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Far East Commands - April 1944

[ACSEA | EAC - 3 TAF | No 221 Group | No 222 Group | No 223 Group | No 224 Group | No 225 Group | No 226 Group | No 227 Group | No 229 Group | No 230 Group | No 231 Group | AHQ India]

Air Command South-East Asia

Directly controlled by HQ ACSEA

Unit Location/Address Notes
No 164 (Signals) Wing (Detachment) Abbotabad  
HQ ACSEA Signals Section - Detachment Ambala  
No 9 Sqn IAF Bairagarh Hurricane
Base Personnel Office Bombay  
Base Accounts Office Bombay  
Base Personnel Office - Forward Detachment Calcutta  
No 164 Signals Wing Delhi  
No 7 Sqn IAF Maharajpur Vengeance
HQ Air Command, South-East Asia New Delhi  
RAF Dental Services New Delhi  
RAF Section of Public Relations Directorate New Delhi  
HQ ACSEA Signals Section New Delhi  
Publications and Forms Store New Delhi  

Eastern Air Command, 3rd Tactical Air Force (ACSEA)

Unit Location/Address Notes
No 177 (Transport) Wing Agartala Transport Command Unit
No 1 Servicing Party Bombay  
No 2 Servicing Party Bombay  
No 3 Servicing Party Bombay  
RAF Chaplains Branch Calcutta  
Movements Control Pool Calcutta  
RAF Movements Section Calcutta  
No 1 Aircrew House Calcutta  
No 2 Aircrew House Calcutta  
Base HQ Calcutta  
No 1 Mobile Surgical Unit Calcutta  
No 3 Base Signals Unit Calcutta  
No 35 Transit Camp Calcutta  
No 11 Central Medical Board Calcutta  
No 5 Base Postal Unit Calcutta  
No 180 Signals Wing Calcutta  
No 3 Shore Servicing Section Calcutta  
No 23 Wireless Unit Calcutta  
No 3 RAF Film Production Unit Calcutta  
No 4409 AA Flight, RAF Regiment Chandpur  
HQ 3rd Tactical Air Force Comilla  
No 10 Field Security Section Comilla  
HQ Photo Recce Force Comilla  
HQ Troop Carrier Command Comilla  
No 18 Flying Control Section Comilla  
No 4412 AA Flight, RAF Regiment Comilla  
No 4439 AA Flight, RAF Regiment Comilla  
3 TAF Communication Sqn Comilla  
No 14 Static HQ Comilla  
No 62 Sqn Comilla Dakota
No 6 Meteorological Forecast Centre (Type 'A') Comilla  
No 4437 AA Flight, RAF Regiment Diamond Harbour  
No 4436 AA Flight, RAF Regiment Khulna  
HQ Eastern Air Command New Delhi  
Rail Transit Section Parbatipur  
Rail Transit Section Santahar  
No 3 Hill Depot Shillong  

No 221 Group

Unit Location/Address Notes
No 211 Sqn Bhatpara Beaufighter
No 113 Sqn Dimapur Hurricane
No 3 Airport Security Section Dinjan  
No 221 Group Imphal  
No 60 Mobile Field Hospital Imphal  
No 170 Wing Imphal  
No 23 Air Support Control Imphal  
No 4 Filter Room 'F' Imphal  
No 9 Operations Room 'C' Imphal  
No 355 Wireless Unit Imphal  
No 7 Forecast Centre (Type 'A') RAF Imphal  
No 6 Bomb Disposal Squad Imphal  
No 28 Sqn Imphal Hurricane IIB
No 11 Wireless Unit Imphal  
No 181 Signals Wing Imphal  
No 11 Field Security Section Imphal  
No 4408 AA Flight, RAF Regiment Imphal  
No 4418 AA Flight, RAF Regiment Imphal  
No 1 Meteorological Forecast Centre (Type 'B') IAF Imphal  
No 11 Static HQ Imphal  
No 1 (India) AA Flight Imphal  
No 2 (India) AA Flight Imphal  
No 1 Sqn IAF Imphal Hurricane
No 63 Mobile Field Hospital Kalaura
No 8 Flying Control Section Kumbhirgram  
No 110 Sqn Kumbhirgram Vengeance
No 4416 AA Flight, RAF Regiment Kumbhirgram  
No 4417 AA Flight, RAF Regiment Kumbhirgram  
No 168 Wing Kumbhirgram  
No 4 Bomb Disposal Squad Kumbhirgram  
No 17 Meteorological Forecast Centre (Type C) Kumbhirgram  
No 10 Static HQ Kumbhirgram  
No 84 Sqn Kumbhirgram Vengeance
No 4423 AA Flight, RAF Regiment Manipur Road  
No 4448 AA Flight, RAF Regiment Manipur Road  
No 1 Mobile Pilot Balloon Unit IAF Manipur Road  
No 13 Static HQ Manipur Road  
No 4434 AA Flight, RAF Regiment Patharkandi  
No 123 Sqn Patharkandi Hurricane
No 34 Sqn Palel Hurricane IIC
No 77 Refuelling and Re-arming Party Palel  
No 42 Sqn Palel Hurricane
No 4430 AA Flight, RAF Regiment Palel  
No 4444 AA Flight, RAF Regiment Palel  
No 9 Flying Control Section Palel  
No 2943 Sqn RAF Regiment Palel
No 12 Static HQ Palel
Low Attack Instructors School Ranchi  
CVARIS Ranchi  
No 3 Sqn IAF Ranchi Hurricane
No 5 Sqn Sapam Hurricane
No 4440 AA Flight, RAF Regiment Sapam  
No 9 (India) AA Flight Sapam  
No 189 Wing Silchar  
No 4427 AA Flight, RAF Regiment Silchar  
No 4445 AA Flight, RAF Regiment Silchar  
No 10 Flying Control Section Silchar  
No 7 Care & Maintenance Party Sylhet  
No 81 Sqn Tulihal Spitfire
No 1582 Calibration Flt Tulihal  
No 76 Refuelling and Re-arming Party Tulihal  
No 7 Flying Control Section Tulihal  
AME Stations
382, 383, 567, 569, 857, 859, 870, 885, 5070, & 5071


