim on 1st July 1941 and spent the rest of the war as a POW in Dulag Luft, Stalag IXc, Bad Sulza, Stalag Luft 3, Sagan, Stalag Luft 6, Hyderkrug and then Stalag 357 at Thorn and then Fallenbostal. His crew were Sgt. Alan Andrew Fuller from Lingfield and Sgt. Robert William McDonald from Dunton Green, Sevenoaks. 

I have researched many details but would like to hear from anyone who could add anything.  Regards, Nick

Request 545.    Posted 16 Jan 2008

I am looking for my grandfather who was with the RCAF and was stationed in Sussex/Kent in 1939-1943.  He would have been billeted in Wadhurst or very near by.  I only have his name and that I believe he was French Canadian and that he went back to Canada in 1943? I have posted 100 letters to Canada, to people listed in the phone directory with the same surname, just 200 more to go, I am keeping my fingers crossed.  It is unlikely that he is still alive, but I am hoping his relatives can give me some information about him, if they were told of my fathers birth, I was only told his name 2 weeks ago.  If anyone anywhere can give me any info no matter how small, [where the barracks were, what squadron he was in] that would be great. Thank you for taking the time to read this.  His name was HAROLD LANGFORD approx age between 18-25 I think maybe a little older thank you I know its a long shot Debs 

Request 544.    Posted 16 Jan 2008


Picture of Terri Lynn Clark and her mother

Request 543.    Posted 16 Jan 2008

We're writing a book about WW II, particularly the Falaise Pocket in Normandy. We are interested in speaking to someone regarding the RAF's armed recce missions and the "cab rank" system that was used then. Would you be able to lead us in the right direction or put us in touch with someone who can help us?

Our best hope is to speak to a veteran who participated in those battles in August, 1944. If that is not possible, we would be very grateful if we could interview a historian or anyone else who is knowledgeable about those topics.

Thank you so much for your time and kind attention. Best regards, Libio Calejo and Aubyn WIlliams

Request 542.    Posted 5 Jan 2008

We are trying to trace Michael McGivern who was stationed in England during 1942-1946. He was with the Canadian Air Force stationed in Yorkshire. North of Leeds. While it is possible he is now deceased we would like to trace any relatives or descendants that he may have.

Thank You

Catharine Gordon (Mother Eileen) 

Request 541.    Posted 5 Jan 2008

On last day of June 2008, the Escadron de chasse 1/30 "ALSACE", which began as the GC1 then 341 Free French Squadron will be disbanded. An important ceremony will take place on the Base Aérienne (airfield) 132 at Colmar. Many veterans will be invited to commemorate this occasion.

From 1943 the Servicing Echelon was manned by British personnel. French personnel were only pilots, the doctor or clerks. Does anyone know if any British ex-ground-crew are still alive and wishing to be in touch with the Escadron Alsace?  If so, please contact Bertrand: (replace AT and with @)s

We are also seeking to find the following or their next of kin where they are deceased: Lt O-L. DAY then F/O MOORAT as Adjutant, F/O GODDARD as Technical Officer, P/O MAZUREK and T.S. SAMUEL as Intelligence Officer, F/Sgt NICKSON J. 1433140, W/O ROBERTS, POW 30/03/45, Sgt WILLIAMS Garfield,1653584, KIA 14/03/1945, Sgt DONOVAN Francis,1804364, KIA 03/05/45, P/O WILLIAMS, Ralph , 189383, KIFA 06/12/1945 and Sgt WOLLOSHIN, Gabriel,1569246, KIA 01/04/45 are also welcomed.

Many thanks,

Request 540.    Posted 5 Jan 2008

I am looking for information on Flying Officer Corran Perry Ashworth, RNZAF and RAF,  b. 25 September 1921, d. 3 August 1944.  He flew with 14, 32, 403 and 65 Squadrons and was based near Oissel, France at the time of his death He flew Spitfires and Mustangs and was good friends of fellow Kiwi, Johnnie Houlton. I have a site at and would appreciate any further information. Thanks.

Request 539.    Posted 27 Dec 2007

I am looking for information about my father “Kevin Hector Woods” who served in No1 wing, No1 R.T.C. Walton Lahore as a member of the permanent staff 1945

I don’t really know much about his time there except that he did quite well at boxing as I have a couple of his trophies. I do have some photographs with names of other personnel listed below

Cpl Milnes JE, Sgt Harrison T, P/O Deo VM (Adjt), F/Lt Shrimpton JBW (OC), F/Sgt James HJP (WWO), Sgt Adlam WG, Sgt Spray W, Cpl James CD, Cpl Lee PE, Cpl Burton GW, Cpl Smith A, Cpl Woods KH (my father), CPL smith AH, Cpl Dyson H, Cpl Singh E, Cpl Shah, A/C Despende, Cpl Khan MI, Cpl Khan GM, Ishar (young boy), Whiskey (dog)  

Any help would be appreciated.

Many thanks

David William Woods

Request 538.    Posted 27 Dec 2007

This is a long shot but really worth a try!  I am looking for anyone who was a student with the University Air Sqaudron in Cambridge during the Summer of 1947 and who may have attended the Kings College Hospital ball.  Even if you were not but have some tips or information on how I can advance my search, please can you contact me at  Thank you for your support.  This is very important to me.

Request 537.    Posted 27 Dec 2007

Our children’s charity is based at the former Bushey Hall at Bushey in Hertfordshire. We organise an extensive ww2 history and Evacuee experience using some of the original WW2 buildings at the site. The original hall has gone however.

We are keen to hear from any veterans who have any memories of being at Bushey Hall. Visit our website at for information

Request 536.    Posted 27 Dec 2007

I was a wireless operator with 285 wing desert air force from 1943-1945 would like to get in touch with any of my old comrades

Monty Fish

Request 535.    Posted 16 Dec 2007

I am trying to contact any one who knew my uncle Robert Edward (Bert or Bertie) Blair who was killed on operations in Italy on 4 January 1944.  He was an air gunner flying with 114 squadron in a Boston MK 111, serial no AL678 based in Foggia.  The rest of the crew were also killed - P J Hermolle, H L James and J Richardson and all are buried in the Moro River Cemetery near Pescara in eastern Italy.
Any information at all will be gratefully received
Fred Hunter

Request 534.    Posted 16 Dec 2007

Does anyone know what happened to the following officers who were at RAF Patrington around 1953/5?

Sqd. Ldr. Watt, Flt. Lt. Davison, F/O  "Slim" Rose, P/O  Wilkes?

Others around that time were Flt Lts. Gunning, Jeyes, Stromquist and it would be interesting to know what became of them.     Mike Clutten.

Request 533.    Posted 8 Dec 2007

Request answered and removed.

Request 532.    Posted 1 Dec 2007

I would be most grateful if anyone who knew my late father would have any information regarding his  withdrawal from Malaya when the Japanese invaded. He never would talk about his experiences from that period, all the family knows is that after being posted missing, nothing was heard  untill18 months later when he was in India. I have read accounts of personnel getting to Singapore and then a ship to India but my mother believed my father went north .The following details are vague as a lot of documents were lost. Sergeant Percy Richards with 60 or 62 Squadron based at either Alor Star or Butterworth station.
I would like to hear from anyone who was with him or based with him at this time.

Thank you.

Michael Richards.

Request 531.    Posted 1 Dec 2007

I am looking for anyone that served with my father in the Royal Canadian Air Force during WW2.  Below is the best of my information.

Jack Hodgkinson

Ontario, Canada


Piloted DC3’s in Burma delivering supplies  (Hump Pilot)

Came back to Canada and got into banking

Married Olive Faber @ 1947

Request 530.    Posted 1 Dec 2007 - removed 3 May 2008


Request 529.    Posted 25 Nov 2007

I would be interested in hearing from anyone who knows anything of 196 Squadron as it was in 1942, and also No 42 O T U Ashbourne in 1942.   My father, H. G. Cannon, aka "Gil Cannon DFC" was a member of both.  He was a rear-gunner.

Request 528.    Posted 18 Nov 2007

I am with a small Royal Canadian Legion in Western Canada and we are trying to obtain info on the following Serviceman for part of a memorial.

Flight Sergeant William Jamison

612 Sqdn

Born Belfast 09/02/16

Parents William and Mary Jamison

KIA Dec 25/41

Any info would be appreciated also any info on surviving family members.  Thank you ...Vern Graham

Request 527.    Posted 18 Nov 2007

Hi, we are hoping to find information about my Father, Keith Proctor who was based at RAF Linton-on-Ouse in the mid to late fifties.  We know that he flew both Meteor and Hunter aircraft with what we believe to be 245 squadron.  Any information on his time spent here would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you

Request 526.    Posted 13 Nov 2007

Hi, I am looking for any info on Peter Ross Hope born 1924 and died in 1943.  All I know is he was a member of the RAF. He was the son of Elsie Parry and Sidney Herbert Hope. Any information would be gratefully received.

Request 525.    Posted 13 Nov 2007

RAF; Folly, Hayscastle Cross, Warren and any chain home radar sites in Pembrokeshire

I am researching the above sites and will be pleased to receive any info, stories, pictures or pictures. I have contacted the last person to advertise on this site a few years ago, but need some fresh impetus. I am aware of the usual sources and have scoured the internet. thanks. Mike Bennett

Request 524.    Posted 13 Nov 2007

I have a letter written to Flight Officer McJannett, my father, on 3 June 1946 by a Cpl. Evans 538098 from M.T. Section at the R.A.F. Station in Pembroke Dock. The letter was to thank my father for helping Cpl. Evans out of a sticky situation but had a P.S. telling him he had won 2/6 in the St. Dunstan's draw.

