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Department of the Chief of the Air Staff - Personnel 1964


ACM Sir Charles Elworthy Chief of the Air Staff, GCB, CBE, DSO, MVO, DFC, AFC, MA; later MRAF  1 Sep 1963
Mr M E Quinlan Private Secretary  
Wg Cdr Reginald Bullen Personal Staff Officer, GM; later AVM 12 May 1962
Flt Lt D R Hawkins ADC to CAS 25 May 1963

Sir Wallace H Kyle

Vice Chief of the Air Staff, KCB, CBE, DSO, DFC, ADC; later ACM  6 Mar 1962
Mr G G Street Private Secretary,  
Mr F P Krinks Executive Officer  
AM Sir Christopher H Hartley Deputy Chief of the Air Staff, KCB, CBE, DFC, AFC, BA  5 Jun 1963
Mr B C Fox Private Secretary  
AVM Peter C Fletcher Assistant Chief of the Air Staff (Policy), CB, OBE, DFC, AFC; later ACM  1 Apr 1964
Wg Cdr G W F Charles Staff Officer  1 Jul 1964

Denis G Smallwood

Assistant Chief of the Air Staff (Operations), CBE, DSO, DFC; later ACM  4 Feb 1963
Sqn Ldr J I Davies Staff Officer, MBE  6 Jan 1964
AVM Alick Foord-Kelcey Assistant Chief of the Air Staff (Intelligence), CBE, AFC, BA 14 Sep 1961
Sqn Ldr Adrian B McGuire Staff Officer, MBE; later A/Cdre 31 Dec 1962
AVM Reginald H E Emson Assistant Chief of the Air Staff (Operational Requirements), CB, CBE, AFC; later AM 22 Apr 1963
Sqn Ldr R W Bray Staff Officer, 10 Jul 1964

Sir Bernard A Chacksfield

Commandant-General of the RAF Regiment and Inspector of Ground Combat Training, KBE, CB, CEng, AFRAeS  7 Jan 1963
Flt Lt P M C Welply Staff Officer 18 Apr 1962
Mr H Constant Chief Scientist (RAF), CB, CBE, MA, MIME, FRS, FRAeS
Mr P G Downing Staff Officer, BSc, FIS  
Directorate of Air Staff Briefing
A/Cdre Peter de L Le Cheminant Director,  CB, DFC*; later ACM (reporting directly to CAS and VCAS) 31 Dec 1963
Gp Capt Ian R Campbell Deputy Director, CBE, AFC; later AVM 22 Jun 1964
Wg Cdr Geoffrey S Cooper later A/Cdre 17 Feb 1964
Wg Cdr G Newberry OBE  1 Jul 1963
Sqn Ldr W Coldrick MBE  
Mr R J Brown Executive Officer  
Mr A E D Pierce Executive Officer  
Assistant Chief of the Air Staff (Policy)
Directorate of Defence Plans (Air)
A/Cdre Andrew H Humphrey Director, CB, OBE, DFC, AFC*; later MRAF 26 Nov 1962
Gp Capt Philip H G Wintle Deputy Director, DFC*; later A/Cdre  4 Nov 1963
Gp Capt Norman E Hoad Assistant Director, AFC*, later AVM 29 Jul 1963
Wg Cdr D J Gordon   29 Jul 1963
Wg Cdr Peter A Latham AFC; later AVM  1 Feb 1962
Wg Cdr J W J Leggett OBE  8 Jul 1963
Wg Cdr B P Mugford   17 Feb 1964
Wg Cdr A A Smailes AFC 13 May 1963
Directorate of Air Staff Plans and Programmes

Frederick D Hughes

Director, CBE, DSO, DFC**, AFC, ADC, MA; later AVM 21 Jan 1963
Gp Capt

Charles D A Browne

Deputy Director, DFC; later A/Cdre 22 May 1964
Gp Capt A Ingle Deputy Director, DFC, AFC  2 Jan 1961
Wg Cdr J M Ayshford DFC  8 Jun 1964
Wg Cdr C H Clarke   17 Jun 1963
Wg Cdr V R L Evans AFC  7 Jan 1963
Wg Cdr W L Farquharson DFC*  4 Jun 1962
Wg Cdr J R C H Graves    7 Oct 1963
Wg Cdr G J C Hogan DFC, AFC  8 Jul 1962
Wg Cdr R W Leggett    7 Jan 1963
Wg Cdr P Smith MBE  8 Dec 1963
Wg Cdr T N Staples DFM  1 May 1961
Assistant Chief of the Air Staff (Operations)
Directorate of Operations (Air Transport) (RAF)