No 222 Group

Unit Location/Address Notes
Advanced Flying Boat Base Addu Atoll  
RAF Station China Bay    
No 235 Air Sea Rescue Unit RAF China Bay  
No 321 Sqn RAF China Bay Catalina
No 984 Sqn RAF China Bay Mk VI Balloon
No 75 Flying Control Station RAF China Bay  
No 12 Meteorological Forecast Centre (Type 'B') RAF China Bay  
RAF Station Colombo    
No 222 Group RAF Colombo  
No 990 Sqn RAF Colombo Mk VI Balloon
No 89 Air Stores Park RAF Colombo  
No 9 Filter Room (Type 'F') RAF Colombo  
No 20 Operations Room (Type 'G') RAF Colombo  
No 45 Embarkation Unit RAF Colombo  
No 203 Air Sea Rescue Unit RAF Colombo  
No 6 Civilian Repair Organisation (MT) RAF Colombo  
RAF Auxiliary 'Shengking' RAF Colombo  
No 7 Base Postal Unit RAF Colombo  
Mobile School of Cookery and Catering RAF Colombo  
GR and Air Navs School RAF Colombo  
No 8 Transit Camp RAF Colombo  
No 357 Wireless Unit RAF Colombo  
No 10 Forecast Centre (Type 'A') RAF Colombo  
No 183 Signals Wing (Ceylon) RAF Colombo  
Ceylon Signals Intelligence Centre RAF Colombo  
No 2 Aircrew House RAF Colombo  
No 3 Operations Room (Type 'C') Dumbulla  
Advanced Flying Boat Base Diego Garcia  
No 1 Meteorological Reporting Centre (Type 'D') Diego Gacia  
No 8 Filter Room (Type 'E') Jafna  
No 29 Care and Maintenance Party Kalametiya  
RAF Station Kankesanturai    
'F' Flight, No 292 Sqn Katukurunda  
RAF Station Koggala    
No 205 Sqn RAF Koggala Catalina
No 413 Sqn RCAF RAF Koggala Catalina
No 4413 AA Flight, RAF Regiment RAF Koggala  
No 72 Flying Control Station RAF Koggala  
No 11 Forecast Centre (Type 'B') RAF Koggala  
No 30 Care and Maintenance Party Komariya  
No 338 Maintenance Unit Kurunegala Explosive Storage Unit
No 22 Sqn - Detachment Madras Beaufort
RAF Station Minneriya    
No 17 Sqn RAF Minneriya Hurricane IIC
No 13 Bomb Disposal Squad RAF Minneriya  
No 135 Sqn RAF Minneriya Hurricane
No 12 (India) AA Flight RAF Minneriya  
'E' Flight, No 292 Sqn Puttalam  
No 4 Hydrogen Compressor Station RAF Colombo  
No 7 Hill Depot Radella  
RAF Station Ratmalana    
No 1303 (Meteorological) Flt RAF Ratmalana  
No 273 Sqn RAF Ratmalana Hurricane IIB
No 13 Meteorological Forecast Centre (Type 'C') RAF Ratmalana  
No 332 Maintenance Unit RAF Ratmalana MT Storage Unit
No 336 Maintenance Unit RAF Ratmalana  
No 20 Armament Practice Camp RAF Ratmalana  
No 4419 AA Flight, RAF Regiment RAF Ratmalana  
No 10 Air Transit Section RAF Ratmalana  
No 12 Bomb Disposal Squad RAF Ratmalana  
No 71 Flying Control Station RAF Ratmalana  
No 222 Group Communication Flt RAF Ratmalana  
No 1579 Calibration Flt RAF Ratmalana  
No 145 Repair and Salvage Unit RAF Ratmalana  
No 15 Mobile Servicing Unit (Torpedo) RAF Ratmalana  
No 338 Maintenance Unit - Detachment RAF Ratmalana Explosive Storage Unit
RAF Station Sigiriya    
No 16 Meteorological Forecast Centre (Type 'C') RAF Sigiriya  
No 160 Sqn RAF Sigiriya Liberator
No 4450 AA Flight, RAF Regiment RAF Sigiriya  
No 73 Flying Control Station RAF Sigiriya  
No 89 Sqn - Detachment St Thomas Mount Beaufighter VI
No 10 Filter Room (Type 'F') Trincomalee  
No 2 Operations Room (Type 'C') Trincomalee  
RAF Station Vavuniya    
No 22 Sqn RAF Vavuniya Beaufort
No 217 Sqn RAF Vavuniya Beaufort
No 13 Mobile Servicing Unit (Torpedo) RAF Vavuniya  
No 4429 AA Flight, RAF Regiment RAF Vavuniya  
No 74 Flying Control Station RAF Vavuniya  
No 89 Sqn RAF Vavuniya Beaufighter VI
'C' Flight, No 292 Sqn RAF Vavuniya  
Advanced Flying Boat Base Kelai  
Torpedo Depot Wellawatta  

