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Middle East Commands - June 1944

[MAAF | MATAF | MASAF | MACAF | MAPRW | Desert Air Force | AHQ Malta | No 205 Group | No 210 Group | No 214 Group | No 218 Group]

[Middle East Command | AHQ Eastern Mediterranean | AHQ East Africa | AHQ Levant | AHQ Iraq & Persia | HQBF Aden | No 203 Group | No 206 Group | No 209 Group | No 212 Group | No 216 Group | No 219 Group]

Mediterranean Allied Air Forces

Command HQ - Caserta

HQ (Algiers) - Algiers

Unit Location/Address Notes
No 63 Repair and Salvage Unit    
Provision Office North Africa Hussein Dey  
No 13 RAF Postal HQ Algiers  
'S' Force Caserta  


No 205 Group

HQ - Foggia, Italy

Unit Location/Address Notes
No 231 Wing Tortorella  
No 236 Wing Foggia  
No 330 Wing Amendola  
RAF Regiment Wing Foggia  
No 37 Sqn    
No 40 Sqn    
No 70 Sqn    
No 104 Sqn    
No 142 Sqn    
No 150 Sqn    
No 178 Sqn    
No 614 Sqn    
No 2744 Sqn RAF Regiment Foggia  
No 2825 Sqn RAF Regiment Amendola  
No 2905 Sqn RAF Regiment Tortorella  
No 205 Group Communication Flt Tortorella  
No 37 Air Stores Park Cerignola  
No 57 Repair and Salvage Unit Shallufa  
No 4 Supply & Transport Column Foggia  
No 205 Group Rest Camp Foggia  

No 214 Group

HQ - Bari

Unit Location/Address Notes
No 276 Wing Conversano  
No 334 Wing Brindisi  
No 336 Wing San Savero  
No 148 Sqn   Special duties unit
No 624 Sqn   Special duties unit
No 682 Sqn    
No 683 Sqn    
No 2721 Sqn RAF Regiment Naples  
No 2771 Sqn RAF Regiment Marzano  
No 2788 Sqn RAF Regiment Marzano  
No 2859 Sqn RAF Regiment Lago  
No 2860 Sqn RAF Regiment Portici  
No 2863 Sqn RAF Regiment Caserta  
No 1586 (Polish) Flt Brindisi Special Duties
No 110 Maintenance Unit Brindisi  
No 113 Maintenance Unit Naples  
No 114 Maintenance Unit Naples  
No 117 Maintenance Unit Bari  
No 124 Maintenance Unit San Severo  
No 141 Maintenance Unit Caserta  
No 159 Maintenance Unit Brindisi  
No 5136 Bomb Disposal Sqn Bari  
No 3 Base Personnel Depot Naples  
No 6 Supply & Transport Column Bari  
No 8 Supply & Transport Column Saviona  
No 9 Supply & Transport Column Naples  
No 1 RAF General Hospital Tore-Del-Grece  
Air Division - Allied Control Commission Bari  
Base Personnel Office Naples  
Bombing Survey Unit Portici  
No 2 Film Production Unit Naples  
No 2 Mobile Parachute Servicing Unit Gioia  
No 2 RAF Rest Camp Sorrento  
No 4 RAF Rest Camp San Spirito  

No 218 Group

HQ - Algiers

Unit Location/Address Notes
No 125 Maintenance Unit Crescia
No 144 Maintenance Unit Maison Blanche
No 145 Maintenance Unit Casablanca
No 146 Maintenance Unit Sidi Tabet
No 155 Maintenance Unit Setif
No 156 Maintenance Unit Blida
No 162 Maintenance Unit Setif
No 163 Maintenance Unit Oujda
No 164 Maintenance Unit Tunis
No 351 Maintenance Unit Hussein Dey
No 1 Base Personnel Depot Fort De L'Eau  
No 1 MT Base Depot Guyotville  
No 12 Supply & Transport Column Algiers  
No 19 Supply & Transport Column Rivet  
No 20 Supply & Transport Column St Germain  
Fire Fighting School Bastia  
RAF Convalescent Depot Guyotville  
No 1 RAF General Hospital Maison Care  
No 2 Aircrew Reception Unit Rabat Sale  
No Air Crew Pool Fort de L'Eau  
Air Publications Unit Algiers  
Base Censorship Section Algiers  
Base Personnel Office Algiers  
No 4 Base Signals Unit Maison Blanche  
No 12 MT Repair Unit Tunis  
No 3 RAF Rest Camp Jaenbait  
Public Relations Unit Algiers  
RAF HQ Maison Blanche  

