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Air Commodore E M Maitland

E M Maitland - 1910E M Maitland - 1911Edward Maitland                  b: 21 Feb 1880                                                   d: 24 August 1921

CMG - 1 Jan 1919, DSO -20 Jul 1917, AFC - 23 Aug 1919, DFM (US) - 16 Dec 1919, BA, FRGS.

For a list of foreign decoration abbreviations, click here

(Army): - 2 Lt:  23 May 1900, Lt:  26 Jan 1902, Capt: 13 Jan 1911, (T) Maj: 20 May 1912, Maj: 1 Sep 1915, (T) Lt Col: 1 Jul 1914, (B) Lt Col: 3 Jun 1916. (T) Col: 13 Jul 1916

(RNAS) : - Wg Cdr: 1 Jul 1914, Wg Capt: 30 Jun 1916.

(RAF): - (T) Brig-Gen [Lt Col]: 1 Apr 1918, Col: 1 Apr 1918, Act Brig-Gen: 1 May 1919, Gp Capt: 1 Aug 1919 [1 Apr 1918?], A/Cdre: 1 Aug 1919.

xx xxx 1898:        Attended Trinity College, Cambridge University.

23 May 1900:        Officer, Essex Regiment.

27 Nov 1907:        Adjutant, 3rd Battalion, Essex Regiment.

27 Nov 1907:        Adjutant, Special Reserve, Essex Regiment.?

26 Aug 1910?:       Attached to Balloon School, Farnborough.

19 May 1911:        Attached to Air Battalion.

19 Aug 1911:        Officer Commanding, No 1 Company, Air Battalion. (renamed No 1 Sqn RFC - 13 May 1912)

20 May 1912:       Officer Commanding, No 1 Sqn RFC.

xx xxx 1914:         Officer Commanding, Airships RFC.

 1 Jul 1914:           Officer Commanding, Captive Balloon Detachment RNAS, Farnborough.  

xx xxx xxxx:          Officer Commanding, RNAS Firminey (Dunkirk)

1915                     Officer Commanding, RNAS Balloon Depot, Roehampton

xx Jan 1916:          Officer Commanding, Airship Expeditionary Force, Dardanelles

13 Jul 1916:          Officer Commanding, Pulham Airship Station.

xx Jun 1917:         Director of Airships, Admiralty

 1 Apr 1918:         Director of Airships, Air Ministry

xx xxx xxxx:          Specially employed (Transatlantic crossing by R34).

 1 Aug 1919:         Awarded Permanent Commission in rank of Group Captain. (gazetted 26 Sep 1919)

 1 Apr 1920:         AOC, RAF Airship Base, Howden.

During the South African War, he served in the Orange River Colony.  He took up ballooning in 1908 and on 18 November 1908, together with Mr. C C Turner and Prof. A E Gaudron he flew in the Mammoth from Crystal Palace to Meeki Derevi in Russia a distance of 1,117 miles in 36.5 hours.  In 1909 and 1910 he was attached to the Balloon School and whilst here he also undertook experiments with powered aircraft but following a bad crash, decided to concentrate on airships.  On one occasion, he took a couple of young ladies aloft in a balloon, only to come down on the rooftops of Kensington necessitating rescue by the fire brigade.  In 1913, due to the illness of Prof. Gaudron, he undertook the first parachute descent from the airship Delta.  He continued to experiment with parachutes, which he considered to be a vital adjunct to the airship.  He began learning to fly in 1910 but following an accident in which he suffered severe leg injuries, he concentrated on balloons and airships, but did eventually gain his RAeC Certificate 1281Fr on 4 April 1913. In 1919 he was involved in the first transatlantic crossing aboard the R34, for which he received the AFC.  On 24 August 1921 A/Cdre Maitland was aboard the Airship R38 when it broke up in mid air over the Humber killing 44 of the 49 occupants aboard.

Citation for the award of the Distinguished Service Order

“Wing Capt. Edward Maitland Maitland, R.N.A.S.

In recognition of valuable and gallant work in connection with airships and parachutes.  He has carried out experiments at his own personal risk, and has made some descents under enemy fire.”

(London Gazette – 20 July 1917)

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