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Department of the Air Member for Personnel - Personnel 1967


ACM Sir David J P Lee Air Member for Personnel, KBE, CB  2 Feb 1965
Mr H B Smith Private Secretary  
Mr A R Hammond Assistant Private Secretary  
Directorate-General of RAF Personal Services
AVM Gareth T B Clayton Director-General, CB, DFC*; later AM 18 Mar 1966
Mr A J Rayment Personal Assistant  
Directorate of Personal Services (1) (RAF)
A/Cdre Stanley E D Mills Director, CBE, FCA  3 Jan 1966
Gp Capt B L Davis Deputy Director, 21 Jan 1967
Gp Capt

Fred Rump

Deputy Director, CBE; later A/Cdre 28 Feb 1966
Wg Cdr K G Chamberlain DFC 17 Jun 1966
Wg Cdr A T Powell DFC  9 May 1966
Wg Cdr T A Whiting DFC 28 Mar 1966
Sqn Ldr J H Bishop    4 Feb 1966
Sqn Ldr G A Bowen   17 Oct 1965
Sqn Ldr J C Brown   13 Dec 1965
Sqn Ldr F B Browning BA  4 Apr 1966
Sqn Ldr G G Callaghan   12 Dec 1966
Sqn Ldr H Duncan    2 Nov 1965
Sqn Ldr V A Hodgkinson    4 Jan 1965
Sqn Ldr K W Johnson DFC 17 Feb 1965
Sqn Ldr J H Maisey ACIS  2 Aug 1965
Sqn Ldr P H J Peters AFC  4 Jan 1965
Mr D W Sandles Higher Executive Officer  
Mr F J Shergold Higher Executive Officer  
Mr H F Andrews Executive Officer  
Mr M J S Sargent Executive Officer, AMBIM  
Mr R W Gatfield Executive Officer  
Wg Cdr (Ret) T R N Wheatley-Smith Special Appointment  
Directorate of Personal Services (2) (RAF)
A/Cdre Marcus M Gardham Director, CBE; later AVM  3 Jun 1966
Gp Capt J McD Ayre Deputy Director, CBE 30 Mar 1965
Gp Capt F T Russell Deputy Director, MBE 30 Apr 1967
Gp Capt A H Wilkes Deputy Director, OBE 30 Dec 1963
Wg Cdr J Buckley   19 Dec 1966
Wg Cdr W S Jackson   19 Nov 1964
Wg Cdr H Stansfield BA  1 Aug 1966
Wg Cdr S Willcocks   26 Feb 1965
Sqn Ldr M S Brown    8 Aug 1966
Sqn Ldr A J Gray   25 Jan 1966
Sqn Ldr C A Grennan MBE 29 Oct 1965
Sqn Ldr D T C Hayes   10 Jan 1966
Sqn Ldr W T Joyce MBE 16 Jul 1965
Sqn Ldr W G J Merrifield    2 May 1965
Sqn Ldr K J Newman   27 Oct 1964
Sqn Ldr D A R Patten    4 Jan 1965
Sqn Ldr A Poulson   24 Aug 1964
Sqn Ldr T H Taylor   11 Mar 1963
Sqn Off J M Church BA, WRAF  3 Oct 1966
Flt Lt D E Facey ACA  6 Jun 1965
Flt Lt J E Hornby   16 Sep 1963
Mr E O Geater Executive Officer  
Mr L E Elks Executive Officer  
Directorate of Personal Services (Provost Marshal)