AME Stations

209, 254, 272, 290, 292, 296, 377, 394, 524, 538, 539, 546, 552, 553, 589, 686, 858, 2015, 2016, 5009, 5010, 5043, 5060 & 8513

No 223 Group

Unit Location/Address Notes
No 194 Sqn Agartala Dakota
No 58 Flying Control Section Ambala
Central Map Section Ambala
RAF Station Chaklala    
Technical Development Centre RAF Chaklala  
Air Landing School RAF Chaklala  
No 5 Mobile Parachute Servicing Unit RAF Chaklala  
No 4 Hill Depot Chakrata  
Medical Training Centre Chakrata  
Transit Camp Dehra Dum
Rail Transit Section Lahore  
No 117 Sqn Lalmai Dakota
No 1 Hill Depot Lower Topa  
No 12 Field Security Section Peshawar  
No 223 Group Communication Flt Peshawar  
No 152 OTU Peshawar  
No 223 Group Peshawar  
No 46 Flying Control Section


RAF Section of IOC Training Corps Rawalpindi  
No 151 OTU Risalpur  
No 60 Flying Control Section Risalpur  
No 8 School of Technical Training Saharanpur  
No 21 Care and Maintenance Party Samungli  
No 57 Flying Control Section Samungli  
No 2 Hill Depot Solan  

No 224 Group (EAC, 3 TAF)

Unit Location/Address Notes
No 4 Meteorological Forecast Centre (Type C) IAF Agartala  
No 60 Sqn Agartala Hurricane
No 5 Bomb Disposal Squad Agartala  
No 2941 Sqn RAF Regiment Agartala
No 4401 AA Flight, RAF Regiment Agartala
No 4425 AA Flight, RAF Regiment Agartala
No 6 Operations Room (Type 'C') Agartala  
No 1 Care and Maintenance Party Agartala  
No 8 Static HQ Agartala  
No 16 Flying Control Section Agartala  
No 79 Refuelling and Re-arming Party Agartala
No 261 Sqn Baigachi Hurricane IIB
No 6 (India) AA Flight Baigachi
No 224 Group - Advanced HQ Bawli Bazaar  
No 4414 AA Flight, RAF Regiment Bhatpara  
No 3 (India) AA Flight Chandpur
No 4 (India) AA Flight Chiringa
No 7 (India) AA Flight Chittagong
No 8 (India) AA Flight Chittagong
No 6 Mobile Field Hospital Chittagong  
No 166 Wing Chittagong  
No 224 Group Chittagong  
No 182 (Signals) Wing Chittagong  
No 2944 Sqn RAF Regiment Chittagong
No 2946 Sqn RAF Regiment Chittagong  
No 4438 AA Flight, RAF Regiment Chittagong  
No 4446 AA Flight, RAF Regiment Chittagong  
No 82 Refuelling and Re-arming Party Chittagong  
No 5 Operations Room (Type 'C) Chittagong  
No 2 Bomb Disposal Squad Chittagong  
No 1583 Calibration Flt Chittagong  
No 3 Filter Room (Type 'F') Chittagong  
No 13 Field Security Section Chittagong  
No 987 Sqn Chittagong Mk VI Balloon
No 21 Operations Room (Type 'C') Chittagong  
No 2 Meteorological Forecast Centre (Type 'A') Chittagong
No 41 Flying Control Section Chittagong  
No 12 Wireless Unit Chittagong  
No 367 Wireless Unit Chittagong  
No 79 Embarkation Unit Chittagong  
No 6 Base Postal Unit Chittagong
No 5 Transit Camp Chittagong  
No 226 Air Sea Rescue Unit Chittagong  
No 227 Air Sea Rescue Unit Chittagong  
No 228 Air Sea Rescue Unit Chittagong  
Rail Transit Section Chittagong  
No 16 Static HQ Chittagong  
'G' Flight, No 292 Sqn Chittagong  
No 656 AOP Sqn Chota Maunchama Auster III
No 368 Wireless Unit Comilla  
No 4411 AA Flight, RAF Regiment Cox's Bazaar  
No 10 Wireless Unit Cox's Bazaar  
No 2 Filter Room (Type 'E') Cox's Bazaar  
No 7 Transit Camp Cox's Bazaar
No 62 Mobile Field Hospital Cox's Bazaar  
No 22 Air Support Control Dhechuapalong  
No 3 Bomb Disposal Squad Dohazari  
No 85 Refuelling and Re-arming Party Dohazari  
No 6 Transit Camp Dohazari
No 4404 AA Flight, RAF Regiment Dohazari  
No 4442 AA Flight, RAF Regiment Dohazari  
No 17 Static HQ Dohazari  
No 79 Sqn Dohazari Hurricane IIC
No 30 Sqn Dohazari Hurricane IIC
No 4405 AA Flight, RAF Regiment Double Moorings  
No 4433 AA Flight, RAF Regiment Fazilpur  
No 2945 Sqn RAF Regiment Fenny  
No 4424 AA Flight, RAF Regiment Fenny  
No 4441 AA Flight, RAF Regiment Fenny  
No 81 Refuelling and Re-arming Party Fenny  
No 177 Sqn Fenny Beaufighter
No 17 Flying Control Section Fenny  
No 169 Wing Fenny  
No 15 Bomb Disposal Squad Fenny  
No 3 Meteorological Forecast Centre (Type 'C') Fenny  
No 15 Static HQ Fenny  
No 8 (IAF) Sqn Joari Vengeance
No 4402 AA Flight, RAF Regiment Joari
No 82 Sqn Junichar Vengeance
No 4410 AA Flight, RAF Regiment Junichar  
No 165 Wing Nazir  
No 4431 AA Flight, RAF Regiment Nazir  
No 83 Refuelling and Re-arming Party Nazir
No 615 Sqn Nazir Spitfire
No 607 Sqn Nidania Spitfire
No 4435 AA Flight, RAF Regiment Nidania  
No 20 Sqn Nidania Hurricane
No 4407 AA Flight, RAF Regiment Parashuram
No 27 Sqn Parashuram Beaufighter
No 9 Static HQ Patharkandi  
No 1 Bomb Disposal Squad Ramu  
No 167 Wing Ramu  
No 4422 AA Flight, RAF Regiment Ramu  
No 4432 AA Flight, RAF Regiment Ramu
No 4443 AA Flight, RAF Regiment Ramu  
No 2942 Sqn RAF Regiment Ramu  
No 10 Operations Room (Type 'C') Ramu  
No 86 Refuelling and Re-arming Party Ramu  
No 243 Wing Ramu  
No 134 Sqn Ramu Hurricane
No 11 Sqn Ramu Hurricane
No 258 Sqn Ramu Hurricane
No 4403 AA Flight, RAF Regiment Ratnap  
No 6 (IAF) Sqn Ratnap Hurricane
No 136 Sqn Rumkhapalong Spitfire
No 4415 AA Flight, RAF Regiment Rumkhapalong  
No 4426 AA Flight, RAF Regiment Singarbil  

