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Training Command - January 1939

Units administered directly by Command HQ

Unit Location/Administered by Officer Commanding
Central Examination Board RAF Grantham Sqn Ldr K S Brake

No 21 (Training) Group

Unit Location/Administered by Officer Commanding
RAF College RAF Cranwell AVM J E A Baldwin
No 1 Electrical and Wireless School RAF Cranwell Gp Capt J H Simpson
RAF Station Cranwell Cranwell, Lincolnshire As RAF College
RAF Hospital RAF Cranwell Gp Capt A E Panter
Equipment Training School (Airmen) RAF Cranwell
No 2 Electrical and Wireless School RAF Yatesbury Vacant

No 23 (Training) Group

Unit Location/Administered by Officer Commanding
Central Flying School RAF Upavon Gp Capt J M Robb
No 1 Flying Training School RAF Netheravon Gp Capt L F Forbes
No 2 Flying Training School RAF Brize Norton Gp Capt F L Robinson
No 3 Flying Training School RAF South Cerney Gp Capt D Iron
No 5 Flying Training School RAF Sealand Gp Capt A N Gallehawk
No 6 Flying Training School RAF Little Rissington Gp Capt A ap Ellis
No 7 Flying Training School RAF Peterborough Gp Capt A Shekleton
No 8 Flying Training School RAF Montrose Gp Capt H V Champion de Crespigny
No 9 Flying Training School RAF Hullavington Gp Capt C H Elliott-Smith
No 10 Flying Training School RAF Tern Hill Gp Capt G E Livock
No 11 Flying Training School RAF Shawbury Gp Capt H P Lale
RAF Station Grantham Grantham, Lincolnshire Vacant
School of Air Navigation RAF Manston Wg Cdr P D Robertson

No 24 (Training) Group

Unit Location/Administered by Officer Commanding
RAF Station Cardington Cardington, Bedfordshire Gp Capt G W Murlis-Green
Balloon Development Establishment RAF Cardington Sqn Ldr S Nixon (Retd)
No 2 RAF Depot RAF Cardington Wg Cdr A S Thompson
No 1 Balloon Training Unit (a) RAF Cardington Sqn Ldr R A Ford RAFO
No 2 School of Technical Training (Apprentices) RAF Cosford Gp Capt W J Y Guilfoyle
School of Photography RAF Farnborough Wg Cdr C Porri
Station HQ RAF Halton A/Cdre G B Dacre
No 1 School of Technical Training (Apprentices) RAF Halton A/Cdre G B Dacre
School of Cookery RAF Halton  
Princess Mary's Hospital RAF Halton  
RAF Institute of Pathology and Tropical Medicine (b) RAF Halton  
Medical Training Depot (b) RAF Halton  
Home Aircraft Depot RAF Henlow Gp Capt J McCrae
RAF School of Aeronautical Engineering RAF Henlow Wg Cdr L M Iles
Equipment Training School (Officers) RAF Kidbrooke  
Central Medical Establishment (b) London A/Cdre H E Whittingham
Inspector of Recruiting (c) London Gp Capt E R C Nanson (Retd)
School of Clerks, Accounting RAF Lympne Wg Cdr P M Brambleby (retd)?
Station HQ RAF Manston Gp Capt A D Pryor
No 3 School of Technical Training (Men) RAF Manston Gp Capt A D Pryor
Aeroplane and Armament Experimental Establishment RAF Martlesham Heath Gp Capt H G Smart
No 2 Balloon Training Unit Rollestone Camp Sqn Ldr E G C Stokes
Record Office (c) Ruislip Gp Capt J W Cordingley
No 4 School of Technical Training (Men) RAF St Athan Gp Capt E B Rice
No 1 RAF Depot RAF Uxbridge Gp Capt W D Budgen
RAF Officers' Hospital RAF Uxbridge  
RAF Central Band RAF Uxbridge Sqn Ldr R P O'Donnell
School of Physical Training RAF Uxbridge Flt Lt A F Ingram RAFO
Service Police HQ and Training Centre RAF Uxbridge Flt Lt C R Richdale
Anti-Gas School RAF Uxbridge Sqn Ldr D V Ivins
Reception Depot RAF West Drayton Wg Cdr V Gaskell-Blackburn
Recruits Sub-Depot RAF Debden Sqn Ldr B M Cary
Recruits Sub-Depot RAF Dishforth Sqn Ldr W T F Wightman
Recruits Sub-Depot RAF Driffield Sqn Ldr D J Alvey
Recruits Sub-Depot RAF Finningley Sqn Ldr C Boumphrey
Recruits Sub-Depot RAF Linton-on-Ouse Sqn Ldr R A McMurtrie
Recruits Sub-Depot RAF Scampton Sqn Ldr W P J Thomson
Recruits Sub-Depot RAF South Cerney Sqn Ldr A N Luxmore
Recruits Sub-Depot RAF Upwood Sqn Ldr W J Millen
Recruits Sub-Depot RAF Usworth Sqn Ldr G F Whistondale

(a) Under No 30 (Barrage Balloon) Group for training administration.