William I C Inness

Director, CB, OBE, ADC 27 Nov 1965
Wg Cdr

R D England

Assistant Director,  9 May 1966
Wg Cdr

I M Young

Assistant Director, MBE 28 Nov 1966
Sqn Ldr D St J Hopton   23 Aug 1965
Sqn Ldr A Cave    1 Dec 1966
Sqn Off E P M Westbury MBE, WRAF 19 Jul 1965
Directorate of Women's Royal Air Force
Air Cmdt Dame Felicity Hill Director, DBE, ADC, WRAF  4 Apr 1966
Flt Off V Foxcroft Personal Staff Officer, WRAF 17 Apr 1967
Gp Off B E Lumb Deputy Director, WRAF 15 Aug 1966
Wg Off M R Green OBE, WRAF 10 Jun 1964
Wg Off B Wilson WRAF  5 May 1965
Sqn Off D M Cadman BA, WRAF 17 Dec 1967
Sqn Off M H Nickolls WRAF 14 Mar 1966
Sqn Off D M Williams WRAF 14 Nov 1966
Director of RAF Sport and Inspector of Recreational Grounds
Gp Capt (Ret) C L Troop Director, CBE  
Directorate-General of RAF Ground Training
AVM John F Roberts Director-General, CB, CBE, FCA; later AVM 10 Jan 1966
Mr D R Petts Personal Assistant  
Directorate of Command and Staff Training (RAF)
Gp Capt H G Davies Director, CBE 30 Jul 1965
Wg Cdr P Dobson DSO, DFC, AFC  4 May 1964
Wg Cdr J A Horrell BSc 13 Dec 1965
Sqn Ldr P S Cockman   31 Aug 1964
Sqn Ldr L L Cumming BSc 16 Sep 1966
Sqn Ldr D H Simmons    9 Nov 1964
Mr W T E Rolls Principal Information Officer, DFC, DFM  
Mr J C Smith Assistant Information Officer  
Mr C G Constable Assistant Information Officer  
Directorate of Training Ground 1 (RAF)
Gp Capt E T McCabe Director, OBE, ADC, CEng, AFRAeS 23 Aug 1965
Wg Cdr D W E Davies    6 Jun 196
Wg Cdr K S Law   25 Oct 1965
Wg Cdr P Woolley    5 Jul 1965
Sqn Ldr D L Bird   25 Jul 1966
Sqn Ldr R H Groves MBE 28 Dec 1966
Sqn Ldr D S J Chapman CEng, AMIERE  5 Jul 1965
Sqn Ldr J Machray    4 Nov 1965
Sqn Ldr S L Pott   29 Jul 1963
Directorate of Training Ground 2 (RAF)
Gp Capt W L Clarke Director, DAe, CEng, AFRAeS 21 Feb 1966
Wg Cdr S W Cornes CEng, AMIERE 27 Sep 1965
Sqn Ldr B R Downes   21 Mar 1966
Mr W H Martin Executive Officer  
Assistant Directorate of Technical Training 3 (RAF)
Wg Cdr J E Loxton Assistant Director of Trade Standards, OBE, MVO, AFRAeS 17 Nov 1965
Sqn Ldr E W Toogood   13 Jul 1966
Sqn Ldr R C Mitchell    5 Dec 1966
Directorate of Physical Fitness (RAF)
Gp Capt E J Brice OBE, AFRAeS, DPhysEd 21 Feb 1966
Wg Cdr W Wright MBE  1 Jul 1963
Directorate-General of Manning
AVM Harold G Leonard-Williams Director-General, CB, CBE  9 Apr 1966
Mr D C Ridout Personal Assistant  
A/Cdre Oswald Gradon Director, OBE, FCA  9 Jan 1967
Mr G A Roberts Director, CBE, BA  
Mr J S Wright Deputy Director,  
Gp Capt Michael A D'Arcy Deputy Director; later A/Cdre 1 Jul 1966
Gp Capt Derek J Furner Deputy Director, OBE, DFC, AFC; later AVM 22 Nov 1965
Gp Capt H A Lax Deputy Director, 21 Mar 1966
Wg Cdr J G Bishop DFC, MA 22 Aug 1966
Wg Cdr I H Cosby DFC 29 Jun 1964
Wg Cdr R D Doleman DSO, DFC 23 Jan 1967
Wg Cdr B G Cooper    5 Dec 1966
Wg Cdr J R Every    4 Oct 1965
Wg Cdr J Harris OBE, DFC  6 Sep 1965
Wg Cdr A P G Holden    1 Jun 1964
Wg Cdr R G Huie   21 Mar 1966
Wg Cdr H Leigh MBE  3 Jan 1966
Wg Cdr J G Pearse    3 Jan 1966
Wg Cdr C Philpott    1 Jan 1966
Sqn Ldr D G A Barham MA 25 Apr 1966
Sqn Ldr D H Barton    7 Dec 1964
Sqn Ldr D R Buchanan   19 Mar 1966
Sqn Ldr A M Charlesworth DFC  1 Sep 1964
Sqn Ldr J D B Christey    9 Sep 1964
Sqn Ldr M J Dawson   16 Dec 1963
Sqn Ldr R Ford BA 28 Dec 1965
Sqn Ldr P A Hoskins   28 Dec 1965
Sqn Ldr D J Lomas   27 Aug 1965
Sqn Ldr S J J Palmer    2 Mar 1964
Sqn Ldr D H Parkinson    6 Aug 1966
Sqn Ldr A Platts   18 Jan 1965
Sqn Ldr W S Price   19 Dec 1967
Sqn Ldr J R Thirnbeck    4 May 1964
Sqn Ldr F J H Wood MBE 10 Mar 1964
Mr L W Asplin Higher Executive Officer  
Mr J D Angus Higher Executive Officer  
Mr A J Vickery Higher Executive Officer  
Mr H A Knight Higher Executive Officer  
Mr K D Davies Higher Executive Officer  
Miss L G Iliffe Executive Officer  
Mr J R Thomas Executive Officer  
Miss A G Forsythe Executive Officer  
Mr W J Wallwork Executive Officer  
Mr G W A Smith Executive Officer  
Miss M J Watt Executive Officer  
Mr A E Axton Executive Officer  
Mr D London Executive Officer  
Miss D M A Thorne Executive Officer  
Mr A C Reid Executive Officer  
Mrs J B Robertson Executive Officer  
Mr L R Robinson Executive Officer  
Mr H T Rothery Executive Officer  
Mr A C Armstrong Executive Officer  
Miss P W M Longmead Executive Officer, MBE  
Mr R Stewart Executive Officer  
Mr D E Sears Executive Officer  
Mr S W Gregory Executive Officer  
Mr D B Hume Executive Officer  
Wg Cdr (Ret) A G T James Special Appointment, OBE  

