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Transport Command - June 1944

[No 44 Group | No 45 Group | No 216 Group]

Command HQ - RAF Harrow, Middlesex

No 44 (Transport) Group

HQ - Eastern Avenue, Barnwood, Gloucester

Unit Location/Address Notes
Overseas Aircraft Despatch Unit Eastern Avenue, Barnwood, Gloucester  
HQ Flight Eastern Avenue, Barnwood, Gloucester  
2 Mobile Despatch Parties Eastern Avenue, Barnwood, Gloucester  
No 271 Sqn RAF Doncaster
No 2 Overseas Aircraft Preparation Unit RAF Filton  
No 3 Flight RAF Filton Blenheim
No 4 Flight RAF Filton Beaufighter/Beaufort
RAF Station Hendon Hendon, The Hyde, London NW9  
No 24 Sqn RAF Hendon  
No 510 Sqn RAF Hendon  
Maintenance Wing (24 & 510 Sqns) RAF Hendon  
No 3 Overseas Aircraft Despatch Unit RAF Hurn Station in Army Co-operation Command
RAF Station Kemble Kemble, Cirencester, Gloucestershire
No 1 Overseas Aircraft Preparation Unit RAF Kemble  
HQ Flight RAF Kemble  
No 1 Flight RAF Kemble Wellingtons
No 2 Flight RAF Kemble Hudsons and miscellaneous
RAF Station Lyneham Lyneham, Chippenham, Wiltshire
No 301 Ferry Training Unit RAF Lyneham  
No 511 Sqn RAF Lyneham  
Air Despatch and Reception Unit RAF Lyneham  
RAF Station Nutts Corner    
Terminal Airfield RAF Nutts Corner  
No 104 (Transport) OTU RAF Nutts Corner  
No 1 Overseas Aircraft Despatch Unit - Detachment RAF Portreath Station in Fighter Command
RAF Station Prestwick Prestwick Aerodrome, Ayr, Ayrshire  
Transatlantic Aircraft Control RAF Prestwick Terminal Airfield and Wireless Control
Transatlantic Reception and Despatch Party RAF Prestwick  
No 1527 (BAT) Flt RAF Prestwick
Northern Aircraft Control Reykjavik, Iceland Control, Maintenance and Reception Party
No 2 Overseas Aircraft Despatch Unit St Mawgan, nr Newquay, Cornwall  
Terminal Airfield RAF Valley Station in Fighter Command

No 45 (Transport) Group

HQ - Dorval, Canada

Unit Location/Address Notes
No 112 (North Atlantic) Wing Dorval, Quebec  
No 113 (South Atlantic) Wing Nassau, Bahamas  

No 216 (Transport) Group

HQ - RAF Heliopolis, Egypt

Unit Location/Address Notes
No 7 (ME) Ferry Control Ras el Ma (Fez)  

Other units in this Group are listed in the main Middle East listings.

Source - May 1943 SD161

County names used are those in use at the time

[No 44 Group | No 45 Group | No 216 Group]

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