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Transport Command - January 1945

[Command HQ | No 44 Group | No 45 Group | No 46 Group | No 216 Group | No 229 Group | No 110 Wing | No 114 Wing | No 116 Wing]

Command HQ - RAF Harrow, Middlesex

No 44 (Transport) Group

HQ - Eastern Avenue, Barnwood, Gloucester

Unit Location/Address Notes
RAF Station Bramcote    
No 105 OTU RAF Bramcote Wellington
No 1513 (BAT) Flt RAF Bramcote  
No 5132 (Bomb Disposal) Sqn RAF Bramcote  
No 6211 (Bomb Disposal) Flt RAF Bramcote 5132 Sqn
RAF Station Nuneaton   Satellite (Bramcote)
RAF Station Bitteswell   Satellite (Bramcote)
RAF Station Crosby-on-Eden    
No 109 OTU RAF Crosby-on-Eden Dakota
RAF Station Longtown   Satellite (Crosby-on-Eden)
RAF Station Doncaster C & M Party  
RAF Station Dundonald C & M Party  
RAF Station Filton Filton, nr Bristol, Gloucestershire  
No 2 Aircraft Preparation Unit RAF Filton Various
RAF Station Llandow    
No 3 Aircraft Preparation Unit RAF Llandow Various
Transport Command Central Night Vision Training School RAF Llandow  
RAF Station Melton Mowbrey    
No 12 Ferry Unit RAF Pershore Various
RAF Station Nutts Corner   Airport
No 1332 HCU RAF Nutts Corner  
Units in European Division ATC RAF Nutts Corner  
RAF Station Ossington   Station in Bomber Command
No 6 Lancaster Finishing School RAF Ossington  
RAF Station Pershore    
No 1 Ferry Unit RAF Pershore  
RAF Station Portreath   Station in Fighter Command
No 1 Overseas Air Despatch Unit Portreath  
RAF Station Prestwick Prestwick Aerodrome, Ayr, Ayrshire Airport
Transatlantic Aircraft Control RAF Prestwick
No 1527 (BAT) Flt RAF Prestwick
Liberator Course RAF Prestwick Controlled by Technical Training Command
Units in European Division ATC RAF Prestwick  
RAF Station St Mawgan   Airport
No 2 Overseas Air Despatch Unit RAF St Mawgan  
No 1529 (BAT) Flt RAF St Mawgan
Traffic Control School RAF St Mawgan  
Units in European Division ATC RAF St Mawgan  
RAF Station Talbenny    
No 11 Ferry Unit RAF Talbenny  
No 3 Overseas Air Despatch Unit RAF Talbenny  
RAF Station Valley   Airport
No 1528 (BAT) Flt RAF Valley  
Units in European Division ATC RAF Valley  
RAF Station Wymeswold    
No 108 OTU RAF Wymeswold Dakota
RAF Station Castle Donington   Satellite (Wymeswold)

No 45 (Transport) Group

HQ - Dorval, Quebec, Canada

Unit Location/Address Notes
RAF Station Dorval Dorval, Quebec  
HQ, No 112 (North Atlantic) Wing RAF Dorval  
No 2 Ferry Crew Pool RAF Dorval  
No 6 Ferry Unit RAF Dorval  
RAF Station Nassau Nassau, Bahamas  
HQ, No 113 (South Atlantic) Wing RAF Nassau  
No 7 Aircraft Preparation Unit RAF Nassau  
RAF Station Reykjavik Reykjavik, Iceland Station in Coastal Command
No 86 Staging Post RAF Reykjavik  
No 88 Terminal Staging Post RAF Reykjavik  
No 7 Ferry Unit RAF Reykjavik  


