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Air Vice-Marshal Sir Erik Bennett (1906354)

Erik Peter                    b: 3 Sep 1926              r: 10 Jun 1991            d: 28 Jan 2022

KBE 16 Jun 1990, CB 16 Jun 1984, CVO - xx Nov 2010, QCVSA - 1 Jan 1954, OI xx xxx 1960, OO2 xx xx 1980, OSQ xx xxx 1985, OM (O) xx xxx 1989, MoH xx xxx  1989.

AC2: xx xxx 1943, AC1: xx xxx xxxx, LAC: xx xxx xxxx, Plt Off (Sec): 22 Jan 1948, Plt Off (GD): 22 Nov 1950 [13 Dec 1949], Fg Off (Sec): 13 Dec 1950, Flt Lt: 13 Jun 1953, Sqn Ldr: 1 Jan 1959, Act Wg Cdr: 29 Mar 1965, Wg Cdr: 1 Jul 1965, Gp Capt: 1 Jul 1971, A/Cdre: 1 Jul 1978, AVM: 1 Jan 1982.

xx xxx 1943:            Airman Clerk

22 Jan 1948:            Appointed to an Emergency Commission in the Secretarial Branch, RAFVR

 1 Apr 1949:            Relinquished his Emergency Commission in the Secretarial Branch, RAFVR

 1 Apr 1949:            Appointed to a Temporary Commission in the Secretarial Branch, RAF (2 years on the Active List)

 6 Oct 1949:            Appointed to a Permanent Commission in the Secretarial Branch, RAF (for subsequent transfer to the GD Branch)

22 Nov 1950:          Transferred to the Duties Duties Branch, reverting to Plt Off

xx xxx 1950:            U/T Pilot, No ? FTS

xx Jun 1951:            Pilot, No 249 Sqn

xx xxx xxxx - xx xxx xxxx:              Attended Pilot Attack Instructors' Course, CFS, RAF West Raynham

xx xxx xxxx:             Pilot, No 32 Sqn

xx xxx 1954:            Pilot, No 111 Sqn

xx xxx xxxx:             Flight Commander, No 64 Sqn

xx xxx 1956:            Instructor, Day Fighter Leaders' School, RAF West Raynham

xx Nov 1958:           Seconded to Royal Jordanian Air Force (OC, No 1 Sqn RJAF)

xx xxx 1961:            Air Adviser to King Hussein of Jordan.

xx xxx 1963:            Attended RAF Staff College.

16 Dec 1963:           Air Staff, Directorate of Operations - Air Defence & Overseas.

29 Mar 1965:           Air Staff, Directorate of Operations - Aircraft Projects (RAF). (US F-4 Phantom)

xx xxx 1968:            Attended Joint Services Staff College.

xx xxx 1968:            Attended Lightning Conversion Course, No 226 OCU

 9 Feb 1969:            Officer Commanding, Flying Wing, RAF Tengah.

xx xxx 1971:            Attended RAF College of Air Warfare.

 1 Sep 1972:            Officer Commanding, RAF Boulmer

 6 Dec 1974:            Commander, Sultan of Oman's Air Force.

 Sir Erik Bennett unusually spent 16 years in his final appointment as the Commander of the Sultan of Oman's Air Force and continued to live there in his retirement, being appointed an Air Marshal in the SOAF. 


This page was last updated on 08/04/22

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