Inspector of the Royal Auxiliary Air Force

Gp Capt The Hon P B R Vanneck OBE, AFC, ADC, MA, RAuxAF  

Directorate-General of RAF Medical Services

AM G R Gunn Director-General, KBE, CB, QHP, MB, ChB, MRCS (Edin), DPH 22 Jan 1967
AVM E S Sidey Deputy Director-General, CB, QHS, MD, ChB, DPH  5 Aug 1966
A/Cdre Y O Yerbury Director of Health and Research (RAF), CBE, MB, BS (Lond), MRCS, LRCP, DPH  1 Jul 1965
AVM H Keggin Director of (RAF) Dental Services, CB, CBE, QHDS, LDS  4 May 1964
Gp Capt E M Poole Deputy Director of (RAF) Dental Services, LDS, RCS 18 Oct 1966
Gp Capt A S Amsden Deputy Director of Medical Personnel and Training (RAF), MRCS, LRCP 15 Jul 1963
Gp Capt H W Whittingham Deputy Director Medical Organisation and Supply (RAF), MA, MB, ChB, MRCS, LRCP, DTM&M 27 Sep 1965
Gp Capt E B Bright Deputy Director of Aviation Medicine (RAF), AFC, MB, ChB, DTM&H 27 Jul 1964
Wg Cdr T Edwards OBE 11 Mar 1961
Wg Cdr D G M Hills OBE, MB, BS, DPH  3 May 1964
Wg Cdr G E Morley MB, ChB  5 May 1964
Wg Cdr R C Robb MB, ChB, DPH, DPhysMed, DIH  2 Dec 1963
Wg Cdr C J W Soutar MBE, MB, BS, LMSSA, DPH, DIH  8 Mar 1965
Wg Cdr R E Woolley GM, MRCS, LRCP, DPH 25 May 1964
Sqn Ldr J B Cardwell MB, ChB  5 Jan 1965
Sqn Ldr M A Pallister BA, MB, BChir, MRCS, LRCP, DTM&H, DPH, DIH 14 Feb 1966
Sqn Ldr H W Parry   26 Apr 1965
Sqn Ldr C C G Rawll MB, ChB, DTPH  5 Jul 1965
Miss K D Bannister Higher Executive Officer  
Mr W H Taberner Higher Executive Officer  
Miss J Cleaver Executive Officer  
Miss J Hallam Executive Officer  
Mr D J Lazenby Executive Officer  
Miss E G Wilson Executive Officer, MBE  