No 46 (Transport) Group

HQ - Harrow, Middlesex

Unit Location/Address Notes
RAF Station Blakehill Farm    
No 233 Sqn RAF Blakehill Farm Dakota
No 4233 Servicing Echelon RAF Blakehill Farm  
No 437 (RCAF) Sqn RAF Blakehill Farm Dakota
No 4437 Servicing Echelon RAF Blakehill Farm  
RAF Station Broadwell    
No 512 Sqn RAF Broadwell Dakota
No 4512 Servicing Echelon RAF Broadwell  
No 575 Sqn RAF Broadwell Dakota
No 4575 Servicing Echelon RAF Broadwell  
HQ, No 111 Wing Brussels see below for units
No 105 Staging Post Belgium  
RAF Station Down Ampney    
No 48 Sqn RAF Down Ampney Dakota
No 4048 Servicing Echelon RAF Down Ampney  
No 271 Sqn RAF Down Ampney Dakota
No 4271 Servicing Echelon RAF Down Ampney  
RAF Station Leicester East    
No 107 OTU RAF Leicester East Dakota
RAF Station Netheravon   Station in Fighter Command
Air Transport Tactical Development Unit RAF Netheravon Operationally controlled by SHAEF through No 38 Group
RAF School of Air Transport RAF Netheravon  
No 104 Staging Post Nivelle  
RAF Station Northolt   Station in Fighter Command
No 1697 (ADLS) Flt RAF Northolt
No 1322 (ADLS) Flt RAF Northolt
Paris   Station in No 116 Wing
HQ, No 107 Wing Paris see below for units
Paris (Le Bourget)    
No 121 Staging Post Paris (Le Bourget)  
RAF Station Perranporth    
No 18 Staging Post RAF Perranporth  
No 19 Staging Post RAF Perranporth  
No 120 Staging Post RAF Perranporth  
No 122 Staging Post RAF Perranporth  
No 123 Staging Post RAF Perranporth  
RAF Station Pershore   Station in No 44 Group
No 15 Air Transportable Signals Unit RAF Pershore  
No 46 Group also controlled the following mobile units: -
5337 Mobile Signals Unit 5348 Mobile Signals Unit 5359 Mobile Signals Unit
5338 Mobile Signals Unit 5349 Mobile Signals Unit 5360 Mobile Signals Unit
5339 Mobile Signals Unit 5350 Mobile Signals Unit 5361 Mobile Signals Unit
5340 Mobile Signals Unit 5351 Mobile Signals Unit 5362 Mobile Signals Unit
5341 Mobile Signals Unit 5352 Mobile Signals Unit 5363 Mobile Signals Unit
5342 Mobile Signals Unit 5253 Mobile Signals Unit 5364 Mobile Signals Unit
5343 Mobile Signals Unit 5354 Mobile Signals Unit 5365 Mobile Signals Unit
5344 Mobile Signals Unit 5355 Mobile Signals Unit 5366 Mobile Signals Unit
5345 Mobile Signals Unit 5356 Mobile Signals Unit 5367 Mobile Signals Unit
5346 Mobile Signals Unit 5357 Mobile Signals Unit 5368 Mobile Signals Unit
5347 Mobile Signals Unit 5358 Mobile Signals Unit  