Brian R Macnamara

Director, CBE, DSO 20 Dec 1961
Gp Capt B D Sellick Deputy Director, CBE, DSO, DFC*  8 Jan 1962
Gp Capt R D Williams Deputy Director, CBE, DFC 28 Feb 1964
Wg Cdr P Barber DFC 25 Nov 1963
Wg Cdr W K Greer AFC 19 May 1964
Wg Cdr A A J Saunders DFC, AFC  6 Aug 1962
Wg Cdr V S Swain DFC 13 Jul 1964
Maj G Stacey    
Sqn Ldr G B Bell AFC 21 Oct 1963
Sqn Ldr R E Daysh   18 Feb 1964
Sqn Ldr G Ottea    4 Dec 1963
Sqn Ldr W W Saunders MBE, AFC 25 Ju 1962
Sqn Ldr C A E Simons   16 Dec 1963
Directorate of Operations (Maritime, Navigation and Air Traffic Control) (RAF)
A/Cdre Reginald H C Burwell Director, CBE, DFC 23 Dec 1961
Gp Capt G Buckle Deputy Director, OBE 13 Aug 1962
Gp Capt S P Coulson Deputy Director, DSO, DFC 16 Jul 1962
Wg Cdr J F D Elkington    7 Oct 1963
Wg Cdr L J Hilton   25 Jun 1962
Wg Cdr A J H Kitley   31 Jul 961
Wg Cdr G Mackie    2 Mar 1964
Wg Cdr J H Misselbrook   31 Mar 1964
Wg Cdr J R Ramsden AFC 20 Nov 1961
Wg Cdr M B Spalding    1 May 1962
Sqn Ldr Ronald G Ashford MBE, LLB; later AVM  4 Mar 1963
Sqn Ldr A W W Atkinson AFC 11 Nov 1963
Sqn Ldr Michel J-C Burton later A/Cdre 31 Mar 1965
Sqn Ldr T W Craig   10 Sep 1964
Sqn Ldr T W Leary MBE 25 Nov 1963
Sqn Ldr G P Lewis   20 Jul 1959
Sqn Ldr W K Sewell MBE  1 Jan 1962
Sqn Ldr J R Sims MA  11 Apr 1960
Mr M Stewart Executive Officer  
Gp Capt (Ret) H S Darley Special Appointment, DSO
Directorate of Operations (Bomber and Reconnaissance ) (RAF)
A/Cdre Anthony W Heward Director, OBE, DFC*, AFC; later ACM 21 Dec 1962
Gp Capt Edward D Crew Deputy Director, DSO*, DFC*, MA; later A/Cdre 23 Dec 1963
Gp Capt David A Green Deputy Director, CBE, DSO, DFC; later A/Cdre 25 Mar 1963
Wg Cdr W E Bliss   17 Aug 1964
Wg Cdr G Greenfield    1 Jan 1962
Wg Cdr E R G Haines MBE, DFM  4 Jun 1962
Wg Cdr R W Payne AFC 11 May 1964
Wg Cdr N C Thorne AFC*  8 Jul 1963
Wg Cdr J A Worrall   12 Jun 1964
Sqn Ldr W C Cox   20 Jan 1964
Sqn Ldr A D Gibson AFC, DFM 19 Mar 1962
Sqn Ldr C D Gilbert   16 Dec 1963
Sqn Ldr E Lee DFC* 12 Nov 1962
Sqn Ldr C T Lynas OBE  2 Oct 1961
Sqn Ldr R A Parfitt   26 Nov 1963
Sqn Ldr A E G Woods AFC 16 Oct 1961
Assistant Directorate of Operations (TSR 2) (RAF)
Wg Cdr L G Press Assistant Director, OBE, AFC  1 Jul 1965
Sqn Ldr R F Grattan   21 Dec 1962
Sqn Ldr C P James    6 Jan 1964
Sqn Ldr D McK McWilliams AFRAeS  4 Jul 1963
Directorate of Operations (Air Defence and Overseas) (RAF)
A/Cdre Christopher J Mount Director, CBE, DSO, DFC, BA  2 Ma 1964
Gp Capt Peter M Brothers Deputy Director, CBE, DSO, DFC*; later A/Cdre 30 Jul 1962
Gp Capt F Rothwell Deputy Director, DFC, TD 16 Dec 191963
Wg Cdr D B Ainsworth   11 Nov 1963
Wg Cdr P J Anson DFC 27 Jul 1964
Wg Cdr W C Blair OBE, BSc 27 Aug 1962
Wg Cdr K Burge   16 Jul 1962
