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Air Vice Marshal D V Carnegie (07004)

David Vaughan CarnegieDavid Vaughan             b: 7 Feb 1897                     r: 12 Jun 1954                      d: 3 Aug 1964

CB - 2 Jan 1950, CBE - 14 Jun 1945, AFC - 1 Jan 1919, LoM (O) - 15 Mar 1946.

For a list of foreign decoration abbreviations, click here

(RN):- (T) Flt Sub-Lt: 6 Nov 1917.

(RAF): - Lt: 1 Apr 1918, Fg Off: 1 Aug 1919, Flt Lt: 30 Jun 1922, Sqn Ldr: 30 Jun 1931, Wg Cdr: 1 Apr 1937, (T) Gp Capt: 1 Mar 1940, Act A/Cdre: xx xxx xxxx, (T) A/Cdre: 1 Jun 1942, Gp Capt: 20 Nov 1942 [1 Oct 1941], Act AVM: 18 Mar 1945, A/Cdre: 18 Mar 1946, A/Cdre: 1 Oct 1946, AVM: 1 Jan 1948.

David Vaughan Carnegie

by Walter Stoneman
bromide print, November 1948
NPG x166389

National Portrait Gallery, London


xx xxx 1917:            U/T Pilot, Redcar Flying School.

xx xxx 1917:            Pilot, North Sea patrols, RNAS/RAF. (North Sea patrols)

xx xxx 1918:            ?

24 Oct 1919:           Awarded a Permanent Commission in the rank of Flying Officer (Aeroplane & Seaplane)

12 Mar 1920:          Pilot, No 267 Sqn.

10 Jun 1920:            Pilot, No 202 Sqn.

 1 Aug 1923:            Pilot, No 481 Flight

12 Jun 1924:            Staff, M.A.E.E.

17 May 1927:          Pilot, Far East Flight/No 205 Sqn.

 2 Mar 1930:           Supernumerary, RAF Depot.

17 Jul 1930:             Officer Commanding, Seaplane Training Unit, RAF Base Calshot.

18 Jan 1932:            Attended RAF Staff College.

17 Dec 1932:           Air Staff, HQ ADGB.

xx Nov - 22 Dec 1933:           Officer Commanding, 'Victoria Flight', No 58 Sqn (to ferry 5 Vickers Victorias to the Middle East)

 4 Sep 1936:            Staff, War Training Department, Directorate of Staff Duties.

21 Apr 1938:           Supernumerary, RAF Wittering.

16 May 1938:          Officer Commanding, RAF Wittering.

20 Oct 1939:           Air Staff, HQ Fighter Command.

10 Nov 1940:          Officer Commanding, No 58 OTU/RAF Grangemouth

31 Apr 1941:           Staff Duties, Air Ministry

xx xxx 1941:            Director of British Flying Training, RAF Delegation, Washington.

11 Sep 1942:           Director of Flying Training.

xx xxx 1945:            Air Adviser to UK High Commissioner, Ottawa.

17 Jun 1948:            AOC, No 18 Group/Air Officer Scotland.

xx xxx 1951:            Chief of Staff, RNZAF.

Whilst serving in Singapore, he was involved in setting up the Singapore Flying Club and was made Hon CFI in 1929.  From 1954 to 1962, he was Air Liaison Officer to the British Oxygen Company.  He was also a member of the Queen's Bodyguard for Scotland.

Citation for the award of Commander of the Order of the British Empire

CARNEGIE, David Vaughan, A/V/M (Royal Air Force) - Department of Air Member for Training, Directorate of Flying Training - awarded as per London Gazette dated 14 June 1945.

 "As Director of Flying Training during the past year this officer has maintained a steady improvement in the basic training of air crew personnel, and by his unfailing energy and practical ability has raised the standard of flying instruction and also of personnel at the Empire Central Flying School.  He has continued to maintain an excellent liaison with the United States Army Air Force on flying training matters to the common benefit."

(Air 2/9003 has citation for a CBE proposed for June 1944 Birthday Honours List which may (or may not) bear upon this 1945 award.  Drafted when he was an Air Commodore)

Citation for the award of Commander of the United States Legion of Merir (Degree of Commander)

CARNEGIE, David Vaughan, A/V/M (Royal Air Force) - Department of Air Member for Training, Directorate of Flying Training -  - awarded as per London Gazette dated 15 March 1946.  Services rendered when he was a Group Captain.

 "For exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding services from April 1941 to September 1942.  Charged with the organization and development of the British flying training program in the United States, Air Vice-Marshal Carnegie, as Director of Training, contributed greatly to the success of the program for training pilots and navigators which was carried out in the United States.  With unusual ability and initiative, he created and maintained a steady flow of qualified and proficient personnel to the combat theaters.  His complete cooperation and professional skill aided materially in preventing or surmounting any problem that might have hampered the culmination of a successful program.  His high sense of diplomacy fostered the splendid relations between the two countries which eventually assured mutual cooperation in the battlefields."

(Source - 1946 RCAF Press Release)

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