No 216 (Transport) Group

HQ - RAF Heliopolis, Egypt

Location/Address Unit Notes
Algiers HQ, No 284 Transport Wing  
Algiers Air Booking Centre  
Alghero No 63 Staging Post (Detachment)  
Ancona No 61 Staging Post (Detachment)  
Asmara No 23 Staging Post  
Ajaccio No 63 Staging Post (Detachment)  
Bahrein No 43 Staging Post  
Bahrein Regional Flying Control, Persian Gulf c/o 43 Staging Post, administered by HQ, BF Aden
Bahrein No 34 Meteorological Forecast Unit  
Bari No 267 Sqn Dakota
Bari No 28 (South African) Sqn (Detachment) Dakota
Bari No 62 Staging Post (Detachment)  
Bilbeis No 1330 Conversion Unit  
Biskra No 71 Staging Post  
Borgo No 63 Staging Post (Detachment)  
Bovinco No 63 Staging Post (Detachment)  
Bucharest No 125 Staging Post  
Cairo Air Booking Centre  
RAF Cairo West Station HQ  
Cairo West No 216 Sqn Dakota
Cairo West No 44 (South African) Sqn Dakota
Cairo West No 10 Staging Post  
Cairo West No 107 Staging Post  
Cairo West No 3 Yellow Fever Control Unit  
Cairo West No 4 Yellow Fever Control Unit  
Capo Dichino No 61 Staging Post (Detachment)  
Capo Dichino No 4 Ferry Unit (Detachment)  
Castel Benito Station HQ  
Castel Benito No 17 Staging Post  
Castel Benito Regional Flying Control (Tripolitania) c/o 17 Staging Post, administered by No 212 Group
Catania No 62 Staging Post  
Catania No 4 Ferry Unit (Detachment)  
El Adem No 12 Staging Post  
El Adem No 18 Meteorological Forecast Unit  
El Aouina No 76 Staging Post  
El Fasher No 24 Staging Post  
El Fasher No 11 Yellow Fever Control Unit  
El Fasher No 12 Yellow Fever Control Unit  
El Geneina No 25 Staging Post  
El Geneina No 9 Yellow Fever Control Unit  
Elmas No 63 Staging Post  
Falconara No 61 Staging Post  
Gebel Hamzi No 2 Ferry Unit  
Gibraltar No 73 Staging Post  
RAF Habbaniya HQ, No 151 Transport Wing  
Habbaniya No 40 Staging Post  
Haifa No 124 Staging Post  
Heliopolis No 216 Group (Rear)  
Heliopolis HQ, No 282 Transport Wing  
Heliopolis No 5 Ferry Unit  
Heliopolis No 1 Staging Post  
Heliopolis No 216 Group Communication Flt  
H3 (Palestine) No 41 Staging Post  
Iesi No 4 Ferry Unit  
Istres No 103 Staging Post  
Juba No 29 Staging Post  
Khartoum HQ, No 115 Wing  
Khartoum No 20 Staging Post  
Khartoum No 7 Yellow Fever Control Unit  
Khartoum No 8 Yellow Fever Control Unit  
Khartoum No 10 Yellow Fever Control Unit  
Littorio No 65 Staging Post (Detachment)  
Luxor No 15 Staging Post  
Luxor No 5 Yellow Fever Control Unit  
Luxor No 6 Yellow Fever Control Unit  
Luqa No 64 Staging Post  
Maison Blanche No 72 Staging Post  
Maison Blache No 28 (South African) Sqn Dakota
Malakal No 28 Staging Post  
Marble Arch (Libya) No 16 Staging Post  
Masira No 33 Staging Post  
Mersa Matruh No 11 Staging Post  
Oujda Station HQ  
Oujda No 28 (South African) Sqn (Detachment) Dakota
Oujda No 3 Ferry Unit  
Oujda No 75 Staging Post  
Pescara No 63 Staging Post (Detachment)  
Pomigliano No 65 Staging Post  
Pomigliano No 216 Sqn (Detachment) Dakota
Port Lyautey No 70 Staging Post (Detachment)  
Portici HQ, No 249 Transport Wing  
Rabat Sale Station HQ  
Rabat Sale No 70 Staging Post  
Ramat David No 14 Staging Post  
Ras el Ma No 70 Staging Post (Detachment)  
Rome No 61 Staging Post (Detachment)  
Setif No 3 Ferry Unit (Detachment)  
Setif No 4 Ferry Unit (Detachment)  
Shaibah No 42 Staging Post  
Sharjah No 44 Staging Post  
Sheikh Othman No 30 Staging Post  
Shellal RAF Movements Detachment  
Wadi Halfa No 22 Staging Post  
Wadi Halfa RAF Movements Detachment  
Wilhelma No 14 Staging Post (Detachment)  

There were also units under the control of this this Group but operating in West Africa, which are shown under AHQ West Africa

