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Air Commodore K B Latton (608190)

Kenneth Bruce                         

b:  6 Jun 1941                     

r:  28 Jan 1994                      

d: 19 Oct 2001

QCVSA 12 Jun 1971, BA, FRAeS.

Plt Off:  18 Dec 1962, Fg Off:  18 Dec 1963 [18 Dec 1962], Flt Lt:  18 Jun 1965, Sqn Ldr:  1 Jan 1971, Wg Cdr:  1 Jan 1979, Gp Capt:  1 Jan 1985, A/Cdre: 1 Jan 1990.

xx Jan 1960:            Flight Cadet, 'A' Sqn, RAF College.

18 Dec 1962:          Appointed to a Permanent Commission.


 2 Dec 1977:           Officer Commanding, No 226 OCU (Jaguar - Lossiemouth)

13 Jun 1980:           Tornado Joint Operational Training Project Officer, Directorate of Training (Flying).

 6 Jun 1983:            Deputy Commandant/OC Examining Wing, Central Flying School.

30 Nov 1984:         Officer Commanding, RAF Lossiemouth.

 6 Jan 1987:            Staff, Department of CAS.

26 May 1989:         AOC/Commandant, Central Flying School.

 7 Oct 1991:           Air Staff, HQ Strike Command.

xx xxx xxxx:            Commander British Forces, Operation 'Southern Watch'

21 Jun 1993:           Air Commodore - Flying Training, HQ RAF Support Command.

A New Zealander he represented the RAF College at Rugby and was awarded Air Ministry Prize for War Studies and Humanities, the 'John Anthony Chance' Memorial Prize, the Royal United Services Institute Award, the Queen's Medal and the Sword of Honour.

Following graduation from Cranwell he undertook his advanced training at Valley and in April 1963, he became the first ab initio pilot to solo and graduate on the Gnat, which had just replaced the Vampire.  Retired at his own request, he became Principal of Oxford Air Training School.  He was elected a Warden of the Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators in 2001.

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