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Air Vice-Marshal G H White (21184)

George Holford     b:   16 Oct 1904                     r:   xx xxx 1963          d: 18 Jan 1965

CB - xx xxx 1962, CBE - 1 Jan 1958 (OBE - 13 Jun 1946), FCA

Plt Off:  3 Dec 1927, Fg Off:  3 Dec 1928, Flt Lt: 3 Dec 1934, (T) Sqn Ldr:  1 Jun 1940, (T) Wg Cdr: 1 Jun 1942, Sqn Ldr:  20 Nov 1942 [1 Jul 1941], Act Gp Capt: 5 Jan 1945?, Wg Cdr (WS):  5 Jul 1945, Wg Cdr:  1 Jul 1947, Gp Capt:  1 Jul 1948, Act A/Cdre: 5 Mar 1956, A/Cdre: 1 Jan 1958, AVM: 8 Oct 1961

 3 Dec 1927:                  Appointed to a Permanent Commission in the Accountant Branch

17 Jan 1928:                  Accountant Officer, RAF Upavon

26 Apr 1930:                 Accountant Officer, HQ Iraq Command

23 Mar 1932:                 Supernumerary, RAF Depot

22 May 1932:                Accountant Officer, RAF Andover

27 Feb 1933:                 Accountant Officer, No 1 School of Technical Training

10 Jul 1936:                   Accountant Officer, RAF Halton

xx xxx xxxx:                   Served in France

xx xxx xxxx:                   Served in West Africa

xx xxx xxxx:                   Served in the Western Desert

29 Mar 1942:                Accountant Officer, HQ RAF India

12 Jan 1944:                  Staff Officer, Directorate of Personal Services

xx xxx 1946:                   Attended RAF Staff College

 1 Dec 1949:                  Senior Air Staff Officer, RAF Record Office

 1 Apr 1951:                  Group Captain - Organisation, HQ 2nd Tactical Air Force.

 4 Dec 1953:                  Group Captain - Organisation, HQ Technical Training Command

 5 Mar 1956:                 Air Commodore - Organisation, HQ Maintenance Command

 1 Aug 1960:                 Air Officer Commanding, RAF Record Office

 8 Oct 1961:                  AOA, Technical Training Command

Citation for the award of Officer of the Order of the British Empire

"WHITE, George Halford, Act Gp Capt (21184, Royal Air Force) - Directorate General of Personnel, Office of Chief of the Air Staff.

Group Captain White was appointed Head of P.6 in January 1944. In this capacity he has been responsible for advising the Air Member for Personnel on all matters affecting the pay, allowances, bonus and retired pay of officers and airmen of the Royal Air Force. The revision of the whole of these Codes for officers and airmen has, during the last nine months, placed on him a very heavy burden of additional work.  During this period his tactful relations with the corresponding Finance Branches of the Civil Service have done much to ensure the smooth cooperation of all concerned.  Group Captain White has spared no pains to discover all the relevant facts and has worked hard and conscientiously to ensure that the advice he has given has always been sound and in the interests of the Royal Air Force."

(Source - Air 2/9668)

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