Mediterranean Allied Tactical Air Forces (MAAF)

Command HQ - Caserta

Unit Location/Address Notes
MATAF Communication Flt Capo Dichino  
No 15 Supply & Transport Column San Spirito  
5 RAF Beach Unit Ajaccio  


Desert Air Force (MAAF)

Command HQ - Vasto

Unit Location/Address Notes
No 232 Wing Celone  
No 239 Wing Cutella  
No 244 Wing Venafro  
No 251 Wing Poretta  
No 285 Wing Trigno  
No 322 Wing Alto  
No 324 Wing Lago  
No 3 Sqn RAAF    
No 13 Sqn    
No 18 Sqn    
No 43 Sqn    
No 55 Sqn    
No 72 Sqn    
No 92 Sqn    
No 93 Sqn    
No 111 Sqn    
No 112 Sqn    
No 114 Sqn    
No 145 Sqn    
No 154 Sqn    
No 208 Sqn    
No 223 Sqn    
No 225 Sqn    
No 232 Sqn    
No 237 Sqn    
No 238 Sqn    
No 241 Sqn    
No 242 Sqn    
No 243 Sqn    
No 250 Sqn    
No 260 Sqn    
No 417 Sqn RCAF    
No 450 Sqn RAAF    
No 451 Sqn RAAF    
No 600 Sqn    
No 601 Sqn    
No 651 Sqn    
No 654 Sqn    
No 655 Sqn    
No 657 Sqn    
No 2856 Sqn RAF Regiment San Vito Chietino  
No 2857 Sqn RAF Regiment Cutella  
No 2858 Sqn RAF Regiment Celone  
No 2862 Sqn RAF Regiment Trigno  
Desert Air Force Communication Flt Trigno  
No 121 Maintenance Unit Montenero  
No 31 Air Stores Park Campo Marino  
No 36 Air Stores Park Capua  
No 40 Air Stores Park Petacciato  
No 135 Air Stores Park Capua  
No 12 Meteorological Forecast Unit Vasto  
No 38 Transit Camp Vasto  
No 2 Repair and Salvage Unit Madna  
No 51 Repair and Salvage Unit Madna  
No 53 Repair and Salvage Unit Cutella  
No 59 Repair and Salvage Unit Venafro  
No 108 Repair and Salvage Unit Alto  
No 109 Repair and Salvage Unit Biferno  
No 113 Repair and Salvage Unit Lago  
No 310 Supply & Transport Column Montenero  
No 311 Supply & Transport Column Petacciato  
No 1 Anti-Malarial Control Unit Lago  
No 4 Anti-Malarial Control Unit Biferno  
No 11 Anti-Malarial Control Unit Trigno  
No 21 RAF Mobile Field Hospital Serra Capriola  
No 22 RAF Mobile Field Hospital Foggia  
No 25 RAF Mobile Field Hospital Cassamozza  
No 30 RAF Mobile Field Hospital Foggia  
No 31 RAF Mobile Field Hospital Italy  
No 1 (Middle East) Field Hygiene Unit Vasto  
No 3 (Middle East) Field Hygiene Unit Naples  
No 4 (Middle East) Field Hygiene Unit Madra  
No 3 Light Repair Unit Vasto  
No 10 MT Light Repair Unit Cancello  
No 304 MSSU Frattamaggiore  
No 305 MSSU Campo Marino  
No 306 MSSU Penna Point  

