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Distribution of Duties - Air Ministry (1945)


Department of the Chief of the Air Staff


Assistant Chief of the Air Staff (Intelligence) (ACAS (I))

Control of D of I (O), D of I (R), D of I (S), ADI (Science) and AI (JIS)

Name Status/Rank Role/Duties
F F Inglis AVM Assistant Chief of the Air Staff (Intelligence)
J A Easton A/Cdre Deputy Assistant Chief of the Air Staff (Intelligence)
G S Hebron Sqn Ldr Staff Officer to ACAS (I)

AL36 - May 1945

Deputy Directorate of Intelligence (4) (DDI (4))

Name Status/Rank Role/Duties
F C Daubney Gp Capt Deputy Director of Intelligence (4)
AI 4
L T Card Wg Cdr Head of Branch (Signals)

Administration, Organisation, Establishments, Equipment and Communications of 'Y' Unit at Home and Abroad.

Control of AI 4 (e) and AI 4 (g)

J W Davies Wg Cdr Head of Branch (Intelligence)

Branch Security Officer

Arrangement of intercept programme, co-ordination of intelligence produced and Issue of Branch Reports.

Control of all AI 4 Intelligence Sections.

H B T Childs Wg Cdr Joint Secretary - Signals Intelligence Committee.
AI 4 (a)
C C Ricketts

H G Jordan

R Ingram

K Baty

M Hudson

S F Robertson

Sqn Ldr

Flt Lt

Fg Off




Enemy Radar and Navigation Aids.
AI 4 (b)
F S Prior

C Peoples

A C Wilberforce

M Bushell

Flt Lt

Flt Lt

Flt Lt

Flt Off

Traffic Section.


P M P Hodsoll

M Addison

A F Sprange

Flt Lt

Fg Off

Plt Off

Duty Officers
AI 4 (c)
T W Lightfoot

J Pickard

J F Briscoe
Flt Lt


Call-sign section.
AI 4 (d)
J S B Coatman

J Murphy

Flt Lt


Far East section
AI 4 (e)
A M Muir Flt Off Organisation and personnel matters - Home and Overseas.
AI 4 (g)
M B Lockwood SO Signals Equipment and Communications.

AL35 - Feb 1945

Air Intelligence (Joint Intelligence Staff) (AI (JIS)) Reports direct to ACAS (I)

Name Status/Rank Role/Duties
C H G Mills

F F Ogilvie

Wg Cdr

Sqn Ldr

Air representatives in the Inter-Services Joint Intelligence Staff.
P Murgatroyd

R C Williams

Wg Cdr

Sqn Ldr


AL34 - Jan 1945

Source - List of Staff and Distribution of Duties, January 1945 - AIR 20/7518 (AL34 - Jan 1945, AL35 - Feb 1945 and AL36 - May 1945)

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