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HQ Eastern Air Command Personnel, locations and units

This Command was originally formed for Operation Torch on 1 September 1942 but was absorbed into HQ North-West African Air Forces on  9 March 1943.  It was reformed  at Comilla on 15 December 1943 to control 3rd Tactical Air Force and Strategical Air Force (a USAAF formation).

June 1944

Location Command Controlled
New Delhi Air Command, South East Asia

Groups: -

Other Units: -

  • Communication Flight - Comilla

  • No 35 Personnel Transit Centre - Calcutta

  • Chaplains' Branch - Calcutta

  • No 3 Film Production Unit - Calcutta


Rank Name Date Notes
AVM Thomas M Williams 15 Dec 1943 Deputy Air Commander, CB, OBE, MC, DFC; later AM
due to reorganisation it was not possible to list any other personnel

Source - June 1944 Confidential Air Force List

It had moved to Calcutta by 19 November 1944 and disbanded  on 1 June 1945.

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