Mediterranean Allied Strategical Air Forces (MAAF)

Command HQ - Bari

Mediterranean Allied Photographic Reconnaissance Wing

Command HQ - San Savero

Unit Location/Address Notes
No 2 Mobile Field Photo Unit Pomigliano  
No 3 Mobile Field Photo Unit Vasto  


Mediterranean Allied Coastal Air Forces (MAAF)

Command HQ - Algiers

Unit Location/Address Notes
No 287 Wing Sidi Amor  
No 328 Wing Algiers  
No 332 Wing Djidjelli  
No 337 Wing La Senia  
No 338 Wing Reghaia  
RAF Station Blida    
RAF Station Bone    
No 14 Sqn    
No 23 Sqn    
No 32 Sqn    
No 36 Sqn    
No 39 Sqn    
No 153 Sqn    
No 256 Sqn    
No 272 Sqn    
No 283 Sqn    
No 284 Sqn    
No 458 Sqn RAAF    
No 500 Sqn    
No 977 Sqn    
No 981 Sqn    
No 982 Sqn    
No 983 Sqn    
No 2861 Sqn RAF Regiment Calvi  
No 2866 Sqn RAF Regiment Bastia  
No 2869 Sqn RAF Regiment Alghero  
MCAF Communication Flt Blida  
No 1578 (Calibration) Communication Flt Blida  
Defence Flt Gibraltar  
No 2 (General Reconnaissance) Operations Room Bastia  
No 4 (General Reconnaissance) Operations Room Chisonaccia  
No 5 (General Reconnaissance) Operations Room Blida  
No 33 Air Stores Park Sassari  
No 251 Air Sea Rescue Unit Bone  
No 252 Air Sea Rescue Unit Naples  
No 254 Air Sea Rescue Unit Ajaccio  
No 111 Repair and Salvage Unit Alghero  
No 12 Anti-Malarial Control Unit Ajaccio  
No 1 Hydrogen Supply Unit    

No 242 Group

HQ - Taranto

Unit Location/Address Notes
No 286 Wing Grottaglie  
No 323 Wing Foggia  
No 325 Wing Monte Corvino  
No 6 Sqn    
No 73 Sqn    
No 221 Sqn    
No 249 Sqn    
No 253 Sqn    
No 255 Sqn    
No 608 Sqn    
No 975 Sqn    
No 985 Sqn    
No 1435 Sqn    
No 2864 Sqn RAF Regiment Taranto  
No 2865 Sqn RAF Regiment Grottaglie  
No 2867 Sqn RAF Regiment Capo Dichino  
No 242 Group Communication Flt San Vito  
No 1 (General Reconnaissance) Operations Room Naples  
No 136 Air Stores Park Foggia  
No 253 Air Sea Rescue Unit Bari  
No 110 Repair and Salvage Unit Grottaglie  
No 16 Supply & Transport Column Taranto  



Command HQ - Valetta, Malta

Unit Location/Address Notes
No 248 Wing Valetta  
No 335 Wing Catania  
RAF Station Hal Far    
RAF Station Luqa    
No 87 Sqn    
No 108 Sqn    
No 185 Sqn    
No 283 Sqn    
No 986 Sqn    
No 2868 Sqn RAF Regiment Palermo  
Malta Communication Flt RAF Hal Far  
No 3 (General Reconnaissance) Operations Room Borizzo  
No 118 Maintenance Unit Catania  
No 137 Maintenance Unit Malta  
No 143 Maintenance Unit Hamrun  
No 204 Air Sea Rescue Unit Malta  
No 30 Refuelling and Re-arming Party Crotone  
No 303 MSSU Sassari  


Middle East Command (MAAF)

Command HQ - Cairo

Unit Location/Address Notes
No 259 Wing Nicosia  
No 283 Wing Khartoum  
Middle East Command Communication Flt Khartoum  
No 1412 (Meteorological) Flt Khartoum  
No 1567 (Meteorological) Flt El Genina  
No 139 Maintenance Unit Khartoum  
Meteorological Forecast Unit Kahartoum  
Meteorological Forecast Unit Asmara  
Meteorological Forecast Unit El Genina  
Meteorological Forecast Unit Wadi Seidna  
No 4 Army Post Office Detachment Cairo  
Base Personnel Office Cairo  
Directorate of Air Force Welfare Cairo  