(b) Directly under Director of Medical Services for technical (medical) administration.

(c) Directly under Director of Personal Services for technical administration.

No 25 (Armament) Group

Unit Location/Administered by Officer Commanding
No 1 Air Armament School RAF Manby Gp Capt F W Trott
RAF Station Eastchurch Eastchurch, Kent Gp Capt C B Dalison
No 2 Air Armament School RAF Eastchurch Wg Cdr A W Franklyn
Station Flt RAF Eastchurch Fg Off J D Harris
No 1 Air Observers School RAF North Coates Sqn Ldr J B S Monypenny
No 1 Armament Training Station RAF Catfoss Wg Cdr C T Anderson
No 2 Armament Training Station RAF Aldergrove Wg Cdr N C Saward
RAF Station Aldergrove Aldergrove, Northern Ireland Wg Cdr N C Saward
No 3 Armament Training Station RAF Sutton Bridge Wg Cdr F O Soden
Temporary Armament Training Station RAF Leuchars  
No 4 Armament Training Station RAF West Freugh Wg Cdr R S Sorley
No 5 Armament Training Station RAF Penrhos Wg Cdr T V Lister
No 6 Armament Training Station RAF Warmwell Wg Cdr W H Poole
No 7 Armament Training Station RAF Acklington Vacant
No 8 Armament Training Station RAF Evanton Wg Cdr C W Busk
Temporary Air Observers School RAF Leconfield  
Wainfleet Sands Bombing Range RAF Manby  

No 26 (Training) Group*

Unit Location/Administered by Officer Commanding
No 1 Elementary and Reserve Flying Training School Hatfield Civilian Operated
No 2 ERFTS Filton Civilian Operated
No 3 ERFTS Hamble Civilian Operated
No 4 ERFTS Brough Civilian Operated
No 5 ERFTS Hamworth Civilian Operated
No 6 ERFTS Sywell Civilian Operated
No 7 ERFTS Desford Civilian Operated
No 8 ERFTS Reading Civilian Operated
No 9 ERFTS Ansty Civilian Operated
No 10 ERFTS RAF Yatesbury Civilian Operated
No 11 ERFTS Perth Civilian Operated
No 12 ERFTS Prestwick Civilian Operated
No 13 ERFTS White Waltham Civilian Operated
No 14 ERFTS Castle Bromwich Civilian Operated
No 15 ERFTS Redhill Civilian Operated
No 16 ERFTS Shoreham Civilian Operated
No 17 ERFTS Barton Civilian Operated
No 18 ERFTS Fairoaks Woking Civilian Operated
No 19 ERFTS Gatwick Civilian Operated
No 20 ERFTS Gravesend Civilian Operated
No 21 ERFTS Stapleford Tawney Civilian Operated
No 22 ERFTS Cambridge Civilian Operated
No 23 ERFTS Rochester Civilian Operated
No 25 ERFTS Grimsby Civilian Operated
No 26 ERFTS Oxford Civilian Operated
No 27 ERFTS Tollerton Civilian Operated
No 28 ERFTS Meir Civilian Operated
No 29 ERFTS Luton Civilian Operated
No 30 ERFTS Derby Civilian Operated
No 31 ERFTS Gloucester & Cheltenham Civilian Operated
RAFVR Town Centre Birmingham  
RAFVR Town Centre Brighton  
RAFVR Town Centre Bristol  
RAFVR Town Centre Cambridge  
RAFVR Town Centre Coventry  
RAFVR Town Centre Glasgow  
RAFVR Town Centre Grimsby  
RAFVR Town Centre Hull  
RAFVR Town Centre Leicester  
RAFVR Town Centre London  
RAFVR Town Centre Manchester  
RAFVR Town Centre Northampton  
RAFVR Town Centre Nottingham  
RAFVR Town Centre Oxford  
RAFVR Town Centre Perth  
RAFVR Town Centre Reading  
RAFVR Town Centre Rochester  
RAFVR Town Centre Southampton  
RAFVR Town Centre Stoke on Trent  

*Directly responsible to the Air Ministry for the administration and elementary training of pilots for the RAF, for the training of officers and airmen pilots of the RAF Reserve and the RAF Volunteer Reserve and for the administration of the RAFO and RAFVR

Source - January 1939 Air Force List

County names used are those in use at the time

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