I don't want to claim the prize (!) but if any one recognizes himself or a member of their family I'd be happy to send them the original.

Request 523.    Posted 13 Nov 2007

A close friend, AC2 Cadet Pilot Derek Emerson, was in 22 SFTS between May to August 1945. If any fellow members of 22 SFTS remember him, particularly James Crisp, please let me know.

Request 522.    Posted 10 Nov 2007

My second cousin, John James Clifton, was a Sgt WOP/air gunner with 150 squadron based at Snaith. His aircraft, a Wellington III X3674 JN-H, was shot down on the night of 5/6th June 1942 while on a raid to Essen. The aircraft came down at Benschop near Utrecht and he is buried at Amersfoot cemetry, Netherlands. The other crew members were: Sgt. G.F.G. Bonner (wop/airgnr) Sgt. H.R. Camfield (pilot) Fl.sgt. J.R. Cooper (wop/airgnr) Fl.sgt. T. Kay (pilot) Fl.sgt. A.D. Robert (observer I would appreciate any information/photographs any one may have on Snaith, 150 squadron at the time or the incident in question. Thank you very much Andrew Clifton

Request 521.    Posted 10 Nov 2007

I am trying to find out more information about the MISSING RESEARCH & ENQUIRIES SERVICE (variously MR&EU, MR&E, MRES, MREU), that my grandfather was attached to (Roger Rackham, No. 16 unit).  He qualified just before the War's end as a Lancaster Bomb Aimer, and was assigned to No. 61 Squadron at RAF Skellingthorpe in 1945, and was then assigned to the MRES.

I've been unable to find much information at all about the service, but have received some from Stuart Hadaway at the RAF museum (he has a book in publication on the service, due out March 2008).

Is there anyone who served with this service/unit who may have known my grandfather? (either from 61 Sqdn or No. 16 MRES).

I would be very grateful for information either on fellow servicemen or the unit/service itself.

Thank you very much,

Dr Anthony Butcher

Request 520.    Posted 4 Nov 2007

Removed due to query being successfully resolved

Request 519.    Posted 4 Nov 2007

My father, sergeant/pilot L. Joseph Morsheimer (1918-2000) joined the RAF via RCAF.  He delivered two Spitfires to Malta from the HMS Eagle in May and June of 1942.  I am commissioning a painting to honor this event and signed and numbered, limited edition prints will be GIVEN, FREE to 611 squadron, 126 sqn and 185 sqn pilots who still survive or their families so that they, like my Dad, are never forgotten.  I need help identifying and validating these families. 

Also, it would be very helpful to the artist if we can find some descriptions of the flight operations on deck during launch such as who was on deck doing what, as well as what uniforms and badges they were wearing.  We have some pictures of Spitfires on the Eagle, but any additional pictures or descriptions would be helpful.  We've had furious debates over camouflage schemes, as an example, and are just now focusing on the HMS Eagle sailors. 

I expect the artist to begin this in a couple of weeks and finish two months after that.  Anyone who provides material help will receive a free print.  My intent is that this will become a living memorial that is shared.  My Dad left his home in 1940, before his country was at war, to share his fate with you.  I am reaching across the Atlantic in a different way to honor our shared memories of our fathers and their contribution to our freedom. 


Fred Morsheimer
Amherst, NH USA

Request 518.    Posted 4 Nov 2007

I am preparing a book on tributes to Victoria Cross recipients and would be very pleased to hear from anyone who could let me know of any RAF station buildings (such as accommodation blocks) or roads that were named after any of the following air VCs:

Aaron, Ball, Barker, Barton, Bazalgette, Beauchamp-Proctor, Bell-Davies, Bishop, Campbell, Cheshire, Cruickshank, Edwards, Esmonde, Garland, Gibson, Gray, Hannah, Hawker, Hornell, Insall, Jackson, Jerrard, Learoyd, Liddell, Lord, McCudden, McLeod, McNamara, Mannock, Manser, Middleton, Mottershead, Mynarski, Nettleton, Newton, Nicolson, Palmer, Rees, Reid, Rhodes-Moorhouse, Robinson, Scarf, Swales, Thompson, Trent, Trigg, Ward, Warneford and West.

Many thanks for any help.  Alan Jordan (ex-RAF, 1963-74)

Request 517.    Posted 27 Oct 2007

Looking for a Roger J Boucher possibly from Massachuettes, served at R.A.F Sealand and then at Burtonwood in the late 1950s. Any info would be very much appreciated. Roger would be about 70 years now.

Request 516.    Posted 18 Oct 2007

We are trying to find history of Squadron Leader Terry Lockwood based at Church Fenton, Bawtry and Naples, lived in Carlton near Goole, please reply any info through link above

Request 515.    Posted 10 Oct 2007

Could anyone from number 2 sqn  5 flight,  June 1980, give me any info on Corp Boisell, Sgt North or Flying Officer Decamps,  email me at

Also Paul Sylvester from Halesowen if you see this plz contact me

Request 514.    Posted 7 Oct 2007

Accident to Avro Anson NK607 of 34 Wing Support Unit (?) 29SEP1944 at or near Alderstead Heath, Dean Lane, Merstham, Surrey (about 3 miles north of Redhill, on the North Downs). 5 of 5 occupants killed, including 2 Wing Commanders, one of whom (R B Cox) was the CO of 34 WSU. A/C was probably based Northolt and may have been transporting the 2 senior officers to France or Belgium. Little information is available locally.

One report suggests it hit a tree on this relatively high ground in fog, losing part of a wing; another that it had structural failure (there had been a number of Anson wing failures in 1943, leading to an investigation at the RAE). The accident Investigation Precis-reports for 1944 (all A/C types) are nearly all missing from the National Archive at Kew. 

The family of the Canadian navigator were given the impression that the accident was caused by crew error. I would like to know why.

Having seen a small-scale surface-pressure chart and from my understanding of contemporary procedures, it looks as if altimeter mis-setting is fairly unlikely to have been a factor in this accident. Airframe icing is a possibility, so I intend to look at the Met Office archives in the hope of discounting it. But I need the accident report.

Any information or suggestions would be appreciated,

Chris Scott

Request 513.    Posted 6 Oct 2007

I am trying news of a  pilot R.A.F crash  to 11 September 1944 in the Po Valley and just to Spinadesco. I know the history of the incident perhaps but the pilot was not Neo Zeland and perhaps he piloted a P47.

If you have an answer  they are pleasing.
Thank you

Request 512.    Posted 30 Sep 2007

I am researching the above named Spitfire Pilot who was killed whilst attempting to land his shot-up aircraft at Rochford, Essex on 14 September 1940 during the Battle of Britain.

Any information anyone may have in relation to Sgt Baxter or even his descendent family members would be very much appreciated.

Request 511.    Posted 29 Sep 2007

A member of the War Widows Association of Great Britain is desperate to meet anyone who knew her late husband

His name was Philip Van Rhodes, was 600 Squadron RAFVR City of London, died 18 February 1944.

If anyone can help please contact me through the link above.

Request 510.    Posted 29 Sep 2007

My great friend from school days in the U K was a Spit pilot in the Royal Australian Air Force.  He joined as a Sgt Pilot early in the war and was shot down on, perhaps, his first operational flight and was intensely burned facially and elsewhere, probably.

His name was JUM FALKINER., A well-known name in Oz, for sure.

After being shot down on his first operational flight I think it was, he was shifted from one P O W camp to another for the rest of the war.  After being released he was sent to Doc. MacInroe’s Burn Center and Hospital in the U K.  Due to his wounds he was never able to escape as he would have been too obvious, though he assisted in many.

Most sadly, I learned from his wife Anita, near Melbourne, that he died recently and I’d be delighted to hear if anyone remembers him, when and where, and would be glad to let Anita know, if so.

Thank you.

Michael Wynne-Willson

RAFVR. 89625.

Request 509 - answered and removed

Request 508.    Posted 22 Sep 2007

I know that it is not exactly RAF orientated but has anybody who passed through Loughborough College of Aeronautics between 1945 and 1960 got any photos of the Grumman Martlet Mk.I (serialled AL246) which resided there between these dates?  

It is currently under restoration at the Fleet Air Arm Museum and museum staff are keen to know what colours and markings were worn by their Martlet before they received it and so any help, be it photos or recollections would be most warmly received.

All the best  Tony O`Toole

Request 507.    Posted 22 Sep 2007

My name is Didier Jadot from Belgium. I intend writing a book about 630 Squadron between 1943 and 1945 and I would like to ask everybody that has any bit of information about this squadron to contact me. This book has the ambition of rerouping the histories and fates of the most possible crews that served there in East Kirkby, but also to make an accurate description and narration of everyday life and fear in those days..
Photographs, notes, newspapers clips, logbook extracts etc EVERYTHING is welcome.
This book is thought to be a sort of memorial to keep alive the sacrifice of the brave airmen of 630 Squadron, and a possibility of achieving a personal dream in tribute to a family member who died  june 22nd 1944,with his entire crew while serving there, on LE-U.

Request 506.    Posted 22 Sep 2007

Searching for any information on Howard McDermott, a Canadian who served with the RAF or RCAF at RAF Leeming during WW2. Believed to have returned to Ontario (but not sure) then married and had 3 children. Had a sister called "Bunny" and possiby died aged 50-60.