No 203 (Maintenance) Group

HQ - Heliopolis

Unit Location/Address Notes
RAF Station Abu Suier    
RAF Station Amman    
RAF Station Aqir    
RAF Station Ballah    
RAF Station Ein Shemer    
RAF Station Gianaclis    
RAF Station Ismailia    
RAF Station Nicosia    
RAF Station Peta Tiqva    
RAF Station Qastina    
RAF Station Shallufa    
RAF Station Shandur    
WAAF Depot RAF Ramleh  
Marine Craft Unit Suez  
No 13 Air Gunnery School RAF Ballah  
No 51 Air Gunners Initial Training School RAF Ballah  
Code and Cypher School RAF Heliopolis  
No 3 (Middle East) Training School RAF Amman  
No 5 (Middle East) Training School RAF Shallufa  
No 11 Flying Instructors School RAF Shallufa  
Middle East Armament School RAF Shallufa  
Middle East Signals School RAF Helwan  
RAF (Middle East) Central Gunnery School RAF Ballah  
RAF Physical Training School RAF Ismailia  
No 7 (Middle East) Field Hygiene Unit RAF Ismailia  
No 1 (Middle East) Aircrew Reception Centre Jerusalem  
No 5 (Middle East) Aircrew Reception Centre RAF Heliopolis  
No 1675 Heavy Conversion Unit Lydda  
No 14 Mobile Servicing Unit (Torpedo) RAF Shallufa  
No 70 OTU RAF Shandur  
No 71 OTU RAF Ismailia  
No 73 OTU RAF Abu Suier  
No 74 OTU RAF Peta Tiqva  
No 75 OTU RAF Gianaclis  
No 76 OTU RAF Aqir  
No 77 OTU RAF Qastina  
No 78 OTU RAF Ein Shemer  
No 79 OTU RAF Nicosia  


No 206 Group

HQ - RAF Heliopolis

Unit Location/Address Notes
RAF Station Aboukir    
RAF Station El Gedida    
RAF Station Heliopolis    
RAF Station Helwan    
No 101 Maintenance Unit Masara  
No 102 Maintenance Unit Amriya  
No 103 Maintenance Unit RAF Aboukir  
No 106 Maintenance Unit Khanka  
No 107 Maintenance Unit Kasfareet  
No 108 Maintenance Unit El Firdan  
No 109 Maintenance Unit Boulac  
No 111 Maintenance Unit Tura  
No 112 Maintenance Unit Wadi Yearn  
No 126 Maintenance Unit Abu Sultan  
No 132 Maintenance Unit RAF Helwan  
No 135 Maintenance Unit Gebel Hamzi  
No 140 Maintenance Unit Khataba  
No 3 MT Base Depot RAF Helwan  
No 3 Signals Depot RAF Helwan  
No 1 Engine Repair Section Boulac  
No 2 Engine Repair Section Tura  
No 3 Engine Repair Section Tura  
No 4 Engine Repair Section Boulac  
No 5 Engine Repair Section Mansourah  
No 7 Engine Repair Section RAF Aboukir  
No 8 Engine Repair Section RAF Aboukir  
No 9 Engine Repair Section Kasfareet  
Marine Craft Unit Port Said  
Marine Craft Repair Section Alexandria  
Meteorological Forecast Unit Almaza  
No 17 Meteorological Forecast Unit Cairo  
No 122 Meteorological Field Unit RAF Heliopolis  
No 21 Transit Camp Kasfareet  
No 22 Transit Camp Almaza  
No 24 Transit Camp RAF Aboukir  
No 39 Transit Camp RAF Shallufa  
No 5 Supply & Transport Column Suez road  
School of Hygiene Almaza  
Polish Air Force Training School RAF Heliopolis  
RAF School of Catering RAF Helwan  
No 8 Anti-Malarial Control Unit RAF Edcu  
No 9 Anti-Malarial Control Unit RAF Abu Suier  
Command Medical Board RAF Heliopolis  
No 6 (Middle East) Field Hygiene Unit El Firdan  
No 5 RAF Hospital Abbassia  
Air Publications Unit Cairo  
Air Supply Development Centre RAF Heliopolis  
Balloon and Oxygen Centre Baalwa  
Base Accounts Office El Gedida  
Base Salvage Unit RAF Helwan  
No 2 British Airways  Repair Unit Almaza  
Master Provision Office Khanka  
Middle East Interpretation Unit RAF Heliopolis  
No 1 (Middle East) MT Repair Unit Alexandria  
No 7 (Middle East) MT Repair Unit Cairo  
No 51 RAF MT Company Almaza  
No 52 RAF MT Company Almaza  
RAF Tyre Retreading Unit RAF Heliopolis  
Standing Committee for Adjustment RAF Heliopolis  
No 1 Works Area Cairo  


