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Department of the Air Member for Training - Personnel July 1941


Act AM

Alfred G R Garrod

Air Member for Training, OBE, MC, DFC; later ACM  8 Jul 1940
Mr E W Hawken Private Secretary  
Directorate of Operational Training

Edwin S Goodwin

Director, AFC; later AVM 25 Mar 1941
Wg Cdr

Robert H S Spaight

Assistant Director; later A/Cdre  4 Nov 1949
Wg Cdr J W Gillan DFC, AFC  1 Jan 1941
Wg Cdr A E J Pratt   22 Oct 1940
Wg Cdr P S Gomez   19 Feb 1940
Sqn Ldr C L Troop   10 Mar 1941
Flt Lt E N Fenton    4 Nov 1940
Flt Lt C E Malfroy   10 Apr 1941
Flt Lt J D Irving OBE, MC 10 Jan 1940
Flt Lt D Parker   29 Mar 1941
Flt Lt D P Marvin DFC 18 Mar1941
Flt Lt N E Williams    1 May 1941
Plt Off A A Willis MC 16 Dec 1940
Mr W Gordon-Williams Special Appointment  
Mr R W Todd Higher Clerical Officer  
Mr A H Meaby Acting Higher Clerical Officer  
Mr F J Spurgeon Acting Higher Clerical Officer  
Directorate of Flying Training

Hon Ralph A Cochrane

Director, CBE, AFC; later ACM 21 Oct 1940
Gp Capt Gerald S Oddie Deputy Director, DFC, AFC; later A/Cdre  5 Jun 1941
Gp Capt Clifford W Busk Deputy Director, MC, AFC; later A/Cdre 30 Sep 1940
Gp Capt Lord G N Douglas-Hamilton Deputy Director, OBE, AFC  9 Dec 1940
Wg Cdr

Leonard K Barnes

Deputy Director, MBE; later A/Cdre 10 Dec 1940
Wg Cdr Robert S Blucke AFC; later AVM 11 Nov 1940
Wg Cdr Alan P Bett later A/Cdre  7 Mar 1940
Wg Cdr J C Stevens   13 May 1940
Wg Cdr Guy Bearne later AVM  3 Oct 1940
Wg Cdr

Maurice L Heath

later AM 11 Oct 1939
Wg Cdr F D Terdrey OBE  9 Dec 1940
Wg Cdr T L Moseley   14 Mar 1941
Sqn Ldr D S Kite   10 Jan 1940
Sqn Ldr F C Richardson   23 Sep 1940
Sqn Ldr

Duncan F Macdonald

later A/Cdre  3Sep 1939
Sqn Ldr G V Carey    7 Jun 1940
Sqn Ldr C S Cooper   17 Oct 1940
Sqn Ldr C W K Nicholls   24 May 1941
Sqn Ldr John B Russell later AVM 12 Dec 1940
Lt Cdr J E Burstall Attached, RN 17 Aug 1939
Flt Lt P L Alderson   24 Mar 1941
Flt Lt G E Ford    1 Jul 1940
Flt Lt N T Tangye   12 Oct 1940
Fg Off A G Haward   17 Feb 1941
Fg Off H Dinwoodie MC 16 Dec 1940
Fg Off John S Rowland later AM  7 Oct 1940
Fg Off W C Turner   14 Jun 1940
Plt Off C H Bell OBE 6 Mar 1940
Plt Off J A M Rreid   20 Mar 1941
Plt Off A R H Downing   16 Apr 1941
Plt Off D H Elletson   21 Dec 1940
Plt Off W T Jones   25 Apr 1941
Plt Off D W Phillips    7Jan 1941
Plt Off F C Chichester   11 Feb 1941
Plt Off G W Blake    4 Apr 1941
Sqn Ldr (Ret) H Cockerell OBE  
Mr R G Silk Acting Higher Clerical Officer  
Directorate of Technical Training

Meredith Thomas

Director, DFC, AFC; later AVM  7 Aug 1940
Gp Capt

Gerald P H Carter

Deputy Director; later A/Cdre  1 May 1941
Gp Capt H Nelson Deputy Director  1 Sep 1935
Wg Cdr Rowland Costa later A/Cdre Rowland Coats 31 Dec 1938
Wg Cdr L H Stewart   28 Jun 1937
Wg Cdr R J Carvell   18 Apr 1941
Flt Lt T A Tindle   24 May 1940
Flt Lt J Scott-Taggart MC 23 Sep 1940
Fg Off A J Spiers   16 Oct 1940
Fg Off A G Beese   22 Oct 1940
Fg Off A Gillespie   10 Sep 1940
Fg Off M A Vernon   20 Apr 1941
Plt Off J M Blake   12 Sep 1940
Flt Lt (Ret) J Sutherland MBE  
Administrative Training
Brig-Gen H A Jones    
Flt Lt C E H C Macpherson    4 Nov 1940
Fg Off G R C Baker   24 Sep 1940
Fg Off G H S Webber    1 Jan 1941
Directorate of Pre-entry Training
Mr J F Wolfenden Director  
Gp Capt R S Sugden AFC  5 Apr 1941
Flt Lt C H Lewis    9 Dec 1940
Plt Off J H Lundy   9 Dec 1940
Mr L J Banford Acting Principal  
Mr F R F Scott Temporary Administrative Officer  
Miss V Morewood Temporary Administrative Assistant  
Mr J A Earthy Acting Staff Officer  
Mr W C Hollamby Acting Higher Clerical Officer (On loan from another Government Dept)  
Training Progress
Mr M S Laing Head of Training Progress Staff  
Mr J A Hone Training Progress Officer  
Mr R H Ford Assistant Training Progress Officer  
Mr J P Winckworth Assistant Training Progress Officer  

Source - July 1941 Air Force List

Names shown in Red need confirmation.

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