Request 505.    Posted 16 Sep 2007

We are looking for all related info about Ferdynand Mazulis RAF P-2130 OR F/O O-782565.  He was part of the 307 Polish Night Fighter Squadron in 1941 and part of 305 Polish Bomber Squadron in 1945.  Any relatives, friend, picture, documents, history, stories, data is relevant for us

Request 504.    Posted 16 Sep 2007

I help run Holme on Spalding Moor Village website and we are currently updating our pages on those who served on the airfield. Would anyone like to send information regarding their time there.

Cheers, Chris

Request 503.    Posted 1 Sep 2007

I am current compiling the second of two books on railways in the Southampton area, and one such location is at RAF Calshot where a narrow gauge railway ran from Calshot Spit to Eaglehurst Camp. As well as moving freight and materials, the railway operated a passenger timetable over the line during its existence from 1913 until being finally broken up in 1949. I have most of the history but what I sorely lack are photographs of the line in action (or even out of action!).

If it is possible, may I ask if any of your contacts have any such photographic mementoes or postcards of the subject that I might be able to borrow or have copied.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Yours sincerely,

Dave Marden

Request 502.    Posted 25 Aug 2007

Removed due to failure of e-mail address

Request 501.    Posted 12 Aug 2007

I am the son of Ben Perrick/Perritt, I'm 62 and would like to know if his still alive. he came from Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  My mother's name was Phylis Brown from Norwich, Norfolk, UK.  Sadly my mother passed away 10 years ago.  I have a letter asking her to go and live with him but it meant leaving two of her childern behind and she would not do that.  It would be nice if there where other relatives still a live

I know he was stationed at (Horsham) St Faith air base Norwich, Norfolk

Request 500.    Posted 12 Aug 2007

I am trying to trace the whereabouts, or relatives of one Douglas Muir, who served in the RAF in Bulawayo, Rhodesia, circa 1940 - 1943. He was a friend of my wife's parents, and I would like to know whether he still alive (Doubtful?), but if passed on where he was buried, and where he lived after the 2nd world war and indeed what happened to him.


Rob Hopkins

Request 499.    Posted 12 Aug 2007

Hello, my uncle died on the 21/7/2007 of a heart attack. leaving behind a few brothers and a son who suffers autism. I'm his nephew ex Royal Australian Navy. My uncle died in sheltered accom.

I found out he was in The RAF National Service around 1953-55. Here is his info: -

Ben Charles Wardle born 13 Sept 1934. I need help on his o/n and any one that might have known him. I know he was at Luffenham and Kirkham. He is being cremated and his ashes are being placed with his twin brothers who died in the Royal Navy in Woodston  Peterborough. If any one could help it would be appreciated. It would be nice to have someone from the RAF their at the laying of the ashes.

Thanks to you all.

Frank Wardle 

Request 498.    Posted 5 Aug 2007

I am trying to trace Taffy Morgan from the Bridgend Porttalbot area ,he was based at Ringway Manchester 1945 .he was a friend of the family .Does anyone remember him  please would you let us know

Request 497.    Posted 5 Aug 2007

This is a long shot but my Grandmother passed away last year and for the fifty two of my Mothers life my Grandmother never told her who her, or any of her family who her father was. Only after her death we have found out from a change meeting that she was seeing a Canadian based at RAF Burtonwood for a long period during and around the time of my mothers birth, who was married. The only name I have is that his second name was "Johnson" or "Johnston".

I have tried the Burtonwood site and other Canadian Veterans sites but have been unable to locate a list of serviceman based at Burtonwood at this time 1950 - 1953 If anyone can help me it would be greatly appreciated.


Mark Wilson

Request 496.    Posted 29 Jul 2007

I would like help in tracing F/Sgt D.B.Smith Service no: 1451568 who flew with 600 Sqdn 1942 onwards from:  ex: WAAF Micky McKeevor

Request 495.    Posted 21 Jul 2007

I would be most grateful for any information concerning my uncle Jack Wallis who flew with 236 Sdn from those who flew with him.

Request 494.    Posted 21 Jul 2007

A WW2 RAF gas mask container was bought at auction in the USA a long while ago.  The owner wants badly to try and find the person who owned it, originally, or his/her family, as evidenced by the writing and RAF logo written thereon and covered by the flap, so that it may be returned.  The only  information on the bag is as follows:

Sgt. H A COCKBURN.       #  1567216.

 Under the above is a rough drawing of R A F Wings with "R A F" underneath and the whole encircled in ink, also.

If anyone can throw any light on this, or provide me with follow-up ideas better to persue this request of a friend, I’d be more than grateful.  If the beg was mine I’d be thrilled to have it back after, probably, about 62 years!

Michael F. Wynne-Willson. 89625

R A F V R. (Retd:)

Request 493.    Posted 21 Jul 2007

I am looking for any information available regarding pilot Peter Bevin from Clyde New Zealand, MIA during WW2 in Greece.

Andrew K.

Request 492.    Posted 21 Jul 2007

My mothers uncle died on the 7th November 1942 and is buried in St.John's, Coulsdon Surrey.  All I  know from my mother is he trained in Canada.  His details are as follows.

Sergeant Ronald Sydney Horsley (Pilot)   Squadron 224   1377433  Died 7th November 1942   RAF war grave 538

I would be very interested if anyone could give me any more information on him , he was born in 1911 and married Ethel and had two children Malcolm and Anne and lived in Tollers Lane, Old Coulsdon.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Carolyn Dare

Request 491.    Posted 21 Jul 2007

My late father, Reg (George) Young (later Sgt) was initially trained (1942-44) at Locking, 1617 Flight Training Unit, Halton, Messrs Napier & Sons (engines) and no 71 Maintenance Unit before being posted to Ceylon in Nov 1944. Most of his time was with No 145 Repair & Service Unit and the Air Headquarters Colombo. I think he was mainly involved with ground-crew training etc. Does anyone remember him, or a colleague called Tom Scott, or have relatives who were posted there? Can you tell me where the unit was based? I think it was near Mount Lavinia on the west coast.  I have some photographs of him, colleagues in the  ground-crew soccer team etc!  Any information would be welcomed.


Brian W Young
Werribee VIC 3024

Request 490.    Posted 15 Jul 2007

I served in the RAF from 1952-1954, my main camp was RAF Folly Roch in Pembrokeshire where I was a Radar Operator.

My details are as follows as they were then:

SAC Alan Vinegrad (2557333)

I am a retired Printer living in Leeds and would like to hear from anyone who was at that camp

Request 489.    Posted 8 Jul 2007

Ref: 103 Squadron @ RAF Elsham Wolds 1944

I would like to contact anyone (or any relatives of) who may have flown with my Grandfather -54597 Pilot Officer Cecil Harold 'Denny' Ogden DFC, flying Lancasters with 103 Squadron based at Elsham Wolds, Lincolnshire.  He flew 27 sorties between March and July 1944, until his death, and that of his crew, shot down by night-fighter during the 2nd Revigny raid, 15th July 44, in Lancaster NE136 PM-L for London (he previously flew JB278 PM-L which he was forced to ditch in the sea off the Kent Coast following the Karlsruhe raid of 24/25th april 44).

Many thanks,

Alison Nicholson (nee Ogden)

Request 488.    Posted 1 Jul 2007

Re: 224 Squadron on Tiree – WW2

This may not be a 224 Squadron query but I’m wondering if there is anyone from the squadron, or perhaps a colleague who was based on Tiree, who may be able to shed some light on the following query:-

Tiree was a main RAF base during the war but, ‘next door’, on the Isle of Coll there was a recognised grass strip at Feall (pronounced “Foil”).   About halfway along the strip and just a few yards away from it is a  large stone (say 10ft high and about 15-20ft in diameter).  The stone was painted on top with an RAF roundel, this apparently as a marker to the strip.   I checked it out again this year and most paint has now weathered away but there is still some red right on top.   There is also a rusty bolt cemented on top right in the middle – for what purpose, I wonder. 

I wonder if anyone recalls the stone, actually painting it, or using it as a marker and, more especially, why RAF planes landed on Coll – assuming that they did.  I have very recent pictures of the stone and the airstrip and would be glad to e-mail them to interested parties.

The remaining indigenous population have reasonable recollections of the roundel and at least one male remembers planes landing.

Any info’ would be most welcome.

Request 487.    Posted 1 Jul 2007

I am looking for information about my father Geoffrey Royston Griggs, who was a rear gunner during the war but in 1949/50 he was I think station officer at Jurby airfield on the Isle of Man. My sister was born in Jurby they lived in a house called The Villa. I would also like to trace Cynthia Bessant who worked with him (I think she was civilian admin assistant). My father was later flight Lieutenant Griggs.

Request 486.    Posted 1 Jul 2007

I am trying to locate photographs or newspaper clippings of the RCAF 431 "Iroquois" Squadron - aircrew, ground crew, (RAF & RCAF), any of the aircraft they flew - Wellington, Halifaxes or Lancasters, and any pictures of Croft Aerodrome buildings, etc. 1943-45.

My father (now deceased), was the pilot of Lancaster KB -859, coded SE-U, and was shot down over Hamburg March 31, 1945. He was the only survivor of the crew and was a POW at Stalag Luft 1.

Any help would be most appreciated.

Cheers - Bruce Hurley (Ontario, Canada)

Request 485.    Posted 24 Jun 2007

I am an aviation historian writing the definitive history of the Chipmunk aircraft and after fifty years research am wishing to publish this work in conjunction with several other specialists from Canada, Portugal and Australia probably early in 2008.