Wg Cdr J E Holland DFC 20 May 1963
Wg Cdr J F Pinnington   15 Jun 1964
Wg Cdr David McL Scrimgeour later A/Cdre 16 Dec 1963
Sqn Ldr Erik P Bennett later AVM 16 Dec 1963
Sqn Ldr Peter S Collins AFC, BA; later AVM 16 Jul 1962
Sqn Ldr A J Colvin   26 Aug 1963
Sqn Ldr W R Herbert    6 May 1963
Sqn Ldr J C Pearson   26 Feb 1963
Sqn Ldr John W Price later AVM  2 Jan 1961
Sqn Ldr B A Templeman-Rooke DSO, DFC*, AFC 12 Feb 1962
Sqn Ldr D G Vasse   16 Apr 1962
Sqn Ldr R H Walters    6 Apr 1964
Sqn Ldr D J Ward   16 Oct 1961
Sqn Ldr V R Withey   11 Nov 1963
Assistant Directorate of Operations (Ground Environment)
Wg Cdr F J Trollope Assistant Director, OBE, MC 20 Nov 1961
Sqn Ldr D G Bickford-Smith    1 Jan 1962
Sqn Ldr R E Jefferies AFC  5 Nov 1964
Sqn Ldr H F Shaw    1 Jan 1965
Assistant Chief of the Air Staff (Intelligence)
Air Commodore Intelligence (A)
A/Cdre      8 Apr 1963
Col L J Kissick USAF Liaison  
Sqn Ldr R K Williams RCAF Liaison, CD  
Gp Capt M L Gaine DSO, AFC, AFRAeS  4 Nov 1963
Gp Capt S G Wise CBE, DFC*  8 Apr 1963
Wg Cdr H E Angell DFC  4 Nov 1963
Wg Cdr G B Atkinson MBE, DFC  1 Jan 1964
Wg Cdr H C Bailey   19 Feb 1962
Wg Cdr R L Easterbrook    2 Dec 1963
Wg Cdr W T Mathieson    2 May 1960
Wg Cdr V K Metcalf DFC 16 Dec 1963
Wg Cdr G A Ross RAAF 15 Jul 1963
Wg Cdr E J Ryder MSc  2 Mar 1964
Wg Cdr Michael P Stanton later A/Cdre  3 Feb 1964
Wg Cdr Peter D Thorne OBE, AFC**; later A/Cdre  8 Jul 1963
Wg Cdr A F Wilson DFC 13 Aug 1963
Lt Col T J Andrews USAF  
Lt Col J C McClure USAF  
Sqn Ldr J M A Baker MBE 29 Jun 1964
Sqn Ldr I J S Corderey AFRAeS  4 Jun 1963
Sqn Ldr L W J Cousins AMIERE  4 Aug 1964
Sqn Ldr J T Dalton RCAF  1 Jul 1964
Sqn Ldr A Deytrikh AFC  1 Apr 1964
Sqn Ldr R E Dyson DFC  1 May 1963
Sqn Ldr J M B Edwards    8 Jul 1963
Sqn Ldr P Finding AFRAeS 14 Feb 1962
Sqn Ldr W R Hearn    1 Jul 1962
Sqn Ldr B R Jewell BSc (Eng), AFRAeS, DCAe 28 Jul 1962
Sqn Ldr A G Logden AMIME, AFRAeS 14 Feb 1962
Sqn Ldr R E Lovelace   18 Mar 1963
Sqn Ldr H Makin    6 Nov 1961
Sqn Ldr H N Marsden   22 Jan 1962
Sqn Ldr G A Massie   12 Jun 1962
Sqn Ldr P C Mellett   26 Nov 1962
Sqn Ldr V G Piercy   23 Nov 1963
Sqn Ldr B D Smith BSc, AFRAeS  6 Jan 1964
Sqn Ldr D E Weeding AMIME, AFRAeS 14 Oct 1963
Maj W Buckholder USAF  
Maj J R Peartree USAF  
Maj P P Stassi USAF  
Flt Lt A Bardsley BSc 20 Aug 1962
Flt Lt G W Bartlett DFC  5 Aug 1964
Flt Lt A H Brenack   13 Nov 1967
Flt Lt E Bullock BSc 21 Jan 1963
Flt Lt R F Day   26 Mar 1964
Flt Lt A G Harris   26 Sep 1964
Flt Lt J H Hutton    5 Nov 1962
Flt Lt A K E Ibbett   26 Sep 1964
Flt Lt R A Kelly   15 Oct 1962
Flt Lt C W V McCleery MA 20 Apr 1964
Flt Lt P J McDonnell DFC 10 Jul 1962
Flt Lt R F Norman    9 Mar 1964
Flt Lt M J Pettet   15 Oct 1962