Nursing Service Branch

Air Cmdt P Giles Matron-in-Chief, RRC, QHNS  1 Sep 1966
Gp Off G Jones Principal Matron (Overseas Commands), RRC 29 Jan 1965
Gp Off A M Steinbach Principal Matron (Commands UK and Western Europe), ARRC, RSCN, SCM 15 Aug 1966
Miss O E F Price Executive Officer  
Chaplaincy Services
The Venerable W E G Payton Chaplain-in-Chief, CB, QHC, MA 13 Mar 1965
Rev H M Jamison Principal Chaplain - CSFC, QHC, MA, BD 14 Jul 1966
Rt Rev Mgr J J Roche Principal Chaplain - RC, CBE, SCA, VG  9 Jan 1962
Mr C J F Gilmore Special Appointment, MBE, MA  
Rev H J Stuart Staff Chaplain to Chaplain-in-Chief, MA 14 Nov 1963
Directorate of Educational Services
AVM E Knowles Director, CB, CBE, BSc, FRAeS  3 Oct 1960
Gp Capt J H Stevens Deputy Director, OBE, ADC, CEng, BSc, MIERE, FRAeS  4 Oct 1965
Wg Cdr F Bartle BSc  16 Nov 1965
Wg Cdr R Booker BA 12 Sep 1966
Wg Cdr C W Cox MA  1 Jan 1966
Wg Cdr R N Keeling BA 23 Sep 1963
Wg Cdr G T Lester   28 Sep 1967
Wg Cdr W E McCrea DFC, BSc  16 Jan 1967
Wg Cdr G W E Newby    5 Sep 1966
Sqn Ldr J V Firth BA  4 Feb 1965
Sqn Ldr M J Harden   28 Dec 1964
Sqn Ldr T W Little BSc, ACGI 10 May 1966
Sqn Ldr P D Panting BA 14 Feb 1966
Sqn Ldr P Proud BA 29 Mar 1966
Sqn Ldr B Rowland MA  1 Apr 1966
Sqn Ldr D A Simpson BA 22 Aug 1966
Sqn Ldr B J Stockton BA  3 Jan 1966
Mr W E Llewellyn Executive Officer  
Miss V P Payne Executive Officer  
Directorate of Legal Services
AVM J E Allen-Jones Director, CBE, MA  7 Oct 1961
Gp Capt

J T Lowe

Deputy Director, CBE, LLB  3 Mar 1962
Gp Capt

R F W Patteson

Deputy Director,  3 Aug 1965
Wg Cdr R A Jones   21 Jul 1965
Wg Cdr W A M Oram    7 Jul 1965
Sqn Ldr E Gillett    1 Mar 1962
Sqn Ldr G F Kennedy   23 Jan 1965
Sqn Off F Pearson TD, WRAF 30 Nov 1964
Sqn Ldr (Ret) M H James Special Appointment, AFC  