I would appreciate contact with anyone who flew this type especially the University and Reserve Flying Schools era 1950-1974 and am looking for photos to include in the RAF Reservists section of the book. Also looking for material for the Rhodesian Air Training Group period 1950-1954.

Rod Brown    CFI Denham School of Flying

Request 484.    Posted 24 Jun 2007

Bunny Lewis was my father and was killed on 4th Feb 1943 whilst flying Beaufighter JL454. His observer was P/O AHA Treadwell/. They were on reconnaissance over Southern Norway. I think they flown from either North Coates or Wick.

I would love to hear from anyone who has knowledge of either of them or those airfields at that time.

Tony Lewis.

Request 483.    Posted 17 Jun 2007

I am looking for anybody who knew my Father, Wing Commander Ronald Roumieu Thomson DFC. His plane came down in Northern Italy and he is buried at Udine War Cemetry. One member of the crew survived the crash, Flight Lieutenant J W Robb, DFC.  They were in Squadron 114.

My Father was a volunteer, and joined the Air Force at the beginning of the war. He may have been in Squadron 13 for a short period of time.  Information about the crash or personal  anecdotes from any of his friends, would be nice. 

I am his eldest daughter, Fiona Butler and can be contacted by email using the link above.

Request 482 removed as it has now been answered.

Request 481.    Posted 3 Jun 2007

I have a handful of photographs which belonged to my late uncle, Alan Whalley, who was with RAF ground staff from age 18, in 1942 to at least 1947. All were taken in various locations in India - Cawnpore 1945, Sidrapong 1946, Darjeeling 1946-7, Juhu Beach Bombay 1947, RMS Andes from Bombay to Southampton Feb-March 1947.

He was in Mechanical Engineering from at least 1945 and probably before that. One photograph is of him as a Sergeant with his Mech Eng co-instructor, Flt. Lt. Gilbey, in Sidrapong October 1946 and one is of the Machine Shop Team, Winners of the Inter-Section Cup 1945/46 (football).

Other photographs give a few clues - Station Football Team, No. 11 Hill Depot, Darjeeling 1947; 202 Hut Cawnpore 1945. A few of the photographs are dated, and many have the names of his colleagues listed on the back, but unfortunately there is no detail regarding his home Station or Unit name - if anyone knows any more about the India or UK stations or remembers him I'd be very pleased to hear from them.

This particular uncle had a very quirky sense of humour; for some reason I have never quite been able to fathom, he sometimes referred to himself as "Jansen" or "Jansen Spreedle". This must be some private joke - or else it is some RAF thing/radio comedy thing of which I am not aware. I am hoping this may ring a bell with someone...

Here is the list of what I have in the way of photos, and if anyone finds they have a link to anyone, I am happy to scan the photo and e-mail it.

Cawnpore 1945- Harry Miles, Vic, Jim Evans, Bill Mayfield, Dick Eames Cawnpore 1945, 202 Hut - Len (prob. Len Mills), Frank, Nobby, Arthur Norman, Brummy Bert (prob. Armstrong), Ginger (prob. Irving) & Alby Machine Shop Team, Winners of Inter-Section Cup 1945/46

Sidrapong October 1946 - Sgt. Jim Dabock Sidrapong October 1946 - Flt Lt Gilbey Darjeeling 1946 - Art Whitehead

Darjeeling 1947 - Smudge, Hiram B, Tom Davies Darjeeling 1947 - Ben Woods, Hiram B, Tommy Davies Darjeeling 1947 Station football team, No. 11 Hill Depot (Hiram B may have only been a nickname, not certain)

Bombay 1947, Jubu Beach - Jim Morrison, Gin Irving and Taffy Bombay 1947, Jubu Beach - Harry Peck, Jim Morrison, Gin Irving and Taffy

RMS Andes, Bombay-Southampton Feb-March 1947 Andes 1947 - Harry Peck Andes 1947 - Jim Morrison Andes 1947 - Ginger Irving

Personnel in undated photographs sometime between 1945-47, India:

Wacker Anderson; Bert Armstrong; Patch Armstrong; Bill Battrick; Paddy Becket; ........... Bolton; Tich Chester; Reg de la Pole; Bert Godden; Dave Jennings; Reg Law; .......... McKendry; ......... Mc Kinnon; Len Mills; Dave Oddie (from Blackburn); Cpl. Rose; Ned Semple (from Poguestown, Larne, C.

Antrim); Bern Septhon; Harry Tallis; Tommy Walker; Chalkie White; Eric Whittle ; Geordie Wilson; ......... Wytcherley.

Thompson & Wilson with Paddy in the centre The Machine Shop Tug of War Team

Other photo captions that may jog a memory or two, same time, same place:

"This is "K Ration and pet water buffalo, at the moment it is painted to represent a Blighty bound tin trunk"

"The Himalayan Railway from Siliguri to Darjeeling"

"Memorial in Lucknow, about 500 years old. It is called Mukbara of Kibir Bagh"

"These people are some of the starving millions of Madras Presidency. They were eating food which we had previously thrown out as bad, onto the cinders"

"By the camp at Jalapahar, Darjeeling, Oct 1946"

"The Machine Shop Fruit Wallah"

"Brickworks behind the camp"

"The Lido Pool and Restaurant, Cawnpore, India 1945"

"Guess Who, with Kanchenjunga on the extreme left. India 1947"

"Whalley (from 'ammersmith). Glorious beer! Sidrapong 16.10.46"

"Me in a canoe made from an emergency petrol tank"

Metro Cinema - film showing was "Her Highness and the Bellboy" with Hedy Lamarr, Robert Walker, June Allyson. Possibly Calcutta.

There are also some quite terrifying photographs of one single and one double roofed long building with thatched or grass roof and verandahs, in various stages of going up in flames because the roofs have caught fire.

Single storey building, arched windows, pattern of rows of squares over windows and doors. Corrugated iron lean-to at rear of double building. One photograph looks as though this occurred in a fenced compound - I think this must have been one of the RAF camps.

Request 480.    Posted 27 May 2007

I am trying to contact James Donald who worked for or in the NAAFI at RAF St Athens in 1949/50 he came from the Merseyside area and was good friends with Elizabeth Cooke who worked in the sisters mess on the camp, she had 2 sisters named Dolly and Emily who was married to Tony. Anyone who has any information on either please contact me through the link above.

Request 479.    Posted 13 May 2007

I am trying to see if anyone served with John Bastenn 1943 /45 from Downham Market 

Thank you Mr A J Heath

Request 478.    Posted 11 May 2007

I’m doing research, trying to find survivors of Ian Reginal Ponsford. In 1949 he joined 604 Squadron Royal Auxiliary Air Force, and over the next few years flew Spitfires, Vampires and Meteors.

Can you direct me to any websites where I might post my question and find his survivors? I knew his daughter Sophie when we were both students in Bordeaux, France. I would like to contact her (strictly as a friend).


Steve Murphy

Request 477.    Posted 5 May 2007

I am trying to find anyone who knew my father, Robert James Henderson.  I was born in Nassau, Bahamas while he was there as part of the Ferry Command. I never met anyone else born there.

Any help appreciated.


Request 476.    Posted 5 May 2007

As a professional Military Historian I am currently conducting research into the Battle of Ceylon 1942 with a view to compiling a definitive article for publication. Although my research on this event is at an advanced stage, I am hoping to make contact with surviving British veterans who witnessed/participated in the defence of Ceylon over Colombo and Trincomalee (April 5th and April 9th 1942, respectively). The following RAF squadrons were heavily involved in the air raids against Japanese aircraft:


No.11 Squadron (Blenheim)

No. 30 Squadron (Hurricane)

No. 205 Squadron (Catalinas)

No. 258 Squadron (Hurricane)

No. 261 Squadron (Hurricane)

No. 273 Squadron (Fulmar)

No. 788 Squadron (Swordfish)

No. 803 Squadron (Fulmar)

No. 806 Squadron (Fulmar)

I am particularly interested in making contact with any veterans who are still alive and their associations in order to obtain their first hand accounts of the battle.

Request 475.    Posted 5 May 2007

I was a W.A.A.F at R.A.F Chigwell training on the last course of training W.A.A.Fs for balloon operating in 1942-3 I would like to see a picture of the badge of No 4 Balloon Centre Irretimus Hostess = We ensnare our enemies if that is possible Thank you ex W.A.A.F 2132251 J.M.Wright

Request 474.    Posted 5 May 2007

I am looking for any information available regarding pilot Peter Bevin from Clyde New Zealand, MIA during WW2 in Greece.

Andrew K.

Request 473.    Posted 5 May 2007

My name is Ray and I am trying to find any of the lads from 152 Squadron who did their national service or who signed up for a longer stint, lads like Cpl Buggy or Bugsy as we called him and Chalky White and so many others whom I would like to hear from 1954/1957 at Wattisham in Suffolk

Request 472.    Posted 28 Apr 2007

I am researching the service career of my late Father, P/O FRANK VICTOR THOMAS CAIRNS DFC  (1918-2002) No 909970.

First tour was with 58 Sqd, B flight , 4 Group at Leconfield/Linton-on-Ouse flying Whitleys.30 operations completed as W/Op and A/Gn despite the events listed below;19.9.41   Baled out over Harrogate30.4.42   Ditched in North Sea18.10.43  Aircraft crashed 2 miles south of airfield. Engine fire.

Second tour.