No 216 (Transport) Group

HQ - RAF Heliopolis, Egypt

This group was controlled by HQ Transport Command, for units allocated click here.


AHQ Eastern Mediterranean (Middle East Command)

Command HQ - Alexandria

Unit Location/Address Notes
No 260 Wing Ismailia  
RAF Station Benina    
RAF Station Berka    
RAF Station Edcu    
RAF Station Gambut    
RAF Station Matruh West    
RAF Station Mersa Metruh    
No 38 Sqn    
No 46 Sqn    
No 227 Sqn    
No 252 Sqn    
No 459 Sqn RAAF    
No 603 Sqn    
No 94 Sqn    
No 162 Sqn    
No 213 Sqn    
No 971 Sqn    
No 2914 Sqn RAF Regiment Apollonia  
No 2917 Sqn RAF Regiment Almaza  
No 2923 Sqn RAF Regiment Apollonia  
No 2926 Sqn RAF Regiment Apollonia  
No 2927 Sqn RAF Regiment Almaza  
Eastern Mediterranean Communication Flt Mariut  
No 1563 (Meteorological) Flt Benina  
No 1564 (Meteorological) Flt Castel Benito  
No 12 Sector Operations Room Port Faud  
No 13 Sector Operations Room Alexandria  
No 15 Sector Operations Room Bu Amud  
No 16 Sector Operations Room Cyrene  
No 17 Sector Operations Room Driana  
No 24 Sector Operations Room Haifa  
No 25 Sector Operations Room Athalassa  
No 29 Sector Operations Room Mersa Matruh  
No 122 Maintenance Unit Benghazi  
No 136 Maintenance Unit Berka  
No 207 Air Sea Rescue Unit Alexandria  
Marine Craft Unit Alexandria  
No 11 Meteorological Forecast Unit Alexandria  
No 14 Meteorological Forecast Unit Castel Benito  
No 15 Meteorological Forecast Unit Djerba Island  
No 16 Meteorological Forecast Unit Berka Main  
No 123 Meteorological Field Unit Nalut  
No 124 Meteorological Field Unit Alexandria  
No 25 Transit Camp Benghazi  
No 55 Repair and Salvage Unit Gambut`  
No 52 Refuelling and Re-arming Party Mersa Matruh  
No 54 Refuelling and Re-arming Party Derna  
No 58 Refuelling and Re-arming Party Eden  
No 7 Supply & Transport Column El Adem  
Fighter Controllers Training School RAF Heliopolis  
Middle East Fitter Training School RAF Ismailia  
No 4 RAF Hospital Benghazi  
No 26 Anti-Aircraft Co-operation Unit El Firdan  
No 1 Bomber Group Maintenance Company Suez Road  
No 2 Bomber Group Maintenance Company Benghazi  
No 2 Fuel transport Company Benghazi  
RAF Holding Section RAF Heliopolis  
No 13 Rest and Transit Camp Apollonia  
No 4 Works Area Benghazi  