Flt Lt P J T Retief   26 Aug 1962
Flt Lt J W St John   15 Jun 1964
Flt Lt D J Williams BSc  4 Feb 1963
Flt Lt J J Worden   13 Oct 1962
Capt G W Carr USAF  
Mr E J Saward Higher Executive Officer  
Mr H V Jordan Higher Executive Officer  
Mr S F Carter Executive Officer  
Mr E M Clarke Executive Officer  
Mr A J E Flack Executive Officer  
Mr D V Harris Executive Officer  
Miss D Tapp Executive Officer  
Mr L S Hingston Executive Officer  
Mr K D McBride Executive Officer  
Mr N J Marsh Executive Officer  
Mrs B J Brown Executive Officer  
Mr E J Abbott Executive Officer  
Mr N G Hoskins Executive Officer  
Mr E B Goldspink Executive Officer  
Miss J I M West Executive Officer  
Mrs S M Rymer Executive Officer  
Miss B G L Spelman Executive Officer  
Mr J E Carlisle Executive Officer  
Mr J W Lambert Senior Illustrator, BEM  
Air Commodore Intelligence (B)
A/Cdre James M N Pike Director, CB, DSO, AFC  3 Feb 1964
Gp Capt R W Oxspring DFC**, AFC  9 Jan 1963
Gp Capt H D Bisley OBE, AFC 19 May 1958
Gp Capt W G Devas CBE, AFC, ADC  4 Feb 1963
Wg Cdr R T Bainbridge AFC  9 Aug 1964
Wg Cdr C T Dalziel    1 Jul 1963
Wg Cdr R B Lord AFC 21 Jan 1963
Wg Cdr G H Melville-Jackson DFC, BA 17 Sep 1962
Wg Cdr T M Oakey AFC, BSc 31 Mar 1964
Sqn Ldr R F Atkinson   27 Jan 1964
Sqn Ldr R G Becker DFC  5 Nov 1962
Sqn Ldr M A N Hills    5 May 1964
Sqn Ldr J McK Keogh   17 Sep 1962
Sqn Ldr J W Shepherd   23 Aug 1961
Sqn Ldr A E Temple    4 Feb 1963
Sqn Ldr R S Whittington    8 Aug 1961
Sqn Ldr A Wright   12 Sep 1962
Maj E G Hudspeth USAF  
Flt Lt M J Cruwys   28 Oct 1963
Flt Lt K B G Evans   18 Apr 1966
Flt Lt E A Fairbrother    1 Jul 1963
Flt Lt S J Fielding LLB  5 Jun 1959
Flt Lt C J Gilmartin BA 14 Oct 1963
Flt Lt S D Gunnell DFM  3 Jul 1961
Flt Lt M L Guyer    8 Oct 1963
Flt Lt H J W Henry    6 Mar 1963
Flt Lt N R Ker    1 Apr 1960
Flt Lt W J Logan BA 19 Apr 1960
Flt Lt T J Palmer   29 Jul 1963
Flt Lt J M Parr    9 Apr 1962
Flt Lt R G Smith   19 Nov 1962
Flt Lt L E Tomkins DFC 24 Nov 1964
Wg Cdr (Ret) A Hall Special Appointment, OBE  
Wg Cdr (Ret) A P Harvey Special Appointment  
Wg Cdr (Ret) H W Raeburn Special Appointment, AFC  
Sqn Ldr (Ret) L B Barry Special Appointment, MBE  
Sqn Ldr (Ret) M K Forter Special Appointment, OBE  
Sqn Ldr (Ret) R How Special Appointment  
Sqn Ldr (Ret) Y R W Lovegrove Special Appointment, DFC  
Mr D W Hatch Higher Executive Officer  
Miss B M Dasey Higher Executive Officer  
Mr F C Snell Higher Executive Officer  
Miss M W Pollock Head Translator  
Mr G F Bradford Executive Officer  
Mr M J Adams Executive Officer  
Miss K D Bannister Executive Officer  
Mr J R Cook Executive Officer  
Mr E R Kimberley Executive Officer  
Mr A G Ferebee Executive Officer  