AME Stations

210, 247, 376, 378, 379, 642, 643, 669, 670, 671, 676, 679, 680, 681, 682, 853, 864, 869, 877, 879, 884, 5004, 5029, 5042, 5054 & 5055

No 225 Group

Unit Location/Address Notes
No 10 Care and Maintenance Party Arkonam  
No 172 (Composite) Wing Avadi (Madras) Also shown at St Thomas Mount
No 8 Bomb Disposal Squad Avadi (Madras)  
No 51 Radio School Bangalore Also shown in No 227 Group
No 3 Base Postal Unit Bangalore  
Naval/Air Operations Room Bangalore  
No 1302 Meteorological Flt Bangalore  
No 3 Hydrogen Compressor Station Bangalore  
No 225 Group Bangalore  
Depth Charge Maintenance Party Bangalore  
No 14 Field Security Section Bangalore  
No 4 CRO (MT) Bangalore  
Rail Transit Section Bangalore  
RAF Section of 84th Air Depot USAAF Bangalore  
No 61 Flying Control Section


Naval/Air Operations Room Bombay  
No 233 ASR Unit Bombay  
No 11 Care and Maintenance Party Chettinad  
No 12 Care and Maintenance Party Cholavaram  
Advanced Flying Boat Base Cocanada  
No 17 Care and Maintenance Party Cochin  
No 1 Filter Room (Type 'E') Cochin  
Skeleton Operations Room Cochin  
Advanced Flying Boat Base Cochin  
No 173 (Naval Co-op) Wing Cuttack  
No 354 Sqn Cuttack Liberator
Skeleton Operations Room Cuttack  
No 4 Care and Maintenance Party Cuttack  
No 12 Mobile Servicing Unit (Torpedo) Cuttack  
No 4420 AA Flight, RAF Regiment Cuttack  
No 62 Flying Control Section


No 14 Meteorological Forecast Unit (Type 'B' IAF)


Reinforcement Staging Post Gannavaram  
No 5 Filter Room (Type 'F') Guindy  
No 55 Flying Control Section


RAF Component, WWSC Jallahalli  
No 369 Wireless Unit Jallahalli  
No 15 Care and Maintenance Party Kajamalai  
No 13 Care and Maintenance Party Kayattar  
No 25 Care and Maintenance Party Kolar  
RAF Station Korangi Creek    
No 191 Sqn RAF Korangi Creek Catalina
No 212 Sqn RAF Korangi Creek Catalina
No 7 Filter Room (Type 'F') Kottapalem (Vizagapatam)  
No 78 Embarkation Unit Madras  
No 2 Shore Servicing Section (Balloons) Madras  
No 5 CRO (MT) Madras  
No 231 ASR Unit Madras  
No 14 Care and Maintenance Party Madura  
No 6 Hill Depot Munnar (Travancore)  
No 24 Care and Maintenance Party Red Hills Lake  
No 240 Sqn Red Hills Lake Catalina
No 5 Base Signals Unit Sambre  
No 5 Wireless Observer Unit Sambre  
No 1 Satellite HQ Sambre  
No 2 Satellite HQ Sambre  
No 3 Satellite HQ Sambre  
No 4 Satellite HQ Sambre  
No 5 Satellite HQ Sambre  
No 6 Satellite HQ Sambre  
No 5750 Mobile Signals Unit Sambre  
No 5751 Mobile Signals Unit Sambre  
No 5752 Mobile Signals Unit Sambre  
No 5753 Mobile Signals Unit Sambre  
No 5754 Mobile Signals Unit Sambre  
No 20 ALG Signals Section Sambre  
No 15 Signals Section Sambre  
No 203 Sqn Santa Cruz Wellington
Rail Transit Section Secunderabad  
No 47 Flying Control Section

