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HQ No 202 Group Personnel, locations and units

[Dec 1939 | Jun 1941]

This Group was formed as No 202 (Operations) Group on 21 September 1939 at 12 Sharia Cumanos Pasha, Heliopolis from the Bomber Group (Egypt) to control RAF units in the Western Desert. 

December 1939

Location Command Controlled
12 Sharia Cumanos Pasha, Heliopolis RAF Middle East
  • No units listed


Rank Name Date Notes

Raymond Collishaw

18 Apr 1939 Air Officer Commanding, DSO, OBE, DSC, DFC; later AVM
Personal Appointment
Fg Off H D Card  2 Sep 1939 Personal Assistant to AOC
Air Staff
Wg Cdr Edward B Addison  1 May 1939 OBE; later AVM
Wg Cdr T W Mulcahy-Morgan  3 Sep 1939  
Sqn Ldr Anthony G Powell 18 Apr 1939 Maintenance Liaison Duties; later A/Cdre
Administrative Staff
Sqn Ldr C H Stilwell  7 Oct 1939  
Staffs of the Services
Flt Lt W A Theed 26 Sep 1939  
Sqn Ldr R R Fairweather 18 Apr 1939  

Source - December 1939 Confidential Air Force List

Its rear HQ was absorbed into No 204 Group in February 1941 and it moved to 1 Sharia Bustan, Cairo on 26 May 1941

June 1941

Location Command Controlled
1 Sharia Bustan, Cairo Middle East Command
  • No units listed


Rank Name Date Notes
A/Cdre Thomas W Elmhirst 14 Apr 1941 Air Officer Commanding, AFC; later AM
Air Staff
Wg Cdr Charles E N Guest  1 Dec 1940 Senior Air Staff Officer, OBE; later AM
Wg Cdr J W B Judge 25 Jul 1940  
Wg Cdr M W L'I La V Baker  2 Sep 1939  
Sqn Ldr Anthony G Powell 18 Apr 1939 Maintenance Liaison Duties; later A/Cdre
Sqn Ldr E R E Black 20 Oct 1940  
Sqn Ldr I J McGhie 22 Jan 1941  
Flt Lt C A Adams  3 Oct 1939  
Flt Lt F A Marlow 10 Oct 1940  
Fg Off E C Ormonde 29 Dec 1940  
Fg Off S B Reay  4 Jan 1941  
Plt Off D J Passadoro 14 Oct 1940  
Plt Off P J Coles 12 Nov 1940  
Plt Off A Bryer-Lloyd 24 Nov 1940  
Plt Off Baron Kinross 24 Nov 1940  
Plt Off H Metcalf  7 Feb 1941  
Administrative Staff
Wg Cdr P G Chichester  6 Oct 1940 Senior Administrative Staff Officer
Plt Off C N Dilly  3 Jul 1940  
Plt Off I S Findlay 12 Sep 1940  
Plt Off F G Woodhams 21 Oct 1940  
Staffs of the Services
Sqn Ldr D J Day 12 Aug 1940  
Flt Lt S R R Smith 23 Sep 1940  
Fg Off C H Dawson 22 Jul 1940  
Fg Off V E A Isherwood 23 Apr 1941  
Flt Lt S Burles 11 Jan 1941  
Flt Lt D W J Brown  9 Dec 1940  
Wg Cdr J C Neely  5 Mar 1941 Senior Medical Officer, MB, BCh, MRCS, LRCP, DOMS, DO (Oxon)
Miscellaneous Appointments
Flt Lt J H F Newland 29 Jan 1941  
Fg Off D W Patston 18 Nov 1940  
Fg Off I Hook 24 Nov 1940  
Plt Off F J Sherrard 10 Jun 1940  
Plt Off G Steel 15 Jun 1940  
Plt Off C H Dunster  1 Jul 1940  
Plt Off J L Downey 10 Aug 1940  
Plt Off R A Wade 10 Aug 1940  
Plt Off A J Eastwood 18 Nov 1940  
Plt Off W C Morecroft 18 Nov 1940  
Plt Off H Simpson  8 Dec 1940  

Source - June 1941 Confidential Air Force List

It was redesignated AHQ Egypt on 1 December 1941.

It reformed on 1 August 1944 from 'X' (Administraion) Group at Bastia to administer units taking part in Operation Anvil. later renamed Dragoon.

It disbanded on 7 November 1944

[Dec 1939 | Jun 1941]

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