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Air Commodore C W Busk (05086)

Clifford Westly            b: 19 Mar 1898            r: 2 Sep 1950                     d: 23 Oct 1970

CB - 1 Jan 1947, MC - 20 Oct 1916, AFC - 1 Mar 1929, MiD - 8 Jun 1944.

(Army):- 2 Lt: 7 Apr 1916, (T) Lt: 1 Sep 1917, (T) Capt: 1 Sep 1917?.

(RAF):- Lt: 1 Apr 1918, Fg Off: 1 Aug 1919, Flt Lt: 1 Jan 1924, Sqn Ldr: 1 Apr 1933, Wg Cdr: 1 Oct 1937, (T) Gp Capt: 1 Sep 1940, Act A/Cdre: xx xxx xxxx, Gp Capt: 1 Dec 1943, A/Cdre: 1 Jul 1947.

xx xxx xxxx:           Attended Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst.

 7 Apr 1916:           Officer, Suffolk Regiment.

 3 Jul 1916:              Observer, No 70 Sqn RFC. (Sopwith 1 Strutter)

 3 Aug 1916:            Graded as Qualified Observer

 7 Sep 1916:            Appointed Flying Officer (Observer), RFC.

6-13 Oct 1916:        Attended Machine Gun School

 8 Nov 1916:           Returned to Home Establishment

 3 Jul 1917:              U/T Pilot, Central Flying School.

xx xxx 1919:            Member, Scopwick Mobile Disposal Sqn.

 1 Aug 1919:            Re-seconded to RAF for further two years (gazetted 27 Apr 1920)

28 Feb 1920:           QFI, No 5 FTS.

 1 Aug 1921:            Re-seconded to RAF for further two years.

31 Aug 1922:           Granted a Permanent Commission in the rank of Flying Officer.

xx xxx - 22 Nov 1923:    Placed on half pay list, scale ?

23 Nov 1923:          Flight Commander, No 27 Sqn. ( DH9A)

19 Jan 1924:            Flight Commander, No 60 Sqn. ( DH9A)

 5 Nov 1928:            Supernumerary, RAF Depot.

 6 Jan 1929:              Staff, Armament and Gunnery School,

 2 Mar 1929:            Attended No 4 Squadron Armament Course, Armament and Gunnery School.

 2 Sep 1929:             Attended No 5 'A' Armament Course, Armament & Gunnery School

30 Mar 1930:            Armament Officer, RAF Practice Camp, Sutton Bridge.

30 Oct 1930:            Armament Officer/Instructor, Armament and Gunnery/Air Armament School.

 2 Mar 1933:            Armament Officer, No 2 Armament Practice Camp, North Coates Fitties.

 6 Nov 1933:            Armament Officer, Air Armament School.

26 Feb 1934:            Command Armament Officer, HQ Iraq Command.

 8 Jun 1936:              Supernumerary, HQ Armament Group.

10 Jul 1936:              Air Staff, HQ Armament Group/No 25 (Armament Group).

18 Jan 1938:             Armament Staff, HQ Training Command.

 5 Sep 1938:             Officer Commanding, No 8 Armament Training Station, Evanton

30 Sep 1940:            Deputy Director of Training (Armament).

xx xxx xxxx:             Staff Officer, HQ Coastal Command

 8 Jul 1943:              Attached as Officer Commanding, No 2 (C) OTU/RAF Catfoss.

27 Aug 1943:           Staff Officer, HQ Coastal Command

26 Jul 1944:              Commandant (Designate), Empire Central Armament School

1 Aug 1944:              Commandant, No 1 Air Armament School/AOC, RAF Manby

18 Sep 1944:            Commandant, Empire Central Armament School/AOC, RAF Manby

xx xxx 1945:             

15 May 1946:           AOA, HQ Reserve Command.

 1 Apr 1948:             Head of UK Air Liaison Mission to Canada.

Citation for the award of the Military Cross

"2nd Lt. Clifford Westly Busk, Suff. R. and R.F.C.

For conspicuous gallantry and skill. He has taken part in many reconnaissances and fights, and on one occasion shot down an enemy aeroplane. On another occasion, when his pilot's control wires were cut and the machine went into a spin, he helped to restore stability by leaning far out on the upper side, and remained in this position till the machine got home."

(London Gazette - 20 October 1916)

Recommendation for the award of the Air Force Cross.

BUSK, Clifford Westly, F/L, MC - Air Force Cross - awarded as per London Gazette dated 1 March 1929 (the New Years Honours List had been delayed through illness of King George V).

"For consistent devotion to duty. This officer has completed a term of five years in India, during which period he has flown over 600 hours.  He has invariably carried out his duties under peace-time and active service conditions with unremitting ability and enthusiasm, and the improvement in the efficiency of his squadron is in a large measure due to his efforts.

 Flight Lieutenant Busk is an excellent pilot and flying instructor, and in addition to leading the formations which have won the Indian Command Bombing Cup in each of the past four years, he was selected to pilot several high officials during his service in India."

(Source - Air 30/79/1-16)

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