466 Sqd RAAF  Driffield. Flying Wellingtons. W/OP and A/Gnr

19 Operations completed, all with Sgt Edward Francis Hicks C.G.M, (LATER P/O HICKS aboard Wellington "N" Nancy. Sgt Hicks earned his C.G.M on 14th April 1943.  My late father left a number of photos, including the attached: -

It shows Wellington "N" Nancy, Sgt E.F. Hicks CGM and my Father, who completed 19 ops on this aircraft with Sgt Hicks.

Left to Right; Sgt Frederick Charles Blair DFM   FSgt H.Fyfe (RAAF)   Sgt Edward Francis Hicks CGM   Unknown   F/O Frank Thomas Victor Cairns DFC  P/O Gordon Musgrove

This photo taken 30 8 43 before the final op of the tour, Munchen Gladbach. operation No B45 Wellington  X   Serial No   HF485.  HD-N   "Nancy"

Second Photo from London Evening Standard, October 14th 1943 titled "Five Men Of A Wellington) Left to Right

P/O F.C.Blair  DFM   F/O Raymond John Hopkins  DSO   P/O E.F.Hicks CGM,DFC   F/O Reginald Francis Clayton  DFC  F/O FTV Cairns DFC

I am most interested to lean more of Sgt Hicks and my Father's crew. Whether they survived the war and whereabouts now if known. The Evening Standard dated 14.10.43 had a photo of the crew and text headed "5 Men Of A Wellington" Crew identified as ;

P/O E. Hicks C.G.M.     Newberry Park, Ilford, Essex

F/O R.F Clayton D.F.C    Carshalton, Surrey

F/O R.J. Hopkins D.S.O.  Hove, West Sussex

P/O Clare     D.F.M.  Belfast, N.Ireland

F/O F.T.V. Cairns    D.FC.   New Barnet, Hertfordshire.

I have a good copy of the newspaper photograph and of the newspaper in addition to other photos of "N" Nancy and Sgt Hick's crew which may interest the families along with my Father's Log Books.

The newspaper and Australian Memorial Archive and others, including the RAFA have all incorrectly identified the crew.

My lengthy research and Father's notes confirm the above.

Crew status to date.

Freddy Blair.  I traced Freddy to Cumbria and have spoken to him several times. Confirms correct names.

Ray Hopkins. Traced to Worcestershire. Again with recent contact.  Confirms correct names.

Ted Hicks  Deceased    1996       France, widow survives him.

Reg Clayton.     No info to date.

Frank (Bluey") Cairns       Deceased  2002    Cornwall.

Would welcome any help to research this period.

Many thanks

Request 471.    Posted 28 Apr 2007

I was a National Serviceman from September 1955-57. I reported to Cardington as a National Service "sprog" in September 1955, After the usual basic at Padgate I went to Compton Bassett for Radar Training. "Permanent" postings were to 250 SU, RAF Hopton followed by 146 SU RAF Bempton as part of the trials team on the Type 80. 

I have several pictures from the era, and many of the old forms etc. Names like Mike Howell, Keith Jones, Dave Urpeth, "Tub" Friston, Fred Gittins, Joe Bangay, F.O. Green, Jack Metcalfe, Barry Gregory all come to mind as well as others named on the back of the pictures. Is there anyone who might remember me back those 50 years? I was variously known as Red or Ginge or Mal. I would like to make contact with the possibility of a 'face-to-face' on one of my visits back to UK.

Would love to be back for the RAF Bempton Reunion in July ( Norman Down (not a contemporary) has a handle on this

Request 470.    Posted 28 Apr 2007

39 Squadron

My grandfather, Albert George, has talked many times of his experiences and fond memories of serving in 39 Squadron, based in Italy. He was a rear gunner and flew in the B26 Marauder. He was also known as ‘Ginger George’ to many of his fellow airmen.

I was just wondering whether there were other readers of this website who may have been part of the same Squadron or even better still remember my wonderful grandfather?

Request 469.    Posted 22 Apr 2007

Hi, I was wondering if you would be willing to post my request for information on my Grandfather.  All I have been told is that his name was Sidney Smith and that he was a pilot in the RAF and was shot down and killed in 1943.  I do have a photograph of him if that helps. I would gratefully appreciate any assistance as I am having no luck at all searching for information on him.

Many thanks, Pippa Fairfax, Australia

Request 468.    Posted 22 Apr 2007

I am seeking information about balloon operators during WW2.  My mother Barbara Rennie, RAF flew balloons out of London, I think! or near by.  I am lead to believe that they operated under Bomber Command.  I would appreciate any information about the unit and if there has been an official history published.  My mother is in her 80's with deteriorating health.  Any information would be most appreciated. Thank you. Best Wishes
Bill Rogers

Request 467.    Posted 22 Apr 2007

I am trying to find any info about my father F/SGT Frederick William Reynolds. He was Married to a Jessie Reynolds nee Jacobs He WAS a Printer before the war and lived in Mitcham surrey had two sons Colin &John . I think he was either stationed at Biggin hill or Croydon. He was a boxer in the sqn and his nickname was Biffo any one with any info please get in contact Regards Colin

Request 467.    Posted 22 Apr 2007

I am looking for information regarding my uncle "DONALD KENNEDY" from Gribun, Isle of Mull .Scotland,  who was one of about 100 crewmen killed on board aircraft carrier "HMS EAGLE" in march 1939 due to some kind of accident.

Request 466.    Posted 22 Apr 2007

As a small boy I attended the British Forces School in Mingladon, having with  the rest of the family joined my Father, Herbert George Taylor who was Air Ministry in1946. I am looking for anything on the school staff and pupils and A.M staff.

Request 465.    Posted 15 Apr 2007

I am searching information about  Mr. Stoces Karel, Engineering Officer , 313 Squadron, RAF identification Number : 787376.

Request 464.    Posted 15 Apr 2007

I am looking for information regarding Richard Gardiner.

We believe that he was an RAF trans Atlantic ferry pilot with the RAF.

Thank you, Sandra and Derek Gardiner

Request 463.    Posted 15 Apr 2007

I would be pleased to receive any information re my father Sgt George Henry Hale of 462 Sqdn.   My fathers Halifax DT 495 took of from Solluch No 1 for a raid on Palermo Harbour on the night 8/9th February 1943, but the aircraft failed to return.   The other members of the crew of the Halifax were Sgt Humphrey Ralph Green, from Anglesey, Sgt Henry Nicholson Balmforth, from Yorkshire, Sgt William Sutherland Murray, from Glasgow, Sgt Michael Denis McHale, from London, Sgt Donald McCardle, from Lancashire, and Sgt Thomas Edward Mackrill, from Charlestown.   I would also be pleased to receive any information on the other members of the crew.  

Request 462.    Posted 15 Apr 2007

Croydon Airport 1950s

Anyone who remembers Gwilym Jones (also known as Taff, Taffy, Gwil, Wal or Wally!), ex-RAF teleprinter operator, or Irene Jones (nee Dench) who worked in civilian support, please could they get in touch?


Caron Jones

Head of Public Relations

University of Greenwich

Request 461.    Posted 5 Apr 2007

I would like to be put into contact with any persons who knew my father in WW2 Pilot Officer Allen Sheffield DFC. I think he was based in Christchurch then Hampshire in both Fighter and bomber command.

Thank you

Nigel G Sheffield

Request 460.    Posted 5 Apr 2007

Hello everyone,

I was doing history research in the  field of "The life of British in Shanghai during 1842----1949".I'd like to find someone or his/hers relatives or friends who is still alive to help me doing this project. 

I'd appreciate it very much if anyone could do me a favour.If you have any information related to that field,please contact me by emails: or

Sincerely yours,


Request 459.    Posted 1 Apr 2007

Is  anyone   still  alive  who  was  in  51  Squadron  RAF  Snaith  with  my  dad,   Pilot  Officer  Edgar  Young,  he  flew  Halifax Bombers.


Nick  Young

Request 458.    Posted 8 Mar 2007

I am writing on behalf of my father George Burnett RAF no 148127 who flew Leigh Light Wellington 8's & 14's in India/Tanjore & Algeria in 1942/43-Squadron 36. 
Other names were Les Smith, Patrick Gallacher, Sgt J G Davies, Sgt W F Gibson, W/O Eddie Edmunds, Sgt M D Hampson, Sgt A G Martin.
I would love to know if anyone has any memories to pass on to Dad.
Best Regards

Request 457.    Posted 7 Mar 2007

I recently found out that I am related to the late Matthew Nash died 30/09/1943, buried in Ambon War Cemetery.

Royal Air Force

Leading Aircraftman

age 22

if anyone knew him, or perhaps a family member sees this- would love to hear from you.



Request 456.    Posted 7 Mar 2007

Flt Lt Michael Moray Shand NZ 391368

Having visited Stalag Luft 3 this week I discovered Flt Lt M Shand was one of the 26 that survived 'the Great Escape'.  I have established he was serving with 485 Sqn at the time flying aircraft EP 595 (poss Spitfire) and had previously served with 54 Sqn.  Any information about him would be greatly appreciated.  Additionally information on JB Shand or RM Shand who were also held at Stalag Luft 3.

Jon Shand

Request 455.    Posted 3 Mar 2007

I am looking for any information about Sergeant Vernon Egan, 1092735 214 squadron who’s plane was lost in Deurne, Netherlands on the 15 or 16 of April 1942.

If anyone knows any info then please let me know. Thanks

Request 454.    Posted 3 Mar 2007

Unfortunately, my enquiry is vague, to say the least, but I hope someone may have, or can remember the following film made for the BBC.  It was filmed at RAF Wittering sometime 1972-1974.