St Thomas Mount

No 21 Armament Practice Camp St Thomas Mount  
No 11 Mobile Servicing Unit (Torpedo) St Thomas Mount  
No 16 Care and Maintenance Party St Thomas Mount  
No 4428 AA Flight, RAF Regiment St Thomas Mount  
No 9 Wireless Unit St Thomas Mount  
No 4 Operations Room (Type 'C') St Thomas Mount  
No 172 (Composite) Wing St Thomas Mount Also shown at Avadi (Madras)
No 22 Care and Maintenance Party Tanjore  
No 9 Bomb Disposal Squad Trichinopoly  
No 67 Flying Control Section Trichinopoly  
Advanced Flying Boat Base Trombay  
No 212 Sqn - Detachment Trombay Catalina
No 87 Refuelling and Re-arming Party Ulunderpet  
RAF Station Vizagapatam    
Skeleton Operations Room RAF Vizagapatam  
No 7 Wireless Unit RAF Vizagapatam  
No 14 Bomb Disposal Squad RAF Vizagapatam  
No 68 Flying Control Section

RAF Vizagapatam

No 4 Shore Servicing Section (Balloons) RAF Vizagapatam  
No 370 Wireless Unit

RAF Vizagapatam

No 4449 AA Flight, RAF Regiment

RAF Vizagapatam

No 8 Hill Depot Wellington  
No 7 Bomb Disposal Squad Yelahanka  
No 23 Care and Maintenance Party Yelahanka  
No 225 Group Communication Flight Yelahanka  
No 25 Air Support Control Yelahanka  
No 1580 Calibration Flt Yelahanka  
No 53 Flying Control Section


No 21 Air Support Control Yelahanka  
No 45 Sqn


No 1672 Mosquito Conversion Unit



AME Stations

225, 228, 268, 284, 291, 293, 370, 542, 566, 570, 573, 574, 2000, 5019, 5028, 5061, 8040, 8045 & 85062


No 226 Group (ACSEA)

Unit Location/Address Notes
RAF Liaison Section Agra
No 42 Flying Control Section Allahabad  
No 140 Repair and Salvage Unit Allahabad  
RAF Section of IOC Training Corps Allahabad  
No 303 Maintenance Unit RAF Ambala Repair Depot
No 4 Detachment Provost Service RAF Ambala  
No 88 Air Stores Park Arkonam  
No 139 Repair and Salvage Unit Arkonam  
No 314 Maintenance Unit Barbugarh Equipment Storage Depot
No 188 Maintenance Wing Bangalore  
No 7 Detachment Provost Service Bangalore  
No 305 Maintenance Unit Bombay Repair Depot
No 330 Maintenance Unit Bombay MT Storage Unit
HQ Link Trainer Maintenance Organisation and No 1 Party Bombay  
No 4 RAF Section of Repairable Equipment Depot Bombay  
Aeronautical Inspection Service (Western Circle) Bombay  
No 341 Maintenance Unit - Detachment Bombay  
No 6 Detachment Provost Service Bombay  
No 13 School of Technical Training Calcutta  
No 11 Detachment Provost Service Calcutta  
No 102 Air Stores Park Campbellpore  
No 144 Forward Repair Unit Campbellpore  
No 3 RAF Section of Repairable Equipment Depots Cawnpore  
No 322 Maintenance Unit Cawnpore Repair Depot
No 3 Link Trainer Maintenance Party Cawnpore  
No 3 RAF Section of Civil MU Cawnpore  
Research and Development Unit Cawnpore  
Aeronautical Inspection Service (Central Circle) Cawnpore  
No 9 CRO (MT) Cawnpore
No 322 Maintenance Unit (Detachment) Chakeri Repair Depot
No 13 Detachment Provost Service Chittagong  
No 8 Detachment Provost Service Colombo  
No 9 Detachment Provost Service Comilla  
No 66 Flying Control Section


RAF Station Delhi    
No 1301 Meteorological Flight RAF Delhi  
Rail Transit Section RAF Delhi
No 10 Central Medical Board RAF Delhi  
Parachute Repair Section RAF Delhi  
No 43 Flying Control Section RAF Delhi  
No 312 Maintenance Unit Ernakulam (Cochin) Equipment Depot
RAF Station Golden Rock    
RAF Composite Force HQ Gwailor  
No 328 Maintenance Unit Jallahalli (Bangalore) MT Storage Unit
No 2 Long Range Penetration Group Jhansi  
No 69 Flying Control Section Jiwani  
No 319 Maintenance Unit Jodpur Aircraft Storage Unit
No 44 Flying Control Section


No 318 Maintenance Unit Jubbulpore  
No 301 Maintenance Unit Karachi Repair Depot
No 320 Maintenance Unit Karachi Repair Depot
No 7 CRO (MT) Karachi
Base HQ Karachi  
No 141 Repair and Salvage Unit Karachi  
No 57 Embarkation Unit Karachi
No 2 Airport Security Section Karachi  
No 29 Transit Camp Karachi
No 1 Base Postal Unit Karachi  
No 31 Flying Control Section Karachi  
No 344 Maintenance Unit - Detachment Karachi  
No 5 Detachment Provost Service Karachi  
'Gang Show' Karachi  
No 331 Maintenance Unit Lahore  
No 306 Maintenance Unit Lahore Equipment Depot
No 307 Maintenance Unit Lahore Repair Depot
No 56 Flying Control Section Lahore
No 2 Link Trainer Maintenance Party Lahore  
No 5 RAF Section of Repairable Equipment Depot Lahore  
Aeronautical Inspection Service Lahore  
No 8 CRO (MT) Lahore
No 1 Long Range Penetration Unit Lalitpur  
No 2 RAF Section of Repairable Equipment Depot Madras  
Aeronautical Inspection Service Madras  
No 2 Mobile Diesel Repair Unit Madras  
No 3 Long Range Penetration Unit Maghbrita (Assam)  
No 54 Flying Control Section