Commandant-General of the RAF Regiment and Inspector of Ground Defence

Directorate of Ground Defence
A/Cdre Arthur B Riall Director, CBE 28 Jul 1962
Gp Capt Donald A Pocock Deputy Director, OBE; later AVM 27 Sep 1963
Mr E J C Williams Head of Fire Services, OBE, GIFireE  
Wg Cdr A W Barnard    7 Oct 1963
Wg Cdr F A Hall MC, BA 13 Sep 1961
Wg Cdr P D Lee MBE 13 Aug 1962
Sqn Ldr Henry Reed-Purvis BSc; later AVM 20 Aug 1962
Sqn Ldr R Strickland   17 Aug 1964
Sqn Ldr P B Taylor   10 Aug 1964
Mr J C Kewley Senior Fire Service Officer, GIFireE  
Mr E W Oldham Senior Fire Service Officer, AMIFireE  
Mr G G Butcher Fire Service Officer Grade I  
Mr F J Evans Fire Service Officer Grade I, GIFireE  
Mr L C Johnstone Fire Service Officer Grade I  
Mr A W Taylor Fire Service Officer Grade I,  
Gp Capt (Ret) K W J Robertson Special Appointment  
Directorate of Flying Training
A/Cdre Arthur M Ruston Director, CBE, DFC   1 Sep 1964
Gp Capt L E Giles Deputy Director, OBE, DFC, AFC  2 Jan 1961
Gp Capt T R Burne Deputy Director, DSO, AFC  9 Nov 1962
Wg Cdr S D Baldock MBE, DFM  1 Jul 1963
Wg Cdr H O Forth   28 Oct 1963
Wg Cdr C F Green AFC  1 Jul 1963
Wg Cdr E W F Hare    1 Jul 1963
Wg Cdr M C N Smart AFC 13 Jul 1964
Wg Cdr P E H Thomas AFC 29 Jul 1963
Lt Col J T Mosscrop USAF  
Lt Cdr A D Levy RN  
Sqn Ldr K J Aedy    6 May 1963
Sqn Ldr C E Allso MBE 25 Feb 1963
Sqn Ldr E N Barrington-Reinganum   28 Dec 1961
Sqn Ldr V Davies    2 Apr 1962
Sqn Ldr L W Fowler MBE  1 Jan 1963
Sqn Ldr P L Gray   11 Dec 1961
Sqn Ldr R Marsh    2 May 1962
Sqn Ldr H C W Spackman   28 Aug 1961
Sqn Ldr Leslie Swart AFC; later A/Cdre 18 Jun 1962
Sqn Ldr J O Thomas    2 Oct 1961
Sqn Ldr A Washbrook DFC, AFC 18 Dec 1961
Mr C A E Clark Information Officer  
Mr C E Sargeant Information Officer, MBE  
Mr D D E Stokes Assistant Information Officer  
Mr G F N Carter Higher Executive Officer  
Wg Cdr (Ret) C J Giles Special Appointment  
Mr F W Brewer Executive Officer  
Assistant Directorate of Training (Plans)
Wg Cdr