No 209 Group

HQ - St Jean

Unit Location/Address Notes
No units listed    

No 212 Group

HQ - Benina

Unit Location/Address Notes
No units listed    

No 219 Group

HQ - Alexandria

Unit Location/Address Notes
No units listed    


AHQ East Africa (Middle East Command)

Command HQ - Nairobi

Unit Location/Address Notes
No 246 Wing Port Reitz  
No 258 Wing Diego Suarez  
RAF Station Dar-es-Salaam    
RAF Station Eastleigh    
RAF Station Kisumu    
RAF Station Mauritius    
RAF Station Port Reitz    
RAF Station Seychelles    
No 209 Sqn    
No 259 Sqn    
No 262 Sqn    
No 265 Sqn    
East Africa Communication Flt RAF Eastleigh  
Anti-Locust Communication Flt RAF Eastleigh  
No 1414 (Meteorological) Flt RAF Eastleigh  
No 1568 (Meteorological) Flt Diego Suarez  
No 1569 (Meteorological) Flt Plaisance (Mauritius)  
No 2568 (Meteorological) Flt Diego Suarez  
No 105 Maintenance Unit Thika  
No 133 Maintenance Unit Eastleigh  
No 165 Maintenance Unit Gilgil  
RAF Unit Lindi  
RAF Unit Tulear  
RAF Unit Pamanzi  
RAF Unit Mogadishu  
No 219 Air Sea Rescue Unit Mombassa  
Marine Craft Unit Dar-es-Salaam  
Marine Craft Unit Pananzl  
Marine Craft Unit Diego Suarez  
Marine Craft Unit Port Reitz  
Marine Craft Unit Tulear  
Marine Craft Unit Seychelles  
Marine Craft Unit Mauritius  
No 41 Transit Camp Kisumu  
Marine Craft School Kipevu  
No 2 Anti-Malarial Control Unit Nairobi  
No 10 Anti-Malarial Control Unit Nairobi  
No 25 Anti-Aircraft Co-operation Unit RAF Eastleigh  
Flying Boat Repair Base Kisumu  

AHQ Levant (Middle East Command)

Command HQ - Jerusalem

Unit Location/Address Notes
RAF Station Beirut    
RAF Station Gaza    
RAF Station Hadeira    
RAF Station Lydda    
RAF Station Ramat David    
RAF Station Ramleh    
No 2900 Sqn RAF Regiment Hadeira  
No 2902 Sqn RAF Regiment Kabrit  
No 2907 Sqn RAF Regiment Beit Daris  
No 2908 Sqn RAF Regiment Aleppo  
No 2909 Sqn RAF Regiment Almaza  
No 2910 Sqn RAF Regiment Almaza  
No 2912 Sqn RAF Regiment Almaza  
No 2913 Sqn RAF Regiment Hadeira  
No 2915 Sqn RAF Regiment Almaza  
No 2916 Sqn RAF Regiment Hadeira  
No 2918 Sqn RAF Regiment Almaza  
No 2920 Sqn RAF Regiment Almaza  
No 2921 Sqn RAF Regiment Almaza  
No 2922 Sqn RAF Regiment Gaza  
No 2924 Sqn RAF Regiment Kabrit  
No 2930 Sqn RAF Regiment Almaza
No 2931 Sqn RAF Regiment Almaza  
No 2932 Sqn RAF Regiment Gaza  
No 2933 Sqn RAF Regiment Beit Daris  
No 2935 Sqn RAF Regiment Almaza
Levant Communication Flt Lydda  
No 1413 (Meteorological) Flt Lydda  
No 1565 (Meteorological) Flt Nicosia  
No 104 Maintenance Unit Muqeibila  
No 120Maintenance Unit Ras el Ain  
No 129 Maintenance Unit Gaza  
h Acre  
No 160 Maintenance Unit Aqir  
No 166 Maintenance Unit Nicosia  
RAF Unit Aleppo  
No 7 Engine Repair Section RAF Ramleh  
No 2 Meteorological Forecast Unit Jerusalem  
No 21 Meteorological Forecast Unit Beirut  
No 22 Meteorological Forecast Unit Nicosia  
No 25 Meteorological Forecast Unit Aqir  
No 26 Meteorological Forecast Unit Qastina  
No 27 Meteorological Forecast Unit Ein Shemer  
No 211 Meteorological Field Unit Beirut  
No 331 Meteorological Field Unit Ein Shemer  
No 28 Transit Camp Gaza  
No 56 Refuelling and Re-arming Party Nicosia  
No 10 Supply & Transport Column Ras el Ain  
Officer Cadet training Unit Hadeira  
No 3 Anti-Malarial Control Unit Aleppo  
No 7 Anti-Malarial Control Unit Ramat David  
No 13 Anti-Malarial Control Unit Jerusalem  
No 10 RAF Convalescent Depot Tel Aviv  
No 2 (Middle East) Field Hygiene Unit Jerusalem  
No 5 (Middle East) Field Hygiene Unit Gaza  
No 3 RAF Hospital Tel Litwinsky  
No 2 Armoured Car Company Cairo  
No 1 Fuel transport Company Athlet  
No 5 (Middle East) MT Repair Unit Tel Litwinsky  