No 317 Maintenance Unit RAF Mauripur  
No 315 Maintenance Unit Nagpur Aircraft Storage Unit
No 45 Flying Control Section Nagpur  
No 344 Maintenance Unit Nowshera  
HQ Provost Service No 1 Detachment New Delhi  
No 4 Base Postal Unit New Delhi  
No 3 CRO (MT) New Delhi
No 1 Touring Concert Party New Delhi
No 2 Touring Concert Party New Delhi
HQ ACSEA Communication Sqn New Delhi
No 353 Sqn Palam Hudson
Action Squad Palam
No 226 Group Communication Flt Palam  
No 226 Group Palam  
No 15 Field Security Section Palam  
No 63 Flying Control Section


No 331 Sub Maintenance Unit


MT Sub Unit
No 187 Maintenance Wing Peshawar  
No 3 Detachment Provost Service Peshawar  
No 138 Repair and Salvage Unit - Detachment Poona  
No 5 Long Range Penetration Unit Rangwan
No 4 Long Range Penetration Unit Rajgarh
RAF Section, Tata Aircraft Ltd Erection Unit

Santa Cruz

No 343 Maintenance Unit - Detachment Secunderabad
No 6 Long Range Penetration Unit Talbahat
No 138 Repair and Salvage Unit RAF Trichinopoly  
No 101 Air Stores Park RAF Trichinopoly  
No 2 RAF Section of Civil MUs RAF Trichinopoly  
No 343 Maintenance Unit Whitefield
No 63 Embarkation Unit Willingdon Island  
No 139 Repair and Salvage Unit - Detachment Yelahanka  


No 227 Group

Unit Location/Address Notes
RAF Station Ambala    
No 1 Service Flying Training School RAF Ambala  
No 1 School of Technical Training RAF Ambala  
Meteorological School RAF Ambala  
No 65 Flying Control Section


No 1 Signals School Andheri
No 1 Air Gunnery School Bairagarh (Bhopal)  
No 70 Flying Control Section Bairagarh (Bhopal)  
No 9 (IAF) Sqn Bairagarh (Bhopal)  
No 12 School of Technical Training Baroda  
No 1 Elementary Flying Training School Begumpet  
Touring Trade Test Board Bombay  
No 1 Combined Training Centre (RAF Section) Bombay  
RAF Sections HQ Ship Bombay  
No 2 CRO (MT) Bombay  
No 227 Group Bombay  
No 16 Field Security Section Bombay  
No 17 Field Security Section Bombay  
HQ Balloon Shuttle Service Bombay  
No 1 Shore Servicing Section (Balloons) Bombay  
No 2 Base Signals Unit Bombay  
No 51 Embarkation Unit Bombay  
Base HQ Bombay  
No 1 Portable RDF Section Bombay  
No 2 Portable RDF Section Bombay  
Base Reception Depot Bombay  
No 2 Base Postal Unit Bombay  
No 11 School of Technical Training Cochin  
No 3 Signals School Gujrat  
No 10 School of Technical Training Hakimpet  
No 6 Filter Room (Type 'F') 'Hilltop', Bombay  
No 2 Recruits Training Centre Jallahalli  
No 5 School of Technical Training (Civil) Jamnagar  
No 2 Elementary Flying Training School Jodpur  
No 6 School of Technical Training (Civil) Juhu  
No 227 Group Communication Flt Juhu  
No 656 Sqn - Detachment Juhu Auster
No 26 Care & Maintenance Party Kalyan  
School of Jungle Self Preservation Training Kas, Satara Road  
No 1 Recruits Training Centre Lahore  
Followers' Reception Centre Lahore  
RAF Section of Chinese EFTS Lahore  
No 4 School of Technical Training (Civil) Madras  
RAF Station Poona    
Aircrew Transit Pool RAF Poona  
Officers and Cadets Training Centre RAF Poona  
Link Trainer School

RAF Poona

No 59 Flying Control Section

RAF Poona

No 7 School of Technical Training Quetta  
No 9 School of Technical Training Raipur  
RAF Station Santa Cruz    
No 49 Flying Control Section

Santa Cruz

'D' Flight, No 292 Sqn

Santa Cruz

RAF Station Secunderbad    
No 2 School of Technical Training RAF Secunderbad  
Non Technical Training Centre RAF Secunderbad  
DMT School RAF Secunderbad  
RAF Regiment Depot (India) RAF Secunderbad  
No 3 School of Technical Training (Civil) Sibpur (Calcutta)  

AME Station

554, 641, 863, 8026, 8039 & 8519


No 229 Group

Unit Location/Address Notes
No 13 Air Transit Section Agartala  
Reinforcement Staging Party Ahmedabad  
No 52 Flying Control Section Ahmedabad  
No 22 Ferry Control Allahabad  
Reinforcement Staging Party Allahabad  
No 1 Air Transit Section Allahabad  
No 16 Air Transit Section Amarda Road  
No 18 Air Transit Section Bally (Calcutta)  
No 3 Air Transit Section Bombay  
No 4 Air Transit Section Chabua (Assam)  
No 11 Air Transit Section Chittagong  
No 12 Air Transit Section Comilla  
No 22 Air Transit Section Cox's Bazaar  
Reinforcement Staging Party RAF Delhi  
No 6 Air Transit Section RAF Delhi  
No 21 Air Transit Section Digri  
Reinforcement Staging Party

