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Other Overseas Commands/Units - June 1943

Air Headquarters, West Africa

HQ - Freetown

Unit Location Notes
RAF Station Bathurst    
No 44 Embarkation Unit RAF Bathurst  
No 204 Sqn Half Die Sunderland
No 95 Sqn Half Die Sunderland
No 295 Wing Marina Camp  
No 95 Sqn - Detachment Port Etienne Sunderland
No 240 Sqn - Detachment Port Etienne Sunderland
RAF Station Yundum    
No 200 Sqn RAF Yundum Hudson III/IV

Sierra Leone

AHQ West Africa Freetown  
No 26 Embarkation Unit Freetown  
W/T Station Freetown  
Base Personnel Office Freetown  
RAF Station Jui    
No 270 Sqn RAF Jui Catalina
No 176 Maintenance Unit Kosso  
RAF Station Waterloo (Nucleus)    

Gold Coast

No 62 Embarkation Unit Accra  
RAF Station Takoradi    
No 116 Maintenance Unit RAF Takoradi  
No 33 Embarkation Unit RAF Takoradi  
Communication Flt RAF Takoradi Various
RAF Hospital RAF Takoradi  
Central Accounts Office RAF Takoradi  
No 178 Maintenance Unit RAF Takoradi Equipment Holding Unit


No 177 Maintenance Unit Apapa (Lagos)  
Officers' Transit Camp Ikoyi (Lagos)  
No 5 Ferry Control Ikeje (Lagos)  
No 1432 Flight Kaduna Hurricane
No 38 Embarkation Unit Lagos  
No 298 Wing Lagos  
Airmen's Transit Camp Yaba (Ikeja)  
Staging Posts (Northern Route): -
  • No 50 - Ikeja (Staging Station)
  • No 52 - Kano (Staging Station)
  • No 53 - Maidguri (Staging Station)
  • No 51 - Fort Lamy
  • No 54 - Takoradi
Staging Posts (Southern Route): -
  • Makurdi
  • Yola
All Care & Maintenance
Units not formed
No 5151 Mechanical & Electrical Sqn    
Nos 6001 and 6002 Works Supy Units    
No 1560, 1561 and 1562 Meteorological Flts    
Nos 201, 202 and 249 ASR Units    
No 21 AACU    
No 490 Sqn RNZAF    
No 26 (SAAF) Sqn    
No 36 Personnel Transit Centre Freetown  
No 37 Personnel Transit Centre Accra  
Flying Boat Refuelling Party Fisherman's Lake  
GR Detachment Abidjan  
GR Detachment Banana  
GR Detachment Pointe Noire  
GR Detachment Libreville  
GR Detachment Port Etienne  
GR Detachment Harper  

RAF Schools in Canada

Administered by the RCAF

School Location Notes
No 31 Elementary Flying Training School De Winton, Alberta  
No 32 Elementary Flying Training School Bowden, Alberta  
No 33 Elementary Flying Training School Caron, Saskatchewan  
No 34 Elementary Flying Training School Assiniboia, Saskatchewan  
No 35 Elementary Flying Training School Neepawa, Manitoba  
No 31 Service Flying Training School Kingston, Ontario Formerly No 7 SFTS, Peterborough
No 32 Service Flying Training School Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan Formerly No 10 SFTS, Ternhill
No 33 Service Flying Training School Carberry, Manitoba  
No 34 Service Flying Training School Medicine Hat, Alberta  
No 35 Service Flying Training School North Battleford, Saskatchewan  
No 36 Service Flying Training School Penhold, Alberta  
No 37 Service Flying Training School Calgary (Mu), Alberta  
No 38 Service Flying Training School Estevan, Saskatchewan  
No 39 Service Flying Training School Swift Current, Saskatchewan  
No 41 Service Flying Training School Weyburn, Saskatchewan  
No 31 Air Navigation School Port Albert, Ontario Formerly No 1 S of AN, St Athan
No 33 Air Navigation School Hamilton, Ontario  
No 31 General Reconnaissance School Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island Formerly No 2 GRS, Squire's Gate
No 31 Bombing and Gunnery School Picton, Ontario  
No 31 (General Reconnaissance) Operational Training Unit Debart, Nova Scotia  
No 32 (Torpedo Bomber) Operational Training Unit Patricia Bay, British Colombia  
No 34 (Bomber) Operational Training Unit Pennfield Ridge, New Brunswick  
No 36 (General Reconnaissance) Operational Training Unit Greenwood, Nova Scotia  
No 31 Radio School Clinton, Ontario  
No 31 RAF Personnel Depot Moncton, New Brunswick  

West Indies

New Providence Island, Bahamas

Unit Location Notes
No 111 Operational Training Unit New Providence Island, Nassau Liberator/Mitchell, Administered by RAF Delegation (USA)

Source - June 1943 SD161

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