It featured a number of aircraft Canberra, Vulcan, Phantom (6 squadron), Lightings, Harriers etc. and was commentated by Raymond Baxter.  

The reason I ask is because I was on the film, dashing(?) young man pulling the chocks out from a Phantom and I would like to show my children that time is very unkind!

If anyone can recall the film being made or has a copy or knows where I may purchase one, I will be very grateful.

Kind regards  Adrian Greenwood -  A.K.A. Ada.

Request 453.    Posted 24 Feb 2007

I'm trying to get information on James P Haughey, RCAF, 1941-43. He died in a training crash with 407 Squadron, Sept. 1943. Of the 6 men on the plane only R J West survived, possibly also a Canadian.  Jim was from Lurgan, Northern Ireland.  He spent some time at an RAF hospital in June 1943, presumably while he was based at St Eval, Cornwall. Would anyone know of Jim? Of about 407 Squadron generally? Any idea of a hospital in the area, the handwriting on his forms is so bad it's unreadable, to me anyway.

Regards and thanks in advance, Ciaran Crossey

Request 452.    Posted 24 Feb 2007

I am looking for information on J Plum, shot down in France about 1939/40, he would have been about 20 years old.

Many thanks, Joe

Request 451     Posted 24 Feb 2007

After publishing 'RAF Police Dogs on Patrol' & 'RAF Police Operations in Europe', I'm pleased to announce that 'RAF Police Operations Cape Town to Kabul' has been accepted by the publisher and should be available in Autumn (2007). It covers Africa (incl Egypt), the Middle East, Cyprus, Persian Gulf, Aden, Iraq, Iran & Afghanistan.

I am now finalising for publication in 2008; 'RAF Police Operations Bombay to Ascension Island' & 'Those Blooming Snowdrops'; a collection of RAFP humour & cartoons.

However, I need more information & personal memories on; India, Ceylon, Burma, Malaya, Singapore, Hong Kong, Borneo, Japan, Gan, Christmas Island, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Belize, Canada, the Falkland Islands, Ascension Island & anywhere in that region I haven't mentioned. Please also dig out those funny stories or good quality cartoons for 'Those Blooming Snowdrops', the royalties of which I hope to donate to either the RAFP Memorial Fund, or RAFP Association.  

Request 450.    Posted 18 Feb 2007

Anyone help please. This is a long shot but someone may be able to help. I own ex RAF Lightweight Landrover 54 AM 39. I have it confirmed that it was at Wittering 1972-1981, Catterick 1981-82, and Binbrook 1982 to disposal in 1987. Anyone remember it ?, what was it used for exactly ?, is it hiding in the background of a photo somewhere ?. many thanks in advance for your help.

Dave Boxall

Request 449.    Posted 18 Feb 2007

I did my square bashing at Padgate in July in 1949, but lost my squadron photo after I got married.  Is it possible to find out the photographer that took the photos;  Also, what happened to the Lancaster & Spitfire that were there.  The late Bob Monkhouse was a PTI at Hall Green near Padgate those days. 

P. Broad (now living in France)

Request 448.    Posted 18 Feb 2007

Looking for anyone who remembers James, Jimmy Isbister. I know he was with #33 Air Navigation School at Mount Hope, and a training school in Medicine Hat, Canada, in the early 40’s. Also, in Squadron 194 in India and Singapore near the end of WWII. My dad, who is 84, doesn’t have e mail so I will be his contact and who knows, if there are any replies it may inspire him to connect to the net. Thanks

Request 447.    Posted 18 Feb 2007

Looking for former service member that were stationed at Pennfield Ridge, NB Canada (1941-1945) to help provide some details of station life. Either with RAF No. 2 ANS, RAF No. 34 OTU or with RCAF activities. I am in the midst of a 6 year project outlining the air station's history and live with a few miles of the now abandoned airfield. Anyone with information on Pennfield Ridge Air Station, please contact me

Request 446.    Posted 9 Feb 2007

Requesting any information Fathers Brother: 577048 F/Sgt Patrick Hodgkinson 149 Sqdn RAF Lakenheath. Aircraft OJ-B BF 530 Short Stirling III, KIA 3/4 Jul 1943 during Cologne Raid Shot down Obl. Heinz Wolfgang Schnaufer, crashed Geebets Belgium.

We will remember them.

Request 445.    Posted 9 Feb 2007

I'm looking for information about my parents who were both in Codes and Ciphers in the RAF in WW2.

I would love to hear from anyone who knew my father, LAC E.T.H. [Jimmy] James who was a teleprinter operator stationed in Egypt and Cyprus in WW2. He was in T.M.E. Helmieh from August 1942 and I have a Christmas 1942 menu card signed on the back by G.H. Scott [then a squiggle], Betty Kimber, [Pers?] Jolly and Jerry Henderson. Later he was in Nicosia from February 1945.

Also, did anyone know my mother, Joan Patricia Waterman known later as Pat James. She was at Fighter Command Stanmore from Sept 1939 to June 1942 when she went to Cranwell. She got her commission and was at No 11 Maintenance Unit Chilmark in the summer of 1945 among many other places.


Request 444.    Posted 4 Feb 2007

I wonder if anybody remembers my father, Ronald (Ron or Tubby) Taylor who flew with 605 squadron when they reformed with Mosquitos in 1943.  Sadly he died in 1958 and I know very little of his career

David Taylor

Request 443.    Posted 28 Jan 2007

I am trying to trace personnel who were in No. 27 Group HQ drawing office for the period March 1957 to September 1958 and also  No. 2 Radio School HQ drawing office (RAF Yatesbury) for the period of September to December 1958.

Request 442.    Posted 27 Jan 2007

Former Flt. Lt. Bernard Hammond, GD Pilot. Mosquito's.

Would like to trace his Nav. former F/Sgt. Les Gardner who served with him on 618 Sqn. at RAF Skitten, Caithness and RAAF Narromine, NSW, Australia. 1944-45.

Request 441.    Posted 27 Jan 2007

What a great service and site! Wish I'd found it years ago! Thank you.

I'd greatly enjoy hearing from anyone who knew W/C Johnny Bartlett DFC who, with his R/O, was killed while landing his Beaufighter 11 (Two) at R A F station, Coltishall, after he and I'd been doing our night-flying tests, in '42. Johnny came to our squadron as C O, 255 N/F, from Bomber Command, and was urgently needed for morale purposes due to structural engine failures whereby we had lost both COs and Flight Commanders. As he became a good and kind friend in so short space of time, I'd so appreciate any further information about him.

Should, perhaps, anyone remember me...I'm 87.. I'd so enjoy hearing from them (one!), too. Yesterdays fly by but I still have a memory for 1939-'45/6!

Michael Wynne-Willson. AFC.

255, 256 Sqdns: N F I U, RAF Station, Greenwood N S and C F E West Raynham.

Request 440.    Posted 26 Jan 2007

I am looking for members or information about No 245 Squadron out of Middle Wallop during WW 2.  Any information would be helpful.

Nancy S. Sites

President and Co-Founder

IMPACT Educational Consulting Associates, Inc.

Request 439.    Posted 25 Jan 2007

Thanks for the great site.

I'm trying to find out if anyone knew of my father, LAC Jacob Saul

(Jack) Carp (3011420) who served from 3 Aug 43 to 23 Mar 47.

I have a copy of his basic Service record but I would be interested to hear from anyone who knew him or if any wartime photos of him exist. The details of his service were:

Service Number: 3011420

Date of Enlistment: 3 Aug 43


3 Recruit Centre Padgate: 3 Aug 43; 3 Technical Training School: 21 Oct 43; 9103 Servicing Echelon: 2 Mar 44; 13 Base: 19 Mar 44; Lyneham: 23 Aug 45; 4511 Servicing Echelon: 27 Feb 46; Admitted RAF Hospital Wroughton: 25 Apr 46; 4051 Servicing Echelon: 3 Oct 46; 101 Personnel Dispersal Centre Class A release: 23 Mar 47.


Aircrafthand/Flight Mechanic Engines/Airframes: 3 Aug 43; Flight Mechanic (Engines): 23 Feb 44

Ranks Held

Aircraftman 2: 3 Aug 43; Aircraftman 1: 23 Feb 44; Leading Aircraftman: 1 Sep 44

Request 438.    Posted 21 Jan 2007

My brother flew with this unit from Foggia during WWII. He was a WAG and flew in Wellingtons on 39 sorties.

I am seeking information on these operations. Can anyone please assist?

Max Manwaring

Request 437.    Posted 21 Jan 2007

Hi I'm writing on behalf of my 84 year old neighbour, Victor Mitchel. Victor piloted a Catalina in Gibraltar & would dearly love to get in contact with his Australian navigator Vernon Wells .Vick now lives in Bundaberg Australia . i would gather Vernon would be around the same age as Vick , so any information at this stage would make a good friend very happy                                                                                   

202 Mediterranean Sqn

based in Gibraltar 1942

call sign-OBO

regards Brian White

Request 436.    Posted 19 Jan 2007

Any information regarding crash of B17 at Astwell Castle Farm in December 1942, all crew were killed.


Derek Ratledge.

Request 435.    Posted 19 Jan 2007

I am looking for any info/pictures about 307 squadron Polish Airforce (nightfighter) especially with regards to W/O Ryszard Tulinski, my grandfather.


Karl Tulinski

Request 434.    Posted 19 Jan 2007

I am a journalist researching the shooting down of a 600 Squadron Beaufighter, by another Beaufighter from 604 Squadron at 0349hrs 9/10 May 1941 and would be delighted for any information.  I would also like permission to reproduce the drawing of the 600 Squadron Beaufighter to accompany the article.