AHQ Iraq and Persia (Middle East Command)

Command HQ - Habbaniya

Unit Location/Address Notes
RAF Station Bahrein    
RAF Station Basrah    
RAF Station Habbaniya    
RAF Station Shaibah    
RAF Station Teheran    
Iraq and Persia Communication Flt RAF Habbaniya  
No 1560 (Meteorological) Flt RAF Habbaniya  
No 115 Maintenance Unit RAF Shaibah  
No 119 Maintenance Unit RAF Shaibah  
No 127 Maintenance Unit Zubair  
No 134 Maintenance Unit RAF Habbaniya  
No 138 Maintenance Unit Teheran  
RAF Unit Jask  
Supplies Depot RAF Habbaniya  
Marine Section Basrah  
Marine Section RAF Habbaniya  
No 3 Meteorological Forecast Unit RAF Habbaniya  
No 31 Meteorological Forecast Unit RAF Basrah  
No 33 Meteorological Forecast Unit Teheran  
No 26 Transit Camp RAF Habbaniya  
No 26 Transit Camp RAF Basrah  
No 6 Anti-Malarial Control Unit RAF Basrah  
No 6 RAF General Hospital RAF Habbaniya  
No 1 Armoured Car Company Mosul  
No 23 Anti-Aircraft Co-operation Unit RAF Habbaniya  
Base Personnel Office RAF Habbaniya  
Combined Intelligence Centre Baghdad  
Iraq Levies HQ RAF Habbaniya  
No 12 Rest and transit Camp Teheran  

HQ British Forces, Aden (Middle East Command)

Command HQ - Steamer Point

Unit Location/Address Notes
RAF Station Khormaksar    
RAF Station Masira    
RAF Station Ras el Hadd    
No 8 Sqn    
No 244 Sqn    
No 621 Sqn    
Aden Communication Flt RAF Khormaksar  
Catalina Flt RAF Khormaksar  
No 1566 (Meteorological) Flt Hiswa  
No 131 Maintenance Unit RAF Khormaksar  
RAF Unit Scuisiban  
RAF Unit Alula  
RAF Unit Riyan  
RAF Unit Salalah  
RAF Unit Bandar Cassim  
RAF Unit Socotra  
RAF Unit Berbera  
HQ Air Sea Rescue Unit Ras el Hadd  
No 214 Air Sea Rescue Unit Masira  
Marine Section Hedjuff  
Meteorological Forecast Unit Steamer Point  
No 7 RAF Hospital Steamer Point  
Aden Levies HQ Sheikh O'thman  
Armoured Car Section Hiswa  
Equipment Supply Section Steamer Point  

Source - June 1944 Confidential Air Force List

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