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No 409 (Fleet Fighter) Flight

This was formed on 7 October 1932 at RAF Base Gosport for service with HMS Glorious, equipped with three Hawker Nimrods and three Hawker Ospreys under the command of Flt Lt H A Purvis.

Date Location
 7 Oct 1932 RAF Base Gosport
17 Oct 1932 RAF Netheravon
25 Jan 1933 HMS Glorious
31 Jan 1933 RAF Hal Far
 1 Mar 1933 HMS Glorious


Rank Name Date Notes

No Personnel listings in the available AFLs

It was absorbed into No 802 Squadron on 3 April 1933.

Re-equipment and movement dates are based on those shown in 'Squadrons of the Fleet Air Arm' by Ray Sturtivant

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