RAF Dum Dum

No 7 Air Transit Section

RAF Dum Dum

No 19 Air Transit Section Fenny  
Reinforcement Staging Party


No 14 Air Transit Section Imphal  
Reinforcement Staging Party


Reinforcement Staging Party Jiwani  
No 5 Meteorological Forecast Centre (Type 'B') Jiwani  
Reinforcement Staging Party


No 8 Air Transit Section Karachi  
No 229 Group Karachi Also shown at New Delhi
HQ Aircrew Transit Camps Karachi  
No 17 Air Transit Section Kharagpur  
No 9 Air Transit Section

Kunming (China)

No 20 Air Transit Section Khumbhirgram  
Reinforcement Staging Party


Reinforcement Staging Party


No 23 Air Transit Section


RAF Station Mauripur    
Flying Control School RAF Mauripur  
No 21 Ferry Control RAF Mauripur  
Transit Ferry Pool RAF Mauripur  
Check and Conversion Flight RAF Mauripur  
No 50 Flying Control Section RAF Mauripur  
Reinforcement Staging Party Nagpur  
No 229 Group New Delhi Also shown at Karachi
No 229 Group Communication Flight Palam  
No 15 Air Transit Section


No 10 Air Transit Section


No 23 Ferry Control

Santa Cruz

Reinforcement Staging Party

Santa Cruz

Reinforcement Staging Party St Thomas Mount  
No 5 Air Transit Section St Thomas Mount  
RAF Signals Unit Tezpur  
Reinforcement Staging Party Yelahanka  


No 230 Group

Unit Location/Address Notes
No 308 Maintenance Unit Allahabad Aircraft Storage Unit
No 64 Flying Control Section Asansol
No 230 Group Barrackpore  
No 5 RAF Section of Civil MU Barrackpore
No 3 Repair and Salvage Unit (Mobile) Barrackpore  
No 186 Maintenance Wing Barrackpore  
No 85 Air Stores Park (Mobile) Barrackpore  
No 99 Air Stores Park (Mobile) Barrackpore  
RAF Component, EWSC Barrackpore  
No 143 Repair and Salvage Unit Bishmapur  
No 3 Care & Maintenance Party Bishmapur  
No 326 Maintenance Unit Bishmapur Reserve Aircraft Pool
No 8 RAF Section of Civil MU Calcutta
No 313 Sub-Maintenance Unit Calcutta Equipment Depot
No 134 Repair and Salvage Unit Calcutta  
No 75 Air Stores Park Calcutta  
No 1 Mobile Diesel Repair Unit Calcutta  
No 329 Maintenance Unit Calcutta MT Storage Unit
No 1 RAF Section of Repairable Equipment Depot Calcutta  
No 1 CRO (MT) Calcutta  
No 54 Embarkation Unit Calcutta  
Aeronautical Inspection Service Calcutta  
No 4 Ammunition Belting Party Calcutta  
No 39 Air Stores Park Chandpur  
No 92 Air Stores Park Chittagong  
No 126 Repair and Salvage Unit (Mobile) Chittagong  
No 146 Repair and Salvage Unit Chittagong  
No 345 Maintenance Unit Chittagong  
No 2 Ammunition Belting Party Chittagong  
No 150 Repair and Salvage Unit Comilla  
No 333 Maintenance Unit Comilla MT Storage Unit
No 345 Maintenance Unit - Detachment Comilla  
No 1 Ammunition Belting Party Comilla  
No 32 Air Stores Park (Mobile) Cox's Bazaar  
No 137 Repair and Salvage Unit Dacca  
No 6 Care & Maintenance Party Dhubalia  
No 327 Maintenance Unit Dhubalia Reserve Aircraft Pool
No 342 Maintenance Unit Dimapur MT Storage Unit
No 132 Repair and Salvage Unit (Mobile) Dimapur  
RAF Station Dum Dum    
No 1 Airport Security Section RAF Dum Dum  
No 4 RAF Section of Civil MU

RAF Dum Dum

No 9 RAF Section of Civil MU RAF Dum Dum  
No 48 Flying Control Section RAF Dum Dum  
No 15 Meteorological Forecast Centre (Type C)

RAF Dum Dum

No 325 Maintenance Unit - Detachment Duragpur  
No 149 Repair and Salvage Unit Dohazari  
No 98 Air Stores Park Imphal  
No 325 Maintenance Unit Jamalpur  
No 3 Ammunition Belting Party Jamalpur  
No 136 Repair and Salvage Unit Jessore  
No 51 Flying Control Section


No 313 Maintenance Unit Kankinara Equipment Depot
RAF Station Kanchrapara    
No 1 RAF Section of Civil MU Kanchrapara
No 1 Cylinder Block Servicing Unit Kanchrapara
No 316 Maintenance Unit Kasu Begu  
No 91 Air Stores Park Kharagpur  
No 147 Repair and Salvage Unit Kharagpur  
No 302 Maintenance Unit Manauri Equipment Depot
No 1 Opening Up Party Manauri
No 2 Opening Up Party Manauri
No 340 Maintenance Unit Manipur Road  
No 321 Maintenance Unit Mymensingh  
No 320 Maintenance Unit - Detachment Palel Repair Depot
No 20 Care & Maintenance Party Pharpamau  
No 308 Maintenance Unit - Detachment Pharpamau
No 131 Repair and Salvage Unit (Mobile) Ramu  
No 10 RAF Section of Civil MU Ramrajatolla (Calcutta)
No 135 Repair and Salvage Unit Salbani  
No 94 Air Stores Park Silchar  
No 124 Repair and Salvage Unit (Mobile) Silchar  
No 148 Repair and Salvage Unit Silchar  
No 142 Repair and Salvage Unit Singarbil  
No 3 Cylinder Block Servicing Unitt Singarbil  
No 321 Maintenance Unit - Detachment Singarbil  
No 335 Maintenance Unit Tollygunge MT Repair Depot