Many thanks

John Howland

Request 433.    Posted 19 Jan 2007

I am trying to trace a Pilot Officer H. Beale who served with 142 B Squadron in 1938.  My father served with him at R.A.F. Binbrook in the early 40's with a Wellington Squadron.

As I have some of his property to be returned I would be grateful for any information that would help me to find him or his descendants.

Request 432.    Posted 19 Jan 2007

211 Squadron took its Hinds to the Middle East in 1938 and went on to carry out Blenheim operations in the Western Desert, Greece and Palestine, training at Wadi Gazouza, and back to operations in the Far East on Sumatra and Java in 1942. From 1943 they carried out in Beaufighter strikes over Burma, ending with conversion to the Mosquito in mid 1945 to disband in Thailand in 1946. The Squadron's story is recounted on my website at

I'd be very pleased to hear from any surviving ex-members or from anyone who has any information they would like to see become part of the Squadron's story.

Contact: Don Clark


Request 431.    Posted 9 Jan 2007

We are searching for any one who has knowledge of RAF Pilot Officer CROSSLEY, James Foxall and RAF Sergeant GRASSO, Enzo Biaggie.  These two airmen were members of the No. 298 Squadron Halifax crew that left Tarrant Rushton Airbase on July 15, 1944 on an SOE drop mission in France.  The bomber was shot down in the early hours of July 16, 1944 and came to rest at Larre, Normandy.  None of the seven aboard survived.

Pilot Officer CROSSLEY was age 24, the son of John and Elizabeth Crossley.  Sergeant GRASSO was age 23, son of Natale and Anna Grasso of Stockwell, London; husband of Adelina Grasso. Both graves are in Le Mans West Cemetery, France

Fellow crew members were FOURNIER, Joseph Wilfred Romeo, RCAF; LINNING, William Edward, RCAF; SMITH, Derwood William, RCAF; WILKINSON, Edward Maurice, RAF, and a member of the SOE.  Contact has been made with family of the above four airmen and some have visited the stele overlooking the crash site just east of Larre, France.  This stele, with all the names engraved on it, was erected by the members of the Larre community to honour the six airmen that gave their lives for the freedom of their country. 

If anyone has information about this No. 298 Squadron Halifax, please contact E. Linning through the link above.

Thank you for providing this website for searches such as this!

Request 430.    Posted 8 Jan 2007

Am trying to locate a Ron Smith who served with my father on Christmas Island in 1957/58, with the RAF, travelled back together at the end of their tour.  Also anyone else who knew my father.  My father's name was Derek Middleton but was better known as John or Hank (nickname).  

It would be nice to rekindle his memories....

Any info greatly appreciated.

Thanks Sue

Request 429.    Posted 8 Jan 2007

I am trying to trace the following two men who were stationed at:

RAF Brize Norton from March 1944 with
297 Squadron

Sgt. D.G. MORRIS (Wireless Op) 
Sgt. A.R. FLACK  (Air Gunner)

Would be very interested to hear from anyone who knew them or know if they are still alive.

Request 428.    Posted 8 Jan 2007

Is there anybody who has some information about my grandfather?

His name is Jan (Johannes Wilhelmus) Koppen. He has flown with the RAF with the Spitfire in I think around 1942.

I would be very glad if somebody would know something or maybe knows about him.

I'm very grateful,

Request 427.    Posted 6 Jan 2007

Looking for my GI Father

My father an American GI, served in RAF Daws Hill High Wycombe, in the late 50's early 60's, he was also best man at a wedding in Woodford, Essex on 6th September 1960. Firstly I would be interested to know if there was an RAF/USAF base in Woodford at the time, and secondly would appreciate any information about my father. His name is Anthony Garcia, born in 1937, possibly from New York (not confirmed) he served as a clerk at RAF High Wycombe, possibly in the Fire Station.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Many thanks

Tony Cooper

Request 426.    Posted 3 Jan 2007

I'm researching the medals and Orders awarded to Marshal of the RAF Sir John Cotesworth SLESSOR (1897-1979)

I would like to have some more specific answer about some of his decorations as following :

1) SLESSOR received the IGS 1936-39 medal + 1 clasp. Which is this clasp ?

Am I right to believe it is that named : 'North West Frontier 1936-37' (and NOT the'North West Frontier 1937-39' ?

2. SLESSOR received the Khedive Sudan 1910 medal + 2 clasps. As this medal has 2 different types of reverses (the 1st type bears on the reverse an arabic inscription [cypher] for the period 1910-1917; the 2nd type bears on the reverse a DIFFERENT arabic inscription [cypher] for the period 1918-22). Which type of reverse have the medal received by SLESSOR?? Am I right to believe it is the 1st type ?

4. SLESSOR received the 'Yugoslavia, Partisan Star'. This star has 3 grades/classes each having a different ribbon. Which of the 3 classes Slessor received?

Am I right to believe it is the 1st class ?

5. SLESSOR received the Norway, Order of St Olav (Knight Grand Cross). Does he received the Military (with swords) or Civil (without swords)

I thankyou very much in advance for your Help

Best Regards

Mauro RUSCELLO (from Italy)

Request 425.    Posted 3 Jan 2007

I am a Dutch journalist working on a television program about the so called "Demolition Parties" that embarkesd at the Hook of Holland may 1940 They were supported by RAF fighter planes. Some airman were killed in action and are buried at British War Cemeteries in Hook of Holland , 's Gravenzande and Vlaardingen. I wonder if there are any surviving eye witnesses among former RAF crew.

Yrs sincerely

Frank Dam

Request 424.    Posted 27 Dec 2006

My father Lac Ron Coggon was based here during this time I am looking for anyone who might have known him especially his friend Ernie Briggs, a bus driver from Leeds.  Also I would like to obtain the Squadron badge.

Clive Coggon

Request 423.    Posted 27 Dec 2006

Along with my son I'm trying to source details of my father in law, Corporal Hugh Adair.

Hugh is now 83 years old living in West Linton, Peeblesshire, and was awarded the Military Medal in WW2 which he has put aside for my son Darren.

My wife ( Hugh's daughter ) and all the family are interested in seeking more information as to the circumstances surrounding this award but all that we've been able to come up with are that Hugh was in 2876 squadron aboard

LCT43 for the Juno landings and that he was involved in the rescue of colleagues from LCT46 that had been hit by enemy batteries before sinking.

If anyone can forward more detailed information we would be much obliged.

Thanks in anticipation.

Bill MacDonald.

Request 422.    Posted 23 Dec 2006

The publisher, Harper Collins would like to get in contact with any relatives of Air Commodore J B Voyce, with a view to acquiring permission to use a photograph , whose copyright is attributed to him.

The contact at Harper Collins is Melanie Haselden and she can be contacted on 020 8307 4342 or by e-mail at

Request 421.    Posted 15 Dec 2006

I'm Janusz from Poland, please help me find on life my grandfather Antoni Szczepański in S.H.O. RAF Coltishall maybe No 302 (Poznan) Squadron .


Born: 17.01.1906 in BRZEŹNO / KONIN POLAND.

251 Weston Road Sothall Middx.

I'm interesting in Your life and historian II war.

Thank's you in help me

Request 420.    Posted 15 Dec 2006

Researching history of American 8th Army Airforce, Fighter Command Headquarters at Bushey Hall, Hertfordshire. Know there was a link with RAF Fighter Command at Bentley Priory from 1942 ...  through WW2. Would love to have more info on RAF's role with Bushey Hall or contact with anyone stationed at Bushey Hall.  Also RAF Transport Command  was involved with Berlin Airlift directly after war, at Bushey Hall. Would like to know more please. Janet

Request 419.    Posted 9 Dec 2006

I am to trying to find out about Peter Dennis Skerman Sergeant (W.Op/Air Gnr.)  76 squadron he was in the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve.  He died on the 01/10/1942 aged 21yrs. I am looking into the Skerman family tree and would love to hear from anyone who has a picture or information about him. 

Thank you V. Williams.

Request 418.    Posted 1 Dec 2006

Seeking relations of following crews killed on 15/3/1944 when a Stirling EH989 WEP-P of 90 Squadron-

Crew : -

F/Sgt J.V.Spring, Sgt G.E.Collins, Sgt T.R.Hewitt, Sgt J.H.Bone, Sht A.H.Westcourte, Sgt W.H.Ramsay, Sgt W.Bruce  

The Stirling crashed when preparing to land at Tuddenham after a raid on Amiens,France. .It collided with Wellington LN660 of 11 Operational Training Unit,Westcott,Bucks-92 group. The Wellington Crew were-

F/O .Staff Pilot.James Henry Scott Lyon DFC RAAF., Pilot F/Sgt Donald Francis RNZAF, Wireless Op George Hudson RNZAF, NavigatorGerald Gilbert RNZAF, Bomb Aimer F/O Rennie Taylor RAFVR, Wireless Op/Sgt Robert Kemp RAFVR, Mid Gunner Arthur Goold RNZAF, Sgt Air Gunner Reginald Barlow RAFVR,       

Any info/crew photos etc.Many thanks Linda Ibrom

Request 417.    Posted 1 Dec 2006

I'm Heinz Johannsen from Rendsburg Germany, northern part. I still try to find some RAF lads who where stationed here in 1945 - 1949.  A unit that had to maintain the RAF Station Schleswig Land.(? MTLU?)or the 309 Supply and Transport Collum,   or the 2856 Squadron RAF R. HQ.  Made many friends that time. I have good memories. The Soldiers supported the German people often with food coal etc.   IT HAS NOT BEEN FORGOTTEN !!!  Thank you in the name of all those you helped in bad times.  With best regards     Heinz Johannsen Rendsburg