D Houghton

Assistant Director, MBE 19 May 1964
Sqn Ldr H A Harvey   18 Dec 1962
Mr S Nicholls Higher Executive Officer  
Assistant Chief of the Air Staff (Operational Requirements)
Directorate of Operational Requirements (1) (RAF)
A/Cdre Edgar James Director, CBE, DFC, AFC*; later AVM  1 Jan 1963
Gp Capt R E Burns Deputy Director, CEng, AFRAeS 24 Jan 1963
Gp Capt L A Malins Deputy Director, DSO, DFC  1 Nov 1963
Wg Cdr Peter E Bairsto AFC; later AM 24 Jul 1964
Wg Cdr S C Dawson   28 Oct 1963
Wg Cdr O L Hyde CEng, AFRAeS 27 Apr 1964
Wg Cdr P E Mitchell BSc 13 Jan 1964
Wg Cdr F A Thomas DFC, AFC 18 Jun 1962
Sqn Ldr A H C Back AFC, BSc 30 Oct 1961
Sqn Ldr E H Briggs CEng, MIEE, AMIERE 29 Mar 1963
Sqn Ldr M S Goodfellow   29 Jul 1963
Sqn Ldr A R Keys DFC, BSc 19 Aug 1963
Sqn Ldr M H Levy MBE 16 Jul 1962
Sqn Ldr D W Lowe   10 Feb 1964
Sqn Ldr W L Mudway    9 Sep 1963
Sqn Ldr A R Murray MA, AFRAeS  1 Jul 1963
Sqn Ldr I L Schwaiger   24 Jul 1961
Directorate of Operational Requirements (2) (RAF)