No 231 Group (Strategical Air Force)

Unit Location/Address Notes
No 4 Flying Control Section Alipore  
No 1300 Meteorological Flt Alipore  
No 11 Bomb Disposal Squad Alipore  
No 67 Sqn Alipore Spitfire
No 1581 Calibration Flt Alipore  
No 4447 AA Flight, RAF Regiment Alipore  
No 6 Static HQ Alipore  
No 31 Sqn Agartala Dakota
No 4406 AA Flight, RAF Regiment Amarda Road  
No 11 (India) AA Flight Amarda Road  
No 22 Armament Practice Camp Amarda Road  
No 30 Flying Control Section Amarda Road  
Air Fighting Training Unit Amarda Road  
No 171 Wing Bally (Calcutta)  
No 358 Wireless Unit Ballygunge  
No 155 Sqn Baigachi Spitfire
No 176 Sqn Baigachi Beaufighter
No 6 Flying Control Section Baigachi  
No 5 Static HQ Baigachi  
No 359 Wireless Unit Barrackpore  
No 6 Wireless Unit Calcutta  
No 978 Sqn Calcutta Mk II Balloon
No 231 Group Calcutta  
No 293 Wing Calcutta  
HQ Strategic Air Force Calcutta  
No 357 Sqn - Detachment Chaklala Catalina/Liberator
No 2 Care & Maintenance Party Charra  
No 1 Static HQ Dhubalia  
No 10 (India) AA Flight Diamond Harbour  
No 185 (Heavy Bomber) Wing Digri  
No 159 Sqn Digri Liberator
No 3 Flying Control Section Digri  
No 2 Static HQ Digri  
No 357 Sqn Digri Catalina/Liberator
No 18 Meteorological Forecast Centre (Type 'C') Digri  
No 152 Sqn Double Moorings Spitfire
No 9 Care & Maintenance Party Dudkundi  
No 681 Sqn Dum Dum Spitfire
No 684 Sqn Dum Dum Mosquito
No 5 (India) AA Flight Dum Dum  
No 176 Sqn - Detachment Fenny Beaufighter
No 979 Sqn Jamshedpur Mk VI Balloons
No 2 Mobile Balloon Flight Jamshedpur Mk VI Balloons
No 9 Meteorological Forecast Centre (Type 'C') Jessore  
No 175 (Heavy Bomber) Wing Jessore  
No 99 Sqn Jessore Wellington
No 215 Sqn Jessore Wellington
No 7 Static HQ Jessore  
No 10 Bomb Disposal Squad Jessore  
No 1 Flying Control Section Jessore  
No 10 Bomb Disposal Squad Jessore  
'A' & 'B' Flights, No 292 Sqn Jessore  
No 4 Static HQ Kharagpur  
No 4412 AA Flight, RAF Regiment Kharagpur  
No 40 Wireless Unit Khulna  
No 27 Care & Maintenance Party Piadobla  
No 356 Sqn Piadobla Liberator
No 4 Sqn IAF Ranchi  
No 8 Care and Maintenance Party Ranchi  
No 5 Flying Control Section Ranchi  
No 357 Sqn - Detachment Red Hills Lake Catalina
No 184 (Heavy Bomber) Wing Salbani  
No 355 Sqn Salbani Liberator
No 1577 Special Duties Flight Salbani Halifax/Liberator
No 2 Flying Control Section Salbani  
No 8 Meteorological Forecast Centre (Type 'C') Salbani  
No 1673 Heavy Conversion Unit Salbani  
No 146 Sqn St Thomas Mount Hurricane
AME Stations

211, 224, 227, 248, 258. 281, 288, 319, 373, 384, 543, 544, 567, 568. 590, 848, 5047, 5048, 5058, 5456, 8502 & 8514


AHQ India

Unit Location/Address Notes
Allahabad University Unit (Indian Air Training Corps) Allahabad  
Muslim University Unit (Indian Air Training Corps) Aligarh  
No 22 Anti-Aircraft Co-operation Unit 'B' Flt Alipore  
Calcutta University Unit (Indian Air Training Corps) Calcutta  
Osmania University Unit (Indian Air Training Corps) Hyderabad  
No 22 Anti-Aircraft Co-operation Unit 'D' Flt Katni  
HQ No 22 Anti-Aircraft Co-operation Unit Karachi  
No 22 Anti-Aircraft Co-operation Unit 'A' Flt Karachi  
RAF Station Kohat    
No 2 (IAF) Sqn RAF Kohat Hurricane
Punjab University Unit (Indian Air Training Corps) Lahore  
No 10 (IAF) Sqn Lahore Hurricane
Madras University Unit (Indian Air Training Corps) Madras  
Nagpur University Unit (Indian Air Training Corps) Nagpur  
AHQ India New Delhi
No 1 IAF Exhibition Unit Patna  
'A' Flt Detachment, No 22 Anti-Aircraft Co-operation Unit Poona  
'C' Flt, No 22 Anti-Aircraft Co-operation Unit St Thomas Mount  
Travandrum University Unit (Indian Air Training Corps) Trivandrum  

Source - SD161 - April 1944

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