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Distribution of Duties - Air Ministry (1945)

[DO (FP) | OF 1OF 2OF 3OF 4OF 5OF 6 OF 7OF 8OF 9]

Department of the Air Member for Training


Directorate of Training (Plans) (DT (Plans))

Co-ordination of training plans in relation to: -

  1. The Education and Vocational Training Scheme

  2. Reconstruction of training to meet the needs of the interim post-war period.

  3. Reconstruction of training to meet the needs of the post-war period proper (The forecasting or calculation of future requirements in terms of numbers or quantities is the responsibility of Training Progress.

Name Status/Rank Role/Duties/Notes
Allan L A Perry-Keene Director (DT (Plans))/A/Cdre  
Deputy Director (Plans) (1) (DDT (1))
C E H James Gp Capt (Deputy Director) Air Training
Deputy Director (Plans) (2) (DDT (2))
H M S Wright

H J Hime

Gp Capt (Deputy Director)

Sqn Off

Technical and ground training including the technical side of the Educational and Vocational Training Scheme
Deputy Director (Plans) (3) (DDT (3))
N Wood

W J N Warner

Gp Capt (Deputy Director)

Flt Lt

Education  including the educational side of the Educational and Vocational Training Scheme
Training Plans - WAAF (T Plans (WAAF))
* Gp Off WAAF Training planning

* These duties are carried out by the Senior WAAF (G) officer in AMT's Department.

Training Progress

  1. Advice to AMT on questions relating to training intakes, outputs and requirements, and co-ordination of with AMT's directors to effect necessary adjustments in the training flow.

  2. Calculation of training requirements at home and overseas; Liaison with DO (FP) and D of Pol (G).

  3. Formulation of RAF manpower demands for aircrew intakes, and for ground personnel required for training establishments.

  4. Presentation of Monthly Aircrew Stock Report and preparation of agenda for Aircrew State Committee meetings.

  5. Preparation of draft replies to questions relating to the aircrew position in squadrons or in training units (Liaison with AMSO's and AMP's Departments)

Name Status Role/Duties
M S Laing   Head of Branch

Member - Aircrew State Committee

J P Winckworth Training Progress Officer Deputy head of Branch
P Evers-Swindell

G de H Vaizey

H S Latham

Assistant Training Progress Officer

Assistant Training Progress Officer

Sqn Ldr

Detailed long and short term calculation of aircrew training requirements by categories to match RAF expansion programmes.

Short and long term aircrew output forecasts by categories, and forecasts of Personal Reception Centre position.

Short term forecasts of aircrew position in Bomber Command, showing adjustments in HCU and OTU capacity required, and division of Flight Engineer requirements by types.

Calculation of initial intake requirements, and forecasts of Air Crew Despatch Centre positions. (Liaison with M 3 and No 54 Group)

R H Ford Assistant Training Progress Officer Calculation of ground training requirements to meet RAF Expansion Programmes (Liaison with AD of M (Stats).

Records and forecasts of ground personnel intakes and outputs, including statistical control of training wastage.

Weekly statements of shipping situation of both aircrew and ground personnel, including short term forecasts of future arrivals (Liaison with Movements 2)

E G Plum Sqn Ldr Equipment for training establishments, both Air and Ground, and investigation of delays in supply and shortages.

Liaison with DGE's department.

General supervision of records maintained in State Room.

Special Appointment
G R Richardson Special Appointment Analysis of Weekly 'P' Forms submitted by Home and Oversea Commands.

Preparation of figures required for Aircrew State meetings.

Analysis of Command 'Flow' forms to stocks of operationally trained aircrew of all types and categories in all Cmmands and Theatres

TP State Room (reports to TP (EC)
    Visual record of training establishment in all countries, showing aircraft and instructor establishments, pupil populations, course lengths etc.

Records and charts of aircraft strength, effort and wastage in training schools, and of aircrew casualties by categories of aircrew and Commands, expressed in percentages of current strengths.

General chart work for TP and AMT's other directorates.

Training Research

  1. Advice on training and instructional methods to AMT and his Directorates.

  2. Examination, by arrangement with Service Directors, of training wastage problems, including accidents and preparation of schemes for selection, re-selection and classification of personnel for particular forms of training.

  3. Analysis of training records

  4. Liaison and consultation with other Directories and Branches concerned with the recruitment, selection and posting of personnel, with DGMS on questions relating to psychiatric or medical selection affecting training, and with Flying Personnel Research Committee.

  5. Liaison with Training Research and Personnel Selection organisations of other Services.

Name Status/Rank Role/Duties
E A Bott Prof Head of Branch
Vacant   Deputy head of Branch
TR 1
C C Drew Special Appointment Advice on problems connected with the selection and training of  aircrew personnel and on the selection and qualifying standards of  Clerks (PS).

Advice in conjunction with TR2 on problems common to both aircrew and ground personnel.

TR 2
A J Marshall Special Appointment Advice on problems connected with the selection and training of ground personnel and on the selection and qualifying standards of  Clerks (PS).

Advice in conjunction with TR1 on problems common to both aircrew and ground personnel.

Name Status/Rank Role/Duties
J B Parry

R Cockett

Miss E D Fraser

E G Reeve

Special Appointment

Special Appointment

Special Appointment

Special Appointment

Scientific assistants employed on specific training research problems, both air and ground , as required.
Name Status/Rank Role/Duties
L L Alexander

K M Wyborn

S J Trevan

J B McLean





General technical supervision of trade of WAAF Clerk (PS) and statistical analysis of selection tests.

Source - List of Staff and Distribution of Duties, January 1945 - AIR 20/7518

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