Ronald G Knott

Director, DSO, DFC, AFC*; later AVM  7 Jan 1964
Gp Capt Alan C Davies Deputy Director; later AM 26 Jun 1964
Gp Capt H F O'Neill Deputy Director, DFC* 30 Sep 1963
Lt Col R I Walton DFC  
Wg Cdr G G Beaugeard   18 Nov 1963
Wg Cdr P J Evans   18 May 1964
Wg Cdr P J Kelley DFC 11 Dec 1961
Wg Cdr J L Nunn DFC, BSc, AFRAeS 25 Nov 1963
Wg Cdr A B J Pearson AFC* 26 Mar 1962
Wg Cdr A B Stinchcombe    1 Jan 1964
Wg Cdr G L Verran    7 Jan 1963
Maj E L K A Carr MC  
Maj M H D Furnivall    
Sqn Ldr L W Barlee   27 Apr 1964
Sqn Ldr M O Bergh AFC 18 Dec 1961
Sqn Ldr E Brewin    5 Nov 1962
Sqn Ldr R J Hutchings   11 Oct 1963
Sqn Ldr R Kinder   18 Dec 1961
Sqn Ldr P O McCann   16 Dec 1963
Sqn Ldr O L McCombie   17 Apr 1961
Sqn Ldr A R Mason   22 Mar 1962
Sqn Ldr P R Mayle MBE 25 May 1964
Sqn Ldr W A Mears   18 Dec 1963
Sqn Ldr G H Moreau   10 Jul 1964
Sqn Ldr D J Nicholson   13 Sep 1962
Sqn Ldr C T Walden   15 Dec 1962
Mr C W Barber Executive Officer  
Directorate of Operational Requirements (3) (RAF)
A/Cdre Alan D Frank Director, CBE, DSO, DFC, BA; later AVM  6 Oct 1962
Gp Capt R E Beeny Deputy Director, OBE  6 Jun 1963
Gp Capt A J Peart Deputy Director, OBE, AMIERE  8 Oct 1962
Gp Capt K J Powell Deputy Director, BSc, AFRAeS 13 Jul 1964
Gp Capt K Ritchley Deputy Director, CBE, AFC  2 Mar 1964
Wg Cdr John I R Bowring OBE; later AVM  1 Jan 1962
Wg Cdr J G Croshaw AFC 12 Jun 1962
Wg Cdr W A S Harrison OBE 10 Dec 1962
Wg Cdr G Lee BSc 10 Jun 1963
Wg Cdr I T A Murchie AMIME, DCAe 22 Jul 1963
Wg Cdr F W Neeve   16 Jul 1962
Wg Cdr F C Padfield BSc, AFRAeS 17 Aug 1962
Wg Cdr R Williams    9 Nov 1963
Wg Cdr J G Wynne DFC 14 Oct 1963
Sqn Ldr D B Barfoot   19 Apr 1962
Sqn Ldr R E J Barnett   16 Mar 1964
Sqn Ldr H C Beadle DFC 12 Mar 1962
Sqn Ldr P Brighton BSc, AFRAeS  6 Aug 1963
Sqn Ldr J K Burningham DUS 14 Oct 1963
Sqn Ldr D S J Chapman AMIERE 29 May 1961
Sqn Ldr D W Currie-Davis    5 May 1963
Sqn Ldr J E A Hodson   20 Nov 1961
Sqn Ldr A Kedar BSc, AFRAeS 20 Dec 1963
Sqn Ldr T J Newman   14 Oct 1963
Sqn Ldr John M Pack later A/Cdre  6 Jan 1964
Sqn Ldr J Sproson MBE 10 Dec 1962
Sqn Ldr G F Webb    
Sqn Ldr H J Willcocks DCAe  
Mr R D M Roose Executive Officer  
Directorate of (RAF)  Flight Safety
A/Cdre Antony G Dudgeon Director, CBE, DFC; later AVM 14 Sep 1962
Wg Cdr R T Robinson AFC 25 May 1964
Wg Cdr R A Slater   22 Jun 1964
Mr H Humphreys Senior Executive Officer,  
Sqn Ldr E N Beswick MBE, AFRAeS 17 Sep 1962
Sqn Ldr A W Ginn    1 Jul 1964
Sqn Ldr D B Hives   19 Aug 1963
Sqn Ldr B C Knight    5 Nov 1962
Sqn Ldr G R N Taylor   18 Mar 1963
Flt Lt B A Hambidge    2 Dec 1963
Flt Lt M A R Heald   11 May 1964
Flt Lt D Ives    6 Aug 1963
Flt Lt B J G Kidd    6 Aug 1963
Flt Lt M E Shine   19 Aug 1963
Flt Lt G H L Treloar    6 Jan 1962
Flt Lt J N Walter   16 Aug 1963
Mr G P Leeder Executive Officer  
Mr J A Wurr Executive Officer  
Mr N S Attwell Senior Illustrator  
Chief Scientist (RAF)
Mr H Constant1 Chief Scientist (RAF), CB, CBE, MA, MIME, FRS, FRAeS
Mr J E Henderson1 Deputy Chief Scientist (RAF), MA
Mr D M Clemmow1 Assistant Chief Scientist (RAF) (General), MA
Mr W R B Hynd Assistant Chief Scientist (RAF) (Operations)
Mr J B Parry Assistant Chief Scientist (RAF) (Personnel), OBE, BA, PhD, FBPsS
Mr A Cassie Principal Psychologist, MA, ABPsS
Mr D J James Principal Psychologist, MA
Mr J G Tedd1 Principal Scientific Officer, BSc
Mr F N Kirk1 Principal Scientific Officer, NPC (France), IDN (France), AFRAeS
Mr G Haugh1 Principal Scientific Officer, BSc
Mr H Dawes1 Senior Scientific Officer, BSc, ARCS, DIC, FSS
Miss A M J Abbott1 Senior Scientific Officer, BA
Mr D M Spiers1 Senior Scientific Officer, BSc
Mr J C Higgins1 Senior Scientific Officer, MA, MSc
Dr D E Vaughan1 Senior Scientific Officer, BSc, PhD, ARCS
Mr R W Noades1 Scientific Officer, MA
Mr G Jessup Senior Psychologist, BSc
Mr R A McGregor Psychologist, BSc
Mr E R A Elson Psychologist, BA
Mr J D Anderson Psychologist, BA
Mr B J Holland Psychologist, BSc
Mr P G Grundy1 Senior Experimental Officer, BA, FSS
Mr M W Message Higher Executive Officer
Mr V F Strickland Executive Officer
Mr J Cowie Executive Officer

1 On loan from Ministry of Aviation

Source - Autumn 1964 Air Force List

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