Request 416.    Posted 1 Dec 2006

Relatives of Air Commodore Charles Samson

The  No 269 Squadron Association would like to contact any relatives of the above officer, who was their first commanding officer.  If you are related to A/Cdre Samson or known of the whereabouts of any relatives, please contact Group Captain Hugh Eccles, President of the No 269 Squadron Old Comrades Association

Request 415.    Posted 26 Nov 2006

I am researching the 13th H/Squadron during WW11.This was a Greek Squadron which was formed under the RAF and had English, Commonwealth and Greek crews. I have many photographs of the crews but cannot put names to them all. If you or a relative was with this squadron please contact me through the link above

Best Regards Kevin Rush

Request from Webmaster

I am currently looking for copies of station badges to complete the station histories section.  If anyone has examples of the missing station badges (shown below), I would appreciate receiving a copy

Aberporth, No 6 Armament Training Station,  Armament Practice Station, Acklington; Bahrein, Berka, Bishopbriggs, Bovingdon, Butzweilerhof, Cark, Castle Bromwich, Eastchurch, Greenock, Hal Far, Hong Kong, Horsham St Faith, Kalafrana, Kemble, Khartoum, Krendi, Kuala Lumpur, Labuan, Long Benton,
Machrihanish, Medmenham, Mount Pleasant, Negombo, Nordhorn, North Front, Norton, Old Sarum, Ouston, Port Ellen, Sandwich, Stornoway, Ta Kali, Waterbeach, Wythall, Yeadon

Request 414.    Posted 19 Nov 2006

I am trying to trace any members or relatives of members of 692 Squadron who may have known my Uncle, Flight Sergeant George Francis Ayre Oct 43 to 14/1/44 Berlin raid, Mosquito XVI number MM128, down over Belgium, buried Hoboken Cemetery Schoonselhof. Alternatively if anyone has any additional information or photos of either Gravely airfield or of the planes which were part of the squadron. Would be much appreciated. Can post to 52 Caton Rd Waitakere New Zealand., or email to  or


Mark Dewar

Request 413.    Posted 19 Nov 2006

I am trying find to find any whereabouts of Wg Cdr W G Lawrence who was in the RAF at Chigwell in Essex around 1952. I have come across some property that I would like to return to him or his family.

Request 412.    Posted 19 Nov 2006

Please please help me those of you who have memories of St Athens!!

In 1943/44 my nan Eileen who worked in the canteen at RAF St Athens (18years old and blonde) met a pilot called "Tony". Tony was a black guy but she does not recollect where from. She says he was well bred and believes he may have been from Ethiopia????? A year later she had Tony's baby although she was married to a white man at the time.

My mother was finally sent away to an orphanage but years later she had me.

I'm 41(Eileen's grandaughter) and have no idea of my roots on Tony's side.

This is a one off for me. My nan's now 85 so I just hope I can find something out from somebody out there.

Many many thanks,


Request 411.    Posted 11 Nov 2006


Removed 1 Dec 2007 and replace by Request 530.

Request 410.    Posted 11 Nov 2006

I spent two very happy National Service years (1954/56) in Air Traffic Control, Aldergrove with a great bunch of officers as my superiors. For ages I have been trying to obtain a photo of the Aldergrove Control Tower as it  was about that time without any success. All I have to show  are a couple of photos of the ATC football team.

Please, can anyone suggest where or whom I should contact in this quest.

Oh to hear the growl of a Shackleton again!

Ian Mackenzie

Request 409.    Posted 4 Nov 2006

I am trying to make contact with any surviving relatives or friends of the crew of Albemarle Mk 6  N1782 which crashed 1 mile south of Brize Norton, Oxfordshire (on/near our land) on 27th August, 1944.  All the crew were killed.  They were with 297 Squadron based at Brize Norton and tragically were so nearly home after a mission to Europe when the crash happened.

They were:

F/s Allan H Busbridge  1901572  Pilot  - came from 42 OTU, F/s William (Bill) F. Insley 1247337 Air bomber  - came from 61 Lancaster Squadron, F/s Bernard V. Mowan 1324290 Navigator, Sgt Edgar F. Bonser 1819132 Air Gunner - loaned from 296 Squadron, Sgt Kenneth J. Shay 1681173 Wireless Op/Airgunner

Request 408.    Removed having been anawered

Request 407.    Posted 4 Nov 2006

My sister is compiling a family history (isn't everyone) we are stuck in relation to an Uncle who served in the RAF during WW2 as a pilot.

I know he remained in service after the war and finally ended his career as Snr ATC Officer ranked Flt. Lt at RAF Shawbury.

I visited him whilst on duty many times during my service in the Air Cadets.

His full name is Reginald Garner Woods. RAF nick name "Timber"

Photo of Reginald 'Timber' Woods

When I was a child I can recall clearly being at his then wife's home my aunty, on The Wirral in the UK when my aunty informed me that he was due to fly over the house and should go into the garden to observe which we did. At the time he was still actively on flying duties, and he appeared overhead in a white or silver Lancaster which I have since discovered to be the Aries Lancaster used for Polar Navigation research. He is not listed as a crew member for that flight however, so may have flown the aircraft later for other reasons.

Sadly after retirement he committed suicide and none of the family can find or did find in his belongings any of his RAF Logs or information related to his career whilst in service.

The only other point of note I know for fact is that during a landing at Shawbury his Lancaster came down short due to either mechanical failure or damage (bird strike) and landed on a car killing a female occupant, see below: -

"Lancaster NX719 of this unit was involved in an accident when making a practice three engine landing. The aircraft was carrying a crew of four; Pilot, W/Op, Navigator and Engineer.

The Navigator was the only member of the crew seriously injured and he is now on the way to recovery.

Also involved in the crash was a private car and all three occupants, Mrs Brettle, Miss Brettle and Mrs Crow were removed to hospital in Shrewsbury suffering from shock injuries. This accident was subject of a Court of Enquiry.

Members of the crew were as follows:

Pilot – F/Lt Woods

W/Op – Sig II Lewsley

Navigator – F/Lt Delbridge

Engineer – F/Lt Tyler

SSQ – On the 18th December a Lancaster aircraft of this unit crash landed on the edge of the airfield and came into collision with a civilian car.

The Navigator of the aircraft, F/Lt Delbridge, and the three occupants of the car, Mrs Crow, Mrs Bretell and Miss Bretell were admitted to the Royal Salop Infirmary. F/Lt Tyler, Flight Engineer was admitted to SSQ RAF Shawbury for three days. The pilot F/Lt Woods, and the wireless Operator Sig II Llewsley were not injured."

From the Shrewsbury Chronicle, 17th December 1947:

I would be grateful if you could maybe point us in the right direction to obtain any information relating to this person. I have written to the CO at RAF Shawbury but it was on no help due to the long time elapsing with his service and retirement.


Keith Woods

Request 406.    Posted 29 Oct 2006

I hope to hear from anyone who knows of one or more Jamaicans working with or serving with the RAF at Lossiemouth or Kinloss in the early 1960s. I have no names but would very much like to hear from anyone who remembers any servicemen matching that description and may remember their names or nicknames.

Request 405.    Posted 18 Oct 2006

I am helping in some research regarding Wg. Cdr. Bransome Burbridge (100067). I wonder if anyone is still around who remembers he and his navigator, Flt Lt F S Skelton from their time with 85 Squadron or earlier.

Any information would be valuable.

Regards, Bruce Hall.

Request 404.    Posted 18 Oct 2006




Request 403.    Posted 15 Oct 2006

I am searching for information for the following person: Neneto Vivian WRIGHT 714934 A.C.I.          R.A.F.   He was In Richmond, Surrey in 1946 and 1947 and stayed at 4 Bicester Road, Richmond, Surrey with Mr and Mrs Douglass.  He had a baby son, mother Olive Kathleen Douglass, called Roger Vivian Douglass who was born died in 1947.  The baby also died in 1947.  I would be very grateful for any information.

 Yours sincerely

 Mrs. J. A. Franklin

Request 402.    Posted 12 Oct 2006

I am seeking a photograph of Wg Cdr Coverdale. He was the first C.O. of 431 R.C.A.F. Squadron formed in November 1942 and stationed at Burn in Yorkshire. W/C Coverdale had a distinguished Air Force career prior to being posted to Burn. He and his crew failed to return from Ops June 1943 on a raid to Krefeld. he is the only C.O. of this Squadron of whom no photograph has been so far found. Any help would be gratefully received. Bill Heron/Canada

Request 401.    Posted 12 Oct 2006

This replaces Request 99

Information concerning Capt. Maurice Charles Hopkins of South Africa  who served in the 175 Squadron, 121 Wing.  Typhoons.  They were the first to set foot on German soil.  Capt. Hopkins committed suicide in 1946 a few months after being demobed, but I am trying to reconstruct his war years.  Any memories, pictures, letters, newsreel information...  I am quite willing to pay for the cost, if such is required.

Request 400.    Posted 12 Oct 2006

I would like to contact AVM R.N.Bateson's brother or members of his family.  In his recorded memoirs Bob Bateson refers to his brother converting pilots to Blenheims at Tangmere c.1941.  Bob Bateson was in the Middle East in 1941 prior to taking his squadron to Java during the fall of Singapore.  Any info would be much appreciated.

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