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Department of the Air Member for Technical Services - Personnel April 1949

From this year it is currently only possible to show the those personnel fulfilling posts at Director of higher level.


Sir Victor Goddard

Air Member for Technical Services, KCB, CBE 16 Aug 1948
Mr E D Campbell Private Secretary  
Directorate-General of Armament

Also see under the Department of the Chief of the Air Staff

AVM Geoffrey A H Pidcock Director-General, CB, CBE 14 Oct 1947
Directorate of Armament
A/Cdre Lionel R S Freestone Director, OBE  4 Apr 1949

Directorate-General of Engineering

AVM Kenneth M St C G Leask Director-General, CB, MC  5 Jan1948

Directorate of Engineering


Arthur F Hutton

Director, CBE, DFC 14 Mar 1949
Directorate of Technical Training

Leonard de V Chisman

Director, DFC  4 Apr 1949
Directorate-General of Signals

Also see under the Department of the Chief of the Air Staff


Edward B Addison

Director-General, CB, CBE  1 Mar 1949
Directorate of Radio
A/Cdre Robert C Wansbrough Director,  2 Feb 1948
Directorate of Technical Policy
A/Cdre Wilfred L Freebody Director, CBE, AFC; later AVM 14 Feb 1949

Directorate of Aeronautical Inspection Services


Herbert W Heslop

Director, CB, CBE; later AVM  

Source - April 1949 Air Force List

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