No 229 (Transport) Group

HQ - RAF Delhi, India

Location/Address Unit Notes
Agartala No 21 Staging Post
Ahmedabad No 35 Staging Post
Allahabad No 36 Staging Post
Allahabad No 9 Ferry Unit
Amarda Road No 67 Staging Post
Bally (Calcutta) No 69 Staging Post
Bangalore Air Booking Centre
Bangalore No 109 Transport Wing
Basal No 194 Sqn Dakota
Bhopal No 37 Staging Post
Bombay Air Booking Centre
Calcutta Air Booking Centre
Calcutta No 117 Transport Wing
Chakala No 3 Parachute Training School
Chakala RAF Element Air Transport Development Centre
Chakala Transport Support Training Unit
Chakala No 3 Mobile Parachute Servicing Unit
Chakala No 5 Mobile Parachute Servicing Unit
Chittagong No 78 Staging Post
Colombo Air Booking Centre
Comilla No 79 Staging Post
Delhi Air Booking Centre
Delhi No 118 Transport Wing
Digri No 60 Staging Post
Dinjan No 77 Staging Post
Dinjan RAF Signals Unit
Dum Dum Station HQ
Dum Dum No 52 Sqn Dakota
Dum Dum No 15 Meteorological Forecast Centre Type 'C'
Dum Dum No 38 Staging Post
Fenny No 27 Staging Post
Gannavaram No 2 Staging Post
Gujrat Station HQ
Gujrat No 436 (RCAF) Sqn Dakota
Gujrat No 435 (RCAF) Sqn Dakota
Hakimpet No 39 Staging Post
Imphal No 102 Staging Post
Jharsaguda No 26 Staging Post
Jiwani No 45 Staging Post
Jiwani No 5 Meteorological Forecast Centre Type 'B'
Jodhpur No 46 Staging Post
Karachi No 108 Transport Wing
Karachi Flying Control Centre
Karachi Air Booking Centre
Kunming (China) RAF Unit
Kumbhirgram No 6 Staging Post
Lahore No 47 Staging Post
Maharajpur (Gwalior) No 49 Staging Post
Manipur Road No 8 Staging Post
Mauripur (Sind) Station HQ
Mauripur (Sind) No 48 (Terminal) Staging Post
Mauripur (Sind) No 8 Ferry Unit
Nagpur No 59 Staging Post
Nagpur No 9 Ferry Unit
Palam Station HQ
Palam No 229 Group Communication Flight
Palam No 353 Sqn Dakota
Palam No 9 Staging Post
Ranchi No 3 Staging Post
Ratmalana No 32 Staging Post
Risalpur No 117 Sqn Dakota
Risalpur No 131 Conversion Unit
Santa Cruz No 56 Staging Post
St Thomas Mount No 57 Staging Post
Sylhet No 5 Staging Post
Tezpur RAF Signals Unit
Vizagapatam No 34 Staging Post
Yelahanka No 58 Staging Post

No 107 Wing

HQ - Paris

Unit Location/Address Notes
No 137 Staging Post Bordeaux
No 126 Staging Post Lyons
No 93 Staging Post Rennes
No 138 Staging Post Toulouse

No 110 Wing

HQ - Croydon Airport

Unit Location/Address Notes
Croydon Airport
No 147 Sqn Croydon Airport Warwick/Dakota
RAF Station Holmsley South Station in No 116 Wing
No 167 Sqn RAF Holmsley South Warwick
No 246 Sqn RAF Holmsley South York/C-87

No 111 Wing

HQ - Brussels

Unit Location/Address Notes
No 94 Forward Staging Post Antwerp  
No 92 Forward Staging Post Carpiquet  
No 91 Forward Staging Post Eindhoven  

No 114 Wing

HQ - Accra, West Africa

Unit Location/Address Notes
Accra HQ No 114 Wing
Accra No 55 Staging Post
Accra No 1314 (Transport) Flight
Apapa No 50 Staging Post (Detachment)
Dakar No 55 Staging Post (Detachment)  
Ikeja No 50 Staging Post
Kano No 52 Staging Post
Libreville No 50 Staging Post (Detachment)
Maiduguri No 53 Staging Post
Port Etienne No 53 Staging Post (Detachment)
Pont Noire No 50 Staging Post
Robertsfield No 55 Staging Post (Detachment)
Takoradi No 55 Staging Post (Detachment)
Waterloo No 55 Staging Post (Detachment)
Yundum No 55 Staging Post (Detachment)

No 116 Wing

HQ - RAF Hendon

Unit Location/Address Notes
RAF Station Hendon Airport
No 24 Sqn RAF Hendon
No 4024 Servicing Echelon RAF Hendon
Metropolitan Communication Sqn RAF Hendon
RAF Intelligence School RAF Hendon
RAF School of Discussion Method RAF Hendon
No 6224 (Bomb Disposal) Flt RAF Hendon 5134 Sqn
RAF Station Holmsley South See No 110 Wing
No 6213 (Bomb Disposal) Flt RAF Holmsley South 5135 Sqn
RAF Station Kemble
Transport Aircraft Modification Section RAF Kemble
RAF Station Lyneham Airport
No 511 Sqn RAF Lyneham
No 525 Sqn RAF Lyneham
RAF Station Merryfield
No 238 Sqn RAF Merryfield Albemarle
No 243 Sqn RAF Merryfield Albemarle
RAF Station Prestwick Airport, station in No 44 Group
No 1680 (Transport) Flt RAF Prestwick
RAF Station Stoney Cross
No 232 Sqn RAF Stoney Cross Wellington
No 242 Sqn RAF Stoney Cross Wellington

Source - SD161 (52nd Edition) - January 1945

County names used are those in use at the time

[Command HQ | No 44 Group | No 45 Group | No 46 Group | No 216 Group | No 229 Group | No 110 Wing | No 114 Wing | No 116 Wing]

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