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Air Chief Marshal Sir Nigel Maynard (44196)

Air Chief Marshal Sir Nigel MaynardNigel Martin                 

b: 28 Aug 1921                     

r: 21 May 1977                    

d: 18 Jun 1998

KCB 1 Jan 1973 (CB 1 Jan 1971), CBE - 1 Jan 1963, DFC 28 Jul 1942, AFC 1 Jan 1947.

Plt Off (P): 21 Jul 1940, Fg Off (WS): 21 Jul 1941, Act Flt Lt: xx xxx xxxx, Flt Lt (WS): 21 Jul 1942, Flt Lt: 21 May 1946 [21 Jan 1944], Sqn Ldr: 1 Aug 1947, Wg Cdr: 1 Jan 1952, Gp Capt: 1 Jan 1959, A/Cdre: 1 Jan 1965, Act AVM: 22 Apr 1968,  AVM: 1 Jul 1968, Act AM: 8 Jan 1972, AM: 1 Jul 1972, ACM: 8 May 1976.

Photo Courtesy - David Yates (ex Flt Sgt RAF)

10 Apr 1940:            Flight Cadet, RAF College.

21 Jun 1940:            Granted a Permanent Commission

xx xxx 1940:            Pilot, No 210 Sqn.

xx xxx xxxx:             Pilot, No 228 Sqn

xx xxx 1944:            ADC to AOC in C, Mediterranean and Middle East.

xx xxx 1945:            Flight Commander, No 1332 Heavy transport Conversion Unit.

18 Nov 1946:          Air Staff Officer, HQ, No 4 Group

xx Feb 1949:           Officer Commanding, No 242 Sqn.

 1 Mar 1949:           Air Staff, Deputy Directorate of Operational Training

xx Apr 1950:           Air Staff, Air Ministry.

xx xxx 1952:            Attended RAF Staff College.

12 Jan 1953:            Staff Officer, Inspectorate-General.

xx xxx 1954:            Staff, HQ Bomber Command.

xx xxx 1957:            Attended Joint Services Staff College.

30 Dec 1957:          SASO, HQ No 25 Group.

26 Feb 1960:          Officer Commanding, RAF Changi.

 1 Jan 1961 - 16 Feb 1965:            ADC to The Queen

19 Dec 1962:          Group Captain - Operations, HQ Transport Command

 1 Dec 1964:            Director of Defence Plans (Air)

xx xxx 1966:            Director of Defence Plans/Chairman, Defence Planning Staff.

xx xxx 1967:            Attended Imperial Defence College.

22 Apr 1968:          Commandant, RAF Staff College

 1 Oct 1970:            Chief of Staff, HQ Far East Air Force.

 7 Nov 1970:           AOC in C, Far East Air Force

 8 Jan 1972:             Chief of Staff/Deputy C in C, HQ Strike Command

 4 Apr 1973:            C in C, RAF Germany/Commander, 2nd Allied Tactical Air Force

21 May 1976:          AOC in C, Strike Command.

Sir Nigel Maynard his one of that small group of fathers and sons who both rose to air rank.  His father who eventually become AVM F H M 'Sammy' Maynard had surveyed the site at Cranwell for the Admiralty in 1916 and was serving there as an instructor at the new RAF College when his son was born.  Nigel Maynard was actually the first child born at RAF Cranwell and was christened in one of its hangers.  He entered the RAF College, in the last regular intake, in 1940 but his course was drastically cut short due to the escalation of hostilities.  He first served with No 210 Sqn flying Sunderlands from Oban moving later to the Mediterranean, West Africa and the Middle East still flying Sunderlands until 1944.  He transferred to Transport Command in 1945 and after a spell as a instructor, for which he received the AFC, he returned to transport duties including command of No 242 Squadron during the Berlin Airlift.

He eventually held the distinction of being the only officer to hold the three main operational commands in the RAF, namely the FEAF, RAF Germany and Strike Command.  When he was promoted AVM he and his father became the first father/son to both reach that rank.

Citation for the award of the Distinguished Flying Cross

MAYNARD, Nigel Martin, A/F/L (44196, Royal Air Force) - No.228 Squadron - awarded as per London Gazette dated 28 July 1942.

"This officer has displayed great keenness for operations.  He has recently been appointed captain of aircraft and has organized his crew to a high standard of efficiency.  He has displayed great perseverance in searching out and attacking enemy submarines.  These operations have reflected great credit both on the captain and the aircraft's crew."

(Source - Air Ministry Bulletin 7611)

Citation for the award of the Air Force Cross

MAYNARD, Nigel Martin, Acting Squadron Leader, DFC (44196) No. 1332 Heavy Transport Conversion Unit Air Force Cross awarded as per London Gazette dated 1 January 1947.  Recommended when he had flown 1,526 hours, 150 on current duties, 80 in past six months.

"Squadron Leader Maynard has served with this unit for the past twelve months in the capacity of flight commander, chief flying instructor, and deputy chief instructor.  His work at all times has been exemplary.   Insisting on a high standard, both for staff and student personnel, he has been largely responsible for maintaining the good record and quality of output for which this unit is well known.  He has cheerfully accepted many ground duties due to the shortage of senior officers.  During the past few months, it was necessary to convert several Liberator pilots to York aircraft.  This was the responsibility of Squadron Leader Maynard who, with the aid of another instructor, efficiently accomplished this, thus providing York instructors of high quality.  The organization of the flight was carried out during this peak period with practically no interference with the student output.  This work has been done in addition to numerous categorization tests for both staff and students and also in addition to the normal training commitments."

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