AM Sir Donald R Evans Air Secretary, KBE, CB, DFC; later ACM 14 Jul 1966
Miss E Shipley Private Secretary  
Directorate of Personnel (Air) (RAF)
A/Cdre Henry E C Boxer Director, CB, OBE 27 Sep 1965
A/Cdre Peter H Roscoe Director, FCA 13 Aug 1963
Gp Capt

G J Kemp

Director, 15 Nov 1965
Gp Capt W D David Deputy Director, CBE, DFC*, AFC 23 Jun 1964
Gp Capt P S Dundas Deputy Director, OBE, ADC, AACCA 27 Jan 1964
Gp Capt L A Popham Deputy Director, OBE 28 Feb 196
Gp Capt R B Roache Deputy Director, DFC* 23 Jul 1965
Wg Cdr P D Bird   22 Mar 1965
Wg Cdr J Bothams   22 Nov 1965
Wg Cdr A E Gregory   27 Apr 1964
Wg Cdr H Mansell   27 Jun 1966
Wg Cdr W J Marriott OBE  11 Jan 1966
Wg Cdr B S Martin    3 Jun 1967
Wg Cdr

Richard E F Peirse

later AVM  1 Sep 1965
Wg Cdr J E Sewell    4 Apr 1966
Wg Cdr A W Tarry   28 Feb 1966
Wg Cdr G F Tisley BEM 17 Jan 1966
Wg Cdr J H Turner   12 Oct 1964
Sqn Ldr P H W Allan ACIS  6 Nov 1967
Sqn Ldr G W Matthews DFC 12 Apr 1966
Sqn Ldr E L Atkinson MBE 28 Nov 1966
Sqn Ldr F Appleyard   18 Oct 1965
Sqn Ldr L J Ayling MBE 26 Oct 1964
Sqn Ldr R S Beecham    7 May 1966
Sqn Ldr J Besley FCA 12 Dec1966
Sqn Ldr C A Blunt   28 Mar 1966
Sqn Ldr I D Brimson    3 Jan 1966
Sqn Ldr

Frederick D G Clark

OBE, BA; later AVM  3 Oct 1966
Sqn Ldr H G Clark MBE 29 Jun 1964
Sqn Ldr J H Constable    2 Jan 1967
Sqn Ldr B W Cook   12 Jul 1965
Sqn Ldr M T Doyle   20 Sep 1965
Sqn Ldr N George MBE  8 Nov 1965
Sqn Ldr G H Gilbert AFC  7 Mar 1966
Sqn Ldr D G Gregory   13 Mar 1967
Sqn Ldr I A Leinster BSc 12 Jul 1965
Sqn Ldr F McClory   17 May 1965
Sqn Ldr G W Matthews DFC 12 Apr 1966
Sqn Ldr T R Morgan    2 Jan 1967
Sqn Ldr P G Peacock BSc (Ecom)  4 Jan 1965
Sqn Ldr S Pomfret   14 Dec 1964
Sqn Ldr R T Popple   20 Apr 1964
Sqn Ldr P F Rogers    4 Dec 1965
Sqn Ldr N G Sewell MBE  7 Mar 1966
Sqn Ldr J Scott    6 Sep 1965
Sqn Ldr I R Tapster   31 Jan 1966
Sqn Ldr A W D Woodcock   12 Dec 1963
Flt Lt P R Papworth    2 Nov 1964
Mr A S Hall Senior Executive Officer  
Mr F French Higher Executive Officer  
Mr E H Wilkinson Higher Executive Officer  
Mrs D Coote Executive Officer  
Miss E H Mager Executive Officer  
Miss I D Page Executive Officer  
Miss P Holmes Executive Officer  
Wg Cdr (Ret) A F Merritt Special Appointment  
Sqn Ldr (Ret) P G Farley Special Appointment, MBE  

Source - Spring 1967 Air Force List

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