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Air Commodore  H E White (119508)

Harold Edward                b:   23 May 1923                  r:  29 Nov 1977                       d: 25 Mar 1990

CBE - 1 Jan 1978, DFC - 24 Sep 1943, Bar - 14 Apr 1944, Bar - 13 Oct 1944, AFC - 1 Jan 1952, QCVSA - 1 Jan 1954.

(RAFVR): Sgt: xx xxx xxxx, Plt Off (P)-(emer): 26 Mar 1942, Fg Off (P) (WS): 1 Oct 1942, Flt Lt (WS): 26 Mar 1944, 

(RAF): Fg Off: 2 Apr 1946 [1 Sep 1945], Flt Lt: 1 Jul 1946, Sqn Ldr: 1 Jul 1950,  Act Wg Cdr: xx Aug 1955, Wg Cdr: 1 Jan 1957, Gp Capt: 1 Jan 1962, A/Cdre:

xx xxx 1940:           U/T Pilot, RAFVR (1284643)

xx Jul 1941:            Sergeant Pilot, No 54 OTU.

xx xxx xxxx:            Sergeant Pilot, No 534 Sqn.

xx xxx xxxx:            Sergeant Pilot, No 141 Sqn.

26 Mar 1942:         Pilot, No 141 Sqn.

26 Mar 1942:         Appointed to a Commission in the RAFVR

xx May 1944:         Instructor?, No 60 OTU

xx xxx 1945:           Pilot, Bomber Support Development Unit.

2 Apr 1946:            Appointed to a Permanent Commission in the rank of Flying Officer (wef 1 Sep 1945)

xx Aug 1955:          CFI/Officer Commanding, Flying Wing, RAF Leeming.

xx Jun 1956:           Officer Commanding, No 46 Squadron.

xx May 1958:         Staff Officer, UK

27 Apr 1959:          Planning Staff, HQ Far East Air Force.

30 Apr 1960:          HQ FEAF Representative of Joint Planning Staff

28 May 1962:         Group Captain - Training, HQ Transport Command.

xx xxx xxxx:            Staff Officer, Far East.

10 Mar 1967:         Officer Commanding, RAF Buchan.

 6 Feb 1970:           Group Captain - Plans, HQ RAF Germany.

22 Apr 1972:          Director of Quartering.

 6 Apr 1974:           AOA, HQ RAF Germany             

Following training he was initially posted to No 534 Squadron flying the 'Turbinlite' Havoc, but when this method of interception was proved inferior to radar equipped night fighters, he was posted to No 141 Squadron.  Here he flew Beaufighters and was soon taking part in bomber support operations using 'Serrate' as well as AI radar to protect the night bombers from prowling Luftwaffe fighters.  By the end of the war his total at 12 Destroyed and four damaged.

On 2 June 1945, he took off in Mosquito XXX, MM797, from Swanton Morley and almost immediately he suffered an engine failure on the port side resulting in him having to make a  forced landing in a field, which he accomplished successfully.

Retired at his own request, he became Chief Executive of Swale District Council in Kent, retiring from that post in 1988.

Citation for the award of the Distinguished Flying Cross

"Flying Officer Harold Edward WHITE (119508), Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve,. No. 141 Squadron.

This officer has completed numerous sorties over enemy territory and has displayed great skill and determination throughout. In July, 1943, he shot down a Messerschmitt no, while during another sortie in August, 1943, he engaged 3 hostile aircraft in separate combats. In the latter engagement his opponent's aircraft was seen to spiral towards the ground in flames and explode on impact."

(London Gazette - 24 September 1943)

Citation for the award of the Bar to the Distinguished Flying Cross

"Flying Officer Michael Seamer ALLEN DFC (120723) Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, No 141 Squadron

Flying Officer Harold Edward WHITE DFC (119508), Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, No 141 Squadron

As observer and pilot respectively these officers have completed many sorties since being awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross They have set a fine example of keenness and devotion to duty throughout and have now destroyed at least 5 enemy aircraft at night Their achievements have been worthy of much praise"

(London Gazette - 14 April 1944)

Citation for the award of a Second Bar to Distinguished Flying Cross

"WHITE, Harold Edward, F/O, DFC (119508, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve) - No 141 Squadron

Since the award of the first Bar to the Distinguished Flying Cross, this officer has destroyed three enemy aircraft and damaged one while flying as a night fighter pilot.  His skill and daring in this capacity have been outstanding.  On one sortie, while patrolling near Aachen, he destroyed a Messerschmitt 109 which exploded so near and with such brilliance that he was blinded for some moments.  He has completed a large number of operational missions."

(Source - Flight, 16 November 1944)

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